15 Unbelievable Times Mom Saved A Life

People throw around the title Super Mom. This label is usually used on mothers who manage to multi-task or work outside the home or stay home with the kids, or throw Pinworthy birthday parties, these are modern day Super Moms. But sometimes being a Super Mom means much more than all that.

Sometimes, Super Moms have to be real-life superheroes, who fly in to save the day. When an emergency happens - and they sometimes do - moms have a natural instinct to protect their brood. All sorts of super powers kick in. Some have had superhuman strength, enough to pull a one-ton car off a child.

Some get the claws out to save their kid from an actual boogey man as opposed to the kind found in nightmares. They'll take on lions, tigers, and bears (literally if they have to). And some moms make the ultimate sacrifice. They put their own life on the line to save their baby.

Mothers are givers of life. For most, preserving that life is the dream job. Their babies are their everything. So, it's natural to come to the rescue when danger lurks. Many do not think twice about their own safety, and let nature take over. Without thinking much or even realizing exactly what's happening, they make split-second decisions that mean the difference between life and death.

It's quite remarkable to hear the stories of these Super Moms. What they all have in common is a heart full of love that turned out to be the greatest super power of all. Discover the incredible stories of Super Moms who outdo even the likes of Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman, not to mention Wonder Woman:

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15 Ms. Incredible Saves Baby From Falling Off A Bridge

Via: GoFundMe

When Jennifer Duncan had a small car accident in Waco, Texas, she pulled over to the side of the road, took her 8-month-old son out of his car seat, and stood to the side to wait for the authorities. They should have been safe, according to Inspire More. But another car came along and hit a parked vehicle that sent mom and baby sailing over the bridge and plunging 30 feet.

Mom's quick thinking had her turning her body into a human shield for her baby. Indeed, she saved him. He barely had a scratch, according to the story. However, mom wasn't so lucky. She "shattered her pelvis, broke 9 bones in her back, fractured her legs, fractured her ribs, had spleen injuries, internal injuries, and even had to have a leg amputated," according to Inspire More.

Duncan had to spend two months in the hospital, one month in rehab, and had to have more than 10 surgeries in seven months.

14 Protection From The Storm

Imagine getting sucked into an air tunnel with your tiny baby. Think about how difficult it would be to hold onto your child and keep from getting injured, lost, or worse. When tornadoes hit New Orleans, Amanda Stockfelt was with her 2-month-old daughter in a metal trailer at the impound yard, where she worked, according to Today.

Stockfelt, baby, and a colleague hid under a desk. Mom's first impulse was to buckle her baby into her car seat. The group was airborne and pulled into the tornado within minutes. Mom linked one arm under the car seat handle and held it close to her chest, and used the other hand to make the grip tighter.

"I never let go because I was afraid if I let go, it was going to take her and I’d never find her," said Stockfelt. "It was the most terrifying thing in my life. It’s a miracle, it really is." In fact, the tornado destroyed everything around mother and baby, but the two of them were safe.

13 Mom Saves Son From Cougar Attack

Via: Canadian Ski Quest - blogger

The Manning Family was hiking in Colville National Park in Washington state. Mom and 5-year-old Simon were picking berries while the others had gone on ahead. With little warning, a cougar grabbed Simon and had his head in his teeth. The others heard screaming and turned back to witness the horror.

Mom grabbed her water bottle and began beating the cougar in the face to loosen its grip. "I was shrieking like I had never shrieked before," Dawn told ABC News. "And I think I realized at one point if I don't step in here, we're gonna lose him." Luckily, mom was successful and was able to free her son. The family escaped to the car.

Park officials say the cougar was on their trail until the end. Simon had several gashes in his head and the nearest hospital was two hours away, according to ABC News. But he survived, and mom says the family feels blessed things turned out as they did.

12 Mom Saves Newborn From House Fire

Via: CBS News

Some Super Moms don't exactly have a happy ending. Shelby Carter, a 21-year-old Wyoming, Ill. mother was caught on the second floor of her house when fire broke out. The details of how this played out are not entirely clear.

She was the only one with her baby. Authorities found the baby strapped in a car seat that appeared to have been thrown from the second floor at some point in the fire. The mom was found dead in the fire, but her final act saved the life of her baby, who was rushed to the hospital when found, according to CNN.

