Pickles! How many kids do you know that don’t like pickles? Straight from the jar or plastered on your favorite hamburger. Perhaps even inserted into the mouth of teething baby? Nobody ever imagined that this quick and delicious snack could be dangerous for the kids that love them so

much! Unfortunately, pickle allergies can appear suddenly even in children who previously tolerated them.

The reaction normally does not come from the pickle itself, but rather from the pickling process. It is usually the preservatives that are used in vinegar based recipes that cause the problem. The most common reactions are rash, wheezing, nausea, cramps, and diarrhea. Severe reactions can progress to anaphylaxis, coma, or even death.

Parents should know that if their child has an allergy to pickles, it is also very likely that the allergy will be mirrored in other pickled foods as well.

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