15 Tweets From Parents Wondering Just How To Explain President Trump

It is truly a historic day in the United States of America. Ignoring party preferences, scandals surrounding both candidates, and even personal beliefs; a true upset has occurred in our national election process.

Many Americans, and others around the world, are currently facing the reality that their concept of what the world would look like today is not even remotely close to what has actually come to fruition. There is undoubtedly a pulse beating in the depths of this country, one that many parents will struggle to explain to their young children. Children who will be curious. Children who will be watching and listening to the adults around them.

For many parents, there have been discussions for weeks and even months leading up to what has become a historic vote. Many have taken pride in sharing the momentous reality of a woman running for president, shattering any semblance of a lingering glass ceiling and obliterating any perceived obstacle that a person may face in this world simply because she is born a female.

On the flip side, others may have touted the idea that change is always possible, and the beauty of democracy lay in the idea that anyone can in fact rise to the heights of power if the people support them.

Ultimately, parents will have some explaining to do this morning. Regardless of whether or not the resulting President Elect is one they rallied behind to this point, the surprise sweep of this vote is one that deserves answers. What follows is 15 tweets from parents and others wondering just how to explain to the youngest and most innocent of minds how we are where we are today...The United States of America; President Elect Donald J. Trump.

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15 Thinking Critically

14 Think Of The Kids

13 Psych!

12 Let's Think Of Something Else!

11 Teacher Struggles

10 When They Go Low...

9 Just Keep Swimming


8 Be The Influence Your Kids Need

7 Leave Chicken Little Out Of It

6 Mom Knows

5 What History Will Say

4 Madame President, Britney Spears

3 Let's Get To Work!

2 It's Complicated

1 We've Got Some Explaining To Do


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