15Stop Thinking Of Time

Expectant women start to get concerned about when exactly they are going to undergo labor pain once they are updated with the positive pregnancy test, and in most cases, things do not go according to their expectations. Approaching the time of delivery, they somehow get themselves continuously

prepared for the labor that is expected to onset at literally any time, and when it finally comes, they do not become less concerned, yet even more and more, since the pain is aggravated, and the baby’s life is strongly relevant.

When the expectant mum feels her labor is getting lengthier than she thought, she starts to imagine all kinds of things that could be going wrong, thinking when this will be done, and how. Brain activity is something certainly useful, but not really for such situations, since it is operating out of nervousness and worry, which hinders the needed relaxation of the uterine muscles, and as a result, pain is likely to be exaggerated and increased instead of easing.

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