15 Tiniest Baby Bumps

As we all know, baby bumps come in all different shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, some look incredibly huge while others are just so small!

As we all know, baby bumps come in all different shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, some look incredibly huge while others are so small, women are forced to do a double take in order to see it! Because women tend to gain anywhere from the recommended 25 pounds up to even 80 pounds, baby bumps can appear in all different forms.

While there’s no specific research that supports why some women tend to carry their baby bumps differently than others, doctors suggest that women who look small might just carry less fluid around their babies than their other pregnant counterparts. Plus, every baby grows at different rates. No two pregnancies are alike!

Your baby’s position, your height and body shape along with the strength of your tummy muscles are all factors that contribute to the way your baby bump looks like from the outside. Some are large, some are small. But no matter what, we still love that tiny little miracle that’s growing inside of us.

With that being said, here are 15 of the smallest baby bumps we’ve ever seen. Some are so small, that many fans and critics have wondered if these women are even pregnant at all while others have wondered if they can even be healthy and this small at the same time. Let us know what you think!

15Amal Clooney - Too Small For Twins

Amal Clooney is now a household name thanks to her husband, Hollywood actor George Clooney. Before she met George, Amal was virtually unknown in the celebrity world. But now that she’s married to one of the most famous men in Hollywood, everyone loves to follow Amal as she’s become one of the hottest trend senders in the celebrity world.

For the longest time George made it pretty clear that he wasn’t interested in fatherhood. Settling down and family life just didn’t interest him at all. That’s why so many people were surprised to find out that Amal Clooney was pregnant with twins no less. And while the world is yet to get a glimpse of their babies, people still can’t figure out how she was even pregnant as she barely showed a hint of a baby bump althroughout her pregnancy.

14Chontel Duncan - Obsessed With Her Weight

Chontel Duncan is another fitness blogger and Instagram star from Australia who has made headlines for her very unconventional pregnancy. She became a social media sensation for her barely-there baby bump photo back in 2016.

Many people couldn’t even believe that she was pregnant as she looked like she was pregnant with her lunch rather than with a baby. A lot of of her critics commented on her photos with, “Sorry but it's not healthy to have tiny bumps straining against muscle bound stomachs. These women are self obsessed and paranoid about gaining weight then use their tiny pregnancy frames to make other women feel bad,” along with, “Those pictures are disgusting. That baby could not have grown too well in there. Bumps are a healthy sign in a pregnant woman!”

13Kate Middleton - Bump Shamed Three Times

Kate Middleton is giving birth to royal babies like it’s her daytime job. As a matter of fact, the Duchess of Cambridge makes more headlines for her pregnancies than for her royal engagements or her public appearances for that matter. Everyone wants to see Kate pregnant, but the only problem is, there’s usually nothing to really see. That’s because Kate’s baby bumps tend to look very small and for some people, non-existent.

As a matter of fact, the Duchess even got bump-shamed during her first appearance after announcing her third pregnancy this year. Some critics even doubted whether or not she was pregnant as she didn’t even show the slightest hint of being pregnant. While there’s no denying that Kate Middleton is a slim woman, we’ve never seen a smaller baby bump in our lives.

12Abbey Clancy - Is It A Baby Bump?

Abbey Clancy isn’t well known on this side of the pond but back home in Britain, she’s a huge television star. She’s starred in a handful of shows and has even showed off her fancy footwork on Strictly Come Dancing. But she’s also best known for her incredibly tiny baby bumps on the pages of Britain’s most notorious gossip magazines.

As a matter of fact, Abbey Clancy announced that she is pregnant with baby number three earlier this year. The news came only a few weeks after her partner Peter Crouch said that he was done having children. The 31-year-old television personality shared her exciting news by posting a video from her vacation in Mallorca. If you didn’t already know, you’d think she wasn’t pregnant at all! She was jumping up and down and dancing with her friends in the clip. Clearly, Abbey has nothing to worry about.

