15 Unbelievably Evil Children Throughout History

That day parents bring their brand-spanking new baby home from the hospital is one of the most magical days of their life. The world is opening up for a new little person who is so full of possibilities -- will he change the world? Be a president? Land on the moon?

You'll stay up nights watching their long eyelashes while they sleep for many, many years (I'm not sure that part ever stops) and then, one day, they will be an adult. Someone who makes mistakes, errors in judgment and struggles and it will break your heart.

But, what about those parents who see their children turn into something ugly. The parents of children who kill? Children who steal? Children with those black, dead eyes that haunt you every time you shut your own. Believe me, I've met one or two kids in my life that make me feel like someone just walked over my grave.

Believe it or not, the world is full of child sociopaths. The ones who have no feelings no matter how happy or horribly they should be. Their brain has emotional switches shut off so killing, murder, going to the park all register the same in their still-forming psyche.

While the world is currently full of scary ass kids, the history books are even more incredulous. Creepy, evil children have been around since the dawn of time. Some worse than others.

This list shows us 15 of those most evil children to ever be documented in history:

15 Boy Known As The "Teacup Poisoner"

Boy Known As The "Teacup Poisoner"

The year was 1947 and 14-year old Graham Young was doing what a lot of young teens do, experimenting. Except, instead of making a volcano or makeshift solar system, little Graham was learning how to perfect his poison recipe -- by practicing on his family.

After many failed attempts, eventually Graham got it right and killed his stepmother with his poison concoctions. He admitted after her death that he had been poisoning her, his father, sister and a school friend. This got him locked up in a mental hospital for the criminally insane -- though no murder charges were put against him due to lack of evidence since his stepmother's body was cremated.

But, his fun didn't end there.

Shortly after his arrival, another inmate died of poisoning -- and many guards reported their teas had been tampered with.

After his release from the hospital, Graham went on to poison as many as 100 victims. He died in his cell in prison of what, many assume, was his final poison killing.

14 Mary Bell: The Child Strangler

Mary Bell: The Child Strangler

At just 11 years old, this raven-haired beauty became one of Britain's most notorious serial killers after strangling two toddlers to death in 1968.

Mary Flora Bell became infamous after she lured a four year old boy into the woods and strangled him to death in a ramshackle, deserted house. After the murder, she even was so brazen to break into a nursery and leave notes confessing to the killing -- but police wrote it off as a prank, not believing an 11 year old girl was a cold-blooded killer.

Next, Mary lured a three year old out into a wasteland and strangled him as well. She left the body in the dump, but returned days later to carve an "M" into the dead boy's chest.

The courts stated Mary was suffering from psychopathy and sentenced to time in the hospital and prison -- she was released when she was 23 years old and granted a life of anonymity.

In 2009, it was reported that Mary became a grandmother, though her anonymity is still in effect.

13 The Boy Known For His Thirst For Blood

The Boy Known As A Serial Killer

If you think you have it bad as a parent of an unruly tween, consider yourself blessed to not be the mother of one of America's youngest child torturers.

Jesse Pomeroy was just 12 years old when he took his first victim: a little boy he lured out into a barn, tied naked to a beam and whipped him with rope until he slipped into unconsciousness. Many more boys around the age of seven suffered similar fates in the following months.

Jesse would mutilate these boys faces and genitals, curse at them, stick them with pins and enjoyed every second of it, according to his victims.

Jesse was arrested at 12, but paroled back into his mother's care at age 14.

Once free, he murdered a little girl, but wasn't caught due to an eyewitness testimony saying the little girl was snatched by a grown man.

Finally, the boy was killed after a four year old boy was found brutally slain, his throat sliced ear-to-ear out in the woods. Jesse was interrogated and asked if he killed the boy. His response? "I suppose so."

12 Boy Becomes Cold-Blooded Killer

Boy Becomes Cold-Blooded Killer

Willie Bosket was just 15 years old when he brutally slayed two people on the subway in New York in 1978. Though Willie admits to many more crimes than just these two nightmares.

After his arrest at age 15, Willie laughed in the face of officers, saying he committed over 2,000 crimes before finally getting caught.

The State of New York owes their age limit on adult trials to Willie -- changing their laws after Willie only served five years in prison for two murders because he was only 15 years old.

Willie left prison only to brutally attack a 72 year old man shortly after completing his sentence. His sentence was extended 25 years after stabbing a guard in the visiting room.

Willie has served nearly two decades in solitary confinement. Forced to spend 23 hours a day in complete solitude. He is one of the most severely isolated prisoners in history.

11 The Kid King Who Loved To Kill

Kid king killer

Murad IV became ruler of the Ottoman Empire as a tween and it seems he ruled with an evil fist killing anyone who looked at him the wrong way.

Murad became king between ages 11 and 14 and hit the ground running when it came to his blood-thirsty reign. The king outlawed household items like coffee and tobacco and if he caught someone using them, he immediately had them hanged or impaled -- their bodies left on display to make an example of them.

