15 TLC Parents Who Are Worse Then The Duggars

If anyone is a stay at home mom like me, and has some time on their hands, then when baby naps I occasionally like to sit in front of my TV and watch a lot of TV. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, my go-to channel for entertainment is TLC. I am a bit ashamed to admit it, TLC has come under fire lately for some of their programming.

One of the most controversial things about TLC is their airing of the show ‘Counting On’ and their previous show ’19 Kids and Counting.’ I don’t think I need to explain to anyone who this family is. They have been under the microscope about the oldest son’s actions, accusations of animal abuse and the latest comments against the transgender community. After all of this, no one comes under more scrutiny than the parent’s of the family, Jim Bob and Michelle. They have been accused of covering up their son’s crimes, putting their children’s lives and risk, and making homophobic slurs.

So, you can see why people are question whether this family should continue to be portrayed on a TV station dubbed, The Learning Channel. Just because the Duggar's have gotten the most attention in the media, does not mean that they are the worst parents on the station. Believe it or not, there are parents that are much worse of this channel.

We know mom-shaming is wrong, and should never be done, but we have to remember that these are people that have chosen to be on television, and take ownership that parts of their lives are going to be scrutinized and judged. Here are 15 parents who just may be worse than the Duggar's, do you agree with this list, or did we forget anyone?

15 Kate Gosselin (Kate Plus 8)

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We will start with probably the other most well-known TLC mom, and one who has been just as judged. Kate Gosselin is known for her show “Kate plus 8”. It tells her story of being a mom of twins and sextuplets. This show has been on the air since 2007, making this year their 10 year anniversary of being on air. This was also one of the most watched show on the network, and we can see why, it would be nothing but entertaining to watch parents try and handle 6 babies.

Kate has been named one of the worst parent’s, as people are regularly disagreeing with her actions. There are immediate claims that Kate is exploiting her children to keep up with her lavish lifestyle. Kate also runs her house with an iron fist, and some say she is a bit too firm with the children, pictures even emerged of her spanking her children, with people screaming abuse!

14 Lori Matthews (Toddlers & Tiaras)

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Lori Matthews is a mom on the popular TLC show, Toddlers & Tiaras. The show has gotten a lot of criticism over the glorification of child beauty pageants. The parents usually take these pageants much more seriously than the child, almost as if they are reliving their childhood through them. Lori Matthews has two children that she enters into pageants, a son and daughter.

Most mom’s love and believe in all their children equally, well except Lori. Lori has been known for repeatedly saying that she knows her son will when every pageant, and the only way he would lose is if he “dropped dead”. Her daughter, on the other hand, she does not have much faith in. All she has to say about her daughter is that “hopefully, she accepts defeat or, you know, failure, with a smile on her face.” Mom of the year over here!

13 June Shannon (Toddlers & Tiaras/Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)

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Our next mom has been on a couple of shows that aired on TLC. She started out with her daughter, Alana, on Toddlers & Tiaras, and then went on to have a show all about her family. This was probably a bad decision, as since then, she has been constantly in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. When they first starred, and were regulars, on Toddlers & Tiaras, June came under the microscope for feeding her daughter “beauty pageant crack”.

Parents on this show will do just about anything to give their child a leg up in the competition, even if it means sacrificing their health. June would give her daughter a special juice to give her a boost in energy, so that she would come off as perky on stage. This juice was a mixture of mountain dew and red bull, two things we would never thing to give to our children.

12 Doug and Marsadie (Rattled)

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One of the newer shows on TLC is Rattled. This show follows the lives of couples while they make the big change that comes when they bring in a new family. It seems only fitting that a few of our parents would be pulled from this show. This is one of my favourite shows on TLC, and I can not help but get pulled into the drama. Our first worst parents are Doug and Marsadie.

