15 Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Were The Boss

Let’s face it, children are adorable and it’s not too hard for them to steal the attention away from adults. Even when a kid's parents are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their great-grandmother is Her Majesty the Queen of England, that’s still the case. Sometimes all it takes is a wave for the press to completely forget about Kate and William and become completely smitten with one of the little tykes.

Other times, all it takes is an elated smile and playing with bubbles. Other times still, it’s simply the joy of seeing two cute children that steals the limelight away from their famous parents. Whatever the case, the world is definitely smitten with the two royals who just turned four and two this year.

Princess Charlotte is barely two and already has a signature style that is anxiously being copied (Peter Pan collars and hair clips). While many are enviably wondering when they’ll have a chance to emulate Prince George and meet former President Barack Obama in their pjs (and look good in it, too). We’ve rounded up a few of the prince and princess’s best moments when they proved to all the adults of the world that they were actually the ones in charge.

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15 Princess Charlotte's Tantrum

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte depart Germany from Hamburg Airport on the 21st July 2017.Picture by James Whatling

Most 2-year olds don’t make international headlines when they throw a tantrum. Yet, most don’t have a ‘princess’ before their name. When Princess Charlotte threw a tantrum at the Hamburg airport as the royal family prepared to board a helicopter, the world took notice. All of her tears, pouts, and even that tumble were well documented by the press. As it turns out, no one really resents her for it. In fact, many found it quite cute. In her pink floral dress with a matching bow in her hair, the princess really did look adorable, rubbing her tears or not. The tantrum was short lived though as her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge quickly bent down to swoop her daughter into her arms to comfort her. It can be hard to be a princess sometimes.

14 Prince George Boards The Helicopter

On the other hand, Prince George was all smiles as he prepared to board the helicopter at Hamburg airport. Smartly dressed in a checkered button-down and navy short, the prince oozed his usual adorableness. In fact, the almost four year old (this incident just a few days shy of his fourth birthday) actually seemed delighted to board the helicopter. Before waving goodbye to Germany, the royal family got to see the interior of two aircrafts. On of them just so happened to be the H145 (also known as the E145) which his father Prince William flies with the East Aglian Air Ambulance service. We wonder if that is why George was so delighted? Maybe, Prince George has already chosen his career path (other than being England’s future prince or king of course).

13 Prince George At The 2017 Trooping The Color

Seriously though, how cute are those suspenders! At this year’s Trooping the Colour, Prince George stole the show… obviously. And, can we just say it again? How cute are those red suspenders! Not to mention that the faces he made were more interesting than the show itself. Once you’ve seen a plane fly by, you’ve seen them all. Yet, a kid will always keep you guessing. In case you don’t know what exactly the Trooping the Colour celebration is, allow us to explain. It’s a grand parade with the royals and Her Majesty the Queen’s personal troops. In case you’d like to know just how grand this celebration is by numbers, there are 1400 officers, 200 horses, and more than 400 musicians from 10 bands! Oh, and as if that wasn’t grand enough, the Royal Air Force does a fly-past. It’s all in honor of the Sovereign’s birthday.

12 Princess Charlotte Arrives In Berlin

England has a new royal whose style the world is obsessing over. Making her second appearance at her family’s five-day royal trip in Germany and Poland, Princess Charlotte wore a baby-blue floral dress with light puffed sleeves, matching navy shoes, and a bow in her hair. The princess charmed dignitaries with her smile as she arrived in Berlin. She even gave a handshake and received a bouquet of flowers that was just the right size for her little fingers. You could say, the 2-year old has settled nicely into her royal duties of international diplomacy. Now, back to that dress. We’re still waiting to see if her dress is sold out yet, as she’s almost too adorable to not have the same mystical selling power as her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

11 Princess Charlotte's Wave

WARSAW, POLAND - JULY 17: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge carries Princess Charlotte of Cambridge as they arrive with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge on day 1 of their offical visit to Poland on July 17, 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

For Princess Charlotte, international diplomacy can be summed as this; just wave. Her father might be second in line for the throne, but the world was smitten with the little princess when the royal family arrived Warsaw, Poland on Monday. And, all she had to do was muster a little wave as she was being held in her mother’s arms. Kate Middleton and Prince William looked smashing in their coordinating suits (he wore a navy suit and white shirt, while she wore a white skirt suit with a peplum top. The royal couple was ready with smiles, yet when Charlotte waved, she clearly stole the spotlight. And, she didn’t even smile! Prior to landing, the young prince and princess gave a little peek out of the airplane window, which had the paparazzi clicking away to catch a photo of the two.

