15 Tips to Wearing Maternity Wear After Pregnancy

It's a wonderful experience to have a baby. However, step aside from your pregnancy emotions and enter the practical world, one being how to dress in this new role. Finding clothes that can flatter the figures of pregnant women is sometimes a little challenging, particularly if one realizes that a woman goes through a series of changes during pregnancy. These changes range from bulging bellies to larger shoe sizes--things that can stand in the way of a woman's fashion sense.

Here are a few ways by which you can be a stylish new mother by making just a few key changes in your wardrobe:

15 Maternity cute

If you choose to wear clothes such as flowing tops with empire waists, you can emphasize your curves sufficiently without drawing unnecessary attention to your bulges. Choose tops with a low V neck or scooped out necklines that will flatter your large breasts by showing off your cleavage

14 Opt for dark colors

Dark colors disguise the parts of your body that aren't particularly flattering right now by giving you a slim silhouette. For instance, wearing a pair of dark-colored trousers or jeans could mask the weight on your derriere. So can a dark-colored top by taking away the attention from your belly. Though this may work very well for you, don't always dress in dark-colored clothes. Contrast a dark-colored top with a light-colored pair of pants or skirt for variety.

13 Nursing essentials

Put together a variety of breastfeeding essentials such as a nursing camisole, a few nursing tops and a breastfeeding dress. Check that these essentials can be mixed and matched well so that you have a fuss-free wardrobe. Climb out of that new mom's frumpy look and accessorize your look with your existing jackets, boots, jewelry, etc, that give you a youthful and pretty look.

12 Comfortable clothing

After childbirth, don't wear large trousers just because you think they'd be comfortable. You'd look like a large sack and will give the impression of being fatter than you actually are. This might lower your self-esteem and perhaps make you unnecessarily depressed.

To avoid such a situation, choose comfortable clothes a streamlined figure, such as drawstring trousers or soft-waisted clothes. These clothes will draw attention away from your belly, plus they're great to wear around the house when you're trying to cope with your little baby's demands

11 Hide under a cardigan or coat

Not only do cardigans deal well with leaking and sore breasts that new moms experience within the first few weeks of motherhood, but they are as functional as they are chic. Choose those with wide necklines that are feminine and show a bit of skin. This will take people's eyes away from your hips and stomach which could be hidden under your cardigan.

10 Little black dress

A little black dress is more or less an essential in your wardrobe, even if you're slightly overweight. After all, when you're invited to a formal occasion, an LBD will help you hide what you want to hide and make you look smart and alluring.

9 Bodyshaping nursing vests

Get yourself a few nursing vests that can act as a great accessory to smooth and shape your figure. These body-shapers can cinch in your stomach, give shape to your waist and give you a slimmer look. You can also try using belly bands which not only cover your stomach while feeding your baby, but are also good body shapers. Choose these in a variety of colors such as white, black and grey or get yourself some neon colors which will add spice to your new wardrobe.

8 Undergarments for new mothers

Post-pregnancy, you will need to wear undergarments that will make nursing easy for you. Fortunately, there are nursing bras available that are specifically made for new moms and they come with sufficient padding to support your chest, besides also taking care of any leakage. These undies also make your clothes look good on you, while giving you enough support to feel confident of your new figure.

7 Yoga pants

At a time when your body is undergoing a series of changes, dress as comfortably as possible. Besides, yoga pants can be worn around the house or when you go to the store or to lunch with friends. Your yoga pants should cover your waist so your movements are easy and free.

6 Tunics that cover your hips and much more

If you wear tunics, that's great, because they extend below your hips and cover your bumps. They do more than that--they actually give you a slim look, what with their long sleeves, deep V necklines and large prints. You can wear one as a dress or pair it with leggings or skinny jeans.

5 A flowing caftan

Made in soft fabrics, a caftan can give you an easy fabulous look. It drapes well and covers all parts of your body which may not look that pleasant right now. A drawstring at the waist can give it a different look and make you feel happy and confident.

4 Long tank tops

Look for longer tank tops that hide your belly fat. If the material is a bit stretchy, it'll help give you hide your waist line while feeling good. If it has a bit of ruching on each side and broad straps, it could cover your bra straps. The longer your tank top, the more it will hide your belly fat and hips.

3 A scooped neck dress

Wearing a dress when you've just become a new mom can be great. After birth it's normal to have burgeoning hips and stomach, so a dress with a scooped out neckline or with noodle straps can feel good. Another option is wearing a traditional shift dress with an A-line. It'll give your movements a lot of swing and help you get back into shape.

2 Accessorize with a silky scarf

Take your outfit up notch with a great looking scarf. A silky scarf with a beautiful pattern can do wonders for you. Worn with a shirt and trousers, it can give you a semi-casual look, particularly if you accessorize it with bold jewelry. As a new mom, wearing a scarf helps whenever you nurse your baby or as a shade for your baby when you're out strolling with him.

1 The right shoes

It's normal for a pregnant woman's feet to swell during pregnancy, sometimes your feet grow during pregnancy and stay that way after childbirth. So, get ready to have your feet measured and find yourself some comfortable new shoes that fit you well.

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