This was after he killed all of his own siblings.

Anyone who crossed his path was at risk for a quick killing, the tyrannical ruler drowned a group of women who were dancing during a celebration and even killed his entire staff of musicians for merely singing a Persian song.

10 Two Boys Kidnap And Torture Toddler

Two Boys Kidnap And Torture Toddler

Boys will be boys is a saying that goes along with their rambunctious nature. Sure, you can expect skinned knees, black eyes and overall boyish shenanigans, but two boys in 1993 took it way too far -- after abducting and slaughtering a two year old boy.

10 year olds Jon Venables and Robert Thompson spent the afternoon in town when they spotted two year old James Bulger who was playing outside a butcher shop waiting for his mom to finish her errands. The two coerced the toddler into the woods -- his mutilated body found days later.

The boys had been playing hooky from school -- something they did often -- and were spending their day shoplifting when they abducted Bulger. They took the boy near the railroad and threw bricks at the toddler, kicked him, put batteries in his mouth and possibly up his rectum.

Bulger was killed when Venables and Thompson dropped a 22 pound iron bar on him -- causing 10 skull fractures.

9 The School Shooter That Started Them All

The School Shooter That Started Them All

We have heard it all when it comes to school shooters reasonings for turned cold-blooded killers: from bullying to mental disorders there has been a running theme in recent years as to why kids turn killer. But, for the school shooter who started it all in 1979 -- her excuse was she didn't like Mondays.

Brenda Ann Spencer was 16 when she opened fire on her school with a .22 caliber rifle, killing two people and injuring nine others.

When arrested, police officers quickly asked the girl what made her want to go on a killing spree. She said she was suicidal and hoped the police would kill her -- though she was entertained by the shooting.

“It was a lot of fun seeing children shot," Spencer told police after the shooting.

Spencer was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison in 1980. She currently still resides in a California prison -- her parole hearings have all been unsuccessful.

8 Boy Slaughters Classmate In School Bathroom

Boy Slaughters Classmate In School Bathroom

Parents feel out of touch with their children many times throughout their lives. Their music, fashion, movies and overall attitudes are not something we are akin to but, in some ways, we get it. However, that couldn't be said for a 14 year old boy obsessed with horror, gore and violence in all of his movies and music and eventually, it led to him slitting the throat of a classmate.

Michael Hernandez was barely a teenager in 2004 when he purchased a knife, rubber gloves and tape and found Jaime Gough in the middle school bathroom. He stabbed the boy over 40 times, eventually slitting his throat and letting him bleed to death on the floor.

Since his imprisonment, Hernandez has obsessed over violent movies. Telling his girlfriend on his recorded phone calls that he would like to make skin suits like Ed Gein, and laughed about making someone cut their own face off like infamous Hannibal Lector did in the horror films.

Not surprisingly, after reviewing his phone calls, the courts decided to continue Hernandez's life sentence in prison, considering him a deranged lunatic planning to kill again and soon.

7 Teen Gets Bloodthirsty After Murdering Grandparents

Teen Gets Bloodthirsty After Murdering Grandparents

Grandma's house is supposed to be a place where you eat cookies and play too many video games, coming home spoiled and full. For one 15 year old in 1964, a trip to his grandparents' house ignited a murderous rage that turned him into an infamous serial killer.

Edmund Kemper was visiting Grandma and Grandpa when he decided he "wanted to know what it felt like to kill his grandmother" so he shot her in the kitchen after an argument. Then, knowing his grandfather wouldn't be pleased, he met him when he got home and shot him as well.

Kemper was sent to a hospital for the criminally insane for five years -- but that didn't help him.

Quickly, Kemper started picking up, raping, murdering and dismembering hitchhikers. Authorities were friends with Kemper, so he wasn't suspected.

Kemper then murdered his own mother, dismembering her body, putting some parts down the garbage disposal. He also invited her friend over to her house and killed her too.

Currently, Kemper is serving time in the California Medical Facility on eight charges of first-degree murder.

6 Boy Hides Dead Body Under Bed For Days

Boy Hides Dead Body Under Bed For Days

When I think of a mother's worst nightmare, my mind couldn't even formulate the horror that one mother discovered while cleaning her son's bedroom -- the neighbor girl's dead body stuffed under his mattress that he had been sleeping on for days.

Joshua Phillips was only 14 years old in 1998 when he bludgeoned the 8-year old neighbor girl with a baseball bat after she wouldn't stop crying from being hit with a ball.

After the girl was dead, Phillips hid her body beneath the mattress of his waterbed for days -- hanging air fresheners and spray Febreze to mask the scent of the decomposing corpse. His mother discovered the girl after noticing a leak in the waterbed.

Both the boy's mother and the community were shocked at the discovery of the murder. Phillips was always known as a good boy who followed all the rules.

