15 Trendy Baby Names That Will Be Out Of Style By The End Of The Year

Naming a baby is probably the hardest part about having one. (Except for that nine months of pregnancy which includes: hair loss, weight gain, morning sickness, and fatigue. And besides labor, during which a woman pushes a watermelon out of her orange. But after all that…)

Finding the perfect name for an angelic baby is a mix of picking something that is timeless, but can also be unique. It is finding a name that means something to the parents—whether it is a reference to a literary character or the name of their great-grandmother.

But parents sometimes tend to get caught up in short-lasting trends. And, while they see an impulse at this particular moment in time, it may not be so trendy in 10 years. Or even in 1 year. Some trends are long-lasting and some are just blips on the radar, for a short period of time.

Don’t be a blip.

Parents out there might be wondering—what are some examples of names that are trending now but will go quickly out of fashion? What names should be avoided?

Don’t worry, friends. We have the comprehensive list of names that will be out of style by the end of 2018.

15 Khaleesi

Before you rip my head off for dissing one of the most popular shows on TV right now, hear me when I say that I, too, LOVE Game of Thrones. But we have to be realistic about what naming your baby Khaleesi will look like over time.

Currently, it is trendy. It is stylish. It is that special mix of nerdy-meets-hot. But this is the final season for Game of Thrones which means that while hardcore fans will never forget, the next generation will. And she will be the one who is going to be forever explaining how her name came from this show about dragons that her parents were obsessed with back in the day.

She may say something like, “Yeah, I guess it was a show about chairs…or maybe thrones?”

14 Bently

I want to love this name. In fact, I do! But although it shot up in popularity this year. However, that trend will probably not last. If Trump’s rise in America has shown us anything, it is that people are sick and tired of being taken advantage of, and also how they perceive the “upper class”. (We won’t get into the irony of looking for salvation in an orange zillionaire.)

Blue collar workers in Iowa don’t want to hear about how you named your son after a really expensive car when they are struggling to put food on the table for their children. People may not get that the vehicle is sleek and classy, and see only the snooty connotation that most folks have with cars that cost more than their houses.

13 Sookie

True Blood is one of the best shows ever. (Except, don't ever try to explain the premise to anyone or it sounds like a telenovela with vampires and lots of steamy scenes. Actually, that is exactly what it is.) I have no idea why the name Sookie is rising in popularity now, three years after the show ended. Perhaps Chrissy Teigan tweeted about it and got 4 million new people to watch it?

Maybe it is because it is also a character from Gilmore Girls, played by the lovable Melissa McCarthy?

Whatever the reason, Sookie is not a name that has staying power. It is cute for a little girl-- adorable even. But really quickly, there will be a grown-up woman, trying to get a job with a name that rhymes with “cookie”.

12 Jax

Jax started climbing the name charts with a gusto about five years ago. But it is starting to lose its thunder. Perhaps, this is because every child in kindergarten has this name, or maybe it is due to the fact that Sons of Anarchy ended four years ago and people are forgetting how hot Charlie Hunnam is.

The point is this—Jax might be cool for a little longer. You could get some juice out of it for the rest of the remaining years. But beyond that, it is going to fade, and fast. It’s like a pair of corduroy jeans; really hip for a short period of time but then you realize that you’ve purchased a pair of crazy thick, colored pants that are appropriate about one day per year.

11 Aria

This is another reference to Game of Thrones that people are really digging. I get it—the show is amazing. And the character of Aria is a testament to the strength of the female spirit.


Television is all related to fads. They become popular and then they fade away once they are off of the air. Remember Friends? Remember how everyone said, “Oh Friends will never be forgotten! It is the best show! It has a huge audience and millions of fans!” Yeah, well, I met a teenager who didn’t know who Jennifer Anniston is. And when I asked her about the show, she shrugged and guessed, “Is that one show about those people that live together? Like in the city?”

Don't name a child something no one will remember.

10 Destiny

Oof. I am going to try to be nice about this one. If the name Destiny is in consideration, I get where parents are coming from. The idea of destiny, the literal meaning of fate and fortune—is very romantic. But when a baby is named Destiny, she will be set up for failure. It will be giving her a name that she will have to live up to, every single day.

So, while it may sound romantic and trendy, it isn’t. It will lose its charm very fast—probably even before the end of the year.

If the idealization of Destiny is something in the stars, perhaps try for something a little more timeless like Faith, Hope, or Desiree.

9 Milo

Milo has always had a small cult following, but rarely tops the lists on any name sites. Those of us who were raised in the 80’s may equate the name to The Adventures of Milo and Otis- a box office hit among families with young children. While I am all for nostalgia, I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest a child be named from the decade that brought you socks and sandals. And the mullet.

Milo is cute, short and great for a young child. But it is a hard name to grow into. It is also a hard name to keep in style. It fades quickly with other names such as Jasper, Felix, Theo, and Miles.

