15 Tricks You Need To Try To Get The V Back In Shape After Baby

Of course, women don't have to be able to pick a cherry up by the stem with their V, unless that's their thing. But in the words of Envogue, it is nice to "give him something he can feel," and both partners can feel for that matter. I mean, no one wants it to be like a hot dog tossed in a hallway type of vibe.

If this sounds familiar, no reason to be faint of heart, this article will get every new mom right! Now if his size is the issue, then that's another topic for another day. There are many provisions women can make, including but not limited to just finding someone else.

But let's be realistic, moms just pushed something the size of a pumpkin out of their hoo-hah. If things were fine before, then perhaps their pelvic floor muscles are a bit weaker since they had the baby.

It's normal for the V to be larger than it was before, after a woman has the baby. Luckily, they can tighten things up down there. If women are ready to change their V’s love life, these techniques will have women's love muscles puckering up in no time.

15 Steam The Lady Bits


Detox diets are not the only popular health fad these days.

Your water well can also benefit from the cleansing effect of v-steaming. Vaginal steaming is an ancient Korean technique better known as “chai-yok.” It requires a woman to sit for up to 45 minutes on an open-seated stool above a steaming pot of water filled with medicinal and aromatic herbs such as rosemary, wormwood mugwort, and basil.

The steam hydrates and stimulates blood flow in your nether lands, as well as moisturizing it without using heavy or weird creams. It’ll tone up that region and make it more sensitive to sensations. Simply steam your creampie for 20-30 minutes over dried herbs boiled in 1 gallon of filtered water.

14 Use Aloe Vera

Ladies, if you’re recovering from exceptionally stressful childbirth that stretched you to the limits, this healing plant will refurbish it like new. While the V is a natural elastic that can snap back from all occasions, a baby can certainly stretch it too much.

Aloe Vera gel repairs the Holy Grail skin faster by repairing the micro-tears rapidly. It boosts collagen production, renovating saggy walls and improving its texture, like a mindful interior designer. Here’s what you do.

Simply squash the gel from an aloe vera leaf. Apply using your finger 5-6 times a day and before your moments of love strikes. It will make your engine more lubricated and smooth flowing than a luxury vehicle.

13 The Secret Magic Stick


If you want to rejuvenate the pathway of your gateway to heaven, this organic herbal stick will tighten and balance your vaginal ph. In doing so, your partner won’t have to wait a lifetime to knock on heaven’s gate after all.

Here’s what you do.

Wet the giant, tampon-shaped white rock with warm water, lie down on your back, and slowly slide it into your “jukebox.”

If you carefully followed the product’s instructions, then you will feel renewed and improved down there in no time. The secret ceres is said to boost the V's healing capabilities as well as tightens and rejuvenates.

So don’t be surprised when your partner wants a second helping of the dessert you will be serving up.

12 Bathe With Special Leaves

Make your walls fit like a warm pair of gloves in winter that no one would want to pull off.

Curcuma Comosa is a great herb to help you spruce up the land down under - a plant of the ginger family that is native to Asian countries. It is widely used after childbirth to tighten the womb firmly. It’s also known to help the kegel muscles return to their non-pregnant size, or even pre-insertion size, giving a youthful, virginal, firmness.

Use the leaves for V steam baths to reinvigorate the sag. There are many supplements in the market as well– make sure to buy pure, authentic Curcuma Comosa.

11 Ever Heard Of Vontouring?

V plus contouring equals vontouring.

Just when you thought facial contouring was all there was, life throws you another jaw-dropping trend. Before you go gaga and think that you will have to spread tons of bronzer down there, that’s not the case. Vontouring is simply a treatment that will lift and firm your pelvic muscles.

This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure uses thermal (heat) energy to stimulate collagen production. It just doesn’t rejuvenate. Turns out, it improves sensation, too.

All you will feel during the whole 45-minute treatment is a slight heat and viola! Freshness with no redness, pain, tingling, or other after effects! It’s so simple you can get your V contoured during lunch break and be back in the office with a glow and time to spare.

10 Special V Cones

This one will definitely make your best cones of all time list, right up there with ice cream cones. The V-cone won’t leave you “hanging” in your most important region. Here’s how it works.

V-cones resemble tampons, but with weights attached. Insert the cone inside and let the weights hang out. Use your kegel muscles to hold the cone in place for 1 minute. Do this twice a day.

Each time you do it, gradually increase the time until you can hold it for 15 minutes. Once your pelvic muscles are stronger, slowly increase the weight until you can hold the heaviest for 15 minutes twice a day. That’s all you need, and if your walls could talk, they would be thanking you later.

9 Sensual Massages

Here’s another Asian-influenced technique. This one will have you climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro of passion. This is a pinnacle of sensual expression - massages that focus on stimulating all of a woman’s curves, nook, and crannies.

Yoni massages heighten the intimacy between you and your lover. At the same time, the various circling, pulling, pushing, rolling, tugging, and tapping motions, as well as G-spot massage will flex your V to the heights.

The best part is the hidden treasures! Hubby will get to explore your body in a deeper more intimate way, and what he finds, he keeps. He’ll definitely know how to love you better by the end of the session, like a pilot in the cockpit knowing the right buttons to press for takeoff.