10 The Prince And Princess At The Wedding

ENGLEFIELD GREEN, ENGLAND - MAY 20: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge attend the wedding Of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark's Church on May 20, 2017 in Englefield Green, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

England had the society wedding of the year when Pippa Middleton married billionaire James Matthews. Sure, it was Pippa’s big day and she did look stunning in a custom Giles Deacon wedding dress, but once again Charlotte and George stole the limelight for simply being just so darn cute! Prince George was a pageboy and Princess Charlotte was a bridesmaid. Both wore bespoke outfits by the Spanish label, Pepa & Co. In case you’re looking to recreate the adorable look, just know that this level of cuteness doesn’t come cheap. It’s estimated that Princess Charlotte’s look costs $453. For the special occasion, she wore a dress with puffed sleeves, a frill collar, and a silk dupoin sash at the waist. George’s look of a white, double-breasted Peter Pan collared shirt and sage green knickerbockers with white tights cost a slightly less $371.

9 Princess Charlotte Celebrating Christmas

Imagine all the Christmas cheer little Princess Charlotte and Prince George brought their grandparents on Christmas! It was the first time that Princess Charlotte and Prince George were spending Christmas at the Middleton’s Buckleberry home. The last time that the family spent Christmas at the Middleton’s was in 2012, when Kate was pregnant with George. Since then, every Christmas by the royal pair has been spent at the Queen’s Sandringham estate. Onlookers got a glimpse of the royal family as they exited the Christmas service at St. Mark’s church. In coordinating cranberry and blue tailored coats, the family was every inch the image of royalty. Parents aside, it was Princess Charlotte, immaculately dressed and using a candy cane as a digging tool that got everyone into the Christmas spirit the most. She was also captured sucking on that same candy cane. No, we’re not sure which image came first.

8 Princess Charlotte Arriving In Canada

What was Princess Charlotte doing on September 24, 2016? Why, playing with a multi-million dollar diamond brooch of course! We’re just kidding, she wasn’t actually playing with it, but at one point during the family’s arrival to Canada, the little royal did reach for her mommy’s diamond maple leaf brooch. The stunning piece of jewelry was a departure from Kate’s usual jewelry archive. Mostly likely it was borrowed from the Queen as she inherited it from her mother, who received it as a gift from her husband, King George VI in 1939. The Duchess of Cambridge looked dazzling in the brooch that was pinned to a fitted blue Jenny Packham dress. Talk about jazzing up tarmac style! Yet, once again, she was outdone by the little Princess who had the hawk eyes of the press carefully documenting her every move - from finger chewing to stifled wave.

7 Prince George Meeting Barack Obama In Bathrobe

You have to be pretty confident to meet the President of the United States in a bathrobe and you have to have plenty of suave to look good while pulling it off. When Barack and Michelle Obama had a rendezvous with the British royal family in 2016, 2-year old George was allowed to stay up late to meet the president. According to the White House report, Prince George was “smartly attired for bedtime in a light-colored robe and pajama pants.” We’re not sure how many 2-year olds can look smartly dressed at bedtime. Are those silk pants that George is wearing? Yet, we do know that with his robe and slick haircut, he looks every bit the prince that he was destined to become. Oh, and in case you want to know, Barack wore a suit.

6 Princess Charlotte’s First Appearance

Today’s lesson: even if you wear the brightest of lime greens, a one-year old princess will still outdo you. At the annual Trooping the Colour celebrations at Buckingham Palace, the royal family stepped out onto the balcony and debuted (hold your breath) Princess Charlotte! We’re still not sure if the applause was for her or to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Queen. It was the 13-month old Princess’s public debut with her family and the world definitely took notice. Dressed in the softest pink dress to match her mommy and big brother, George, Charlotte outdid them all. It was also the first time that the world had the opportunity to copy her now infamous hairpin and Peter Pan collar look. The verdict is still out on whether anyone sought to copy the queen’s neon green coat and hat ensemble.

