15 Truths About Jinger Duggar

If you haven't heard of the Duggars, you probably haven't turned on TLC in the last 10 years. The Duggar family first shot to fame with the premiere of their TV show in 2008: 17 Kids and Counting. Over the years, the show was renamed 18 Kids and Counting and 19 Kids and Counting as, you guessed it, Mama Duggar had more and more babies. The show was ultimately canceled in 2015 when a scandal came out about oldest son, Josh. But the Duggars weren't done with TV yet. Following the cancellation of 19 Kids, the network picked up a new show entitled Counting On that followed the oldest daughters who were now getting married and becoming moms. The oldest girls had become the main focus of the show anyway so it only made sense to keep filming them.

Counting On originally just focused on Duggar sisters Jill and Jessa who were newly married and newly moms. But as time went on, the show began to focus on some of the younger siblings as well who were also entering matrimony and parenthood. Most notably was Jinger Duggar, who had an entire season dedicated to her courtship, engagement, and marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger has always been the rebel of the family. Her curly brown hair always stuck out among her sisters' long wavy locks. She took an interest in fashion, photography and New York - all considered rebellious in the Duggar household. But what else is Jinger Vuolo (nee Duggar) hiding?

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15 She Broke The Dress Code: Jinger Wears Pants!

One of the rules in the Duggar household is modesty is a must. This means that all of the female Duggars have to be completely covered at all times. The girls wore loose fitting shirts that covered their arms and chests. And they paired those shirts with long skirts that came past the knee. Pants were a huge no-no. That is until Jinger was spotted wearing pants in multiple photos on social media! The world was scandalized. You mean the Duggar women have legs? Shocking! But yes, it was quite a shock to see Jinger in golf shorts, track pants, jeans, and leggings. Apparently, husband Jeremy isn't as strict about the dress code and had no issue with Jinger giving pants a try.

14 She Had A Secret Courtship That Didn't Last With A Family Friend

Duggars don't date - they court. A courtship is defined as intentional dating with the purpose of marriage. There's nothing casual about it and you can't be courting more than one person. It's full of intense questions and long chats in the night with your parents on the line. And whenever a Duggar enters into a courtship, TLC gets all excited because that usually means another wedding is right around the corner. Except, when it's not. One of Jinger's brothers, Josiah, called off a courtship in 2015 and it was scandalous. But rumor has it that Jinger may have done the same thing. Allegedly, Jinger may have been courting Lawson Bates, a family friend. The two were photographed at cousin Amy Duggar's wedding together. The Bates family has appeared on the Duggars' show and in their social media. Some fans believe Jinger and Lawson were courting but it didn't last.

13 She Wants To Live In New York

During her time on 19 Kids, Jinger mentioned that she would love to live in New York City one day. Her mom, Michelle, quickly shut that idea down. And the idea of sweet little naive Jinger running around New York did seem ludicrous. But now she's all grown up. So why can't the new independent Jinger Vuolo move to New York? She's a big fan of photography and fashion, two things she would definitely be able to pursue in New York. But seeing as the Duggar women don't have jobs and her husband is a pastor, they may not be able to afford the rent in Manhattan. Oh well! Guess Jinger will just have to make do where she is in Laredo, Texas. Some are calling Laredo the NYC of Southern Texas... And if she squints she can pretend she sees the Empire State Building in the background.

12 She Married A Man Her Dad Disapproves Of

Apparently, Duggar Patriarch Jim Bob (aka Jinger's dad) is not a big fan of her man. In fact, the two have been rumored to butt heads on a number of issues. It probably doesn't help that Jeremy is his own man. He's a former professional soccer player who turned pastor and lives in Laredo, Texas. Compared to her sisters' husbands, Jeremy is definitely the odd one out. Jill met her husband, Derrick, when he was doing missionary work in Nepal and it was actually Jim Bob who introduced them. Jessa met her husband, Ben, also through Jim Bob's approval and he was a student at the time. Jim Bob also can't be a fan of the fact that Jeremy moved his little girl down to Laredo, Texas away from the family. And we're betting he also didn't love Jeremy's opinion on women in pants.