Families members were caring for the baby after mom's untimely passing. Thinking about the irony of this rescue is mind blowing. How courageous of this mother to throw baby out the window to safety!

11 Mom's Quick Thinking Saves The Day

Alondra Gervacio, a 17-year-old mom in the Bronx was walking her 8-month-old daughter, who was sitting in her stroller. Suddenly, a Lincoln Town Car, which turned out to be a livery cab, careened onto the sidewalk and headed toward them.

The mother quickly pivoted and tried to sidestep the oncoming vehicle. But she was thrown to the ground and the stroller, with baby inside, was swept under the car near the tire. Gervacio says, according to CNN, that God was watching over the two. While the stroller lie on the ground, mom jumped into high gear, and rushed to her daughter.

She managed to pull the child out from under the vehicle and from inside the crushed stroller. Both mom and baby were taken to a nearby hospital, but they were safe and sound. The livery cab driver had apparently had a heart attack and died, and the car had lost control as a result.

The entire incident was caught on tape, and seeing Super Mom at work is incredible to watch.

10 Mom Saves Kid From Kidnapper

Via: YouTube

When a brazen would-be kidnapper tried to snatch a 13-year-old girl from a dollar store in Hernando, Fla., her mother wouldn't have it. She began beating, yelling, and throwing her body in front of the 30-year-old suspect Craig Bonello. The act was incredulous because there were others in the store, who witnessed the entire situation.

After mom refused to give up her grip on her daughter, Bonello gave up and tried to flee. An off-duty police officer who happened to be in the area blocked Bonello's car and captured the suspect. At the time the police officer thought Bonello had shoplifted. He was shocked to learn what actually happened, according to the New York Daily News.

"In my ten years on the road I have never seen anything like this," said Sgt. Craig Callahan, according to the newspaper. "He truly intended to abduct this child right in front of everyone in the store."

9 Mom Saves Kids From Mountain Lion In The Backyard

Via: Scary Mommy

When a mom in Colorado heard yells from the backyard, where her sons were playing, she ran outside. There, she found a mountain lion pinning her child to the ground. Mom leapt into action and lifted the paw of the animal, only to realize her son's head was in the mountain lion's mouth.

Somehow, she had the strength to pull the animal's jaws open to free her child. Her son survived, but he had injuries to his face, head, and neck. Mom had a few scratches and minor injuries, according to NPR. Law enforcement called to the scene killed the mountain lion in the family's front yard and said it was a smaller, younger animal, which made it easier for mom to save her kid.

Apparently, 4,500 mountain lions live in Colorado, and they have been more visible recently, according to the Associated Press and reported by NPR.

8 Mom Saves Choking Child

Via: Daily Mail

Doctors often tell parents that minor lapses in attention when children are eating or in the bath can have grave consequences. In fact, a mother, Jennifer Hull, took these warnings to heart and went to a safety class. Little did she know that she would have to put the lessons into action to save her own child.

After giving her daughters veggie chips, she turned to change the channel on the TV, and her 1 year old came toddling toward her. She was pointing to her throat and turning blue. "I flipped her over and gave her some back blows and nothing happened," Hull told ABC Action News in Philadelphia.

"So I did the Heimlich, and right when I did, it popped out! I got her water." Mom also added she hoped acknowledging this emergency would help others recognize how important it is for parents to get safety training.

7 Mom Rushes Into The Fire To Save Babies

Via: Conservative Tribune

When her house went up in flames, Angel Fiorini woke up and got right to it. She ushered out her 3-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter, and shut the door behind them, so they would not return, according to Blabber Buzz. But she went back in to save her 7-year-old daughter. She and her daughter collapsed in front of the door before they could get out.

A good samaritan happened to walk by and saved the two. More than 43 percent of Fiorini's and 14 percent of her eldest daughter's bodies were burned in the fire, but her other children sustained only minor injuries. The family lost all their worldly possessions that night, but Fiorini's family insists, "God was with her," according to Blabber Buzz.

6 Mom Turns Into A Speed Bump To Stop Runaway Car

Via: Daily Mail

How many moms have parked the car in their garage or driveway, and momentarily left their kids in their car seats? No big deal. It saves mom from having to fiddle with the keys and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. When Mindy Tran arrived home and left her twin daughters in their car seats to do just that, she could not have known what was about to happen.