8 Japanese Ben-Wa Balls

These Japanese balls will make a mom's tunnel of love go from a capital letter “O” to a lower case “o”, and over time make their V more sensitive than an eyeball (in a good way) and more responsive than their touchscreen, when explored.

Hopefully, you like music, as you may be ringing vocal melodies to the heavens in your excitement.

Here’s how they work! Put them inside of you. You will not feel them at all after a couple of minutes. As you go about your daily activities, they will move slightly, causing your kegel muscles to contract, and may even turn you on in the process.

Not only do they help keep the muscles strong, the all-day sensation will almost guarantee a thunderous loud of applause at the end of the night and hopefully a standing, sitting, laying down, or swinging “O” from shower rods to chandeliers. Keep the Ben-wa “balls in your court.”

7 Special Herbs For The Body

Ever heard of Pueraria Mirifica?

While the name itself could be used in the spelling be finals, Pueraria Mirifica can simply be used to rejuvenate your rosebud by watering the garden with herbal tea.

Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua (among many other names) is a plant found mostly in northern and northeastern Thailand and Myanmar. The plant is rich in plant-based estrogen, a powerful hormone that rejuvenates the skin, stimulate collagen production, helps to keep you moist, and increase muscle fibers of your vagina.

Using the pounded leaves and roots blended with cow’s milk as a body scrub will also make your skin look younger. Use the leaves as a V steamer, rinse with a garden watering pot, wash, soak or get its benefits internally by teas, infusions, and supplements or just eat the herb as-is.

6 Using Lady Barbells

No. We’re not trying to build you an athletic vagina. Although, if it’s out of shape that may not be such a bad idea. But no, these will not build your V into a natural rod-crushing weapon, making men cringe in pain.

Of course, anything can be overdone, so follow the instructions for V’s sake! These stainless steel barbells will flex and tighten your interior walls.

Simply lie on your back, if necessary lube the barbell. Then push in the end where the larger ball is, slowly until it’s completely inside. If you experience any discomfort, you can use the smaller ball end of the barbell instead. Carry the weight around and enjoy the challenge of keeping it in. Always sterilize your barbell before using to avoid any infection.

5 Floor Exercises

Yoga, leg raises, squats, pilates, and more are known to tone and strengthen body muscles. But did you know that these exercises can also be used to tighten your vaginal walls?

Any exercise that contracts and expands the pelvic muscles helps to firm up the floor boards in your pelvic floor. These exercises also increase your energy and stamina. So you can put in high-intensity reps inside your sets of love sessions.

I’m talking rounds of pleasure. If anyone delivers the TKO, it will be you. Learn to do the exercise correctly, following proper form and format, and you will be just fine. Don’t wing it here, save that for your “fun time.”

4 Kegels


No V tightening list is complete without Kegels in all of its inconspicuous glory. While hearing the word alone may make you “kegel” by reflex, onesie twosies is not really the way to go.

You have to treat that thing like a workout regimen. Pump, pump, pump. If it’s worth it, you should work it! And it is worth it. Here’s how you do it.

Find your pelvic floor muscles, squeeze, hold for 2-5 seconds, and then relax for 5 seconds. Do 5-10 repetitions and work them up until you can keep them contracted for 10 seconds.

D0 this three times a day to add a firey ‘spice of life’ hotter than the Saharan Desert. This is one of the few workouts where if you break a sweat, you are probably doing it horribly wrong. Do Kegels with ease anytime, anywhere, while writing emails, waiting for the bus, or while you’re stuck in traffic. The pack up and go workout.

3 Rejuvenating Gels and Creams

If it is possible to turn back the hands of time and make your area feel 18 again, it would likely be done by this method.

If you want to get back on the saddle of youth, then creams and gels are one of the fastest ways, reporting good results. Good loving may just be a squeeze away. However, not all V creams and gels are created equal.

Always avoid products that contain synthetic estrogen and synthetic chemicals since they are risky your vaginal health. Go for ones with natural ingredients and rich in phytoestrogen or plant estrogen. The results will be noticeable after a couple of minutes of application, and you’ll immediately feel sexier and tighter.

2 Eat Muscle-Building Foods

Yes, Popeye was on to something. Along with spinach, some other muscle building foods include watercress, kale, nuts and seeds, salmon, tomato products, eggs, beans, potatoes (especially sweet potatoes), whole grains and more!

Do you realize that without your pelvic floor muscles your insides would just be hanging and dragging on the ground in a zombie-gruesome way? It’s just that important. It’s your kegel muscles that help hold up and support that 9-pound baby when inside your womb.

Unfortunately, childbirth can wreak havoc on those same supporting muscles. Like any muscle your vaginal walls need fuel to aid in doing its job in the best way imaginable. The proper exercises mixed with a muscle building diet may just be the V boot camp your lower half is begging for.

1 Peak While Doing The Dirty

Nothing could be more fun than this pelvic floor muscle exercise!

Whether mild or explosive as Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. Climaxing regularly will have your V reaching its peak potential in short order. Whatever your style, take you pick from the menu of pleasure. Climaxing contracts your kegel muscles toward one another.

Look at it this way, the more you make your lower vocal cords sing and reach those high notes, the stronger and tighter your those cords will become. I hope that was clear. Going solo can also create the snowball effect of desire!

The more “in touch” with your body you become, the more often you will want it and the more you peak, the stronger those walls will become. The more you do, the more you get.

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