11 Her Man Has A Shady Past

What could be so wrong with a pastor, right? You'd probably think Jinger hit the jackpot by marrying a man of the cloth. But it turns out, Jeremy wasn't always so clean cut. Before he became a pastor, Jeremy was a professional soccer player. And during those years, he was a bit of a wild child, at least by Duggar standards. Jeremy freely admitted to partying and drinking while he was in college - both huge no-nos in the Duggar household. Jeremy even has a tattoo! He also ran into trouble with the law. In 2008, Jeremy was arrested for second-degree harassment. He pled guilty and was ordered to pay a $250 fine. Partying, drinking and an arrest under his belt? No doubt the Duggars were worried when Jinger started falling for this former pro athlete. God forgives all sins but do the Duggars?

10 Secret Birth Control? Jinger Didn't Get Pregnant Until 14 Months After Her Wedding Unlike Her Sisters

The biggest scandal surrounding Jinger is her pregnancy, or lack thereof, after her wedding. It's known that the Duggars do not believe in birth control. They leave that in God's hands. And of course, when you get married in your very fertile early 20's, it's no wonder that so many of the Duggar kids have become parents before their first wedding anniversary. Older sister Jill announced her pregnancy almost immediately after her honeymoon. She gave birth to son Israel in April 2015, two months before her 1st wedding anniversary. Older sister Jessa followed suit giving birth to son Spurgeon on November 5th 2015 just days after her first wedding anniversary. And younger siblings Joy-Anna and Joseph have both announced pregnancies soon after their nuptials. So what was the deal with Jinger? Jeremy and Jinger married on November 5, 2016. They recently announced their first pregnancy in January of this year. Many fans suspect this means Jinger and Jeremy used birth control to delay a pregnancy but no one is fessing up.

9 Jinger & Jeremy Aren't Planning On Welcoming 19 Of Their Own

Many of the Duggars have been very vocal about allowing God to take care of their family planning. After all, that's how they got to 19 kids! But Jinger and Jeremy might not be quite as eager. For starters, they're off to a late start. By Jinger's age, her mom Michelle was already pregnant with baby #5. And while Jeremy and Jinger have also said the Lord would determine their family size, they may be helping to guide God's hands a little bit. Jeremy said, "I love kids. I really share Jinger’s love for children. I definitely want to have children, but not sure how many. We’ll have to see what the Lord provides." In past episodes, Jinger has always been shown as the sibling most uncomfortable with childbirth and babysitting. Of course, she'll love her own kids, but maybe that's another clue that she won't be welcoming a truckload.

8 Her Husband Accidentally Revealed Her Due Date

Whoops! When Jinger and Jeremy first announced their pregnancy, they were specifically mum on the due date. In fact, they were so careful that the photo they released perfectly positioned the sign reading "we're expecting!" to be right in front of Jinger's belly. It was impossible to tell how far along she was and when the baby was due. But husband Jeremy accidentally let it slip. In a newsletter for the church where he serves as pastor, it was announced that Jinger and Jeremy would be welcoming their baby in July 2018. Of course, the media found out and made the news public. Since then, Jinger has shared more photos on social media and confirmed the due date. She appears in one photo standing next to a sign saying how many weeks along she is and what the baby resembles.

7 Jinger's Due Date May Have Confirmed Her Sister's Shotgun Wedding

But by confirming her own due date, Jinger may have just outted her sister, Joy, who is also pregnant. Joy was married to Austin on May 26, 2018. At the end of the summer, they announced their pregnancy. But fans were suspicious, as Joy's tummy looked much larger than someone who had conceived only a few months ago. Joy raised even more suspicions when she mentioned that her child would be six months older than Jinger's. With Jinger's revealed due date of July 2018, that puts Joy's due date at January/February. It also means she would have conceived in April or early May, and not after her May 26 wedding. Adding even more fuel to the fire? Joy and Austin moved up their wedding date from October to May, making fans think it was to cover up their pregnancy. Some believe Joy has already given birth and it's being covered up or she'll give birth soon and claim her baby was born early to account for the mismatched conception date.

6 She Wore An Outfit That Made A Joke Of The Rules She Was Raised On

So we already know that Jinger wears pants. And, understandably, her family isn't too impressed by this. But they've let it slide. Jim Bob and Michelle believe that once their daughters are married, they're under their husband's guidance. So if Jeremy is okay with pants, the Duggars have to sit back and shut up about it. But maybe Jinger went too far with this outfit. Jinger posted a snap of herself not only in pants but in a pair of Nike running shoes and a shirt that said "Nike" across the chest. Now, why is this so bad? Becuase "Nike" was the code word Jim Bob and Michelle would use with their family when they were in public. If a woman dressed indecently was coming towards them, the parents would say "Nike" and the boys would know to casually avert their gaze. So you can see how taking this code word and wearing it across her chest was a pretty big pushback from Jinger.

