15 Unexplainable Things Caught On Nanny-Cams

Baby crying in the middle of the night or calling out for Mama? Toddler staring right into the monitor creepily? Catching the nanny storming the fridge or just checking in with a nanny cam? These are just a few of the things parents see on a regular basis using cameras around the house, some that even sync with your phone, proving that we are always connected.

Technology has entered into our daily lives and has become a childcare tool that we can’t live without. We usually use cameras to monitor our little ones while they sleep blissfully, or more recently viewing our children while we’re away and the babysitter is in. We like to keep tabs on our precious little ones, and can we be blamed for that?

No! We just want to keep them as safe as possible, so having eyes everywhere doesn’t seem so out of line.

But what if a parent catches something strange on video? Something they can’t quite explain, no matter how many times they play it back. Sometimes cameras capture a little bit more than parents expected. These are the kind of videos and moments captured on cams that we are going to look at today.

Sure, there might be reasonable explanations for all of them, but if we look, really look, we might find ourselves just as confused as the parents who posted them. Perhaps we see a strange light, or unexplainable movement, or a child behaving oddly? What then? Why not go to the internet for advice? And that’s just what these parents did!

15 The Friendly Ghost

Nanny cams and ghost stories seem to be synonymous with one another. There’s always a video or picture claiming to have captured a real ghost! Those who don’t believe in ghosts tend to say, it’s just a trick of the lens or light, but if you look at this video it almost seems life-like! Creepy!

What’s funny is the so called ghost in the video reminds me a little bit of Casper The Friendly Ghost with a large looking head and the way it looks out for the baby and seems to smoothing the covers almost like it’s tucking the baby in at night. If this is a ghost, it sure is a calm and collected one, nothing ominous going on here.

I’m sure parents watching this on the monitor would say otherwise, and I guess I can’t blame them for being creeped out. People are always creeped out by what they can’t explain

14 Unexplainable Orbs

You may or may not have heard other moms mention the occurrence of orbs around the crib. Many moms have witnessed these orbs on cams near the crib or around the house, but the orbs are almost always around the child, surrounding them, dancing around them. So what are they? Well, many parents are asking that exact question.

Some wonder if it’s the ghosts of ancestors passed that are looking over the child or some say it’s their guardian angels, a really beautiful thought.

If you search YouTube, you’ll find countless videos with these magical orbs, this video is only one of many, but what I liked most about this one, is how the orbs move around like shooting stars, they don’t just hover or sit there, they move quite a bit and seem so alive. I’m curious as to what they are, but sometimes a little mystery is magical.

13 Moving Blankie

This one seems rather staged to me, but I’ll play along. You can see the camera watching over a peacefully sleeping boy and then around the 25 second mark his cozy little blanket decides to move down his shoulder without the aid of anyone around.

The video claims to have captured a ghost sliding the blanket off of the toddler’s shoulders, but if you look very closely, it only pulls in one place, something a single string could do, even a very thin and undetectable one.

What also causes me to raise an eyebrow at this one is the fact that his father comes in almost immediately after the blanket is pulled down, so either he had been watching and storms over in terror or he planned it that way. So many ghost sightings are staged, and this one might be one of them, but without a clear view of the string or anyone pulling it, it’s a clear enigma as to how it happened.

12 Strange Light Over The Baby

In this video a strange light hovers over a sleeping 18 month old. The father watches on in horror as this almost snake-like light hovers around his son. So what is this glowing light that moves so strangely across the monitor? Posting it to YouTube the father asks for answers.

Some tell him to simply clean the monitor, that it could be dust or some small piece of cotton on the lens that is capturing the light in an odd way, but then why is it moving so much? Even if a window was open, the light moves in such an odd way that makes it hard to believe a gust would have it floating like that.

Some other comments add a bit of a metaphysical explanation, stating that it’s the baby’s “silver chord,” which means baby is having a bit of an out of body experience? So strange, I think I’ll stick to the dust explanation because it will help me sleep better at night.

