15 Traits You Didn't Know The Baby Inherits From Dad

Men and women come together to create a new life. It is a magical and miraculous thing that our human bodies are capable of doing, and nine months later moms and dads have this perfect little being in front of them. The new baby will both take after their mother and their father. Inherently getting some of their characteristics and traits from mom, and some from dad. Kids are like mini replicas of their parents. Everything a child is, from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet, comes from their parents. Some people may think that we only get our looks, our physical traits, from our mom’s and dad’s, but we actually get so much more than that from them. We also get some of our behavioral and mental traits from them as well.

All of the good things and the bad that makes us who we are, we get from our genetic makeup, our DNA, thanks to our parents. We get our hair and eye color from our parents; our skin color, our facial features, our intelligence, and even some of our social traits. There are specific things that we inherit from our dad’s that we may not even be aware of. Things like our fingerprint pattern, dental issues, and even our risk-seeking behavior come from good old dad. If you’re curious to see some more good and bad traits that we can thank dad for, continue reading! Some of the items on this list will definitely surprise you!

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15 Gender

If you are happy about the gender that you turned out to be, you can thank your dad for that one. If you are unhappy about your gender, you can blame him instead; at least there is the medical technology to change you into whatever you prefer now. When the race is on, and dad’s swimmers are competing against each other to make it to mom’s egg, it is like a bunch of X’s and Y’s fighting one another in the ultimate goal to either become XX or XY.

Mom’s chromosomes will always be X, while dad’s little swimmers can either be an X or a Y. If the winning swimmer that reaches mom’s egg is an X, it will become XX and mom and dad will be expecting a little girl. If the winning swimmer is a Y, that means it becomes an XY, and they will be expecting a handsome little man. With all that being said, if you ever feel like you have never won anything, think again because you are that winning swimmer I mentioned!

14 Those Cute Dimples

Here is something that most people will thank dad for; Dimples. They look absolutely adorable on anyone, no matter what gender they are, or even what age they are. Although, I bet mom’s will agree with me on this one, they are just so much cuter on a tiny baby with those fabulous, chubby little cheeks! Everyone, almost universally, knows what dimples are. For those of you living under a rock that don’t know what they are; they are those tiny little indents on the cheeks of a select few lucky people, that can either be on one side or both. However, here is something most people are unaware of; dimples are actually categorized as a facial deformity! Who would have ever guessed that? I know I sure didn’t know that until recently. Dimples are a dominate trait so if dad has them, the baby will most likely inherit them.

13 Color Blindness

If someone is colorblind, they can thank their dad’s for this one since males are the main contributors to this genetic defect. This is highly a male-dominated deficiency. 8 percent of males are colorblind, and only 0.5 percent of females have this- I, myself, happen to fall within that 0.5 percent range. Some people who are colorblind may even have to ask, “You mean the light was actually red? Because it looked orange to me,” when they get pulled over for blowing a stop light.

When a person is colorblind, they are unable to see colors the way the rest of the world sees them. Inherited color blindness is caused by abnormal photopigments. In order for the body to make photopigments, certain genes are required. Defects in these genes are where we get color blindness from. There is three different types of this deficit; red-green, blue-yellow and total color blindness. If someone is totally colorblind, they are unable to see colors and the world will look kind of like a black and white movie.

12 Curled Toes

Curled toes is actually a deformity in the structure of the bones and muscles of the toes and is considered congenital, and is inherited from a parent. When your little one is a young child, curled toes generally do not cause any issues for them or it also does not cause them the slightest bit of pain.

Unfortunately, as they get older, there is the possibility that they may need surgery to correct it. This is due to the fact that the muscles and the joints become more fixed with age. This happens to be another dominant trait, and if the baby’s dad has this deformity, they will most likely be born with it as well. Curled toes can either occur on one of the baby’s feet, or both of them.

11 Fingerprints

Everyone has their own unique fingerprint that will never match another person in this massively huge world. Not even identical or fraternal twins will have the same prints. This is how we are able to be fingerprinted after having our mug shots taken! This is also how we don’t go down for someone else’s crime. However, the fingerprint patterns between a father and their child can actually look quite similar without being the exact same.

It does not matter if it is between a father and a daughter, or a father and a son because the similarities will still be there. It may be interesting for mom to take a look at the dad and her baby’s fingerprints so she is able to see how similar they actually are. As much as criminals would love for their fingerprints to change- there are some things we are born with that never go away, even as we age.

10 Lips

You have probably been wondering who your baby is going to look like since you found out you were pregnant, or at least from that very first ultrasound. We all want our children to get specific traits from mom, and specific ones from dad depending on whose traits are higher quality. When it comes to lips, it is something we don’t really think about until we are looking in the mirror. Some people are blessed with luscious, full and plump lips while others, like myself, have thin lines that you have to go in closer to see.

If you’re like me, and their dad is the one with Kylie Jenner lips, fear not because the baby will take after dad. This is because full and plump lips dominate the thin lines. If you are having a girl, they will be thrilled when they get older that they took after their dad in this department. All women want those gorgeous lips that people will pay top dollar for.

9 Schizophrenia And Other Psychological Disorders

We now know that when it comes to mental disorders and genetics, a portion of it does rely on genetics. This is even more so true for people who have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression; these are the main three that they have found to be genetic. This is something that can get passed down to us from our mother or our father, but the even more from our father if he has any sort of mental illness. Scientists now believe schizophrenia to be as much as 75 percent hereditary.

Psychological disorders do depend on two factors, however. The first one is genetics, and the second one is environmental factors. They also know that if our dad had really bad symptoms, that does not mean his children will experience it in the same way or that all of his children will have the same condition. There is no way to predetermine who will inherit these conditions and who won’t.