5 Princess Charlotte's Second Birthday

“The Duke and Duchess are pleased to share this photograph as they celebrate Princess Charlotte’s second birthday.” More than 40,000 people liked the Twitter post announcing Princess Charlotte’s birth. No, Charlotte is not on Twitter. Yet, Kensington Palace is on Twitter and did share a ‘royal portrait’ of the princess the day before her second birthday. In the photo, she wears a pale yellow sweater embroidered with blue sheep; a fitting look for what appears to be a hay stack at a farm behind her. Kate Middleton took the photograph at their country retreat, Anmer Hall, in Norfolk. Already the photograph has sparked interest in what is considered ‘Charlotte style’, a dress or a shirt with a Peter Pan collar, a cardigan, and of course her signature coordinating hair clip.

4 The Prince And Princess’s Ski Vacation

March 3, 2016 - France: Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with their children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, enjoy a short private break skiing in the French Alps. (i-Images/Polaris) NEWS EDITORIAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL USE. NO MERCHANDISING. TERMS OF RELEASE - which must be passed on to anyone to whom this picture is supplied: News editorial use only - it being acknowledged that news editorial use includes newspapers, newspaper supplements, editorial websites, books, broadcast news media and magazines, but not (by way of example) calendars or posters. ///

Prince George and Princess Charlotte took a much needed ski holiday in 2016 to the French Alps. George, 2, and Charlotte 10 months old at the time, had an official royal source say this about their vacation, “it was the first time the children had played in the snow like that before. It was a lovely moment for them as a royal family. They had a lovely time.” Yes, the two miniature royals had to be joined by their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple playfully threw snowballs at one another, but once again, it was the adorable pictures of the cute kids bundled in their snowsuits that the world was really waiting to see. We’re sure the little ones will have chance to have their own vacation sans parents soon!

3 Prince George Sticks Out His Tongue

Sometimes all it takes to steal the show is a little tongue wag. Since birth Prince George has been overshadowing the queen and other royal adults at this yearly celebration at Buckingham Palace. George was barely two when he knew how to work a crowd. The charming prince made an appearance at Buckingham Palace watching the Trooping The Colour parade through the window with his nanny, Marie Borrallo. Much to the surprise (and delight) of those who came to celebrate the monarch’s 89th birthday in London, 22-month year old George stuck out his tongue, clapped his hands, and even managed a royal wave. While he did join his parents later in the day on the Buckingham Palace balcony, it was the candid fits of joy that really caught the paparazzi’s eye.

2 Prince George Playing With Bubbles

How can this photo not make your day? It’s an adorable toddler playing with bubbles! Sure it was some type of official royal event and the Duke and Duchess were there, but just as the bubbles mesmerize George, we are all mesmerized by him. Okay, so it was during the Royal Tour of Canada. Prince George took some time away from official duties to be delighted by BUBBLES! Children’s entertainer, Paul Kilshaw, had this to say about the 3-year old royal (who is now four years old and entering pre-school), “He was very proud to tell me about volcanoes.” So, not only is George an adorable prince, whose smile can make your day, but he is also a smart prince who requests balloons be made into the shape of a volcano!

1 Prince George Kisses His New Sister

It’s always cute when a big sibling gives his little sibling a kiss. It’s even cuter when the big sibling is holding the little one. And, it’s the cutest when the siblings are royals who get to share their photos with the world. Kensington Palace officially released the photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte as the first official photos of the little princess since her birth at St. Mary’s hospital on May 2nd. They were taken by Kate Middleton, who studied portrait photography after leaving a job as an assistant accessories buyer for the clothing chain Jigsaw. While we could talk more about Kate’s wonderful photography skills, it’s much more interesting to talk about how cute the siblings are! How cute are George’s knee-high socks? Is Charlotte smiling? Look how cute they are together!

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