15 Unfortunate Times Kids Took Haircuts Into Their Own Hands

We've all heard the stories. The self-hair cuts gone wrong. The kids who just couldn't wait to get to the barber or beautician, so they took matters into their own hands. Maybe mom has her own story of cutting her hair when she was a youngster. Or maybe her own kiddo just went at their own hair with scissors last week. Either way, we've all been there. Some of us have even been there more than once.

One mother even admitted that after three kids, she still couldn't prevent the self-hair cuts from happening. Each of her three kids had given themselves a horrible chop. She'd even hidden the scissors starting with the very first kid. Evidently, some parents and kids are just doomed. When it comes to awful self-hair cuts, all mom can do is hope it's not in her stars.

But if it is, articles that tell everyone else's experiences might make mom's own experience a little less painful. Here are 15 times kids took hair cuts into their own hands. And, by taking them into their own hands, I mean quite literally taking scissors or clippers in one hand and an innocent chunk of hair in the other hand. No matter what mom's experience with kids cutting their own hair, these stories are sure to give mom a laugh. Enjoy!

15 He Was Going For A Mohawk


If you know any little boys - and being a parent, it's likely that you do - then you know how "totally awesome" mohawks are. At least, they've been awesome for the past several years. And people of all backgrounds were letting their kids sport them. It wasn't just the rebellious sons and daughters listening to punk rock flaunting this unique look. Everyone and their dog had a mohawk. They were the "in" thing to have, do, style, or whatever.

For one regret-filled youngster, his desire for this haircut was being met by a big fat "no" from his parents. For one reason or another, they simply detested this look and opted for a more practical do. After all, who really wants to style their hair in the morning with five pounds of hair gel?

Being the determined young trail-blazer that he was, this certain young man was not taking no for an answer.

With precise calculations, flawless style taste, and a steady hand, he managed to give himself one of the worst mohawk attempts in the history of mohawk attempts.

Basically, it was like a mohawk threw up on his head. As you can see by the picture, his family isn't amused.

14 Joe Dirt Anyone?


If you're like most people then you've seen the movie Joe Dirt, featuring David Spade and a cast full of classic celebrities.

It tells the story of a mullet-haired rock and roller on the search for his lousy parents who ditched him at the Grand Canyon when he was only eight years old.

He's the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time. Joe Dirt is no epic cinematic comedy. And yet it is because of all the cameos - Christopher Walken, Kid Rock, etc.

One of the best quotes from the movie is when he's wrestling an alligator. He says, “There are three rules when dealing with a deadly alligator. And yes, they are deadly, don’t kid yourself. Rule number one, I’m number one. You hear that? I like to kid around. Rule two, the croc’s number two. Now before I begin…” – Joe Dirt

With that being said, this girl and her misguided self-hair cut channel Joe Dirt like no other. For all we know, she's probably his long-lost sister. Granted, she's too young to be a serious follower of the Joe Dirt nonsense, but there's a pretty good chance that the middle-age drifter (aka her motivation) has been lighting up her screen.

13 Can We Glue It Back?


When it comes to kids and self-hair cuts, the mention of glue is fairly common. In fact, many kids think that glue is the way hair actually becomes long again. It's common sense, I suppose. You cut your hair off and then when you want it long again, you simply glue it back on, right? Little do they know that there are actually high-dollar salons who do that, in a way...ahem, hair extensions. Granted, this is a slightly different situation, but the logic is the same.

Another thing about kids and self-hair cuts is that they often happen during the evening. You know as well as I do that the evening is when a person's brain is starting to shut down for the night. In other words, bad decisions are often made.

The little guy in this particular story was staying the night at grandma's house. After a big day of fun with his grandma, he went to take a much-needed bath. Once he finished up his bath for the night, he looked in the mirror and decided that he needed a tiny hair trim. So, that's exactly what he did.

He trimmed up his bangs and then had a change of heart. His grandma told him that no amount of glue in the world could reattach his bangs. Epic fail!

12 Instant Regret For Toddler Beautician


It seems that stories about kids cutting their own hair never ends in a better-than-before kind of moment. This type of situation is well-known for regret and remorse. They say you should live your life without regrets, I know I know. But, regrets are simply lessons that you wish you could have learned in an easier way. Though life just isn't great about giving us free hand-outs.

So, kids still cut their own hair and it still ends up looking like a huge disaster. They get through it, regrets and all. Granted, most of them don't try to cut their own hair again. Learning tough lessons though regretful experiences is something none of us want to do twice. The first time you learn a tough lesson is hard enough.

One certain little miss learned her lesson the hard way. Like the picture, she has gorgeous wavy hair. Her bangs were long and she was adorable. But, like many other little curious girls, her hair didn't last very long.

The moment her mom left the craft scissors unattended, the little girl went whack-whack and her bangs went bye-bye. And, she felt instant regret. Ugh, some lessons are harder to learn than others.