Doug and Marsadie are a dating couple, who have one young daughter together. Almost as soon as they brought their daughter home, the fights started. They would constantly fight at all hours of the day, and with no regard to if their daughter was in the room with them or not. What is almost worse, is when they do get into a fight, Doug usually storms off. Not just to the bar down the street, but to other states and cities without informing Marsadie. This is probably the definition of not a team.

11 Ashley And Tyson (Rattled)

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This next duo, is another one from the show Rattled, but they also have a large presence on social media. This one is not a case of black and white, as there is a bit of grey area surrounding the parenting skills of these two. They are the parents of quadruplet girls, who were conceived with the help of IVF. They appear to be very happy and normal parenting, but there have been numerous accusations thrown at them.

Many are shouting that they are exploiting their daughters for financial gain, as they have had struggles with money. This can be understandable, as it is expensive to have 4 babies at the same time. People still do not see this as an excuse. Whether they are bad parents or not is up for debate, they are being compared to the parents on the TLC show, Outdaughtered, who would never make a worst parents list. They are a couple with a lot of opinions on their job.

10 Danielle (90 Day Fiance)

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Danielle is a mother who was featured on the show, 90 Day Fiance. The premise of the show is simple. It features people who meet the love of their life in a country other than the United States, and they bring them over on a K1, or fiancé, visa. While the show does not focus on parents and their children, there is sometimes enough evidence to add them to this list.

Our next mom, Danielle, is such a mom. She met a man named Mohammed in Tunisia, and fell in love. There was a large age difference between the two, and a lot of people are convinced that she was used to obtain citizenship. Through all of this turmoil, Danielle has children and they have been caught in the crossfires. Danielle has had a difficult time providing a stable home for her children, has loads of debt, and has seemed to completely forget about her children in her hatred for her ex-husband.

9 Krystal And Jarrel (Rattled)

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We go back to rattled for our next one, but this time we go to season 2, which is currently on air. Krystal and Jarrel are a pair that had tried to date, but figured out they were better as friends. Krystal found herself pregnant, and Jarrel found himself questioning the paternity of the baby. Welcome to drama city. The couple are not together but are trying their best to co-parent.

Jarrel went as far as to swab his newborn daughter’s cheek, without Krystal knowing, to find out if she was his daughter. Well, she was and now he has shown little interest in supporting the family financially. Krystal has tried to discuss their plan and set up some sort of child support payment. While, this may just be a faulty dad, the whole situation is only ending up with a baby in the crossfire, they need to work together.

8 Brooke And Weston (Rattled)

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OK, last one from Rattled, I promise. It is just easy to find parents who are less than stellar on a show all about parents! Brooke and Weston are another couple that seems to have some pretty serious communication problems, which is only causing their newborn son to pay the price. Brooke displays a lot of the stress, anxiety and burn out that is quite typical among new moms, Weston seems unconcerned.

Brooke wants Weston to help when he gets home from work, while Weston wants some time to himself. This can only lead to fights in a relationship, as it seems they are keeping score on who does what, this is never good. The latest hurtle was when Weston came home and told Brooke that he had quit his job without even discussing it with her. While, they are taking great care of their child, the fighting and lack of communication does not make them a great parental unit.

7 Sabrina Burkholder (Breaking Amish)

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Breaking Amish is one of my guilty pleasures, I watch it religiously, but I also watch it with a grain of salt. I know things can be twisted on TV, and sometimes things are not always as they seem. Sabrina was one of the original cast who left her Mennonite community to experience life beyond the walls, and never looked back. Sabrina soon became a mother, and lost custody of her daughter due to her drug use.

She eventually got custody of her daughter back, but lost it again for not following the rules of her custody arrangement. She then found herself pregnant with another child, and lost custody of that one as well. While, we can sympathize with mental health concerns and addiction, we can all agree you must do everything and anything for your children.

6 Lindsay Jackson (Toddlers & Tiaras)

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It may come as no surprise that a lot of our parents are coming from the TLC show, Toddlers &Tiaras. Lindsay Jackson is a mother who had one of the cutest little girl’s, Maddy, that a lot of people have ever seen. She was constantly dolled up, and was stunning and won her mom quite a lot of pageants. There was one that stuck out and seemed to have gone too far.

