15 Unique Babies To Ever Be Born

Record-breaking and extreme babies exist for a lot of reasons. It could be because of a disease, chromosome problem, genetics, or luck.

In this equally beautiful and harsh world, babies are born and babies die, babies grow and they come and go. They usually do this without much incident, and their being born and growing and dying is a normal part of the cycle of life. And what is universally accepted is that babies are adorable, cuddly, cute, soft, and all other adjectives that are synonymous with “cute and fluffy” and “an absolute joy to this world.” It is also universally known that they are noisy, cranky, icky, messy, and most especially perpetually hungry! But these are all normal baby things, and parents should definitely expect them; relatives, friends, and acquaintances should not be surprised at all.

But what is not universally acknowledged is that sometimes, record-setting babies are brought into this world. Record-breaking and extreme babies exist for a lot of reasons. It could be because of a disease, chromosome problem, genetics, or luck. Have you heard of the world’s smallest baby? Or the infant with six limbs? These are the out-of-this-world babies that we do not see every day, but who surely made the news! Here are 15 record-breaking and unique babies that you will not believe exist!

15Amillia Taylor (Most Premature Baby)

“Amillia Taylor shouldn’t be alive,” are the first words The Guardian wrote in their piece on the extraordinary case of baby Amillia. And we had better believe it! Against all odds, Amillia survived and lived. What’s so special about her, you might ask? Well, little Amillia was born at 22 weeks old! This is exceptional because 24 weeks is the point at which babies are more likely to live than to die.

She was born on the 21st of October, and she weighed only 10 ounces! She was also not longer than 9 and a half inches. Imagine, she probably weighed as much as a bar of soap and she was no longer than a ruler! The great thing is that she survived and has been busy living her life. Her mother, Sonja, describes her as “like a real baby now.”

14Largest Baby Of 2017…So Far!

The largest baby of the year was born in New Zealand in May. The parents are keeping their identities, and that of their child, a secret. Weighing an impressive 16 pounds and 4 ounces, this bouncing baby boy outstrips a 16-pound arrival, born in Indiana in June. The boy was born by scheduled cesarean section, and by all accounts is doing just fine.

This new arrival joins the ranks of other heavier newborns, several of which have been born just this year. These babies include a girl born in Florida weighing 13 pounds and 8 ounces, and another in Australia 13 pounds and 6 ounces. However, the all-time record belongs to a baby boy born in Seville, Ohio on January 19, 1879. The child’s mother, Anna Bates, named him, Babe. Unfortunately, Babe did not survive for very long.

13Sean And Abigail Maynard

In 2008 a North Carolina couple got the surprise of their lives when they welcomed near record-setting twins into their lives. Erin Maynard had a surprisingly normal pregnancy for a mom carrying twins. She experienced none of the typical issues associated with a twin pregnancy, the babies developed normally and she did not go into preterm labor. Erin was admitted to the hospital for a scheduled cesarean section with no indication that anything was amiss.

The couple welcomed their children, weighing a grand total of 23 pounds and 1 ounce, in June of 2008. Abigail weighed in at 12 pounds and 3 ounces, while her brother Sean was just a bit smaller at 10 pounds and 14 ounces. Mom and babies were all healthy if a bit tired. The Maynard twins were the second heaviest to ever be born in the United States, just falling short of a set of twins born in Arkansas in 1927.

12Liu Junjie

Liu Junjie was a 2-month-old baby in Shanghai, China who, in what is one of the rarest situations, was born with a third arm. The report from GMA News described this third arm as “extremely rare and well-developed,” because it really is not so usual to see three equally well-developed arms from an infant!

With his two left arms, one on the upper part of his shoulder and one lying across his chest, the doctors had a…handful on their table. Thankfully, the surgery to remove the third arm was a complete success! And though they said that the boy needs long-term physical therapy, he should be just fine. His mother was relieved at the turnout of the surgery, but still worried about her son’s future. But we believe in baby Junjie! He’d be around 11 years old now since this story was first reported in 2006.

