15 TV Pregnancies That We All Adored

Ah, the TV pregnancy. It’s kind of magical. One moment mama’s a size 0 and the next she’s got a baby bump sitting on top of her skinny jeans. In a mere season the mommy-to-be goes from “OMG! The stick turned pink!” to delivering what looks like a 6-month-old baby.

Okay, so there are the points of those make-believe Hollywood pregnancies that we all kind of can’t stand. Or rather, that we’re kind of jealous of. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want to condense three, sometimes painfully long, trimesters into one TV season? Then there’s the labor and delivery. Five minutes of pushing and a model-perfect magically baby pops out. Whoa! Oh, and did we mention that the brand new mama looks more like she’s ready for the catwalk than the post L & D recovery room.

Even though they’re not always realistic (unless we’re talking about the reality TV ones – and even those are subject to some serious editing), they’re oh so entertaining! And not only do they just entertain us, but these television pregnancies also inspire us at times. As we follow our favorite shows, we fall in love with the characters, and their still in the oven babies. It’s kind of like watching a BFF going from just-trying to conceive to full-on mama. Well, maybe more like our imaginary BFFs.

Whether it’s the so-sweet way that the baby-daddy takes care of his preggo mama-to-be or the ability to turn nine months of expecting into a series of comically cute events, we laugh, we cry and we totally adore these TV pregnancies.

15 Ross And Rachel

Come on. You can’t get much better than the ultra-famous on-again, off-again Friends romance of Ross and Rachel. Yeah, they were just, “On a break” for a while. But, they eventually got back together and got it on. Even though they weren’t in a fully couple space when baby Emma was conceived, it was kind of a pregnancy that we were all secretly had hoped would happen.

They may not have tried to conceive and their path to parenting may not have been the most traditional one around, but then again, whose is? Not only were we rooting for Ross and Rachel from the start (despite the many, many, many ups and downs that made up their make-believe relationship), but we also absolutely adored the super-sweet moments of the three very condensed trimesters.

Maybe it was when we watched Rachel’s ultrasound or maybe it was just that you secretly enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston get fake fat. Whatever grabbed you and made you keep watching was the same thing that made millions tune in to watch the pregnancy progress every Thursday night.

14 Gloria And Jay

“You’re gonna get so fat!” Modern Family’s Claire said what we all might have been thinking when super-attractive Sophia Vergara (okay, so really it was her TV character Gloria) announced her pregnancy. Not only was Claire’s sinister-sounding snark laugh out loud funny, but it was sadly completely untrue.

We watched as Gloria magically transformed from finding out to majorly expecting, all with the same comedic grace and beauty we’d seen in seasons past.

As the new picture of what “family” means (um, obviously by the name – Modern Family) this TV sitcom is all about both the traditional and not-so-of-the-norm set-ups. While Gloria may outwardly seem like the ultimate gold-digger, she’s far from it. Sure, she’s a 45 on a scale of 10. Yeah, she married a man who is clearly old enough to be her father.

And yes, her hubby is rich, rich, rich. But, Gloria and Jay have true love – and that’s what draws us to them.

The unexpected pregnancy wasn’t exactly easy for Gloria. Like many mamas-to-be, she was kind of stressed about telling her baby-daddy. She worried that he wouldn’t want the baby and had some serious anxiety about whether he’d stick around or not. Of course, he would – and did.

13 Haley And Nathan

We heart One Tree Hill’s Haley and Nathan. How could you not? The popular basketball player falls for the hot smarty. Sure, they got married while they were still in high school. But, they had that super-cool on-screen love. Right?

As viewers watched season four unfold, rumors swirled that Brooke was preggo. Well, we all now know that it was really Haley who had that baby on board. Were things picture perfect for the teen parents? Um, no. And why would they be? Even though OTH was a far cry from reality, they still were able to put Haley and Nathan into a relationship that wasn’t all roses, rainbows and unicorns.

Not only did we adore Haley (smart, sweet and mega-talented), but she actually went into labor at graduation. Did we mention that it wasn’t just during her graduation, but while she was giving a speech as valedictorian?

12 Sydney The Spy

In 2005 Jennifer Garner was expecting her daughter Violet. Hmm. A big ol’ baby belly while being a butt-kicking secret spy? Hey, we all know that Hollywood hides plenty of pregnancies behind briefcases, bags and baggy clothes. But, this one seemed sort of tricky. So, why not write it in?

Alias fans were all in for Garner’s Sydney Bristow finally getting (and staying) together with Vaughn. So, when she got TV ipregnated with his baby we all cheered. So, what mad Sydney so awesomely amazing during her pregnancy? Well, we adored the fact that she wasn’t a sit at home on the couch and eat picked and chocolate type of mama-to-be.

