• 15 Unforgiveable Ways Pregnant Women Are Hated On

    Bringing a new life into the world is magical. Factors, such as labor pain, weight gain and exhaustion can’t ruin the wonderful feeling of holding one's baby for the first time.

    Although women are seen as 'weaker' than men, the truth is that even our sexist and misogynistic world can’t deny that mothers are heroines. Growing a human is extraterrestrial, but sweeter than the “Alien.”

    However, some people don’t appreciate how wonderful motherhood is, and joke about women being knocked up. On the other hand, people just ignore the magic of motherhood. For instance, people don’t offer their seat to pregnant women. It’s not only some silly lack of manners, though: some people just refuse to do that. While it’s true that unfortunately, nobody cares about strangers, pregnant women should be respected.

    They give life! Okay, I agree, you're tired after spending 8 eight hours sitting in an office, and on top of that, in many parts of the world women don’t have any special privileges. But that’s why the West is defined as developed, not developing, right? Last but not least, many parents shame other moms and contribute to the hatred that some people hold towards pregnant women.

    As a result, many pregnant women are a target of hate. So here are 15 unbelievable reasons why some people hate pregnant women.

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    "Chocolate With Milk?"

    This world is not only sexist but still racist. Black people are seen as criminals, Eastern Europeans as immigrants, East Asians as childish, and so many stereotypes and prejudices that people, unconsciously or not, hold.

    If many moms, especially celebrities, are bombarded with witty and offensive comments, then regular pregnant women are also faced with such hostility.

    In fact, even tennis star Selena Williams was a target of a racist joke after a Snapchat post. Another tennis player commented: “Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?”

    That’s alarming because racist comments can grow into real crime. In the U.K., a pregnant Somali woman was kicked in her belly during a hate attack, which resulted in a miscarriage.

    With the notorious new immigration policies in the West, racism in the 21st century is on the rise…

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    "Way Too Old"

    Moms are criticized for many things. Even something that’s beyond one's control, such as age, can become a target of hate.

    Many people comment that some women are too young or too old to have babies, and shame them shamelessly.

    Teen moms have a lot of issues to deal with and the last thing they need is to hear comments regarding their “stupidity”, “not keeping their legs closed” and “financial instability.” On the other hand, older moms are fed up with people hearing it’s too late and dangerous to have a kid. Okay, it’s socially accepted that women between 20 and 30 are in the best reproductive age. However, they are also criticized - for not pursuing a career, etc.... even when they are working moms.

    The truth is that age doesn’t determine the amount of love a mother can give to her kids… And everyone should mind their own business.

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    For Looking Too Good

    People hate pregnant women… for being beautiful. We all know that pregnancy gives women a special glow that makes them shine brighter than the Sun.

    However, internet trolls can find some ridiculous reasons that make them judge, fight and criticize people. Even journalists and writers can’t stay away from hate when their work requires objectivity.

    We all share photos on social media and some are unfortunate enough to get a negative response. Dealing with negativism while pregnant can be stressful not only for the mom but her baby.

    Did you know that people commented even on Beyonce’s beautiful photo on Instagram, with which she announced the arrival of her twins? A writer called her photo “tacky” and commented that’s not what “pregnancy looks like.” Judgmental and unbelievable…

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    Because A Woman's Belly Is Their Business

    If people don’t like pregnant women for being beautiful, we can explain this only with jealousy. However, there are some sick individuals that hate pregnant women for the effects pregnancy has on their bodies. Many people criticize pregnant women for putting too much weigh on, their stretch marks or postpartum bellies.

    In fact, the same writer who commented on Beyonce’s picture, mentioned that the pictures of Demi Moore represented pregnancy better. Really? Not only implying that Moore didn’t have the pregnancy glow but trying to say that all pregnant women should look the same is a bit too much…

    Did you know that even Kate Middleton was fat-shamed due to her postpartum belly after the birth of Prince George?

    That simply shows that people are badly educated about pregnancy and women’s bodies…

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    Because Of The Bodily Changes

    It’s not only the belly, though. The female body changes so much during pregnancy – our hips get bigger, our breasts get sore, our feet might swell, and so much more. And this is wonderful because Nature prepares us for birth and motherhood. Here we even don’t include the incredible changes our organs undergo. Especially our poor bladder.

    Linea nigra, spots on the skin or bad teeth, people can offend pregnant women on so many levels.

    Although medicine is so advanced, it seems that people are really unaware of what it takes to grow a baby and push the little one out.

    And there will be always people who’ll tell a pregnant woman what to do, eat, and wear. Some of them will even try to touch her belly. Isn’t it two-faced: to pretend to be nice and to shame women behind their backs at the same time?

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    For Their Insatiable Cravings

    Do you know what’s worse than the physiological changes that happen during pregnancy? Advice! As mentioned above, everyone (even non-parents) knows more than a pregnant woman. One of the many topics that people specialize in is diet during pregnancy.

    Some people hate and shame pregnant women only because sometimes they have weird cravings. Others spread hate and unnecessary comments on the occasional burger a pregnant woman might have. In fact, experts say that people’s diet should contain 80% healthy food and 20% junk food. We all need to treat ourselves.

    Oh, and just don’t mention the word ‘coffee’. Some people are ready to burn a pregnant woman at the stake if she sips a bit of coffee in front of them.

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    Because They Need To Use The Toilet

    Believe it or not, even ladies need to empty their bodies from all the food and drinks they consume. Especially pregnant women. Sometimes we take too much time in the bathroom, sometimes we need to pee too often.

    What surprised me once was a whole online discussion on how pregnant women are terrible as they go to the front of the queue. Really? When?

    Some people even won’t let a pregnant woman use the toilet before them but comment on how often they need to pee. Let me tell you a story: when I was admitted to the hospital, just a few hours before I gave birth, a woman – not in labor, went to the bathroom just before me. Well done, sister, you were faster than a woman with contractions.