11Ronnie And Sienna Budden

Sadie and her husband Paul tried to conceive a child for two years before they found out she was pregnant. Sadie’s first pregnancy was completely normal and their first child, a boy, was born in August 2011. The couple was shocked to learn that they were expecting again, just three weeks after the birth of their son. The couple’s second child, a daughter named Sienna, was born in February 2012 at only 26 weeks. That makes these siblings some of the closest in age, born just 208 days apart.

Sienna spent the first 3 ½ months of her life in the hospital. Because of her premature status, Sienna had to deal with complications including a brain hemorrhage. She was so delicate that it was three weeks before her parents were even allowed to hold her. But in the end, she pulled through! Sienna and Ronnie now live with their older brother and their parents at home in England.

10Isabelle Kaplan

Mackenzie and David Kaplan certainly were not expecting this as they were getting ready to welcome their baby girl. On January 8, 2016, Mackenzie gave birth to their adorable daughter Isabelle, but they immediately noticed something was different. Isabelle was born with a full and glorious head of hair. David remarked, “[w]hen she came out with a hair helmet, we couldn’t believe it.”

A family member posted a picture of baby Isabelle to Reddit when she was about two-months-old and the reception was amazing. The photo quickly spread across the internet racking up more than three million views. Baby Isabelle’s hair has gotten her likened to the fictional character Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and TV host Mario Lopez. It turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as David’s mother remembers him having a similarly luscious mane when he was a baby.

9Tot Lali (Baby With Two Faces)

Does a baby born with two faces sound so unusual to you? Well, you better believe it! Tot Lali, a baby born in a northern Indian Village, has two noses, two lips, and two pairs of eyes! Only her ears are the normal one pair. And it’s not only international media that she caught by storm – she caught the attention of pilgrims and village people from 25 miles away as well!

“Hundreds of pilgrims” visited baby Lali, as they believed her to be the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess. Even people from villages 25 miles away from New Delhi, where she was born, come to visit her. They sing songs and dance and even offer money, “asking for her blessings” (by asking to touch her feet). Meanwhile, her parents have asked their government to help with her medical treatments.

8Baby Born With Six Legs

We’ve heard of the baby with two faces, or the baby with three arms – but now we also know that out there, there is a baby with six legs! A baby born in Sukkur, Pakistan was brought to Karachi on a Monday morning to undergo a complicated operation to remove his excess legs. Thankfully, the surgeons were successfully able to remove the extra four limbs and the baby boy is doing just fine!

The parents were “much relieved,” as they had tried for a baby for a long four years, and the father Imran Shaikh said that they were only a poor family and were thankful that the government helped them. According to a local report, the baby apparently had a parasitic twin who did not completely develop, hence the excess limbs sticking to the baby boy. What was even more mind-blowing was that the doctor described the condition as a genetic disease that affects only “one in a million or more” babies!

7The Suleman Octuplets

Born January 26, 2009, these children still hold the record for “most children delivered at a single birth to survive.” When news first broke of Nadya Suleman’s pregnancy the media, and country, were equal parts enraged and fascinated. The outrage increased when it was revealed that Suleman already had six other children. Like an increasing number of the multiple births reported each year, Suleman’s octuplets are the result of IVF during which twelve embryos were used.

Nadya was scheduled for a cesarean at 31 weeks and was expecting to meet seven babies that day, the eighth had been previously undetected. The procedure required 46 personnel in attendance and they ran two practice surgeries ahead of time. Miraculously, all eight children survived the incredibly risky pregnancy and delivery and today live a normal life. The doctor who administered Suleman’s IVF had his license revoked in 2009 following an investigation into why so many embryos were used at one time.

6Amy And Katie Elliott

These twins may hold the record for longest interval between the birth of twins but to their family, they are just a couple of little miracles. Their mother Maria went into labor just before the pregnancy reached 24 weeks, the point when a premature baby has a greater chance of survival than not. After enduring days of labor, Maria gave birth to the first of her twin daughters, Amy, on June 1, 2012. The baby was insanely small, weighing barely more than one pound.

Maria’s contractions stopped immediately and they ultimately decided to wait for their second child to make her appearance when she was ready. That day came 87 days later, on August 27. Still one month early, their second child Kate weighed in at just over five pounds. Today the twins are living a perfectly normal life with their family at home in Ireland.

