15 'Reconstruction' Attempts After Pregnancy That Went Horribly Wrong

After having multiple children our stomachs are sure to look a little different from how they started out, or in many cases, a lot different. It's hard to accept the fact that our bodies have changed forever, and it's even more difficult to find our confidence again when every time we look in the mirror we compare ourselves to the celebrities that bounce back merely weeks after giving birth.

Sure, we tell ourselves that these celebs have access to the best personal trainers and nutritionists and have the help of nannies and assistants so they can focus on looking great so quickly, but it just doesn't change the fact that we'd like to be happy in our own bodies again. The women on today's list opted for a tummy tuck, but didn't quite get what they were after.

Tummy tucks have become more common in recent years and with the rise of cesareans, many women probably don’t think it to be much of a big deal; if you can get through one you can get through the other. The procedure is simple enough, but like any cosmetic surgery, research is required to find the best doctors for the job. The women in these cases were left feeling worse than when they started from.

13 Tummy Tuck Nearly Kills Unborn Baby

Model Laura O'Donnell sought out a tummy tuck after having her fourth child. Working in an industry where flat tummies are a must put pressure on the model to get the tummy tuck in the first place. After the surgery, she was pleased to have a tight tummy again, but when she became pregnant with her fifth a year after the procedure, she soon realized that something was very wrong. She noticed that she wasn’t getting the bump you would expect during pregnancy and she felt a lot of stomach pain during the entire pregnancy. Turns out, the tummy tuck had left her stomach muscles so tight that it brought on premature labor. The baby was actually pushing on Laura's kidneys because her tummy could not expand. Her son was born 10 weeks early, but thankfully he’s doing well and thriving.

12 Where's My Belly Button?

A Texas woman woke up to something rather disturbing after her tummy tuck. Instead of what she hoped to be a beautiful new tummy, Lori Jones found that something was missing! Jones had gone in to have the surgery in order to remove some damage incurred after multiple C-sections. The procedure would also involve the removal of a herniated umbilical cord, which is fatty tissue poking through the belly button. This can occur after multiple pregnancies. The procedure went well and Jones was happy to go home and rest, dreaming of the day she could unveil her new tum. It wasn't until weeks later when the bandages were removed that she noticed that something very important was missing, her belly button! Apparently, it’s not uncommon to lose a belly button when dealing with the removal of a umbilical hernia. What Jones is most disturbed about is no one decided to tell her that her belly button could not be saved during the procedure.

11 Tummy Tuck While Pregnant

You might be wondering how it's even possible that someone wouldn't know they were pregnant until the very second they were giving birth, but that just so happens to be the situation Aleta O'Meara found herself in! After having her tummy tuck, Aleta began to feel odd but chalked it up to pain from the surgery and the odd sensation of healing. Doctors had mentioned some strange complications during the surgery that left them scratching their heads; they hadn't known that O'Meara was already pregnant! Five months after her tummy tuck, Aleta began to feel terrible cramping accompanied by dizziness. It was her daughter that urged her to head over to emergency to assess what was happening to her. It didn't take doctors in the ER long to find out that her blood and urine were pointing to a very clear reason for the cramping: Aleta was in labor!

10 Tummy Tuck Pressure

Musician and momma Alexa Wilding felt pressured into post pregnancy plastic surgery after having twins. She knew her tummy was definitely going to be different after having two children living inside of her body, but she wasn't prepared for the criticism from doctors and the industry. After having her boys, Alexa was left with muscle diastasis, meaning the muscles of her abdomen didn't go back together. It took her muscles over a year to improve, leaving her looking pregnant for all that time, even though she had already given birth a year before. She recalls her doctor telling her to have a “mommy makeover” which would include a tummy tuck, a breast lift as well as liposuction so that she could restore her body to its former glory. This idea of a mommy makeover left a bad taste in Alexa’s mouth. Although she felt her confidence shaken, she wasn’t about to be pressured into a procedure that she wasn’t 100% sure about.

9 Tummy Tuck Done Abroad

Dear Abby, you seem to have all the answers, so here's one for you...why would someone want to ever have a tummy tuck after reading about this mom's experience? Yikes! One anonymous mother decided to tell Dear Abby all about her horrific experience seeking out a tummy tuck in a foreign country and what it cost her. After having three kids all she wanted was to restore her tummy so she found a reputable clinic that could create the look she was after. Unfortunately, two weeks after returning home, she found herself in hospital with a high fever and terrible infection that would take three to six months to heal. The procedure cost her quite a bit of money with the surgery and travel to have it done, but continued to cost her money in hospital bills once she was back home.

8 Mommy Makeover Turns Tragic

The greedy plastic surgery industry isn't usually one to turn down money. If someone asks to have multiple procedures done, then they're more than happy to oblige. Young mother Janelle Edwards was only 25 years old when she passed away after multiple procedures that were supposed to give her a new lease on life! After having two kids, Janelle decided to seek out a plastic surgery clinic that would perform a butt enhancement, breast augmentation as well as tummy tuck. She was thrilled with her results and although she returned from her overseas trip in a lot of pain, the mother of two resumed her life without any hint of an issue. She would complain about some pain from the surgeries but wouldn't slow down to see a doctor about her pain. It was a month after the surgeries that Janelle passed away from a blood clot caused by them.

