14Luxury Doulas Are Making Millions

Via: www.buzzfeed.com

To be more accurate, companies who train luxury doulas are making millions, and the doulas themselves are making a wage that is much higher than if they worked for the regular rate, which can be anything from free to usually less than $500.

Companies like ProDoula train their luxury doulas and

then have them charge over $1000 for a typical birth, adding on extra fees for complications or super long labors. Placental encapsulation is extra, and there are other options mom can purchase, but everything comes with a price.

By turning the doula business into a luxury consumer item, companies who offer the services are able to bring in the cash, but they are only able to serve clients who can pay their prices. This means cutting many women out of the luxury doula experience and making it a more elite option for chosen clients.

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