8 Sleeping Habits

According to a few studies dad’s sleep habits can actually play a role in the way your baby will be sleeping as well. This can go either way and be a good thing, or a bad thing. If dad is the type to lay down and crash for an afternoon nap, the baby will most likely follow in their dad’s footsteps and be easier to get to sleep for their naps as well. There may even be some lazy afternoon’s you catch the two napping peacefully together.

However, on the other hand, if dad has sleeping problems- specifically insomnia- and has a hard time falling and staying asleep, your baby may as well have the very same problems. So, this could either be beneficial or harmful when it comes to getting your little one to sleep. This may also mean that if dad is a restless sleeper and tosses and turns frequently throughout the night, you will most likely catch the baby mimicking good old dad.

7 A High IQ

Mom’s, if you want your kid to come out super intelligent, breed with only men that have high IQs. The higher the IQ, the better chances of your baby being born extremely smart, maybe even genius smart. Some experts believe that there is a very big genetic component to intelligence and that it can get passed down from the father to the child more than from the mother. Although, that theory is not a universal agreement.

Not every person that is at genius levels has the world’s smartest parents, however, sometimes it may even seem like it skips a generation in the smarts department. Unfortunately, this genetic component could work either way. It could go to either end of the spectrum, and the baby could either be very intelligent, or you may need to buy non-toxic markers for the rest of their life.

6 A Clubbed Thumb

A clubbed thumb is not a weapon, which some people really do think when they first hear this name, but it’s more of an anomaly that is quite rare. Only 0.04 percent of people with light skin will be born with this, and only 0.01 percent of people with darker skin. This a genetic trait that is passed on from father to child. So, if you have a clubbed thumb, thank dad!

Now, this does not mean that dad definitely has this condition as well, but that he’s a carrier for this gene. It is something that affects the appearance of a person’s thumb, but it doesn’t affect it as much as you would think. It is when the last upper bone on the thumb is shorter than average. It gives the top of the thumb the appearance of being flattened and wider. The nail will also look shorter and wider. It really is not that horrible. The gorgeous Megan Fox even has clubbed thumbs that are visible in many of her pictures.

5 Eating Habits

Oddly enough, we can thank our dad’s for our eating habits as well. By the end of this article, we will either have a lot of stuff to thank dad for or a lot of stuff to blame dad for. When it comes to how children eat, they seem to sync up to their fathers, and that can even include the preference for pizza, burgers, and hotdogs versus salads, fruits, and veggies that mom is known to munch on.

There have been recent studies that show that a lot of the time, kids will actually eat the same amount of times in a day as their dad. The may also take dad’s love of ketchup, but distaste for onions. Snacking may be another thing that we can blame dad for. This should be a wake-up call for some dad’s and their eating habits. So, would this technically mean that mom wasn’t the only one eating for two?

4 Risk-Seeking Behavior

Most men would consider themselves to be daredevils as if it were something in their blood that they are born with. Actually, there are some scientists that found what they like to call a novelty gene within our DNA. What this means if that, in fact, men are not too far off when they say they are born with the urge to constantly seek thrills.

Dad may actually be the one responsible for us having this gene. So, moms, maybe choosing a man that doesn’t want to race down the highway doing 100 miles per hour or who is trying to push his car to the limits, maybe a good decision. Otherwise, your baby may turn out to be just like dad when it comes to their sense of adventure. You don’t want your little one nose-diving off the top of a slide while pretending to be Batman.

3 Sense Of Humor

It would be great if everyone had an amazing sense of humor; there would be a lot less stress in the world. It seems like the only way to guarantee someone will be funny, would be if their dad is hilarious. If dad does happen to be the funny one, it is possible that the baby will also be able to crack some awesome jokes when they finally learn how to talk.

While there technically is not a gene that makes people instantly funny, there is a gene that makes up a certain disposition, such as being prone to seeing the more laughable and humorous side of things. If your baby is the lucky kind of child who will grow up with their father around, they will also be able to pick up on their sense of humor by simply watching them. If you add that to those specific dispositions, your baby will be the class clown and always trying to see the lighter side of things just like dad.

2 Dental Issues

Hop, fully dad does not need dentures because your child will not be too happy with them when they get older. Moms may also want to start screening their date’s based off of their dental records, since teeth structure and dental issues are actually hereditary. Babies do technically get their dental genes from their mother and their father, but more of it has been shown to come from dad’s genetics. This is one of those genetic things that could either turn out spectacular or very unfortunate for babies and for their mother’s wallet.

If dad has amazing teeth and hardly had any dental problems growing up, there is a good possibility that the baby will always have really good dental checkups. However, if dad had problems with his teeth such as frequent cavities, there is a good chance the baby will face those challenges as well, and mom will be left with a major dent in her wallet.

1 ACHOO Syndrome

If anyone ever says that they are allergic to the sun, according to science, they very well could be interestingly enough. ACHOO syndrome is another thing that we may be able to thank our dad’s for. When we sneeze, it typically sounds like we are saying “achoo.” Ironically enough, this syndrome, ACHOO, stands for Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst. In other words, a sneeze. Try saying that every time snot is about to fly out of your nose! If you sneeze when you gaze at the sun or any other form of very bright light, there is a very high possibility that you have this genetic component lodged within your DNA. If dad has this condition, then the baby will most likely have this as well. So, if you little one does have this condition, be sure to take tissue with you when you leave the house.Sources: HealthyChildren.org, EverydayHealth.com, nei.nih.gov, NYtimes.com, Healthline.com, AmericanPregnancy.com

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