11 Toys Move On Their Own

Moving toys caught on nanny cam seems like something out of a scary movie, but there are actually many cameras capturing this exact phenomenon. This video claims to have ghostly children playing with the toys, offering this as a reasonable reason for the toys to be moving on their own. All I know is that if I found this on the nanny cam later on, I would be moving out the next day!

First a beach ball rolls across the floor, then a baby walker glides by, and another push cart drives into the walker, then the rocking horse moves. After that a doll flips over, the rocking chair begins to rock and for atmospheric effect, the television turns on all by itself. It all seems so calculated that it feels fake, but once again, I don’t see strings or people moving the toys, so I’m at a loss as to what’s truly happening.

10 Odd Voice

This next video is less about what you can see and more about what you can very faintly hear. This momma found a very odd voice while going through the footage on her cam later on. She later posted the video for the same reason anyone else ever does.

Whenever we witness something unexplainable we always seek to find validation from others, we want someone to believe us, someone to share the experience with us.

The mom in this video claims that her eight year old had seen ghosts in the house prior to this, and that the unfamiliar voice in the video calls her daughter’s name “G-Tao.” Around the 15 second mark you can hear the voice whisper the name, but you’ll have to listen in very very closely. Who’s to say it wasn’t a friend whispering it in order to create an interesting video, but it’s definitely eerie.

9 Possessed Baby?

This video went viral not too long ago. I remember seeing it on various sites. It was inescapable because no one could quite explain it. It’s obviously intriguing because it’s creepy, but a possessed child? Most babies seems that way when they have a tantrum! We can hardly call it possession!

The child in this video starts off crying and sounds a little frustrated about something, seems rather normal for a baby…but what he does next is very unusual. Up he goes onto the rail of the crib, without any effort at all he stands there, holding his balance atop the crib. He continues to scream, almost growling, and calls out to his mommy.

This is clearly a stressed out little one desperate for cuddles, and perhaps it’s that desperation that causes him to make his way to the top. Another factor could be sleep walking, he might not even be aware of what he’s doing. Eventually he does lose his balance and falls back into his crib, and we’re left wondering where he got the strength to stand there for so long to begin with!

8 Pushed By A Ghost?

Little Lexi was innocently playing peek-a-boo with mommy and daddy in the living room when all of a sudden she appears to be pushed backwards by thin air, the force launching her backwards towards the ground.

I know that toddlers aren’t necessarily very sturdy on their feet and they typically stumble over pretty often, but in the video it seems like her chest falls back before the rest of her, which is strange I’ll admit, it genuinely looks like a push. What’s even stranger is that in some of the other videos of Lexi during this incident, she calls out “naughty boy” as if she was telling someone off.

Now how do you explain that one? This viral video still has many guessing whether it was just a tumble or if it was some other entity playing too rough. The mystery is what makes this video so fascinating, you can watch it many times over and over again, but it doesn’t look doctored.

7 A Dancing Ghost

With the scene replaying over and over again, highlighting the very strange occurrence, it’s hard to ignore that something is definitely visible as the children play outside. We can see them spinning at dancing with each other on the balcony, but when the little girl is found without a partner to spin around with, some strange flying haze joins her and almost seems to spin her.

The little girl looks confused for a moment as the hazy floating entity flies off, but then continues to play as if nothing has ever happened.

Watching the little girl over and over again in the video, you can see that she’s trying to shake something off, almost as if she sees it too, and her confusion at the end solidifies that something strange has occurred. There’s far too many factors to stage in order for this to be fake, so it leaves anyone watching wondering, what was that thing?

6 Baby Talking To Themselves

Babies talking to themselves late at night in their crib is creepy enough, but what if they’re not sleep talking and it happens while they’re awake and in your kitchen? Well this is the case of Avery. Mom catches him talking to someone or something in the kitchen. He’s clearly interacting with thin air, but it is just babbling or even an imaginary friend? Who knows!