In a split second, the car with her children inside began to roll backward into a busy street. Tran flew into action and formed a human speed bump by throwing her body under the car to slow it down, so neighbors who were looking on could get in and stop the vehicle. Firefighters lifted the car off Tran using an airbag. She had a long recovery ahead of her afterward.

But she remained in good spirits and told a local news station that she preferred the injuries and hospital stay to something terrible happening to her daughters, according to Auto Blog.

5 Mom Takes On A Shark For Daughter

Via: Daily Mail

In 2012, a mother and her 15-year-old daughter were surfing at a beach in Florida, when they found themselves embroiled in a series of shark attacks. Moments earlier unbeknownst to them another surfer nearby had been attacked. Now, a shark had the teen in its clutches. Mom Valeh Levy watched as the shark pulled her daughter down twice.

"It was to me like a scene out of 'Jaws,' where the girl's getting sucked under, and I said, 'There's no way this thing is going to kill my daughter,' and I grabbed her shoulders, and I pulled her up and I threw her on the nose of my board," Levy told WKMG-TV, according to ABC News. Other surfers pulled the two to safety when they witnessed the scene.

4 Mom Leaps To The Rescue

Via: CBC

On a hiking trip outside of Granada, a family of three was taking a "break from life," when the unthinkable happened. The couple's 5-year-old son, had been banging his hand against the railing protecting hikers from the cliff's drop.

What no one knew was that part of the railing was broken, and when the boy touched that part, which was secured only by tape, he fell right off the cliff, wrote the boy's father, Brock Ramsay in the Live Through This blog. Ramsay's wife Kristen made herself stiff like a board and jumped down after their son without much thought, according to the blog entry. Ramsay said they vanished.

"Suddenly I was looking across the valley and my entire family, who had just been standing beside me, was gone. It was like they stepped into space," he wrote. "I immediately called for them, but the sound I heard back was Ben screaming. It was the most horrible thing I've ever heard." Dads get superpowers, too, when their kids are in danger, apparently. Ramsay jumped down to help their presumably injured son, too.

3 Two Moms Get Super Strength

Donna McNamee and Abigail Sicolo, two moms, witnessed an ugly accident that had a neighbor boy, 8-year-old Bailey Fowler, pinned under the engine of a Renault Clio automobile. Upon hearing his screams, the two jumped to help, according to the Daily Mail. Apparently, he had run into the street while playing ball and got hit by the car.

The moms started lifting the car. McNamee's father helped them. They had to lift the car high enough for others to pull out the boy, who was screaming. "'The girls were magnificent - they are like Superwomen," said McNamee's father, according to the Daily Mail. He added that the accident was horrible, and he never wants to see such an incident again.

The child suffered some challenging injuries, but his mother told the Daily Mail he was keeping up his spirits and the family was grateful for their neighbors.

2 Pit Bull Is No Match For Mom

Via: Daily Mail

Little Mackenzi Plass was in her home when the pit bull her mom was dog sitting came over to sniff her. It seemed innocent, but something set off the dog and he began attacking the 2 year old. Mom Chelsi Camp thought quickly and began attacking the dog. She punched it in the nose and went so far as to bite off its ear Mike Tyson style.

Like any great mom, Camp multitasked and even called 911 during the battle. The authorities came and shot the dog without killing him, according to the New York Daily News, which also reported that the pit bull was later euthanized.

Camp had injuries that prevented her from using her arms for a period, and Plass had scars on her face but survived and was going to be okay thanks to mom's quick thinking.

1 Mom's Last Act Is To Save Baby From Abusive Father

Via: Daily Mail

All too often the biggest danger to women and children lurks within their own family. When Antoine Davis went on a "drunken rampage" and was beating the mother of his child Jessica Arrendale and 6-month-old daughter Colbie with a baseball bat, they took cover in the bathroom.

Davis broke down the door in the Georgia home and shot Arrendale in the head, but the mom made her last act heroic, say family members, according to the New York Daily News. She found a way to twist her body and collapse over the toilet bowl, where she first dropped her baby, which saved her life. The baby was found with a traumatic head injury believed to have been caused by the baseball bat.

As the police arrived, Davis shot himself inside the home.

SOURCES: Today, CNN, NPR, New York Daily News, Daily Mail

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