As the ultimate working mom, Sydney took down foreign enemies and led a life of general spy-like coolness – all while being preggo. Yikes! And here you thought going on your morning jogs made you a totally active expecting mommy.

11 Phoebe On Friends

Like Garner, Friends’ actress Lisa Kudrow was also expecting in real-life during her on-screen pregnancy. But, we didn’t adore whimsical Phoebe Buffay’s pregnancy for any of the same reasons that we were totally into Sydney Bristow’s.

Phoebe gave the ultimate gift to her brother, and carried not one, not two, but all three of his babies. Yeah, it sounds kind of backwoods. The sister is expecting with her brother’s babies? Um, what? Obviously, it wasn’t sorted or seedy or anything like that. No one would have adored a Friends inbreeding storyline. Or at least, the majority of the viewers wouldn’t have.

Phoebe played the role of surrogate for her brother and his unable to carry a baby wife. We completely loved that she sacrificed her body to carry triplets – for someone else! Along with her so-sweet act, we also adored the comical cuteness of Phoebe’s expectant days on the show. How could you not?

10 Jim And Pam

Another real-life expectant mama, Jenna Fischer’s character Pam (on the so, so, so funny The Office) made us smile, laugh and generally adore her. Okay, so we all already loved the plain Jane receptionist and her under the radar hilarity. So, when Pam got impregnated we were all thrilled.

As the story goes, the on-show pregnancy was actually planned before Fischer discovered that she would be a mama for real. Lucky for Fischer that her TV and real lives were able to overlap so seamlessly.

You really can’t get much sweeter than the love story of Pam and Jim. Okay, so maybe you can. But, you have to admit they’re pretty cute. The characters were funny, minus the flash that usually goes along with everything in Hollywood. They were as real as you can get for a TV show, and were crazy comical to boot. Adding a baby on board to their relationship (which we were all patiently waiting to watch blossom) just made us want to watch their antics even more.

9 Betty Draper

Um, adored? So, Mad Men’s Betty Draper was never the picture-perfect mama. Actually, she was far, far from it. She smokes. She drank. And, she pretty much let her housekeeper/nanny do all the heavy lifting. But, who didn’t in the 60s?

Married to handsome serial cheater Don Draper, Betty was just about to ditch their marriage when she accidentally conceived for the third time. What did we adore about Betty’s third and final pregnancy? Of course – the clothes! That lacey-crocheted white dress with the pretty pink ribbon that Betty wore to Roger Sterling’s Kentucky Derby party was fab, for then and for now.

We get it, neither of the Draper’s were exactly model citizens. They kind of sucked as married people, or people in general. But, Betty did best her philandering husband when she caught the eye of the very handsome (and very respectable) Henry Francis. After Francis falls for a very expectant Betty, she eventually leaves Don to marry the politician.

8 Teen Mom’s Maci

Her “TV pregnancy” was never in the same category of the fictional mamas that we adore. But, her pregnancy (actually, all three of them) were caught on camera for the entire world to watch. As the original teen mom, Maci appeared on the first episode of the first season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

The reality show captured the then-teen’s struggle with becoming a young mom. From her dud of a boyfriend to figuring out how to stay in school and parent, we watched Maci face (and eventually overcome) challenge after challenge. Unlike some of the other teen mom’s, Maci quickly got rid of her baby-daddy (she still co-parents with him) and began working on her adult life.

Why do we adore this mama? Always full of spunk, Maci didn’t let her situation take her down. She may have accidentally gotten pregnant during high school, but she’s since gotten married, had two more children and seen business success. Considering that only 50 percent of teenage moms get a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maci’s high school and college degrees are pretty adoration-worthy too!

7 Lucille Ball

We’re going old school, like way back, for this one. Who couldn’t completely adore the classic comedy of Lucille Ball? Her I Love Lucy pregnancy with Little Ricky was one of the most memorable TV “moments” of all time.

Lucy, and her pregnancy, were so beloved by viewers that more Americans tuned in to watch Little Ricky’s big birth day than they did for President Eisenhower’s swearing-in the next day. Now imagine that happening today!

When you take a look at I Love Lucy versus modern day TV, it’s clear that times have changed – in some pretty major ways. At the time, the network wouldn’t even allow the show to refer to Ball as anything other than“expecting.”

Even though being on TV while carrying a child was almost groundbreaking at the time, it doesn’t seem like the viewers (back then or now) were any less in love with Lucy. If anything, her adorable antics and completely comical pregnancy made us fall for her even more.

6 Miranda And Steve

One ball. Apparently that’s all it took to get Miranda on HBO’s Sex and the City impregnated. After suffering through testicular cancer, Steve (Miranda’s then-ex) was feeling – um, less than manly. In a cross between feeling bad for him and feeling love for him, Miranda showed Steve just how desireable he still was.

