15 Unbelievably Ridiculous Reasons Why Children Have Cried

Children are very adorable creatures. They can get their way out of any sticky situation just by flashing their sweetest smiles. They can make us laugh out loud by their contagious giggles and innocent laughter. But when it comes to raising them, every parent would agree that every day isn't all peachy and sunny.

There are times children get a little cranky and somewhat unreasonable. Then again, reason is still far beyond their grasp, especially with babies and toddlers. They get too emotional at times and cry their hearts out at the drop of a hat without any warning and for no apparent reason. Here are some of the most unbelievably ridiculous reasons why they cry.

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15 He Didn't Want to Go Anywhere

There are some days they don't want to go anywhere and would rather stay home in their pajamas. If you make the wrong move and mention anything about going out, you're in for a treat. There'll be lots of wailing, screaming and crying, and you can't pacify them by telling them otherwise. The damage is done and no one is leaving!

14 She Learned You Have a Real Name and It's Not Mom

Kids depend on consistency and familiarity. That's why whenever they find out that something is different and out of their comfort zone, they get really anxious, and that can equate to a crying session. They are so used to calling us “mom” that having a name other than that is out of the question. We can't be anyone else but “mom”.

13 Someone Ate Them All (And It Was Him)

Aha! Wanna blame it on others, eh? But all the muffins are gone and he's mad because there's nothing he can munch on. There, there, sweetheart. Since you've already finished the whole pack, that would be enough for the day. Tomorrow, we'll guard your muffins and see who's eating them all. And when we find out, he won't have any for a week!

12 His Dinner Wasn't Ready Yet

Let's admit it, who wouldn't feel the same? We all get frustrated when dinner isn't ready and we're all starving to death! That's why it's all good, little fella. No one can blame you. You're not alone on this. Dinner should always be on time--well, any other meal for that matter. Everybody gets a little cranky when they're hungry.

11 He Couldn't Hold Them All

He couldn't hold all the crayons in one hand. Why, oh why? Isn't it frustrating not being able to do that? Those cute little fingers fail him. We as adults still find it hard to manage our feelings when things don't go our way. Imagine how it is for a child who doesn't even know how to express himself without crying? It's okay, honey. We feel for you.

10 She Doesn't Wanna Have Company

It's breakfast time and she's eating fine until her brother joins her, and that's when things get pretty bad. Oh, the challenges of having siblings. Sometimes they love each other to the moon and back, and sometimes they just want to kick them out of the house. They don't wanna share the room, the table, the TV, and even mom.

9 He Wanted to Eat Some More

When do children become picky eaters? And how come they eat everything and anything they get their hands on? Mommy wouldn't let him finish eating dirt. Would you? We'll be more than glad to let you finish your meal, sweetie, only if it isn't dirt. How about some fruits and veggies, eh? They are more filling and tasty.

8 He Couldn't Keep It as a Pet

This boy is crying because mommy wouldn't let him keep that creepy crawly as a pet. We'll cry, too, but for a different reason. That is one big scary thing! Children, are quite a weird bunch. They would easily love the oddest of things and hate the most mundane and ordinary stuff. But they are adorable that way, aren't they?

7 He Doesn't Want to Throw His Diaper

Talk about separation anxiety. When children get attached to people and things, they just find it too difficult to let go. And this little boy feels that about his diaper; he just couldn't bear to lose it. Please, not the diaper. Maybe he'll finally find it in his heart to move on from his soiled diaper when it's time to change into a new one.

6 He Wanted His Broken Cracker Fixed

The faith that a child has for his mother is awe-inspiring. It's overwhelming knowing that someone trusts you so much--so much that he actually thinks you could fix his cracker back to its original form. Ha! He must have been heartbroken when he realized  there are just some things that dear mommy can't do. So sorry, baby.

5 No Trick or Treat in March?

Oh no! This can't be true! He is just so ready to go. Well, since they don't know anything about dates and holidays yet, it's really upsetting knowing he can't go trick or treating when he's all ready with props and all. How about we keep those pumpkins and wait a few more months? We'll get more treats that way, don't you think?

4 She Dropped a Receipt

She dropped a receipt that they got from a gas station, and she's not ready to part with it yet. How important that receipt is for her, we'll never know. But look at how disappointed she is. It is no laughing matter.

Oh, how children value ordinary things. We could really use a little of that since a lot of grown ups put too little value on the things that are more important.

3 The Cheese Is Broken!

It is not the same cheese anymore, and he will not eat it. How can we be so inconsiderate breaking their food? Children have particular preferences. They want things done in a particular way and they want their food served in a manner that is most appealing to them. If there is just a tiny bit of change, be ready for some tantrums!

2 He Can't Have Beer

Obviously, daddy seems to be enjoying drinking his beer, and baby finds it so unfair for daddy not to give him any. How selfish can you get? Where is the value of sharing? This is where living by example gets complicated. If daddy drinks it, baby wants it, too. You'll get your beer, baby. You just have to wait a couple more years for that ice cold bottle.

1 She Doesn't Want Cold Ice Cream Cake

Sometimes, kids are a handful, like when they want something fairly impossible. How about a hot ice cream cake? Where on earth are you going to find one, eh? The things our children ask of us just make us shake our heads in exasperation. Oh well, what do they know about this crazy world? But, despite all of their weird antics and crying spells, we love them beyond impossibility, don't we?

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