14Acquire Sea Legs

Seasickness wrist bands have been praised in helping out people with seasickness as well as morning sickness by using acupressure. Essentially, acupuncture without the pesky needles, the wrist bands apply constant pressure to specific points on the wrist. Studies have also shown that acupressure helps alleviate anxiety and depression.


many expectant mothers claim great success with seasickness wrist bands, just as many have noted no difference in their nausea or queasiness levels. That said, research conducted in the late 1980s proved that women using the acupressure bands reported significant relief from nausea and vomiting than women who did not.

Despite the mixed results, it may make sense to give them a shot if nothing else has put a lid on morning sickness to date. There are a variety of brands out there - all making similar claims. Before selecting the brand to try, do a bit of research by talking to others for input.

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