15 Times The Duggars Were Worse Than The Kardashians

We all know the Duggars. And we all know the Kardashians. Each family is large (well, perhaps the Duggars are much larger!). Each family is in the spotlight. Each family seems to enjoy their fame. Perhaps, most importantly, each family has their fair share of negativity. Their fame seems to come at a cost, but does that bother them?

These reality television families face much backlash from the public for many of their choices, thoughts, and actions that are broadcast on cable televisions around the globe. They each face lots of criticisms, but also seem to have somewhat of a fan base, or maybe it is just that we cannot stop watching. They capture the attention of the world, that is for sure.

The question is, which of these reality families is worse? Do the Kardashians top the list, or are the Duggars by far the worst of the worse? No matter which family you would rather spend your evenings watching, the Duggars have actually proved themselves to be quite a bit worse than their fellow reality stars the Kardashians. Read on and discover just how the Duggars lead the pack ahead of the Kardashians when it comes to worst reality families.

15 Fake News

When it comes to those krazy Kardashians, you know exactly what you are getting. While parts of them (ahem) may be fake, they are who they are. The Kardashians put on a show, yes, but it is them. We know by now what to expect from the Kardashians and it seems for the most part they stay true to who they actually are.

The Duggars, on the other hand, are far worse it when comes to being real. They claim to be legit and the real thing, but we all know that is a bit of a farce. They put on their big smiles and act like all is good, when it reality, it is not. The Duggars never really reveal who they truly are. They seem, all of them, to put on somewhat of an act. We never get to really see who they are as individual people.

14 Unsupportive Of LGBTQ

The Duggars have no shame in stating how they feel when it comes to the LGBTQ community. They have actually lobbied against allowing gays, lesbians, trans, and more from having the same rights as their straight counterparts. Cannot really get any worse than that, can you? In this case, the Duggars are far worse than the Kardashians.

The Kardashians fully support the LGBTQ community. Obviously, hello Caitlin Jenner! We all remember how Bruce Jenner transitioned from male to female to become Caitlin. Although there were difficulties along the way, they completely support any individual’s decision to live their life as they choose. The Kardashian family believes everyone should have equal rights, regardless of gender or orientation. With these issues, the Kardashians are far more progressive and accepting than we think the Duggars ever will be. Ever.

13 Physical Violations And Violence

The Duggars made headlines relative recently when it was revealed that Josh Duggar molested his very own sisters. He allegedly admitted to his heinous behavior towards his own flesh and blood, and also admitted he molested at least one other young girl who was not related to him. What made it all worse was that the Duggar heads of household, dear mom Duggar and dad Duggar, tried to cover up Josh’s criminal behavior. They allegedly knew about his sick behavior towards his sisters, yet they did not seek any help for him, essentially allowing his problem to worsen and his criminality to continue.

The Kardashians may have had their fair share of scandals, but there is no denying the Duggars are far worse when it comes to criminal violation and abuse. The Duggars hold the title in that arena.

12 The Kids Keep On Coming

The Duggars started off at what, 14 kids and counting? 16? 18? What are they up to now? We are not even sure! The parents had so many children, whom we all know are named with names beginning with J (yes, ALL of them!). They just keep having children. And now some of their oldest children are having kids of their own. Will the Duggar children keep the constant child bearing tradition going strong? Only time will tell.

The Kardashians are not as bad as the Duggars. While mom Kris herself had a handful of girls and one boy, totalling six children in all, that does not even come close to what the insane number of kids that the Duggar mom gave birth to. And we see the Kardashian kids having kids now, but seem to stick to a normal number, like three or two kids each. We doubt Kim is going to have 16 more kids!

11 Hypocritical Show Off

We are not saying the Kardashians do not show off, they most certainly do. But they are who they are. They do not try to be someone else and then in private act the complete opposite of what they claim to be. They believe in what they believe and act accordingly.

The Duggars, not so much. Again, Josh Duggar became infamous for his hypocritical stance. Josh, as with his fellow Duggars, claim to be true followers of Christianity. They also claim to believe in the sanctity of marriage. That is really all fake. Josh’s true colors were revealed when it came to light that he was a member of Ashley Madison, an online site for adulterers. He could not deny that he had an account, and actually called himself a hypocrite!

10 No Girl Power

Most of the Kardashians are females. Some may even call them feminists. Sure, they do not appear to be what we think a stereotypical feminist would be, but if you really think about it, you could call them feminists. They are strong women able to support themselves and do whatever they please to their own bodies. At the very least, you know all those Kardashian women believe in girl power!

The Duggars are the worst of the worse when it comes to girl power. Their religion and beliefs force them to put females last. Men come first and have all the power. In the Duggar clan, the women are mostly there to please their husbands, have babies, and cook and clean. Females have no real power in the Duggar family.

9 Arranged Relationships

Jim Bob, otherwise known as the Duggar dad, has strict rules. At least, for his daughters he does. There are strict rules when it comes to dating in the Duggar household, and perhaps even stranger and tough rules once a Duggar is dating. Everything must, allegedly, go through Jim Bob. That includes permission to date his daughters, permission on where and when they go, and they must even ask permission to say I love you, if a guy feels that way towards any of his daughters. It is believed that Jim Bob has even arranged some of his daughters’ dates and relationships. We are not sure what the rules are for the Duggar boys, if there are even rules at all.