11Bar Refaeli - Food Bump 

Let’s face it, supermodels are known for their great bodies and Bar Refaeli is no different. The Israeli-born model is considered one of the most gorgeous women in the world and she has a figure that many women are envious over. It’s no wonder that she loves to share photos of her baby bump in her bikini whenever she gets a chance to on social media.

Yet, a lot of fans couldn’t help but comment on how small Bar’s baby bumps look like – even at eight months pregnant. Sure, models don’t really gain a lot of weight during their pregnancies, but a lot of Bar’s social media followers have said that her pregnant belly looks more like a food bump than a real baby bump. Either way, there’s no denying that Bar is incredibly lucky. She’s definitely got good genes on her side.

10Coco Austin - Six Months In

Coco Chanel is the kind of celebrity who loves having the spotlight on her. As a matter of fact, the part time model even caters to it. Yet, back in 2015 she was heavily criticized for showing off her “ridiculously small” baby bump at seven months pregnant.

But Coco didn’t seem to be very bothered by the criticism. Even though her critics picked her apart, she didn’t pay too much attention to them. She even told People Magazine, “They were putting me under a microscope and then the comments started flowing. ‘How is it possible she doesn’t have a bump at six months? How doesn’t she have a bump at seven months?’ It was like I was constantly defending my bump because here I was second-guessing it too. If you’re an athlete and if you have strong abs — and if you’ve been an athlete especially your whole life — it takes longer for your abs to expand.”

9Behati Prinsloo - Is That Her First Trimester?

Behati Prinsloo is another supermodel with a barely there baby bump. The paparazzi had to do a double take when they saw the South African beauty shopping at a local Farmer’s Market in Malibu in October 2017. Behati is expecting her second child with her partner, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. The couple are already parents to their 13-month-old daughter, Dusty Rose.

Judging by Behati’s photos, it looks like either she’s pregnant or she just had a huge Chipotle meal for lunch! Either way, Behati looks like most women do in their first trimester even though she’s already in her home stretch. And yes, life just isn’t fair, especially when you look this good while pregnant. If only we can all be blessed with such great looks and great genes!

8Sarah Stage - Torn Apart On Social Media

Sarah Stage has by far been the most controversial celebrity when it comes to strange and bizarre baby bumps. As a matter of fact, the Instagram model has been heavily criticized for not looking pregnant at all. That’s because her baby bump still looks like a six-pack – even at 8 months pregnant. This has prompted a lot of critics to even wonder if she’s pregnant at all!

Sarah was dubbed the first “six pack” mom on Instagram for her amazing abs. During her last pregnancy she only gained about 18 pounds and topped in at 137 pounds. Sarah also admitted that she was still working out intensively, but giving in to her cravings at the same time (like In-N-Out burgers). Unless someone can hand me a magnifying glass, I’m sorry but I’m not seeing a baby bump here. What do you think?

7Jenelle Evans - Show Off

As we all know, Jenelle Evans has made headlines for plenty of different reasons. After all, she’s known as the “bad girl” of the Teen Mom club. There’s nothing that she hasn’t said or done that has led to at least one scandal or another in her life. It’s safe to say that she is perhaps the most controversial reality television star that the MTV network has ever seen.

But if there’s one thing that Jenelle has been very consistent about, it’s showing off her itty bitty pregnancy bumps on her social media accounts. Of course, no one should be surprised about it. She did become a household name for becoming a teen moms! But at lot of her fans couldn’t believe that her baby bumps have appeared so small in the past so much so that some of her critics have even accused her of lying about being pregnant!

6Catherine Giudici - "What Belly?"

Many Bachelor Nation fans know Catherine Giudici thanks to her stint on The Bachelor, but what they don’t know is that she also had one of the smallest baby bumps ever when she was expecting her first child with husband Sean Lowe back in 2016. As a matter of fact, Catherine herself said that her pregnant belly was growing slowly but surely, but it was growing.