5The Panwar Twins

These next babies were certainly born into record-setting circumstances. Their mother, Omkari Panwar, gave birth to them via caesarian section at the age of 72. The Indian woman and her husband, Charam Singh, were already parents of two and grandparents of five but said they really wanted to conceive a son. IVF makes it possible for the couple suffering from all sorts of fertility issues to conceive babies, though clinics set limits on how old a mother can be.

Omkari obtained the services of an IVF clinic after lying about her age. The couple depleted their life savings in order to pay for the IVF treatments. They say it was all worth it in the end though! The twins were delivered at 32 weeks due to various complications stemming from advanced maternal age. Despite their premature status, both babies surprised everyone by doing just fine.

4Baby Kieran

It was a terrifying day for couple Caitlin and Brian Veitz when they left their OBGYN’s office in Bismarck, North Dakota, knowing that their baby girl Kieran had a rare and dangerous heart condition. Baby Kieran was diagnosed with ectopia cordis, a condition that meant her heart was located outside of her chest. In Kieran’s case, her liver was outside her body too! A rare condition, it affects only 1 in 100,000, and in the worst cases can result in death or termination of the pregnancy.

“We kind of thought it was over before we could even begin,” said her mother, but after being told that Kieran was likely to survive, her defects were categorized as mild, Veitz felt more confident. And lo, baby Kieran survived! Her doctors were hopeful, saying that they “wanted to give the kid a shot,” and with the help of 3-D imaging, they were able to get a good grasp of her anatomy. As of November 2016, Kieran was getting ready to turn two!

3Roona Begum

This baby girl defied odds and survived despite her dangerous condition – her skull swelled to three times its normal size! Due to a fluid build-up in her brain, her head grew to as much as 37 inches in circumference. But her story is “miraculous” and inspiring, as she survived and recovered after surgery, and even celebrated the birth of a baby brother! She was, as of May 2016, 4 years old, and on her way to celebrate her fifth birthday later that year.

Roona Begum, the baby girl, was born in northeastern India with an extreme case of hydrocephalus. Thankfully, two Norwegian students, Jonas Borchgrevink and Nathalie Krantz, started a fundraising campaign for her treatment, raising up to £25,000! Ten liters of fluid were drained from her brain, and she underwent up to seven treatments. Her parents had a second child even though they were worried, they felt that it was important for little Roona to have company.

2Porter, Logan, Mason, And Connor Negus

Quadruplet births are incredibly rare, about 1 in 800,000, but this case is even stranger. Sabrina Negus technically gave birth to one set of triplets and a singleton referred to as “triplets plus one.” After discovering the unexpected additions to their family during a routine ultrasound, the family had expected twins, Sabrina’s pregnancy immediately became high-risk. As is common with such a high-risk pregnancy, Sabrina was on bedrest for eleven weeks.

On January 8, 2013, Sabrina and her husband Lucas welcomed the boys, born by cesarean section. Everything went smoothly and the babies were released from the hospital after nine weeks. The parents soon found themselves knee-deep in diapers and feedings, reportedly going through up to two dozen diapers every day! Ultimately the family says they were very lucky, “I mean, there’s not a thing wrong with these guys. They are absolutely healthy and you could not ask for anything more than that.”

1Milagros Cerron (“Real Life Little Mermaid”)


People think that mermaids were only magical, mythical creatures of the sea, but for baby Milagros, being a mermaid was a reality. Just like any ordinary baby, she coos and smiles and laughs, but her legs were anything but ordinary. Baby Milagros was born with a birth defect known as sirenomelia, or “mermaid syndrome.” This means that her legs were fused together much like the fin of a mermaid. In a feat that was never tried before in Peru, doctors attempted to separate her legs, giving her a chance to live a normal life.

And true to her name, Milagros, which means “miracle,” survived her operation. The initial operation was expected to last about five hours, though additional surgeries will be required for at least the next 10-15 years or her life. The initial report was made in 2005, and in 2007 it was reported that Milagros had her walk in the first day of school!

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