15 Unexpected Things Moms Might Feel The Week After Delivery

Congratulations, the baby's finally born! While there may be a ton of excitement swirling around, new moms may actually begin to feel other, more unexpected things the week following delivery. Having a baby is a beautiful thing, but it is not without some possible side effects! These feelings that could surface run the gamut from anxiety to fear to happiness and more.

No matter how prepared you may try to make yourself for life after baby is born, things do not always go according to plan. The feelings that may surface could just surprise you. But rest assured, many things you feel are totally normal after you have given birth. It is just that they may not be anything you were expecting once you are home with baby.

The best thing you can do is know what could possibly lie ahead. Many times, it is hard to control certain feelings and issues following the birth of your bundle of joy. But if you know they are a possibility, you can ready yourself for what may come. Read on for some of the unexpected things that moms might feel following the week of delivery!

15 Being Afraid

As you go through your pregnancy, you may think how exciting and happy you will be to bring baby home. However, once baby has arrived, you may find yourself unable to cope with the fear of being alone with your baby. What is she doesn't want to eat? What if she doesn't wake up? How do I do this mom thing?!

Feeling fearful of being alone with your baby can happen. After all, you suddenly have this tiny person that you have to take care of. It can be a shock to think, wait I am responsible for this little human being?! Trust your instincts, and if you feel real fear of being alone, ask a family member or friend to come hang out for a little bit. You can even join a new moms group, as well.

14 The Wow Moment

As you go through your pregnancy, you may be picturing yourself with your soon to be bundle of joy. You know you will love your baby, that is no question. Many moms describe this overwhelming feeling that rushes over them the days and weeks following delivery. It is a feeling of love that cannot even be expressed.

This feeling causes you to look at your sweet newborn son or daughter, and think, wow! Wow, as in, wow I made her. Wow, as in, wow I cannot believe this baby is mine. It makes you understand that incredible bond between a mother and child. It is your life now. It is amazing, and you did it! You made a baby and now have this little being that counts on you - that is a definite wow!

13 Hate Towards The Bathroom

Sometimes the feelings you experience the week following delivery are both physical and emotional. Physically, you may have issues going to the bathroom. Emotionally, it may take you awhile to get regular again. No matter what type of delivery you had, having a baby can certainly mess up your insides, and your ability to properly use the bathroom for all your needs!

While many women are prepared for this, they are not prepared for the emotional step that is often required to go ahead and use the bathroom. You know what we are talking about! After baby was born, lots may have gone on down there. You are sore. It hurts. Going to the bathroom is a hurtle to overcome for many, both physically and emotionally. However, as time goes on, it does get easier.

12 Feelings Of Intense Anger

If you thought your hormones were out of whack while you were pregnant, just wait until after you have your baby! Your hormones will be crazy as they try to get back to normal. Breastfeeding can also make your hormones get out of whack and give you a wide range of emotions that will make your pregnancy hormone mood swings tame!

Because your hormones are like this, you may feel intense anger. Little things may set you off, such as someone not putting the milk back in the fridge or leaving out a dirty diaper. Your anger may be very irrational, yet a feeling you cannot control. Speak with your doctor if you feel like you are constantly angry, though, just so you can ensure that your anger is never directed at your baby.

11 Random Uncontrollable Crying

Is that orphan animal commercial causing you to gush out tears like you never have before?! That is normal! One thing that is likely to occur after you have delivered your baby is feeling overly emotional, and basically crying at the drop of a hat. You may not expect this to happen, and only expected it during your pregnancy, but it can stay with you long after your baby is born.

Again, we must blame our swinging hormones for being overly teary eyed on a nonstop basis. Our hormones will regulate themselves eventually and you may not cry at every little thing! Another reason you may feel like crying is your lack of sleep. Newborns wake you up throughout the night, we all know this, and it can take a toll on us emotionally.

10 Being Extremely Fatigued

You may expect to feel tired after having a baby. You prepare yourself for the arrival of your newborn, fully knowing that a nice night's sleep is gone for who knows how long. Moms to be are aware that newborn babies get up every few hours to feed. You know you are going to be exhausted. However, you may not know just how fatigued you could possibly get.

When fatigue overcomes you (and you will know it if it happens to you), it is known as postpartum fatigue. It is more than just having postpartum exhaustion, which all new moms experience. It is when it is difficult to get through each day. While it happens, you may not expect it to be this bad, so ask for help, and try to sleep as much as you can, even if it is little cat naps when your baby sleeps.

9 Feeling Completely Unsure

Wait, you are in charge of a baby now?! Like a real, live human being?! Even though pregnancy lasts awhile and you prepare yourself to be a mom, it can come as a shock that they actually let you bring your baby home! Suddenly, and unexpectedly, you feel like you have no idea what you are supposed to do. You question whether or not you can even do this mom thing.