The Kardashians are definitely not as bad as the Duggars. In fact, they were likely to be free to simply do as they wish when they were at that young age. We do not think they needed permission from anybody to do anything they wanted.

8 Don’t You Dare Show Any Skin

The Duggar females should never show any skin. They must dress extremely conservatively and many of the girls only wear dresses. You will never see a Duggar girl wearing any outfit that shows off her thighs, shoulders, or chest. The Duggar clan is certainly not known for their promiscuity, and they will never dress that way if their parents have any say about it!

Clearly, the Duggars are the worst when compared to the Kardashians. The Kardashian gals show as much skin as they please, sometimes not wearing any clothes at all! There are no rules when it comes to what you wear in the Kardashian household. In fact, the only rule they may have is the hotter the better - embrace it all! The Kardashians are far from conservation when it comes to clothing styles. 

7 Always Watching

Are you in a group text with your significant other and your parents? Yeah, we didn’t think so. However, it is not that way for the Duggars. The kids, and some who are not even “kids” anymore, instead they are grown adults, are in a group chat with their mom and dad. In fact, the Duggar girls are allegedly not even allowed to text their boyfriends unless their parents are included. We bet there are GPS monitoring devices on their phones as well!

The Duggars are far worse than the Kardashians when it comes to monitoring phone usage. The Kardashian girls seem to share a lot with their mom, Kris, but it appears to be more by choice than it is by demand. We’re kind of guessing that Kim does not include Kris in her texts with Kanye!

6 No One Wants Them Around

It is a close call, but the Duggars may be the ones that people would rather have disappear. The Duggars have offended large groups of people, particularly those in the LGBTQ community. In fact, their harsh stance on homosexuality and same sex marriage had hundreds of thousands of people sign a petition for TLC to cancel their show. The Duggars seem to spew their anti-gay agenda and that makes many people very angry, and rightfully so.

Okay, many people would also love to see the Kardashians disappear, but when choosing between them and the Duggars, it is a tight race that the Kardashians would likely win. The Kardashians may seem spoiled, entitled, and we may get sick of their nude instagram posts, but at least they support everyone and do not go around putting groups of people down.

5 Ancient Hairstyles

Do not deny it, you know you wish you had some Kardashian hair! Those gorgeous long manes are the envy of many females, who only wish their hair could be that long and luxurious and thick and healthy. Whatever the Kardashians are doing, they are doing it right. And they certainly keep up with trends.

Unlike the Duggars. The Duggars seem to be caught in another time altogether. They have such ancient hairstyles it makes us all scratch our heads. Even the young adult females of the clan tend to have pin straight hair that just falls down their back as if they are living on a prairie with no clue what a trendy, hot hairstyle these days really is. The Duggars definitely lose when it comes to up-to-date hair!

4 What’s Your Name Again?

The Kardashians are probably like the rest of us when it comes to remembering their kids names! One kid may be called by the other kid’s name, but they probably are not forgetting their kids names outright. Of course, the Kardashians do not have a zillion kids to keep track of, either.

The Duggars are worse than the rest of us, including the Kardashians. Sure, mom, Michelle, has a ton of kids. It can’t be easy to remember all of their names, but they are still her kids. She has to have some kind of duty to know all of their names, after all, she is the one who named all of those Duggar. However, mother Duggar has forgotten many of her children’s names while in the public spotlight, which does not sit very well with parents.

3 No Kisses Before The Wedding Day

We are pretty confident that the Kardashian girls all kissed their boyfriends and did not wait for a wedding to do something as simple as that. In fact, we bet every single Kardashian would have a hearty laugh if they were told to wait until marriage to even kiss their party! Could you see Kris enforcing that rule?!

Needless to say, the Duggars are far worse in this category. They seem to live in a time from ages ago when perhaps it was the norm to wait until you were married to kiss your husband (in the Duggar household, the same rules do not seem to apply to the boys). Any physical contact prior to having a ring on your finger is a huge no-no in the Duggar clan. The gals seem to go along with it, unless some have kissed and not told!

2 Criminal Behavior

We know the Duggars are chock full of secrets that reveal criminal behavior, such as Josh’s infidelity by joining the adultery site Ashley Madison and even worse, abusing a handful of young girls, including his own sisters. Another Duggar allegedly ran over a cat when his sled and actually laughed about it. Mom and dad Duggar were sued for insurance fraud. And back to Josh again, who was sued by an adult entertainer who alleged he physically assaulted her. And that is only the Duggar criminal behavior that has come out to the public. Who knows what lies behind the scenes.

The Kardashians may be a bit much, but they are not known for their criminal behavior. Perhaps, the worst they did was when Khloe got a DUI. Aside from that, they may be productive members of (their) society. The Duggars are definitely worse.

1 Fake Smiles

The Kardashians can often smile in a fake manner, but many times, their smiles may be for the camera, but they are genuine. And we know they often never smile. They are in the public spotlight, so choosing whether or not to flash a smile is up to them! However, many of us can agree that they are not fake in the sense that they are very happy with their lives!

The Duggars on the other hand, give off a sense of fakeness that we cannot seem to shake. They never seem to wipe that smile off their face. Despite everything they go through, even through Josh’s scandals, there they are with those smiles as if everything is peachy keen. The Duggars definitely win the contest of fakest smiles, that is for sure.

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