15 Unbelievable Rescues By Selfless Celebs

From fiction to reality, these celebs have blurred the lines by proving to be just as heroic as some of the characters they play. Some celebrities may play superheroes, action heroes, or everyday heroes on the big screen, but we might be surprised to find out that there are celebs out there who have actually saved lives!

If we think about it, celebs are always in peak condition for upcoming roles, so they definitely have that superhero strength and they’ve definitely put it to good use in the stories you are about to read today!

We often think of celebrities being far removed from reality, that they live lives of grandeur and excess, but every now and then we are reminded of how down to earth they truly are, which is refreshing and truly makes fans love them even more! I can’t even imagine what some of the reactions must have been once they realized who saved them, a mix of priceless and gratitude for sure!

As for the celebs, what makes it all the more admirable is their modesty when it comes to some of these acts of kindness, they’re so used to the spotlight, and yet they shy away from being labeled heroes.

None of the stories we've included here today are publicity stunts, it’s all just about being in the right place at the right time and thankfully these celebs were there to save the day in some of the most amazing rescue stories that just have to be read to believe!

15Nickelodeon Star Saves Baby

You may remember actor Matthew Underwood from a little show called Zoey 101, which had also starred Britney’s little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Well Matthew is going to be remembered for something a little different after this amazing rescue story that’s just a little hard to digest!

The incident took place in Port St. Lucie, Florida, but the story quickly spread as a four month old baby and some terribly irresponsibly parents were involved! Underwood had been on the road behind a car that failed to stop at a stop sign and then swerved across multiple lanes until it crashed into a tree!

Underwood was quick to check on the passengers, what he found was two unconscious parents at the wheel with syringes in their arm and a four month old baby in the back. Drugs were to blame for the accident that could have been fatal, thankfully baby was okay and Matthew was able to contact police while his brother tended to the baby.

14Super Surfer Kelly Slater Saves Mother And Child

Athlete Kelly Slater is known for hitting the waves and winning countless competitions, but one accolade he never expected to earn was that of a hero!

Sara White had been walking across the road with her son in his stroller when a rogue wave came out of nowhere and crashed into them, dragging them across the road as water continued to flood their way. Luckily Kelly Slater had been there and seen the entire thing!

He quickly sprang into action when he saw the mother struggling with her stroller that was quickly flooding with water and dragging baby Van further out. The family and father were so grateful that Slater had been there to pull them to safety, poor Van had swallowed a lot of ocean water due to the constant rush of powerful waters hitting them.

I hate to think of the outcome of this story if surfer Kelly Slater hadn’t been there! Scary stuff!

13Harrison Ford Rescues Lost Boy Scout

Harrison Ford has played countless heroes on the big screen, but this time it happened in real life! 13 year old Cody Clawson got lost in Yellowstone National Park during a Boy Scout camping trip; he had walked for hours alone in the rain and finally found shelter in a cave.

Rescue workers searched tirelessly for him, but it wasn’t until Harrison Ford began flying overhead in a helicopter that Cody decided to take action! The savvy teen used his belt to reflect light and get the helicopters attention, but he had no idea that it would be Han Solo himself coming to his aid!

Cody was practically delirious when the rescuers landed and retrieved him, they had told him that Han Solo himself was flying the chopper, Cody had thought it all in his head or maybe misheard, but when he saw Ford sitting in the pilot seat, he knew that it was all true! Cody later went on to be a Rescue Helicopter Pilot, after being inspired by Ford’s bravery.

12NCIS Star Saves Boy From Burning Car

NCIS star Mark Harmon is known for playing Special Agent Gibbs on his hit television show, but he’s not saving people on television, he just so happens to have saved a man from a burning car! Colin Specht admits that if Harmon hadn’t been there to save him, he’d be dead.

It all happened near Harmon’s home in Brentwood, Specht and a friend were cruising the neighbourhood when his friend began driving way too fast and the car flipped over! 16 year old Specht was pinned, but the driver was able to get out.