7 That Doesn't Go There!

With the rise of reality television alongside plastic surgeries, it was only a matter of time before a television show combined those two things and gave us a window into what can go wrong if you just so happen to pick the wrong doctor for the job. The show Botched aired an episode with Desiree who went to Tijuana, Mexico for a tummy tuck that was poorly done. They showed how the tuck had healed so poorly that Desiree's pubic area was lifted and now located near her belly button. Dr. Terry Dubrow states that he could fix it, but that it would be a risky procedure. Unfortunately, a lot of Desiree’s skin was damaged during her first procedure, and he would need a lot of skin to repair the damage.

6 Shark Bite

I feel absolutely terrible for these women who've been through childbirth and sought out a tummy tuck as the solution for getting back their confidence only to have it all go horribly wrong! Gemma, a mother of three, decided to have the procedure done in order to feel more like herself again. She knew something was going wrong when she woke up during the surgery and began to choke on the tube down her throat since they hadn't given her enough anesthesia. She remembers the feeling of not being able to move and how traumatic it was. Then, as if that experience wasn't traumatic enough, two days after surgery Gemma developed gangrene. The infection left her misshapen, her belly button was raised and there was a large gaping skin fold that Gemma describes as looking a bit like a shark bite. Luckily after seeking help from a television show called The Last Chance Salon, she was able to improve the disaster that was her tummy tuck.

5 A Terrible Infection

Somerset mother of three, Suzie Adams, had been through three C-sections that had taken their toll on her body. She hoped a tummy tuck would be the solution but unfortunately it left her worse off than before! Adams had flown to the Czech Republic for a price cut on the procedure and the result was a botched job that left her badly scarred. Upon her arrival, Suzie had a feeling that something was not quite right with the clinic, but she went along with the procedure anyway. When she woke up, she found that the doctor had not done what they had agreed upon and had actually cut across her belly and up towards her belly button leaving an odd "T" shaped scar. Five days later when Suzie arrived home, she noticed terrible pain and a lump that caused her incision to open up.

4 Flesh Eating Bacterial Infection

Even mentioning flesh eating bacteria makes me feel ill, but this was a reality for one mom who contracted the infection after having a tummy tuck. 42 year old Dawn Moore was getting re-married and wanted to look wonderful in her wedding dress, as we all do! She went to Poland for breast implants first and returned home complaining that they seemed a bit uneven. Dawn decided to return to the clinic in Poland to complain about the botched boob job, but instead she ended up being talked into a tummy tuck. A few days later, she noticed that her stitches had popped and the wound had opened prompting her to seek help back home. While she was healing Dawn contracted flesh eating bacteria that left her feeling like a "rotting corpse."

3 Belly Button Explodes

I can't even imagine how horrible this must have felt, and I really don't want to! Patricia Jackson sought a tummy tuck many years after having children; in fact she was a grandmother now! She wanted to get rid of the skin flaps incurred after childbirth and wanted to feel good again at 60. About a year after the procedure, she noticed a bit of discharge from her belly button and went in to see a doctor. They noticed then that there was a lot of scar tissue from the tummy tuck surgery and that it hadn't exactly healed properly. Patricia admits that it hadn't really bothered her, but on a flight to Portugal it just so happens her belly button erupted, oozing and causing a stench on the place. Doctors found that Patricia's old belly button had been left inside of her after her tummy tuck, rotting and causing infection.

2 Wrong Surgery

After having kids and gaining weight Crystal Heath had had enough and decided to hit the gym hard. Her amazing weight loss left her missing her bum and she decided to get a butt augmentation, but the cosmetic surgery she paid for was not the one she got! I can’t even imagine the horror of waking up to something completely different. Crystal found that she had received a tummy tuck in error! The error was not the only issue; it also landed her an 11 day hospital stay due to a gaping wound and infection. Crystal began throwing up after surgery and went to her local hospital to seek help. She was suffering from a severe infection and kidney failure. Crystal states that the healing process has been so painful that she felt as though she would die. Thankfully she did not, but unfortunately justice has not yet been served as the surgeon is still practicing even after being found responsible for many botched surgeries like Crystal’s.

1 Terrible Scarring

Mother of two, Quanna Brown, decided to have a tummy tuck after gaining weight during pregnancy and losing her body confidence. Brown simply wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin again, but what she got was the complete opposite. What she woke up to was a nightmare. After the tummy tuck, Quanna began to feel severe pain and noticed a stench coming from her incisions that were slowly opening. She returned to be treated several times for the infection as well as to be restitched. It took 50 days and five separate surgeries for doctors to try and correct the damage as much as they could. There was a long list of issues that followed Quanna's journey to healing such as infection and blood clots; she even had to have skin grafts done. After all she's been through, Quanna is just thankful to be alive, even if she admittedly can't look at her stomach anymore without feeling queasy about the ordeal.

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