As you can imagine, a lot of people couldn’t help but comment on Catherine’s belly bump in an Instagram photo that she captioned as “BABYWATCH.” Her social media followers left her nasty comments life, “What belly? Did she announce at 4 weeks? What in the world! I’m 9 weeks with twins and I’m way bigger!!” along with, “This girl could be dressed in a spandex suit and the only belly you would see would be the one that is there as a result of being a human being. You know, having intestines and organ systems inside your body.”

5Emily Skye - Can't Get Her Down

Emily Skye is yet another pregnant celebrity fitness star who looks more like she’s pregnant with a six pack than an actual baby!

Yet Emily isn’t paying attention to any of her critics. She’s proud of her baby bump and all of the changes that her body has gone through as well. She told People Magazine back in July, “I have cellulite on my butt & thighs & my muscle mass & strength continues to decrease… but you know what?! I’m absolutely loving all of the changes my body (& mind) is making. I know many women struggle with bodily changes during pregnancy and I probably would have too years ago but now I’m completely embracing and celebrating these changes. Every little change excites me and makes me happy because I’m growing @recdedmond’s & my little person which is incredible!”

4Kate Twigley - Two Different Weeks

If you don’t know Kate Twigley, it’s because she’s another celebrity mother from Down Under. Her sister Rebecca Judd just happens to be one of the most celebrated models and television personalities in Australia right now. And they are also two sisters who love to do everything together, including getting pregnant at the same time. Back in 2016 and right before the news of Rebecca’s third pregnancy broke, Kate announced that she was expecting, too!

Together, the two sisters shared a back-to-back photo of their pregnancy. Rebecca and Kate looked almost identical even though they were both in different stages of their pregnancies – Bec was 14 weeks along while Kate was 24 weeks pregnant. But if you didn’t know any better, you’d think these two women were in the same week of their pregnancies!

3Big For 18 Weeks?

This woman posted her pregnant belly bump on the What to Expect forum. And according to this mom, she thinks she’s growing, but in all the wrong directions. As a matter of fact, she captioned this photo with, “I'm 18w5d and look like you I think my baby is growing in my butt!”

It’s without a doubt that many women feel like they are gaining weight in all the wrong places while they are pregnant. And if you feel the same way, don’t worry as it’s very normal! As a matter of fact, you’ll notice that your belly bump isn’t the only thing that’s changing shape as your hands, feet and even your facial features might change in size, too. But for 18 weeks we gotta say that this is perhaps one of the smallest baby bumps we’ve ever seen on record.

2Too Big Or Too Small?

This pregnant mama shared her photo on Reddit and claims that she is way too big when a lot of posters feel like she actually looks very small for being in her home stretch. Wow!

At the end of the day, if you have any doubts about your pregnancy, your weight gain or the size of your baby bump for that matter, it’s best if you consult with your doctor or a medical professional. Don’t forget, there are no two women in this world that have the same body. And there are surely no two women that have the same pregnancy, too. Even if you feel too small or too big on some days, all that matters is that both you and your baby are healthy and happy. What do you think?

1Emma McVey - Smallest Bump Of 2017

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, we present to you the tiniest baby bump on the planet, courtesy of lingerie model Emma McVey. She’s even been crowned “mom with the world’s smallest baby bump” of 2017.

Emma claims that she is about six months pregnant, but her social media followers aren’t buying it. A lot of people shared comments on her photos such as, “Babe, you look like me A lot of social media followers have commented on her barely-there bump with, “You look like me after a Sunday dinner,” and “I’m not even pregnant and I don’t look like this.” Truth be told, we don’t see a baby or a bump on Emma, either. Some of her fans have even accused her of lying about her pregnancy and being “unhealthy.” Of course, the only person who knows the real truth behind her bump is her general practitioner. Here’s hoping he or she has some insight – watch this space for more!


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