He was sentenced to life in prison and is still living behind bars.

5 Teen Murders Parents And Continues Killing Spree

Teen Murders Parents And Continues Killing Spree

Some parents are given problem children -- no matter what they do, their children cannot be "fixed." Mom and Dad take them to therapy, medicate them, and still poor behavior. That scenario played in the most extreme way for one Oregon family who's problem child murdered them and then kept on killing.

15-year old Kipland "Kip" Kinkel was a typical problem child: in and out of therapy on a regular basis, medicated with Prozac to help his mind and, eventually, he claimed to be better.

However, a short time after his mental "healing" Kip murdered both of his parents and then opened fire on a full school cafeteria -- killing two and injuring 25.

After the shooting, officials discovered the bodies of Kip's parents in their home that was rigged with explosives, courtesy of Kip. A note was found written by Kip explaining his reasons for killing.

"My head just doesn't work right. God damn these VOICES inside my head. ... I have to kill people. I don't know why. ... I have no other choice," Kinkel wrote in his note.

Kinkel is currently serving a 111-year sentence without the possibility of parole.

4 Teen Girls Call Killing A Grandma "Lots Of Fun"

Teen Girls Call Killing A Grandma "Lots Of Fun!"

Killing a grandma in it's own right is about as horrible as it gets -- journaling about it like you just went to the mall is a whole new realm of messed up. Such is the case of two teen girls who fondly wrote about murdering a grandmother.

“Today, Cindy and I ran away and killed an old lady. It was lots of fun," wrote 14-year old Shirley Wolf after their crime.

The "Cindy" she is referring to her her gal pal 15-year old Cindy Collier who helped Wolf con their way into 85-year old Anna Brackett's condominium where Wolf stabbed her to death.

“I stabbed her in the neck because if she lived, she would know who we are and report us. The lady was freaking me out, telling me to stop, that she was dying, I said: ‘Good.’ All of a sudden, blood came out of her mouth so I knew she was dead," Wolf told People magazine.

Why did they kill her? Simply because they needed a car. The two just went door-to-door in a senior citizen unit and kept knocking until they found and easy target.

3 Jealous Boy Shoots Pregnant Stepmom In The Head

Jealous Boy Shoots Pregnant Stepmom In The Head

Parents who get pregnant know that the balance of a family switches once siblings are introduced into the family. A lot of times, the older siblings are less than enthused about the pregnancy -- that could be said about one 11 year old boy who decided to murder his 8-month pregnant stepmom.

Jordan Brown was this 11 year old boy who wrapped a rifle in a comforter, walked up to his sleeping, pregnant stepmother and fatally shot her in the head. After she died, Brown walked out of the house, discarded the shotgun shell in the yard and boarded the school bus.

At Brown's trial, investigators claimed Brown killed his stepmother execution-style out of raging jealousy for her unborn child who died of oxygen deprivation from the blow.

Brown was arrested and charged with the murder of his stepmother as well as her unborn son. However, Brown was charged as a juvenile and released when he reached age 18.

2 Young Boy Takes Babies Into Woods To Bludgeon

Young Boy Takes Babies Into Woods To Bludgeon

America isn't the only country with a spotty past when it comes to our youths. India is home to one of the most notorious evil children: the 8-year old boy who bludgeon three babies to death.

Amarjeet Sada lived in one of India's poorest states and was one of the top suspects when it came to the disappearance of a six-month old baby. The mother claimed she placed the baby for a nap and she went missing.

Police immediately questioned Sada -- who was known for his psychotic disorders -- and the boy led the police to her body in the woods where he buried her.

The baby's body had been smashed with a stone after being strangled.

Apparently, this wasn't the first time Sada was bloodthirsty -- it later came out that the boy had already killed his baby sister and cousin but it was kept a secret.

Sada was placed in a children's home in 2007, but is set to be released this year.

1 Group Of Teens Pretend To Be Murderous Gang Members

Group Of Teens Pretend To Be Murderous Gang Members

If the leader of a group of teenagers jumps off a bridge, one or two of the posse will jump along afterwards. But, what if they want to kill someone? Would your child stand up or join the gang?

They called themselves the Shoreline Six and they dreamed of being like a Los Angeles street gang in 1997. One night, they invited a wallflower named Reena Virk who was over-the-moon to be invited to a party.

The group drank, smoked marijuana and then she was surrounded by the Shoreline Six who put a cigarette out on her forehead and immediately started beating her.

One of the girls in the group told the group to stop, halting the beating for long enough that Virk could stumble away. Two of the gang, 15 year-old Kelly Marie Ellard and 15 year-old Warren Paul Glowatski, followed Virk -- beating her and then finally drowning her in the waterway.

Then the group walked away promising to never say a word -- though rumors quickly spread and when Virk's body was found -- the Shoreline Six were arrested.

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