11 She Was Tired Of Her Bangs


For all you country music fans out there, I'm going to start off this section by quoting some Miranda Lambert lyrics. You'll know why:

"I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissorsI screamed his name til the neighbors called the copsI numbed the pain at the expense of my liverDon't know what I did next all I know, I couldn't stop"

Little miss blue eyes here in the picture decided to go all "Miranda" on her bangs and cut them with a pair of rusty kitchen scissors. There comes a time in every woman's life when she's had enough. Whether it's enough of her boss, her relationship, her mess-making dog, her bank account, or her doggone bangs. For the individual darling featured, it was the bangs. The bangs did her in.

And when a woman's had enough, the sky comes crashing down. Drastic measures are taken. Goodbyes are said. And a cloud of dust becomes the only thing you see as she disappears forever out of your life. At least, that's what we're assuming this little girl's bangs were thinking as they fell to the floor in horror.

Though this sassy kiddo is gorgeous with or without bangs, so we're not grieving too much.

10 The “Part The Waters” Do


Meet Mr. "Part the waters" dude. But, before I dive into his story, let's do a little background first. Do you remember the children's movie The Prince of Egypt? It was a movie based off of the Bible character Moses and his Egyptian nemesis Ramesses. Moses was actually Hebrew by bloodlines, but was adopted by Ramesses' family in a strange turn of events (according to the movie plot). Moses fled from Egypt and later returned to free his people as the Hebrew nation was being used for forced labor to build Ramesses celebrated dynasty.

So, that brings us back to the story of the little fellow pictured. The Prince of Egypt was his favorite movie. Maybe he loved the Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey duo at the end. I mean, who wouldn't? But, from the look of his hair, I don't think the diva duo was his inspiration.

Nope, he wanted his hair to look like the Red Sea when it parted for Moses and the Hebrew nation to escape.

Although the Hebrews escaped the Egyptians and were better for it on the other side of the Red Sea, this boy's hair had a much worse fate. Funny thing is that The Prince of Egypt is still his favorite movie.

9 Trying To Look Like Dad


Little boys have a tendency to want to look like their ole pop. Many sons (and sometimes daughters) model their behavior after their dads, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose it depends on the day. Along with looks and behavior, many kiddos pick up speech habits from their fathers, as well. I think the speech copycatting can be the one that gets most kids in trouble if we had to peg down just one.

But, this story isn't about innocent kids repeated naughty words or acting in a way that resembles their dad. This is about a little guy who wanted to look and be like his dad so much that he took matters into his own hand. Rather, he took his dad unattended clippers into his hands.

His dad was actually balding, so rather than looking "sparse," he just resorted to shaving his entire head. Even though the young son had a headful of healthy hair, he didn't care.

After his dad had finished shaving the few hairs he had on his head, he went into the kitchen to fetch something. When he came back, he found his little boy with an uneven close clipper shave. I guess the little guy got what he wanted!

8 The Hairdresser’s NightMare


I'm not sure if you've noticed a theme in this post aside from the horrible self-hair cuts. What I mean is that kids tend to dive into this whole self-taught beautician job head first. The don't go to hair-cutting school. They don't watch someone else do it first. They don't even dip in a proverbial toe to test the waters and try on a doll or something. Rather, they take a running start and go all-in. No little snip-snips on the straggling hairs towards the bottom. Instead they go right for the front where everyone is sure to see their fine handiwork.

That's what this little girl did. At first, she was pretty proud of herself for locating the clippers in her parents' bathroom vanity. Then, she was proud that she didn't shock herself as she plugged them in. Getting her handy dandy stool and comb, she took no time in "glamming up." But after her first big clipper slice up the middle of her head, she realized that she maybe should have attended that aforementioned hair-cutting school.

As it turns out, her mom's BFF was actually a hair dresser. But, not even the friendly hair dresser could help her out when the little girl went to her for some advice. The struggle is real.

7 It Grows Back, Right?


When you're a kid, there are a lot of situations that either mom or dad can fix. Take it from the new kids series on Netflix Boss Baby: Back in Business, sometimes it's good to tattle to your parents. It can save you from a world of hurt. Or, you can even blame your troubles on the precocious cats in the neighborhood, the talking babies, or the adult humans who know nothing of the secret life of Baby Corp.

Although many of us like to imagine we live in the world of Netlix, one little girl realized that she lived in the real world very quickly one way.

Neither her mom nor her dad could bail her out of her troubles like in the TV shows.

After she'd made the fateful decision to give her bangs a little snip-snip, she sort of went all snip happy on the rest of her hair, as well.

While it was fun in the process, the end result was not exactly what she was expecting. It turned out so choppy and so awful that her mom tried to cover her mess with one of those thick headbands. As you can see by the picture, this little beautician was not at all pleased with her new style.

6 Mischief When The Babysitter Wasn't Looking


This particular story has absolutely nothing to do with kids wanting to be like a parent or kids trying their hand at being a hair dresser prodigies. This is more of a babysitting gig gone wrong kind of story.

I'm not sure if it's worse when a kid cuts his hair when his parents are home or during an evening with the babysitter?

No matter which one is actually worse, this young man decided to go the babysitter route. Fortunately, his babysitters were also his aunts, so they didn't get into too much trouble. As the story goes, two of his aunts were on babysitting duty. Since they'd done this gig dozens of times before, they were a little more lax with the whole deal.

