15 Truths Pregnant Women Learn In The First Trimester

When a woman finds out she's pregnant, it's almost always a shock. Even if she was trying to get pregnant, those two little pink lines will have any woman's head spinning. She probably switches from nervous to excited and back to nervous again about ten times a day. Her lifestyle will change completely, from staying in instead of going out with friends, to her diet and exercise regimen. One of the first things most pregnant ladies will do is turn to Google.

"When will I start showing?"

"How long does morning sickness last?"

"First ultrasound pictures." The list goes on.

While every pregnancy is unique, there are a few things that are true for just about every woman. The hunger, the mood swings, the constant potty breaks, ugh! Each trimester brings its own set of difficulties and advantages, but many would agree that the first trimester tends to be the worst. You're not quite showing yet, but you feel bloated and swollen. You're constantly tired and hungry, and you can't seem to keep anything down. Ahh, the joys of motherhood. At least it's all worth it in the end, once we see that sweet baby smiling up at us. Let's take a look at the top 15 crazy truths about the first trimester.

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15 You Will Sleep More Than You Ever Have Before (And It Still Won't Be Enough)

I actually had a pretty easy time in my first trimester (I know, I know. You want to throw something at me right now. Don't worry, I made up for it by gaining 50 pounds by the end of it all). But there was one symptom that didn't escape me, and that was the never-ending sleepiness. I felt like I had been medicated.

This is super common, and what's worse is it's best to cut out as much caffeine as you can while you're pregnant. So not only are we walking zombies because of the changes our body is going through, we have to limit our coffee intake. When will the suffering end?

If you're like most women, you'll probably spend more time sleeping than anything else. Making it through the day is a struggle, and don't even get me started on going to work.

14 You Have To Go To The Bathroom Every Hour

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Ahh yes. When you're not sleeping, you're rushing to the nearest toilet for a potty break. It's amazing how quickly that little baby starts pushing on your bladder. It has more to do with your organs shifting around, but hey, it's because of the baby!

If you haven't announced your pregnancy yet, this is a rough time. People might even assume you have a long-lasting tummy virus. You can just do what I did - tell everyone you've been drinking a ton of water.

Going to the bathroom every hour is manageable at home, but most women are going to work. It's not exactly fun having to leave your desk/station constantly. You might become a master at holding it, but you really shouldn't. Here's a tip - go to the bathroom every time you see one, even if you don't think that you need to go.

13 You'll Convince Yourself That You're Already Showing (Even Though You Probably Aren't)

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Oh my gosh, is that a baby bump? It has to be!

It probably isn't though, especially if this is your first pregnancy. If you notice a change in your tummy's appearance, more than likely it's nothing more than a little bloating. We're excited to show off our baby bump, and the mind will play tricks on itself. You'll believe whatever you want to believe.

Who doesn't want to at least look like a cute pregnant lady? I mean, you're already going through the awful symptoms and you're not allowed to drink alcohol or coffee, and sleep seem impossible. The least your body could do for you is show you proof that all this pain is paying off. Give us a little something to show for our hard work already, right?

12 You'll Cry... A Lot.

Okay, I didn't realize how emotional I was during the first trimester until I looked back on it. The emotions you feel are real as real can be, so you don't always question your breakdowns. I was a tad on the crazy side, especially during the first trimester. Everything, I mean everything made me cry. A sad song, tears. A sweet message from my husband, waterfall. A Huggies commercial. It all led to snot and ugly crying.

You'll cry so often that you'll start to think you're going crazy, which makes you cry again. "What is going on with me?" Hormones, my dear. Don't worry, it will only last another two years or so. And right when you start feeling like your normal self again, you'll start thinking about how great it would be to start all over again and have another baby. Mother nature strikes again!

11 You'll Start Planning Your Future Like Never Before

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Break out the journal, girl, and get to planning! If you're in your first trimester already, you don't need any encouragement from me. You probably have a notebook next to you right now, don't you? You at least have a tab on your phone, with a list of everything a newborn needs. Don't lie!

It's all normal, and you won't even feel that crazy while you're doing it. But your husband will likely notice the huge shift. He'll wonder why on earth it's so important to read an article on how to properly change a diaper right this moment? Can't it wait until tomorrow or seven months from now?

It's just the body's way of preparing even the biggest procrastinators for their new life as a parent. This is just what the beginning of nesting feels like.

10 You Might Feel Like You're Dying Some Days

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Seriously, how many times can you throw up in one day? You might even lose count sometimes. Morning sickness is no joke. And contrary to popular belief, it's not exclusive to the morning. Nausea will come and go whenever it pleases. If you didn't feel gross enough, the puke in your hair will do it for you. Some women even lose a little weight during the first trimester because they simply can't keep anything down.

You just have to breathe and remind yourself that it's not going to last forever. Morning sickness tends to ease up by the second trimester, and though it may feel like an eternity, it will pass.

At least you're already going to the bathroom a lot to pee, right? Silver lining - kill two birds with one stone.

9 You'll Convince Yourself That Something Is Wrong All The Time

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I can't tell you how many scares I had in the first trimester. I don't want to get too serious here, but miscarriages do happen, and they're most likely to happen in the first trimester. Google is your enemy when it comes to this. Nothing winds a newly pregnant woman up more than reading about the symptoms of a miscarriage.

