15 Unexpected Nicknames Celebs Have For Their Kids

All parents know that picking a name for their kids it’s one of the hardest things they'll have to do. After the nine months of thinking, searching, and googling for the perfect choice, the moment has arrived. They’ve finally chose the perfect name for their little baby. A name that will be with him or her forever.

And then your little one comes into the world, and as you hold him in your arms, and kiss him, you find yourself saying “Hi there, Munchkin!”, and you start thinking that this isn’t the name you’ve thought for him. Well, this is your child’s nickname!

This is how your child’s nickname should be born. For other parents, finding the perfect nickname is as hard as finding the name for their little one. If you want a nickname for your baby you have to think of a sweet shorter version of his name. Many names have beautiful nicknames that really make sense when called, and are easy to pronounce. But there are some nicknames that don’t make the connection with their proper name partner or are very hard to spell. Even if they are so unusual, they are also fun, and many celebrities have chosen them for nicknaming their kids.

Could we get inspired by what the A-listers have chosen to call their kids? I bet we can. Here are some of the unexpected nicknames that celebrities have chosen for their kids.

15 BabyYe

We’re all so in love with the Hollywood big news of pregnancies, that we want to hear all about the first baby of one of the most famous couples. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, then an engaged couple, announced they’re having a daughter who was due at the end of 2012. The paparazzi drooled over to take pictures with the cute little baby, and the media wanted to find out what the new parents would name her.

Before finding out what her name would be, her nickname was the subject of online speculation. She was coined “BabyYe”. You’re probably wondering why BabyYe? Well there is a connection. Kanye West’s dad had the nickname Ye.

If you think “BabyYe” is a bizarre nickname, her actual name, North West, will sound just as strange.

14 Dem Babies

You probably think that the nickname of Dem Babies was given by the media people, but this is not true. Dem Babies was made up by Mariah herself describing her two bundles of joy while she was still pregnant. She described her pregnancy as being a long and hard one.

The Grammy-winner singer and TV show-man Nick Cannon, her husband by then, welcomed twins named Monroe and Moroccan Scott into the world on April 30, 2011. That same day was Mariah’s and Nick third wedding anniversary.

The twins have an official site called after their nickname dembabies.com, which features photos the two cute kids and their parents. So why call them Dem Babies? Why not call them My Babies, or our Babies? Maybe Dem Babies means Them babies, but it still sounds a little unusual.

13 Blanket

If you too think that Blanket is a bizarre nickname, you’re not the only one. The late Prince of Pop, Michael Jackson, came up with this unusual nickname himself. The idea of calling his son Blanket came so that he will always feel blanketed with love, which when you think about it, it’s kinda cute.

When I first heard that Michael Jackson called his second son Blanket I thought he was completely insane. But, if I think about it more, his every step was watched and judged by everyone. Now, as unusual as it sounds, Blanket sounds more like a cute nickname. Maybe it stands for a blanket that keeps a child warm and safe at night.

Michael Jackson clearly loved his kids, and even if they had unusual names and nicknames, no one should make fun of them.

12 Cub

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole welcomed their first son, Bear, in March 22, 2017. The One Direction star spoke to the media about his firstborn calling him Cub.

The parents decided to give him the unusual name of Bear one week after he was born. They wanted to spend some bonding-time with the little one before choosing the name that will be with him for his whole life. After his first week of life they’ve decided to name him Bear.

But what about his nickname, Cub? When you say Cub you’re thinking about a little chubby brown bear, right? Even if it may have some connection with his name, Bear, his nickname does sound original and at the same time strange. What if people will continue calling him Cub even at the age of sixteen? It will definitely seem weird.

11 Roosie

Peter Andre and his wife Emily welcomed a baby boy and named him Theo. The singer told the media that he struggled really hard to call his son Theo. Before coming up with this name, his parents actually used some strange nicknames. While getting used to calling him son Theo, they were calling him TJ, Teddy, or Roosie. Why Roosie? Well, they were thinking of former US president Theodore Roosevelt. Actually this is how they’ve found the name Theo.

If you’re in the park and you hear a parent calling his kid Roosie, you’re thinking of a girl, right? Well, they thought the nickname Roosie suited their son. I wonder what he will say when he’ll grow up, and hope that the parents get used to calling him Theo faster.

10 Luna

Uma Thurman and her French boyfriend Arpad Busson welcomed a beautiful baby girl. The couple named her Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. This little girl will surely have a hard time when people will be asking for her name, but the parents say that each name has a special reason.

Her nickname is another mystery, though. They are calling her Luna. While it is a beautiful nickname for a cute little girl, it is a little unusual if you think of her birth names. Why Luna, and why not Rosie from Rosalind, or Fleur from Florence?

Luna could make a beautiful name just fit for a princess. And even as a nickname, Luna would be more fit with a more appropriate name such as Lunette, Stella Luna, or Luna Maria.

9 The Coconuts

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have welcomed twins, boy and girl, on February 22, 2008.

The singer is calling her twin children, Max and Emme, “the coconuts”. She gave the twins this nickname because she thought they were like the hairy fruit as babies. Jennifer says the twins are her coconuts, and that when they were little babies and they started to grow hair they both seemed like little coconuts.

Now, think about it! Seeing your baby with hair that resembles coconut hair and actually calling him coconut... isn’t it a little strange? Why not call them monkeys, puppies, or bears like most parents do?

