15 Things Pregnant Women Do That Piss Everyone Off

We all have these wonderful little phalanges at the tip of our upper extremities. Typically designed to grasp objects, they are frequently used to point in mockery. Ah yes, pointing at another person's downfalls has become an online trend.

Sorry good people of Earth, but here's more of the same. Well, sort of. Not that we're pointing and mocking at another's downfalls. We're simply pointing out the obvious bad choices...and some odd ones, as well.

It's a well-known fact that pregnancy is an incredibly vulnerable time for both mom and baby, in more ways than one. Obviously, the expecting mother's body is being demanded of like never before. In addition, the new little human inside of mom is...well, growing into a human. It's a tough job! Aside from the obvious challenges pregnancy requires, there are a few unspoken ones as well.

For instance, carrying a child somehow opens a Texas-sized door to everyone else in the world to judge an expectant woman. Judge her for her wardrobe, cravings, weight-gain, lifestyle, and the list goes on and on.

Be encouraged that most of the time, these judgements are shot like arrows from the bored chatter-boxes. They're not to be taken seriously. This is why those "I Don't Want Your Advice!" T-shirts are selling like hotcakes. It's an impregnated woman's right to do what she wants.

There are some judgements that have reason to be in existence, though. We're going to point out fingers at some of these today. From forbidden food to no-no activities to some WTF stuff, we've got a good line-up for anyone who needs it.

Here are 15 upsetting things that some expectant women do. Enjoy!

15 Eat Dirt

A common enough practice during pregnancy is known as Pica. It's when you crave substances with little or no nutritional value. Most women who experience this have a hankering for dirt or chalk.

Some women have even reported to finding the perfect way to cook dirt. Apparently spreading some dirt on a cookie sheet and baking it until it's crisp is very popular. The crunch is a huge part in fulfilling this particular craving. The cookie sheet method of cooking dirt seems to do the trick.

Why does this upset us so much? Well, because people don't normally eat dirt. The act of eating the ground is very odd and almost animalistic to us. Hey, to each her own!

14 Exercise Obsessively


Pregnancy is definitely a time when women tend to obsess over their figure. And for good reason, too! Everything about your body changes when you carry a child. Things that you never even considered before are suddenly altering their appearance.

Admittedly, it's very encouraging to see a pregnant women in a yoga class or going for a walk. What freaks most people out are those women who still exercise as if it's going out of style. Relax a little, will you!

Maybe the fault is in our mindset that pregnancy is a delicate state. Perhaps it's that we Americans have nearly made it a medical conundrum as if our body's don't know what to do. Women's bodies know exactly what they're doing, period. So, step away from the huge weight and walk away slowly...maybe towards some food or something.

13 Ride Motorcycles


Usually a pretty women on a motorcycle will turn anyone's head. What about if she's pregnant, though? You will probably agree that it doesn't exactly have the same effect. Why does a pregnant woman atop a roaring two-wheeler upset us so much?

Well, motorcycles have the reputation of being wild and free-spirited. The expecting state of motherhood has the reputation of being responsible and cautious. The two just don't naturally jive during pregnancy.

Aside from the juxtaposition of pregnancy and being a biker babe, riding a motorcycle can be incredibly dangerous. Seeing a pregnant women ride goes against all our natural instincts. We want to remove the mother-to-be from the bike, give her a firming talking to, and put her inside a safe, 5-star vehicle.

12 Indulge In Sushi


Only because the knowledge of this food no-no is so widely spread can most of us judge accordingly. It takes a true sushi lover to fully understand what a huge drag it is to go without for 9 months during pregnancy. You get to the point that you just want to taste it and then spit it out. Not that you actually do it, but you think about doing it.

This upsets us. As the general judging public, we don't want to see pregnant moms eating raw fish. No matter how delicious it is or how strong the wasabi is on that particular day, this simply disagrees with us.

We only want to see mama Grizzly bears do this...in the river...in the woods. So, basically on the Discovery channel.

To be perfectly honest, the act of eating sushi disagrees with most people anyway. Throw pregnancy into the mix and red flags are waving out of control.

11 Fight Frequently With Loved Ones


Couples fight. No matter how much it stinks, this fact will never change. Conflicts don't magically cease to exist the moment a women learns she's pregnant. We wish they did, though.

One of the most disturbing scenes to witness is a pregnant women fighting with her significant other. We especially hate this if she's crying or clearly in distress. It breaks our hearts to see mascara running, hearing her voice crack, or see her shoulders shake with sobs.

The influence pregnancy (in others) has on our emotions is profound. It brings out the protector in us. Even if she is to blame for the conflict in the first place, we still want to punch the other partner, right? It's just one of those things that can't always be explained.

10 Engage In Risky Behavior


Fetishes. There is one word that drives this point home and it's fetishes. There is a fixation on pregnant women in this world. For most of us, it's not easily understood how a pregnant women (other than your partner) could be such an obsessive turn-on.

There are pornographic videos focused on this. Some strip clubs hire only pregnant women for their shows. It's crazy!

Yes, of course this bothers us! It's basically the exploitation of the state of motherhood. We don't like it because it just doesn't fit into what we think motherhood should be.

What's even worse than people having sexual mania over pregnancy is the women giving into this obsession. In order to have success at this business, there must be women willing to be a target. It's just very troublesome.

9 Talk Negatively About Baby

Many of you have probably heard some woman trash-talking her unborn child at one point or another. It's shocking isn't is?