Being unsure of yourself as a new mom happens. But it may not be something you planned on feeling. Know that you are doing the best you can, even if your baby is crying constantly. Try to build yourself up as a mommy, because you can do it. Try to not give in to the feeling of being unsure how to care for your baby. Your instincts will kick in. Your baby believes in you too!

8 Disappointed With Breastfeeding

Planning to breastfeed is great. However, prepare yourself for the unexpected. While we may just assume all will be fine and dandy when it comes to breastfeeding our little ones, hurtles can come up that we never knew possible. Even from one child to the next, breastfeeding can be drastically different.

Your little one may latch on soon after birth, and be good as gold. Your newborn may have difficultly latching on, even after they have seemed like a pro. The baby could have some sort of intolerance, and is unable to breastfeed. You may struggle with breastfeeding due to a variety of issues such as a pain or lack of supply. Formula may be your only option. Breastfeeding could go either way, be wonderfully easy or a painful journey that you are baby struggle with.

7 Constantly Worried

You used to be free as a bird! Never a care in the world! Until you became a mom. After bringing baby home from the hospital, you may begin to feel some unexpected feelings of intense worry. You may even be shocked to be worrying so much, after all, you used to be so easy going!

It is like a switch that can go off after we have our little ones. We become those moms that worry about every little thing. Is she eating enough? Will he be okay sleeping in his own room? Why is that stranger starring at us?! Throughout your day, you may find yourself being a bit of a worry wart. While it may be unexpected, it is normal, and may be normal until your baby is all grown up!

6 Like You're Not In Your Own Skin

Try to not compare yourself to those celebrities who seem to bounce back to their pre baby bodies days after birth. That is not normal for the majority of us. You may feel like you will never look or feel like your old self again after you have a baby. It may surprise you that these feelings pop up shortly after birth. These feelings can invade a new mom's mind instead of her focusing on her baby.

While it is normal to feel a bit body conscious after having a baby, remember, you just had a baby! It took nine months for your baby to grow, give your body -  at least - nine months to get back to how it looked before. It may take awhile, but you will feel normal again.

5 Crippling Anxiety

It may come as a surprise to you that after having a baby, your anxiety skyrockets. Whether you were just a little bit anxious, or overly anxious prior to giving birth, after you are home with your baby and trying to get back to your normal sense of self, your anxiety could very well cripple you.

There is something called postpartum anxiety. If you suddenly feel emotionally and physically tired all the time. You can't eat. You can't sleep. We have all heard of postpartum depression, but postpartum anxiety it common as well. You may not expect to feel this way after giving birth. Perhaps you only prepared yourself for postpartum depression. It is important to be aware of this and get help for any signs of postpartum anxiety, as well.

4 Wanting To Be Left Alone

You may be the type of person who had a big baby shower. After having a baby, you could not wait to have all your family and friends come meet the baby. Then, after a few days or weeks, you suddenly want no one else around you. You want them to all go away! It may surprise you to suddenly feel like you just want everyone to leave you alone, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Babies are exciting and people love to meet (and smell!) newborn babies. But new moms need time alone to bond with their little ones, without any other family or friends around. Do not hesitate to tell someone they can come over another time. Do not feel like you always have to say yes if someone wants to come over to see the baby. You deserve the time with just the two of you.

3 Feeling Hypersensitive

Having a baby can often knock us into hypersensitive mode, whether we expect it or not. While many women who are already prone to being very sensitive expect this outcome, the extent of it can often comes as a shock. They may find their emotions triggered over every little thing that causes them to cry, get mad, feel empathy, and more. More so, too, than other people would. If you are not a sensitive person, it may come as even more of a surprise to find yourself having emotional reactions that seem like a roller coaster.

Being hypersensitive not only brings out a range of emotions, but could also put a new mom at risk of postpartum anxiety or postpartum depression. Knowing the signs ahead of time can get you the help you need, especially if you are prone to any sensitivity before baby.

2 Feeling Isolated

Many women report that the one feeling that surprises them the most after having a baby is the sudden feeling of loneliness and isolation. When you were pregnant everyone wanted to hear how you were doing and when the baby was due. Once you had the baby, everyone gushed over the newborn baby, wanted to meet her, but then they leave.

You are likely not working, and spend most days (and nights) with your baby, feeding him, rocking him, trying to sleep, etc. It is altogether possible for you to feel like you are out of the loop, shut out from the rest of society. You only adult communication might be the supermarket cashier. Try to get out for walks. Join a mommy and me group. Know that others feel this way, as well.

1 Overwhelming Happiness

There is a new little person in your life and you are their world. It is a truly amazing thing to become a mom. You may look into your newborn baby's eyes and see into their soul. It is possible to weep with intense happiness at creating such as beautiful tiny being.

Perhaps the best but most unexpected part of bringing home your baby, and getting over your hospital stay, is the reality of you and your baby. No matter what else may be going on in your life, your baby will bring your nonstop joy. It is a happiness though, that is indescribable. It is unexpected, in that you never knew just how much love you had inside of you, until you have your sweet baby in your arms.

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