We surely see that most A-listers aren’t usual, and choosing their kids’ nicknames isn’t the usual stuff either. Well, either way, I wish all the best to Jennifer’s “coconuts”!

8 Spicy

Molly Sims and her husband Scott Stuber have two kids, Scarlett May and Brooks Alan. Molly says that daughter Scarlett is starting to get a personality, and that’s why she’s calling her “Spicy”. Where does this nickname comes from? Molly says that when she tells her daughter no, she does it anyway. She’s saying “No, no, no” and waves her finger at her mother. That’s a spicy personality.

Spicy comes from being feisty, or rude toward someone. So, when Scarlett began to be feisty toward her mother, Molly thought of the nickname Spicy. And while it surely seems fit for little Scarlet, it also seems unusual and uncommon for little kids. It’s like you call your kid Spicy, and think of a hot, peppery sauce. Pretty unusual, no? Well, for Molly Sims it sure isn’t.

7 Koala

Madonna and Guy Ritchie adopted a little girl called Mercy from Malawi. Even if the two are now separated, Guy loves Mercy very much and tries to spend as much time with her as he can. He even nicknamed her “Koala”. Maybe you’re wondering why this unusual nickname? Well, Guy says he’s calling her Koala because she has a habit of clinging to people and is not letting go of them, just like a little koala.

While we see that Guy is a great dad, we surely didn’t expect to call his daughter “Koala”. It’s still really sweet of him to keep in touch with Madonna for the sake of the kids. It’s like calling your kid “Tiger”, or “Giraffe”, pretty unusual nicknames. But taking into consideration little Mercy’s clinging style, it kinda makes sense.

6 Frankie

Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman welcomed a baby sister to little Olive. They chose a unisex name for their second daughter. It’s actually a nickname turned into a name. Their baby girl is called Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. After searching, and thinking of the perfect name they have chosen the nickname Frankie as her actual name. You would think it’s the shorter version of Francesca, but it’s not.

Frankie is an old-school unisex nickname turned into a name, and when you say it out loud you kinda think of Frankie Muniz, but in a girly kinda way. But if I think about it, the British pop star Frankie Sandford proudly wears this name.

What do you say? Would you call your little girl Frankie? Does it work for a girl?

5 Grape

As most pregnant women already have nicknames for their babies, also does the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. While she was pregnant with her son, she called him “our little grape”. She was calling him like this from when the little baby was the size of a grape. From then on the nickname stuck with her. We hear nicknames for our unborn babies all the time, from “Bean”, to “Tater tot”, but “Grape” is unexpected.

Good for you, William and Kate, for thinking of a unique nickname for your little bundle of joy! I also think it is a great choice for the media not to find out what gender the little baby is until he arrives in the family. Unexpected as it may be, this nickname is pretty cute and it does make some sense.

4 Potter

We all know Prince Harry and what a beautiful, and handsome man he has become. But there are things that we don’t know about him, or about the royal family. A Canadian journalist discovered in an interview that Prince Harry’s friends call him “Potter”. Apparently, the Prince is quite in love of the Harry Potter movies. That’s where the nickname comes from.

Would you call your little kid Potter? Even if it would be an unusual nickname, it really works for the movie’s big fans. But we definitely wouldn’t expect that a member of a royal family to be called Potter. Maybe that’s why the royal family wouldn’t talk about it too much. Not a good reputation.

As unexpected as it is, we love what we find out about the members of the royal family. It makes them more like normal people.

3 Smiley

It is a long story, but for short Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus welcomed a baby girl on November 23, 1992 and named her Destiny Hope Cyrus. Shortly after her birth they nicknamed her “Smiley”. She legally changed her name to Miley Ray in 2008. Why Miley? It is the shorter version of Smiley, right?

Because she was a cheerful baby, always with a smile upon her face, their parents called her “Smiley”, which really suits her even now. It is a beautiful nickname, but it is unexpected to think of Miley Cyrus as “Smiley”. But what could we expect of the famous Cyrus couple? They gave birth to a pop star and found the perfect nickname for her. Even if it is unusual, I think it is quite suited for a little girl who smiles all the time.

2 Chanel

Ok. Ice-T and Coco’s daughter is actually named Chanel, but it was first her nickname. Even though Coco is not inspired by the French designer, the nickname/name Chanel is.

The couple waited for over a decade to have a baby. They wanted to get their things in order first, and then they decided it was time to expand their family. Actually it seems like Ice-T let Coco decide when it was time. Their daughter, Chanel Nicole, was welcomed in November, 2015.

There are parents that decide the name first and then the nickname. For them, it was the other way around. And luckily, their daughter’s nickname also remained her actual name. Chanel may seem like a normal nickname, but it isn’t for the fact that it isn’t related to her mother’s nickname.

1 Mowgli

We often hear parents calling their son Mowgli if the little one has a high-spirited personality with lots of energy. While Mowgli is mostly used as a nickname, there are people who give their kids this name for their whole life.

Ashley Simpson has a son with Fall Out Boy songwriter Pete Wentz, who she named Bronx Mowgli. The parents named their son inspired by the character from the Jungle Book. So why naming him with a nickname? Apparently Pete and Ashley both were in love with the book.

Let’s not talk about the name Bronx, which apparently has risen in popularity in the last few years, but Mowgli is best used as a nickname. Think about it! Would you call your son Mowgli, or would you rather use it as a nickname? Either way, it is a little unusual.

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