Maybe it was an unplanned pregnancy or even unwanted. There are so many reasons for a woman to be disappointed in circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. It's sad to say that not every little baby was perfectly planned or can even be properly care for. Such is life.

Hearing a woman talk that way is incredibly upsetting to us. Not that every waking moment of pregnancy should be spent adorning the little one. We're sort of wired to think that about 99.9% of it should be, though.

8 Continue Bad Habits

There's no shortage of stupid decisions to be made in this world, but this one has to be top 10 most obvious. I've never met a person who didn't know smoking was bad for you, and especially bad for you while you're pregnant.

Why does this bug us so much? Maybe it's the mental picture of a tiny baby unable to escape cigarette residue inside his safe haven. This is incredibly disturbing to us.

Aside from the awful mental picture, there are well-known risks. Women who smoke while pregnant are more likely to miscarry, give birth to small babies with many health issues, or  give birth to a baby whose life has already been taken. It's scare stuff, so why would any women selfishly put their own child in harm's way? We know there is no good reason and that's why it peeves us.

7 Struggle With Eating Disorders


Not eating enough or at all is quite the opposite of how pregnant women typically respond to growing a baby. Most pregnancies bring a hefty appetite for mom. Who's to blame her? She's doing a huge job.

It's especially disheartening when we see pregnant moms who are nothing but skin and bones. Anorexia and Bulimia are two demons that are difficult to fight. Women who just can't overcome these eating disorders, even while pregnant, are undoubtedly going to get glares from the outside world.

Women dealing with these issues tend to isolate themselves. They are known of having incredibly under weight babies with an array of health problems. No wonder we are upset by this

6 Not Attend Regular Checkups

We assume when we come in contact with a pregnant women that she'll have some type of updated report from her doctor. We ask the typical questions, and most likely she'll give the typical answers. What if everything is not so typical, though? Perhaps she's chosen to forgo the regular prenatal checkups for whatever reason.

This choice kind of ruffles our feathers. In our minds, doctors should be keeping a close watch on unborn babies and their moms. When it doesn't happen, we wonder what is wrong. Is something inhibiting the expecting mom from going to the doctor and can we help? Has she chosen this by herself and why? What if there is a serious problem and it's not caught in time?

Ah, our paranoid and overactive mind can really do a number on us with this one.

5 Get Turnt And Party


This is so completely obvious as a huge no-no during pregnancy, but it needs to be mentioned anyway. Apparently some women just can't cut themselves off when it comes to the parties and the booz. To that we say, boo!

Perhaps it's that these women just don't quite realize that the body they're stringing out at 3 A.M. in the morning is the same one providing a safe haven to their unborn child. Nevertheless, they need a loud wake up call.

No, we don't like this. It upsets us that some women do this. Moms should be moms and not party girls. It's just another one of those mindsets that is not easily going to be changed. For good reason, too.

4 Fail To Prepare For Baby

Um, yeah this is sort of your job moms-to-be...prepare for baby. We laugh, but often the due date sneaks right up on some women. There are books, articles, blogs, and so many resources to help out with this one. From a week-to-week planner on how to best prepare for baby to a full-length book, it's all been done before.

So, how does a due date arrive without sufficient supplies for baby? Well, let's just say that there are many reasons. The number one reason is that time just slips away from you. The second is that you're in denial about the little amount of time left in your pregnancy.

We are excluding moms of early arrivals, of course. We judgmental people like to see Pinterest-perfect baby rooms prepped and ready to go long before baby actual arrives. All he or she will truly want is some warm milk, snuggles, and a clean diaper. It's the adults who demand preparedness perfection.

3 Work Themselves Too Hard


Some women are left working jobs that are so physically demanding that we can't help but feel sorry for them. The waitress at your favorite diner's bump has been growing for months now, but has she slowed down? Probably not.

Or the mom-to-be doing it all by herself. She takes care of the household, the shopping, the meals, the budgeting, etc. Every little responsibility of the household is weighing on her shoulders. It's hard enough to get through pregnancy with a sound mind, but add some heavy stress to that, and you've got one exhausted mom.

We try to make up for this cycle by going the extra mile for these moms. By leaving large tips or helping when we can, we like to lift the burden a little.

2 Pop Pills

Admittedly, the Paleo Diet, holistic pursuits, and healthy lifestyles are sweeping the nation. Not everyone is jumping on these life-enriching bandwagons, though. Some people still resort to going to the medicine cabinet and popping a pill for every little thing.

Even worse, some pregnant women do it without even researching how the medication will affect the pregnancy. This is scary! No, of course we don't like this. Some medications can really harm an unborn child and the thought is horrific.

Aside from prescriptions and over-the-counter medication, there are even women who partake in the illegal stuff. Some choose to continue this bad habit throughout pregnancy. This behavior often causes birth defects, health problems, and babies will an array of issues. You can understand now why this one made the list.

1 Dress Their Bump Wrong


You didn't actually think we were going to let this one slip away did you? Oh no, although some of these 15 on the list have serious consequences, others are just fun to mock. This is a fun one.

Have you ever seen anything more brilliantly beautiful than an adorable pregnant women perfectly adorned in maternity clothes? Well, we haven't either.

Conversely, is there anything more worthy of a head shake than let's say M.I.A's polka dot maternity outfit at the Grammy's? Their are countless celebrities just begging us to poke fun at them for their wardrobe choices.

So, with ready fingers we gladly point and laugh. It's either laugh or get upset over this one we suppose.

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