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    For Public Breastfeeding

    And a favorite topic of many haters. If comments during pregnancy are not enough, new moms can experience a lot of hate soon after birth.

    Breastfeeding has become a war zone. If you don’t have enough milk, if you have a condition or if you just don’t want to breastfeed, oh well, too brave to admit it because internet trolls and friends will eat you alive.

    On the other hand, if you decide to breastfeed in public, hold on there! You’ll disgust a lot of people!

    A weirdo even took a photo of breastfeeding Conner Kendall without her permission and shamed her on Facebook saying she could cover her boop up. Hey pervert, I guess you don’t mind sex magazines, ah?

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    Because They're Out Shopping

    But mom-to-be, don’t worry - even when you look healthy and beautiful (in moderation, please!), there’ll be people to comment on you. Not only models and celebrities are a target of hate. People without any style might start giving you fashion advice: how inappropriate you’re dressed for a pregnant woman, how surprised they are you don’t have stains on your T-shirt, or how tight your jeans are, even in the first trimester.

    Maternity wear should be comfortable, true, but are we all women in the end? Women living in the 21st century? Let women cover themselves, reveal themselves, sunbathe naked on the beach. Why would you care or dare commenting on people?

    Interestingly enough, you can find articles written by non-parents on what things parents need to go shopping for. Wow, that’s incredible – thanks for letting me know that if your cactus doesn’t need a sterilizer, my baby doesn’t need one either. I’ll enjoy boiling water at 2 am and sterilize bottles myself.

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    For Their Overall Lifestyle

    Shopping and lifestyle go hand in hand. On one hand, people treat pregnant women as not special... and don’t give their seat up. On the other hand, people treat pregnant women as patients who don’t have to enjoy any second of their pregnancy. Forget about traveling, forget about doing sports (but hey, do some exercising at the same time), forget about making love. Advice and hate in one!

    Oh, and when it comes to lifestyle, let’s talk about alcohol and cigarettes. I’m not saying that drinking or smoking is good, but unfortunately, many moms become a target of hate attacks the second they decide to have a sip of beer.

    And let’s focus on a taboo topic – addicted women. Sadly enough, some people believe they don’t deserve to be mothers…

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    "Didn't Win A S..."

    Not only moms are hated on, though. Daddies-to-be also can hear some negative comments. Topics about their age, sex life, “bigger” wife and the “burdens” of fatherhood, might demotivate men.

    Poor celebrities! They can’t escape from haters. In fact, singer Ciara was shamed for being pregnant from her own husband.

    ‘Adult viewing only!’ A post goes, “Ciara got f*cked by Bow Wow, 50 Cent, Amar'e Stoudemire & Future. Got knocked up & married a simp to raise her kid. Russell didn’t win sh*t.”

    Some people don’t stop and lecture pregnant women on the negative impact of fatigue on sexual life and their private parts. Isn’t the word ‘private’ self-explanatory? Well, shut up, please!

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    Because Of Maternity Leave

    Unfortunately, the U.S. is notorious for its lack of maternity leave. Somehow it’s expected that women can recover straight away and balance between sleepless nights and working days. Some pregnant women might get fired when they announce the great news, some women might need to quit to look after their little one...

    The sad truth is that many pregnant women and moms are discriminated at work, even hated. Some forums are full of hate orientated towards women who decide on taking some maternity leave.

    In fact, not only men hate maternity leave, some women also say it’s not fair. Meghann Foye says that she is tired of colleagues who take their maternity leave and suggest a me-ternity leave for all working women, which is basically some ‘me’ time. Obviously, Foye is bitter for some insane reasons, but her ignorance that moms actually rest at home is a common misconception. Just like the oblivious beliefs behind postpartum bodies.

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    Even Hospitals Have Biases

    It comes as a shock, but not only companies treat pregnant women unfairly: hospitals and medical staff are not an exception. Although the pregnancy-related deaths in the U.S. are still high, healthcare experts neglect or ignore the birth plan of their patients.

    A natural birth, an epidural or a C-section, no matter the case birth is painful. However, often medical staff can’t provide some humane care. Pregnant women are not breeding machines but individuals prone to stress, anxiety, and depression.

    What’s even worse, doctors and nurses often show racial bias in relation to pain assessment, a study reveals. In other words, racism is a real danger, not only a battle on Twitter or Facebook.

    Hippocratic Oath? Just hypocrites!

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    They Will Always Draw Comparisons

    Human beings are so unique. Therefore, comparing pregnant women is as horrible as hating them. When a pregnant woman starts opening up, there’ll be someone who’ll say: “Oh, wait and see when she/he starts walking”, “Oh, wait and see with the next one”, etc. Someone will always try to shut you up for no reason.

    It’s like the world has gone so ego-centered that nobody is eager to hear mothers-to-be for a second. I understand that some people think that moms talk only about nappies and bottles, but you know, if you listen, you’ll see that moms have so much more to share.

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    Because It's “Not A Miracle”

    Not listening to the person next to you is not nice but let’s admit it - in our busy society, people often focus on virtual rather than real contact. On the other hand, comparing, shaming and poking your nose in someone else’s life is cruel. However, maybe the most unfair reason pregnant women are hated on is the precious life inside their bellies.

    If you wonder if there are people dumb enough to say that a new life shouldn’t be celebrated, you might be surprised that such opinions are every where in public. Back to wonderful Beyonce, a writer said that she shouldn’t be so happy because “having a baby isn't a miracle and doesn't make you a goddess.”

    Moms, out there, don’t let hate intrude your hearts. Just believe that no matter what people say, you are goddesses.

    Sources: EliteDaily.com, DailyMail.co.uk

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