What happened next would feel like something out of a film, Mark Harmon appears out of nowhere with a sledgehammer to break the window! He then proceeded to tug Specht out of the car where people then began to roll him in the street because his clothes were on fire! The boy suffered many burns, but thanks to Harmon, he would live.

11T.I. Saves Jumper

T.I. saved a man from tragically jumping to his death by simply taking the time to reach out to him. The man, apparently influenced by drugs, was contemplating suicide off the ledge of a 22 story building.

The building also happened to be home to an urban contemporary radio station that T.I. decided to contact and speak to radio host Ryan Cameron. After speaking with Ryan, they came up with the idea to create a video that police would show the man, hoping that it would change his mind.

In the video T.I. assures the man that nothing is worth taking your life and that he was here to help if the man wanted to come down and talk to him. Clearly shocked by the video and the person behind the message the man stepped back from the ledge and took him up on the offer to meet. One tragedy avoided thanks to T.I.

10Jack Osbourne Saves Drowning Woman

While in blissful Hawaii on vacation Jack Osbourne was called into action when people found an unconscious woman in the water and dragged her to shore. The woman had apparently suffered a heart attack while in the water and people came to her rescue calling out to beach goers who might be able to perform CPR.

Jack just so happened to be with his friend who was also a former army operator. They both approached the woman and began taking turns with providing air and chest compressions until help arrived nearly five minutes later, which might have felt like an eternity as onlookers prayed for the woman’s safety.

Osbourne doesn’t claim to be the sole hero in this situation, there were a slew of people helping, trying to save the woman’s life, Jack admits to just doing his part, as anyone should do when someone is in need of rescue. Our modest hero!

9Our Hero Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has played heroes before, but this would be his first real life rescue and the man he saved won’t soon forget his bravery, nor will the 32 year Old’s father who embraced Jamie multiple times for his heroic actions that saved his son.

32 year old Brett Kyle’s pickup truck had crashed and caught fire in front of Foxx’s home. Jamie was quick to race out and come to his aid. Kyle had been going very fast and the car had rolled multiple times into a ditch, landing on its passenger side. When Jamie arrived he begged the man to help him get him out, stating that he didn’t want to leave him behind and they had to find a way to free him from the burning vehicle.

Luckily Jamie was able to pull him from the wreckage. Kyle was taken to hospital with burns, but it could have been so much worse if Foxx hadn’t raced to his rescue!

8Gerard Butler Saves Boy

He may be known for his heroic actions in the film 500, but he's definitely had some experience playing the role of a hero before. Early on in his career Gerard Butler was looking forward to one of his first films premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

To celebrate, he joined his mother for a picnic outside of the hotel he had been staying at during the filming of Mrs. Brown. As the two enjoyed the sights, they began to hear screaming coming from the River Tay. Gerard raced to the riverside and found a boy yelling that his friend had fallen in. There was no sight of the boy; he had clearly gone below the surface.

Gerard didn’t waste any time diving in and searching for the boy who he soon found and pulled to safety, emptying the water from his lungs and saving his life! 14 year old Daniel Smith may not have known his rescuer at the time, but I’m sure he does now.

7Kate Winslet Saves Branson's Mom From Fire

Kate Winslet was staying with her friends at Richard Branson's home in the British Virgin Islands. His residence there is considered an exclusive resort for friends and family, it's invite only, everyone was having a heavenly time until something terrible happened, a fire broke out!

Around 4am lightning struck, while all 20 guests were sound asleep, including Kate Winslet and her two children. The sound woke the guests and they soon noticed something else, fire was surrounding the residence! The fire spread quickly and ravaged the entire island resort.

Branson credits Winslet for getting his 90 year old mother, Eve, to safety during the blaze. Thankfully all the guests made it out alive and well, the same can’t be said for Branson’s home. Unfortunately the fire brought the entire resort to the ground, and there was nothing much left but the ashes of what once was.

When you see the pictures and the state of the place, you wonder how everyone managed to stay safe! Terrifying!

6Heidi Klum To The Rescue

Super mom, superhero, supermodel, it appears that there's not much of a difference when it comes to Heidi Klum. She just so happened to save more than one person in this super amazing rescue, and one of them just so happened to be her own son!

