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Especially in the case of pregnancy, dehydration needs to be avoided at all costs. Not only can dehydration result in dizziness, fainting, headaches as well as constipation but it is often the culprit behind severe morning sickness as well. Yet, keeping hydrated may not be an easy feat when the thought

of ingesting anything can be downright revolting.

If a woman’s stomach churns at the thought of a tall glass of water, consider drinking it with a twist of lemon or lime, enjoying some homemade lemonade or chewing on ice chips instead. For some reason, many preggos notice that crunching on ice cubes or chips doesn’t activate their gag reflex in the same way as downing a glass of liquid does.

Many expectant mothers swear by making trays of specialty ice cubes that help them get through any nauseous rough patches. Gatorade is an ideal ingredient as it replenishes necessary sugars and electrolytes while typically remaining gentle on a rumbly tummy. Any woman looking to quell her morning sickness with ice can find simple DIY recipes online using beverages like ginger ale as well as coconut water too.

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