With the relaxed attitude, one aunt decided to give the other a trim. Apparently, the scissors and the clippers were in the same drawer. While the sisters were in the middle of the trim, one of the younger siblings needed some attending to. So, the babysitting sisters left the bathroom leaving one ornery young fellow to go to town on his hair. Who knows if he actually needed a trim, too, or if he just wanted to be a part of the haircutting magic.

5 The Unforgettable Toddler Mug Shot


If you are a sibling then you know full well what each of these facial expressions means on the young girls in the featured picture. As you may have guessed, the guilty party is on the right and little miss "I'm just hear for the ride" is on the left. As it goes, this Thelma and Louise duo didn't think when they picked up scissors to cut their own hair that they were taking a long walk off of a short pier, in terms of beauty, that is.

But, that is exactly what happened. Perhaps the smirking one ended up being an attorney or something persuasive in nature because the way she convinced her sister to doing a little snippety-snipping was impeccable. And clearly, the convinced sister was not what you'd call a whole-hearted and willing partner in crime. She sort of fits the bill as "old enough to know better still too young to really care." Until she was caught and then realized how slowly hair actually grows back.

Nope, the grimace on her face translates instant regret. Behind those fierce eyes are motives of revenge.

You can bet that once the camera stopped it's flashing and parents stopped their laughing, someone got revenge.

4 The Supercuts Save


After a long day of grocery shopping, running errands, and cleaning the house, this mother/daughter duo decided to settle down to relax for the night. After the busy day, wise old mom made the executive decision to order pizza for dinner. Some nights are just fit to be pizza nights and this one couldn't have fit the bill better.

While the little girl's mom took the pizza box out to the garbage can, she sent her young daughter to go brush her teeth. In the little girl's defense, when her mom said, "Go brush your teeth honey," it did sound an awful lot like, "Go give yourself a horrible haircut that you will regret and will make this trip to the garbage can completely not worth it." You can see how she could misunderstand, right?

Well, the misunderstanding did happen and hair that didn't need cut was most definitely cut. But, being the awesome mother/daughter duo that they were, big laughs were had and they just slept off any frustration they experienced.

The next day they ran to Supercuts to see if one of the stylists could even out the little trim. It turned out that she could, but the little girls hair was super duper short!

3 Eyebrows Are Definitely Overrated


If you're like most people then you've had certain ideas that seemed great at the time, but were undoubtedly horrible, to say the least. Well, this is one of those stories. And this particular one isn't about a toddler or elementary school-age child. Nope, this story is about a teenager. Of course, the moral compass of toddlers and teenagers aren't too far apart at times. Still, the error in judgement is most definitely here in this story.

As it goes, one 16-year decided that his eyebrows were way too thick for his taste. So, rather than reaching for the tweezers or you know, Googling how to thin out eyebrows, he grabbed the kitchen scissors.

Not even haircutter scissors, he went for the ones you use to open a sealed package of salmon. Yuck!

Well, given kitchen scissors are exactly precise enough to trim or thin out eyebrows, he regretted his decision and actions pretty much instantly. To fix the problem, he cut a little of his hair out and tried to glue the hairs on his eyebrows. Another ridiculous choice that ended up as an epic failure. The great thing about stupid decisions like this is that they're funny to outsiders nearly momentarily. So, we all get a good laugh!

2 He Wanted To Look “Crispy” For The Girls


I'm not sure about you, but I think this thing called puppy love can be pretty influential on a young life. In fact, it  can cause them to take drastic measure to win over the love of their life...or loves of their life, whichever the case might be. Such was the heart of one young sweetheart trying to win over his lovely girls.

The little fellow had an older brother, so he was well aware of what it took to win a girl's heart. You have to have the looks, the moves, and the smarts. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk. And this young man wasn't going to miss a beat. He had his eye set on the girls and he was not at all going to disappoint.

So, when his older brother's hair clippers were left unattended, he grabbed them and made his epic move. His reason for going to town on his cute little curls? Well, he said that he wanted to look "crispy" for the girls.

Not everyone can be the alpha male, but this little guy is on track to be at the top of his game one hundred percent of the time.

1 Dad’s Nose Hair Clippers Work On Eyebrows Too


When it comes to valued hair on our bodies, the typical luscious mane on top of our heads isn't the only victim for motivated yet untrained beauticians. Unfortunately, eyebrows and eye lashes also take a beating from wanna-be-stylist stars. Many times electricity can be blamed for this. Especially for the eyebrows.

At least that's exactly what happened for this poor soul. His dad apparently fights an uphill battle against long nose hairs. So naturally, electric nose hair trimmers often see the light of day. One fateful morning, those innocent nose hair trimmers seemed to beg for more electricity to surge through them. Trimming two nostrils just wasn't enough.

A certain young man just had to answer the call. So once the nose hairs had been conquered, he snuck into the bathroom to find the trimmers still laying out and about on the vanity. Not quite as gracefully as his father, the young son decided to do some man-scaping of his own. Although his efforts didn't quite turn out as handsome as he'd expected.

Nearly shaving off an entire eyebrows, he might have fallen from grace with his parents but not before stealing the spotlight.

Ole dad will likely be cleaning up after himself better.

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