15Say What?!

Partaking in oral sex and ingesting ejaculate as a cure to morning sickness?! Not only is this suggestion highly suspect but it seems to be a wacky idea concocted by some desperately undersexed man.

The man in question is Dr. Gordon Gallup, a New York area psychologist specializing in human

reproductive behavior. He maintains the belief that morning sickness is caused by an expectant mother’s body treating the semen’s genetic material as a foreign, invading substance. And that her body is in fact rejecting it. He further submits that if she was to ingest the same sperm that resulted in the pregnancy, it would help her body develop a tolerance to it - and thus alleviate her morning sickness.

According to Dr. Gallup, if a woman made a point of building up her tolerance to the semen, it would help control her morning sickness for subsequent pregnancies as well (as long as they are by the same father). Research in this area is still definitely required but Dr. Gallup clearly is partial to sperm and its purported healing qualities. He also feels sperm ingestion can help stave off depression.

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