During one pageant, Lindsay dressed her daughter up to look like country superstar Dolly Parton. If anyone is unfamiliar with Dolly Parton, she is known for a lot more than just her music. She is also known for her “curvy” body type, meaning she is very top heavy. To pull off this look, the mom placed her daughter in a padded bra and stuffed it to give the appearance of a more grown up look.

5 Lisa (Toddlers & Tiaras)

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We are back again with Toddlers & Tiaras, and we know that almost everything a parent does on this show is a little questionable, some are worse than others. This brings us to our next mom, Lisa and her daughter, Destiny. For one of the pageants, Lisa thought it was a good idea to dress her daughter up in a themed costume. The theme was the movie was Grease, and the costume was the leather suit Sandy wore at the end.

Seems innocent enough. The girl paraded on stage in her little leather outfit, but that is when things went from bad to worse. The girl had a candy cigarette in her mouth, that was very fake, but very disturbing. Everyone knows the scene in Grease where Sandy is smoking a cigarette in an attempt to have a more bad-girl image. Those felt this was taking it too far.

4 Any Parent on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

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My big fat American gypsy wedding is another one of my guilty pleasures, that I like to indulge in on the often nap time. It is also filled with drama and a lifestyle that not a lot of people can relate too. It follows gypsy families as they marry young, fight with each other and breed offspring. The idea is to marry young, and then the wife’s job is to take care of the house, husband and make babies.

While, the parents all love their children, their parenting skills are less than ideal. They seem to have no form of discipline, as their children all like to run wild. They also instil ideals and manners into their daughters that are less than stellar for this modern world. They treat their sons no better, making them believe they are the best thing since sliced bread. Emotional abuse may not be as far of a stretch for these families.

3 Jason & Christina (Rattled)

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If you go back and watch season one of Rattled, then you may remember Jason and Christina. They were a couple that was expecting their first child, and boy where they trying to get organized. It is a goal of all parents to get organized before the arrival of a new baby, these two took it to a new level which has the potential of being disastrous.

They are both type A personalities, and they scheduled every minute of their days once the baby comes. This was all done before the baby even came. They schedule when he would eat, burp, sleep and play. If anyone has children, you may be laughing as it is almost impossible to schedule newborn activities to the minute. They had Ipads throughout the house that would alarm then when it was time to do each parenting duty. This can only lead to frustration and burn out when things do not go according to their schedule. None of which is a great attitude when new parents.

2 Melissa (Toddlers & Tiaras)

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I think a problem that a lot of people have with the show Toddlers & Tiaras is that we can not understand how any mother would want to alter their child’s appearance. We seem to think our children are beautiful and that they do not need any enhancements. This does not stop pageant moms from trying to make their child look the best.

Mom, Melissa, cam under fire for her choice to dye her child’s hair. Melissa decided to add blonde highlights to her brunette daughter’s hair, using peroxide. This was done on the show, with people shocked at the simple fact that her daughter could be heard repeatedly asking her mom to stop and that she did not want it. Her daughter’s cries did not stop the mom from forcing her daughter to sit through it.

1 EVERY Parent On Toddlers & Tiaras

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OK, I am just going to say it, every parent on Toddlers & Tiaras are not the best parents. As we have already discussed, they put their children through drastic beauty alterations, all for the prize at the end. What makes it so much worse, is that they do it through all of their child’s screaming that they do not want to do it anymore.

We all know the importance of healthy eating, especially for our children. We also know that a treat once and a while is OK too, and part of being a child. We also know that adult models, or beauty queens are constantly dieting and counting calories. We do not expect the children too. In the pageant world, the children are forced to go on diets, and to count the calories they are eating. This is an unfair burden to put on a child’s shoulders, and it is put there by their parents.

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