We adore the way Miranda’s pregnancy scenario played out in a real-life way. Instead of a fake fairytale, she went through what any women who has an unexpected pregnancy would. After deciding to keep the pregnancy, she showed super-mama strength and planned to parent alone. There was no pity marriage for the feisty lawyer.

Not exactly the mommy-ing type of woman, Miranda showed us all that being a parent (and a TV parent none-the-less) doesn’t require perfection. Her pregnancy was filled with uncertainty and a sense of realness. Lines such as, “Forget my life! I’m having Steve’s baby! Pizza for everybody!” made us laugh and appreciate this character’s memorable pregnancy.

5 Kourtney Kardashian

No TV list would be complete without mentioning some sort of Kardashian. Right? Even though Kim and Kanye’s baby-making may have bested sister Kourtney’s own pregnancies when it comes to media attention, we still adore Kourt. Sure, she’s not in the spotlight in the same way that her ultra-famous sister is. But, she’s almost as much of a media darling.

Unlike fictional expecting mommies, this mama was all real. Or at least as real as the editors of her show would lead us to believe. The mama of three (with ex Scott Disick) made us laugh and cry with her up and down relationship and full-on family involvement.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashian reality star seemed to always show up with super-star style, even when she was waddling with a major baby belly. Okay, so we’re kind of envying the way that she worked her out and into a perfectly hot post-baby body (um, each time). But, that doesn’t mean we adore her any less.

4 Maggie And Glenn

Everyone starts sniffling. Then comes the sickness. And before you know it – boom, it’s a full-fledged zombie apocalypse. Cities are ravaged and no one’s safe. When you’re not running from the embarrassingly slow (but filled with an unstoppable rage for the taste of human flesh) walking dead, love might not be the first thing on your mind. But, that didn’t stop Maggie and Glenn from falling for each other.

The adorably cute couple won our hearts, and managed not get theirs eaten. When Maggie found out that she was expecting we all cheered for the new life that would soon be brought into the dead world.

Sadly, like all things in the Walking Dead’s universe, happiness just could not reign supreme. After thinking Glenn had been eaten by a crazed hoard of zombies, fans shed a tear for poor Maggie and the single parent plan that would be forced on her. Then, curve ball, Glenn’s alive! Even though viewers rejoiced over the happy couple reuniting, their celebration was short lived.

Psycho Negan shocked everyone with a swift hit from his beloved bat Lucille. With Glenn dead, we’re totally rooting for Maggie (and her unborn baby) even more!

3 Bow Johnson

Even though they already have four kids (including two teens), Black-ish’s Dre and Bow are expecting their fourth. We adore the fact that even though Bow’s latest pregnancy wasn’t exactly expected, she’s still into being a mom again.

Hey, when you’re at a point in your life when all of your kids (and four – which isn’t an easy number) are all independent and a few are almost ready to leave the nest, starting over again might just be unthinkable. But, Bow handles it with comic grace – at least, kind of. She’s a working mom, a smart woman and always wanting to do the best for her kiddos.

We love that she’s ready to be a new mama, for the fifth (yikes!) time and we can’t wait to see how she reacts to the changes that have taken place in the years since she had her last babies.

2 Rebecca And Jack

When we were introduced to Rebecca and Jack we kind of had no idea what was going. The This Is Us duo seemed almost as much in love as Rebecca’s belly was big. Expecting with twins, we instantly fell for this adorable mama-to-be.

What made this TV pregnancy so special was the odd-ball timeline that wasn’t revealed until the end of the first episode. While we totally enjoyed watching the sincere, sweet and kind of realistic way that the couple acted towards each other, viewers were also surprised to find out that Rebecca had actually given birth to her children – 36 years before.

Amazingly, the early 1980s look just as good on this expecting  mama as 2017 would.

Even though Rebecca had two of her three babies (she and her husband adopt a third after the last triplet dies during childbirth) already, we still adore her, her pregnancy and everything else about this show.

1 Wilma Flintstone

Yeah, yeah. We know, Wilma’s not real. But then again, neither are Phoebe and Rachel from Friends or Betty Draper. So, why not throw back to your childhood and include the first cartoon character on American TV to conceive? You probably grew up watching the Flintstones, and taking their vitamins, making the prehistoric parents a pair of your favorite TV characters.

That’s right, for decades children have adored the red-headed Stone Age (kind of) suburban housewife and her hubby’s bumbling antics. Wilma and Fred’s cartoon daughter Pebbles was “born” near the end of the show’s third season. When the creators of the show decided to turn the duo into a family, they had to turn the slim wife into a preggo for all to see.

Even though her TV pregnancy didn’t last anywhere near the normal nine months, it made a statement for the time (the early 1960s) – on TV, that is.

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