8 Campbell

Campbell's popularity is going downhill fast. I don’t know if it will even be trendy by the summer. Somewhere, someone is going to point out that it is, in fact, the name of a soup company. And, of course, someone will mention that it is not a suitable name for a young boy.

Let’s not start a new trend of naming kids after companies. I don’t want to see Oscar Meyers, Progresso, Nissin, Lipton, Healthy Choice, Dole, Plum, Healthy Valley, etc.

Let’s start naming our future generations after something nobler; something honorable. How about toilet manufactures? You could choose:

Kohler, Saniflo, Toto, Niagara, Mansfield, Sterling, Delta, Bristant, Laufen, Majestic, Tork, Porcher, Moen

With the wide array of options at our fingertips, do not utilize names that will fall off the trend wagon in a month. Be creative.

7 Dexter

Is Dexter the name of my favorite tv charaacter? Yes. Do I think that this name is going to stay on trend next year? Absolutely not.

Dexter is one of many names, in the long list of names with an “x” in it that get popular for a short window of time, and then disappear. It sounds different, it sounds rugged, and parents love that letter “x”. But if the goal is to give a child a name that will be on point a year from now, five years from now—or even ten—than you need to pick something different.

It is hard to predict the exact course that trendy names will take. Did I foresee the uptick in the girls’ name Malvolia? Nope. But that doesn’t excuse parents for naming their kid that.

6 Narcissa

Flower names are always a huge hit with parents. Whether it be Rose, Iris, or Violet, they are super popular. But Narcissa is pushing this trend a little too much. This name might sound nice for a little while but parents are going to soon realize that people equate this name with something negative.

When hearing the name Narcissa, one may think, “Oh, I just love daffodils!” but other people are hearing it and thinking, “So she's a narcissist?!”

I know. Not what it was intended for.

Unfortunately, when naming a baby, parents have to think of names e in many different lights—will it be trendy next year? Will it rhyme with something bad? Does it go well with the last name? Will she be made fun because it sounds like something else?

5 Regina

The name Regina caught a wisp of popularity after everyone’s favorite Mean Girl, Regina George. Regina was played by the lovely Rachel McAdams in 2004. I am not going to pretend that I know what caused this latest upsurge, but let me tell you this—Regina is not going to be trendy next year. Or maybe even next month. Or by the time I finish writing this article.

Regina means “queen” in Latin and Italian, which is great. But it also sounds dated and used. A baby girl should be named something fresh and crisp, not something that was picked up while visiting a great aunt Eldrid in the nursing home.

Let the name Regina stay in the movies where it belongs, instead of on the body of a precious little child.

4 Edith

There are a couple of naming trends lately that has completely thrown me for a loop—people naming their children after fruit and parents who pick names that invoke the image of one of the Golden Girls. (If you don’t know who the Golden Girls are, then you have no business fooling around with a name like Edith.)

Edith will be like all of the old lady names before it—cute for a short bit but it will quickly fade. People will remember that their fourth cousin had a grandmother named Edith, or that the elderly woman, who puts her dentures next to her tea at the local coffee shop, is also named Edith.

Women age fast enough already—don’t stick any baby girl with a name that she will share with 345,948 nannas.

3 Declan

Declan surged in popularity after the show Revenge was brought to life on ABC. It was so dramatic, that often times, viewers would get so sucked up into the story that they didn’t realize that the show had stopped making any sense. (Unfortunately, this happens a lot nowadays.)

But Declan’s time will pass soon. It cannot hold on much longer. It means “man of prayer” which makes sense because parents better pray that their son can pull this name off. It is not easy to pronounce and it is on the way out of trendiness. Save a headache for someone else and go with a name that can keep its timeless quality. Ensure that the darling little boy in your life will have a name that suits him his entire life—not just for a year.

2 Celeste

I’m going to guess that Celeste is popular right now because of the hit show Big Little Lies and the character that is played by the gorgeous, and talented, Nicole Kidman. This instant-classic was immediately popular among women. Partially because it addressed the nature of domestic violence, and how it can look to the outside world.

I totally get wanting to name your baby after an idea that really hits home—and this show and this Celeste character did for many women. But if finding a name that will withstand the tests of time Celeste is not the answer.

Celeste will have her day in the sun but like many names will quickly vanish. It is not one that is going to stay popular or trendy.

1 Eleven

Either, you're going to get this name being on the list and say, “yeah, I get why that’s on there,” or you are scratching your head thinking, “what the f…”

Eleven is a character from the highly popular Netflix show Stranger Things. This show hit the internet with a bang and its momentum hasn’t slowed. But it will. And when it does a bunch of children will be stuck named after a number. Not an important number like one through ten—nah, they will be stuck with the extra one that no one ever counts.

(Side note: do you think that there was a trend after Spinal Tap’s famous quote, “these go eleven” in the 1980’s? Has Eleven already been popular and we just didn’t notice?)

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