While vacationing in Hawaii, a riptide swept Klum, her son and her two nannies into the ocean. You can see from the photos that she and her boyfriend and bodyguard Martin Kristen are visibly gasping for air during the rescue. Battling against strong waters Martin first gets Heidi to safety, only to have her dive back in to save her son Henry, once he’s safe on the beach, she goes back to retrieve the nannies along with Martin’s help.

The two nannies look equally out of breath and in shock over the whole ordeal. Klum helps drag the exhausted nannies to shore, not only showing off some serious strength, but her immense bravery.

5McConaughey Makes Everything Alright, Alright, Alright!

While at the Toronto International Film Festival preparing to enjoy a screening of one of his films, Matthew McConaughey was called into action for something other than a red carpet photo. A woman went into a seizure during the screening and people quickly began to panic asking for doctors to help the woman who had stopped breathing during the ordeal.

McConaughey quickly ran to the woman’s side, having been trained in CPR, he began to administer it in the hopes that the woman would begin to breathe again on her own, and eventually she did! Ironically enough, the film set to premiere at the festival was about how people have lost their humanity, but this is in vast contrast to what happened amongst its viewers.

People were definitely willing to help this woman, but it was McConaughey who was able to remain calm and collected enough to save the woman’s life.

4Jennifer Lawrence Is A True Hero

We all know Jennifer Lawrence is super down to earth, which is why we can’t help but love her, but there are so many more reasons to love her, like the fact that she’s kind enough to help a perfect stranger.

While out for a casual stroll with their two dogs, Lawrence and her mother noticed something disturbing. A woman walking past them looked a little ill and abruptly collapsed next to Lawrence who quickly rushed to her side to see if she could help her.

Lawrence tried to wake the woman, but was unsuccessful and quickly contacted paramedics who were soon at the scene to takeover and help. Lawrence never left her side, wanting to make sure that the woman would be okay. It appears that there’s a little Katniss Everdeen in there, guess it takes a real life hero to play one on the big screen after all!

3Saved By The Terminator

Terminator, Former Governator, Arnie, whatever you may want to call him, one thing’s for sure, he’s a hero on screen and a hero off-screen!

While vacationing in Hawaii with his family, Arnold noticed a swimmer struggling to remain above the water. The man was suffering from a cramp and was unable to navigate the waters and prevent himself from drowning. Holding on to his boogie board for support became increasingly difficult as the cramps took over his entire body.

Arnold dove into the water and began to swim out to the man, reaching him and telling him to hold on as he began to take the man back to shore with him. 100 meters later, they were both safely back on shore. The man was very grateful for his heroic rescue, knowing that he would not have been able to make it back to shore without the help of one Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2Hugh Jackman Saves People From Riptide

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has become known for his action packed film roles, especially as the one and only Wolverine, but he also played a big role in an ocean rescue at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

When several swimmers were caught in a strong riptide, including Jackman’s son, Oscar, he did the only thing a father could, he jumped into the water and began dragging them all back to safety one by one! Lifeguards on duty soon joined him in his live-saving efforts.

After pulling people from the water, Jackman continued to wave swimmers in, warning them of the rough waters and telling them to get to shore before they were swept away. There were many swimmers caught in the rough waters that day, so many that the beach was later closed off for the public’s safety.

No one was hurt, but they sure have an interesting story to tell about how Hugh Jackman saved the day!

1Fast & Furious Star Saves Family From Car

With the final chapter of the Fast and Furious saga out in theatres, it only seems right to mention the time that Dominic Toretto aka Vin Diesel saved people from a burning car.

This might sound like something straight out of one of the Fast and Furious films, but it’s surprisingly true and happened about a year after the release of the first film! While out riding his motorcycle around Hollywood, Vin Diesel had been a witness to a car crash.

He was quick to leap off of his bike and check on those in the car, he pulled an entire family, including very small children, to safety, only moments before the car went up into flames! It must have been surreal for the family to realize they had been saved from the wreckage by the star of the Fast and Furious series, they will be forever grateful to Dom Toretto for his quick assistance.

Sources: Today, CNN, LA Times

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