22 month old Avery sure seems in deep conversation with something, even using hand gestures that show excitement, so it’s definitely not a mean spirit if it is one. The creepiest part in the video is the growling voice that says “Ryan” when mom asks “who are you playing with?” Now was that Avery changing his voice or was it an entity?

I’m not even sure I want to know, I’m so creeped out by this point. If you listen carefully to Avery answering his mother it even sounds like he’s saying “a ghost!” Wow frightening!

5 A Strange Critter?

This one seems laughable, but there are people out there still speculating if this is really real! At a glance I would say it’s footage of a man running that was added into the video of her son playing, but it was definitely added in flawlessly. It looks untouched and that’s perhaps why it has so many people still perplexed by the little creature running across the floor of this family’s kitchen.

The tiny creature runs across the floor in such a human way that it has to be human, a really fast human and perhaps a professional runner! Since the stories of Thumbelina and Tom Thumb aren’t real, we really can’t buy into a tiny human creature running across the floor of this woman’s house.

What’s interesting though is baby does react to the something running behind him, how do you get a baby to act that and follow it with his eyes if there was nothing there? Look how he searches under the counter for something, what is he seeking? What is really being captured in this video?

4 Not So Funny Prank

It’s terrifying to hear voices coming out of your baby monitor, especially when you have no idea why it’s happening or who is responsible. This poor family was subject to an extremely cruel prank where their baby monitor was hacked into, but they didn’t know it at first. The child was hearing voices, thinking the whole time that it was a ghost!

It wasn’t until the mother heard the voices coming from the monitor that she finally began to piece together what was really happening. Someone was mimicking a ghost trying to scare the toddler and his family.

Baby monitors are used widely and to think that anyone can hack into them and startle your baby must make parents feel less at ease with a device that is supposed to create peace of mind. The family notified the company as well as the authorities. This is one unexplained phenomenon that actually has an explanation now, it’s an unfortunate truth.

3 Floating Light

The children are sound asleep, but something is stirring in the room. To me it looks like a candlestick floating in the air like something out of a Harry Potter movie, but we all know that can’t be the case in this instance. As you watch you can see the glowing line move closer and closer towards the sleeping children tucked into their beds.

This particular video was captured by grandma babysitting the kiddos. She went to check on the strange glow a few times, only to find nothing there, but when she returned to the monitor, the strange glow would return once more.

She claimed the monitor was hooked up to two cameras, and that the strange glow only appeared in the room that the children were sleeping in. What she believes is that it is her mother watching over them, because before her mother died, she had asked her to do just that.

2 Mystery Object

In this video we can see something glowing above the baby’s crib, the mother posted this video posing the question of what it was; she genuinely just wanted to know what she was looking at. Some people leave advice in the comments suggesting it’s just a hair or some sort of reflection.

She knows that people won’t believe her so she shows them that it disappears when she approaches the room, as if the strange glowing object was never there.

To me it almost looks like a glow-in-the-dark spider and perhaps it was just a spider dangling in front of the monitor creating some webs. The mother said she didn’t find any evidence of anything when she went to check, so who really knows what caused the strange glowing strands above the baby’s crib. One thing’s for sure, that momma is going to be watching her monitor a lot more closely now.

1 Hilarious Scare Fail

I feel it's always best to end on a lighter note, especially if you decided to watch some of these creepy videos right before bed. In this particular video it looks as though someone is attempting a prank, or a prank gone wrong?

The chair draws you in, it looks pretty real, the way it rocks without anyone nearby, but then the curtains shuffle awkwardly and poof! A white sheet appears and we're supposed to believe it to be a ghost? Watch as the “ghost” hilariously tumbles toward the crib and falls to the floor with a thud.

I suppose the most confounding thing about this video is…what were they thinking? Obviously they knew they were being filmed, but was it meant to be funny or did they want someone to believe there was an actual ghost haunting the nursery? Perhaps they were just mocking the whole nanny cam phenomenon? I guess we’ll never know, but we’ll always have this laughable fail.

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