5 She Broke The Courting Rules And Got Closer To Jeremy Than She Was Supposed To

When the Duggars are courting, they have very strict rules. They aren't allowed to hold hands, let alone kiss or anything else more intimate. They must always have a chaperone accompany them on dates. Parents are involved in group text messages and phone calls. And then can only give side hugs. A side hug is when you use one arm to hug someone and stand next to them hip to hip. That way, none of your more intimate body parts touch. But Jinger and Jeremy liked to push these boundaries. When visiting Jeremy in Laredo during their courtship, Jinger and Jeremy sat on the couch with their arms around one another - making dad Jim Bob pretty uncomfortable. They also shared a long front hug after their engagement and many other long and lingering "side" hugs that seemed a bit more forward facing.

4 The Pressure Is On: Jim Bob Wants 100 Grandkids

Rumor has it that Jim Bob wants 100 grandkids. His original goal was 20 children, but unfortunately, he and Michelle were just short of that. So his new goal is to have 100 grandkids and spread the Duggar gene far and wide. And with 19 kids, it's not totally impossible that Grandpa Duggar may meet his goal. He currently has nine grandchildren from three children, Josh with five, and Jill and Jessa with two each. And he has three on the way: Jinger's baby, Joy's baby, and Joe's baby. With one son courting and ten kids under the age of 20, Papa Duggar has lots of hope for his large brood. His kids who have kids have made no mention of slowing down anytime soon. The only dark spot might be twins Jana and John David, both single at age 28, which is practically geriatric in the Duggar household, and Jinger, who is only just getting started on her family.

3 Jinger & Jeremy Don't Share The Same Religion As Her Family

Shocking, right? But it's true. Jeremy and Jinger actually practice a different faith from the one that Jinger was raised within the Duggar household. Jeremy and Jinger do not follow the strict Baptist faith that is practiced in the Duggar house. Jeremy follows and preaches a different form of fundamentalist Christianity in his work as a pastor. And as his wife, Jinger is expected to follow suit. This is apparently a cause of a lot of the tension between Jeremy and Jim Bob. The two clash on a number of different values and beliefs - like their stance on women in pants. But luckily, insiders say the Duggars actually support Jeremy and Jinger's decision. The two faiths aren't in contradiction to one another generally speaking. Jeremy and Jinger have never bashed the family's faith and so all is still well.

2 She Listens To Secular Music

Growing up Duggar, the children were not allowed to enjoy any movies, music or TV that appeared to be too far outside the realms of Christianity. In fact, they exclusively listened to Christian music. And in one season of Counting On, Jessa's husband Ben actually forms a friendship with a Christian rapper. Ben is able to visit him on tour, record with him in the studio and join him on stage. While trying to prove that Christian music can be cool, Ben may have gone a bit far. But it turns out that Jinger has been filling her iPod with something else. Jinger first made it clear that she listens to non-Godly music when she endorsed her mother in law's charity, Swan4Kids, which uses music to connect with children of incarcerated parents. The charity uses both Christian and secular music. Next, Jinger posted a photo of her hubby on social media using the lyrics to LOVE by Nat King Cole - a secular song by a secular artist. It may seem trivial but this is a big step to a Duggar.

1 She Kicked Her Brother Off A Lawsuit

After Josh's scandal broke in 2015, problems rained down on the Duggars. Unfortunately, their legal battles are not over yet. In the midst of the 2015 scandal, some of the eldest Duggar sisters, including Jinger, were named as the victims of Josh's exploits. The girls argued that because they were underage at the time of the incidents and investigation, their names should not have been made public. Once their police reports were given to the press, the family fought back and launched a privacy lawsuit to protect future child victims from being exploited and having their identities exposed. Little problem: their older brother Josh, the one accused of the abuse, wanted to join their lawsuit against the media. Well, the girls weren't having it. In September, Jinger, along with her sisters Jessa, Jill and Joy, asked the court to deny Josh's request to join their lawsuit. The fact that their two legal teams had not discussed this privately before bringing it to a judge speaks of some tension behind the scenes. Perhaps the Duggars aren't one big happy family after all.

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