The smallest changes will have you on edge. As soon as you have a day without any symptoms, you're going to assume the worse. Do you have a little bit of spotting? You call your doctor immediately. Everything that changes will make you think something is wrong. Calling your doctor is always the right choice, and don't worry - they're used it. It's their job to make sure that you and the baby are healthy and happy.

8 You'll Look Up The Baby's Development Every Single Week

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You'd do it every day if it were an option. You have every pregnancy tracking app, and at least five pregnancy websites bookmarked on your phone. Keeping track of your baby's development is one the most fun aspects of pregnancy. You can't get an ultrasound every week, but you can look up endless pictures of other people's ultrasounds, and read every variation of developmental articles that you can find.

Awww, your baby is forming fingers this week! Reading these articles about how your little guy or gal is progressing makes all of the puking totally worth it. It's fun to daydream about what's going on in there. You can't see it all the time, so this is the best you can do. It's a great way to keep you busy in between your crying sessions and potty breaks.

7 You Won't Hang Out With Your Friends As Much

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Some pregnant women find that their friends aren't as interested in hanging out with them while they're pregnant, and others are too tired and emotional to want to do it themselves. It all depends on where you're at in life and the type of friends you have.

Either way, it's pretty common for the weekend hangouts to dwindle to a minimum during the first trimester. When you're not hungry and angry, you're tired and sad. If your friends aren't pregnant, sometimes there's a disconnect, and you find that it might be best to just keep to yourself for a little while. Besides, you have so much planning to do, and toilets to visit. Your significant other and your mom will quickly become your best friends, even if they weren't already.

6 Where Did All This Hair Come From?

It's true! Some women start experiencing rapid hair growth as soon as the first trimester. You're happy about the hair on your head, it's the other random places that bother you. Say hello to your new random belly hairs!

Some women are really bothered by these pesky new hairs, but I have to tell you - from one random-belly-hair grower to another, it's not a big deal. You won't even think about it a few months from now when you're struggling to even shave your legs. It's one of those things that you'll learn to just let go. Hairy legs, who cares?

Good thing razors, tweezers, and wax exist today. In the meantime, focus on enjoying your luscious and shiny new locks. At least the hair on your head is thicker than ever before.

5 You'll Be Totally Shocked That You Don't Get Ultrasounds As Often As You Thought

Um, say what? I don't get an ultrasound at every doctor's appointment?

No, ma'am, you don't! Unless you're a high risk-pregnancy, or you have a ton of money to pay private clinics all the time. This comes as a shock to a lot of newly pregnant women, especially if you watch a lot of TV shows. Shows like to make it look like a normal occurrence at every doctor's appointment, but it's far from that. More than likely, you'll probably have between three and five ultrasounds throughout the entire pregnancy, sometimes even less!

It's a total bummer, but don't worry. The doctors are keeping a close eye on your little one, and you'll get to hear the heartbeat! You have the 20-week scan to look forward to, so hold on.

4 Your Tatas Will Be Completely Different

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Changes in your girls might be the very first thing you notice. Your areolas will darken, they will feel swollen and unnatural, and my God does it hurt when you bump them! It will feel like you're going through puberty again, and we all remember how much fun that was. Ha!

You might even notice a little bit of discharge or fluid leaking from them. It's all pretty awful, I'm not going to lie. But hey, at least they're bigger than they've ever been! And when you're not showing yet, it's pretty awesome! Just make sure you don't brush them against anything or let your husband get too friendly. You can look, but you can't touch. Unless you want something else to cry about. The pain is real, my friends.

3 You'll Start Seeing Babies Everywhere You Go

Suddenly, everywhere you go, you see at least one baby. It's crazy! You'll also feel an immediate bond with other pregnant ladies. We're one and the same, you and I. Sometimes you might even feel a little jealous of their big baby bump, and start wishing that yours grew faster.

Whether you're excited about your new venture into motherhood, or you're totally freaking out about how in the world you're going to take care of another human being for the next eighteen years, you will start to notice babies and pregnant ladies everywhere you go. It's like the universe is showing you your future as often as possible. Let's just hope you mostly see sweet moments between parents and children, or else you might have a mini-freakout. Don't worry, we've all been there.

2 You'll Read About What's Coming Next

You want to know everything! When will the baby kick? What does it feel like? How long until you start to show? You'll spend every free moment you have reading articles in anticipation of what's to come. Especially in the beginning, while everything is so fresh, new, and exciting. You just can't wait until you're showing, waddling around, and feeling those sweet baby kicks.

Like we talked about earlier, you will read about every week, but you'll run out of information after only a few articles. So, what do you do next? You look up everything that's coming your way. If you're anything like me, you'll avoid the birth part for a little while. Things start to seem a little scary once you go there.

1 You'll Know Every Labor And Delivery Doctor In Your Area

doctor with ultrasound

By first and last name, which hospitals they deliver at, how many kids they have, and what college they graduated from. Yup, you'll know it all.

Never in my life have I done as much research on a doctor before. Once I was pregnant, it was on! I searched everywhere and even had a few appointments with different doctors before deciding on one. It's a huge deal, so don't even feel bad about it. All of the doctors might be great at what they do, but you want to find your doctor. They are bringing your child into this world, after all. You want to feel comfortable trusting him or her with that important job.

Don't worry about annoying your husband or family, keep looking until it feels right. They should expect this anyway, most women go through it.

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