15 Vintage Photos Of Victoria And David Beckham Before They Became Parents (And 10 Of Them Now)

David and Victoria Beckham have been one of the most famous and influential celebrity couples pretty much since the day they started dating, back in 1997. Victoria was a member of the world's most famous girl group, Spice Girls, and David was one of England's greatest upcoming football stars. Once it was evident that the two were dating, the world couldn't stop obsessing over them. Fast forward to 2019, and the world is definitely still just as obsessed with them, if not even more. David became a football legend, and Victoria went from Posh Spice to one of the world's best fashion designers. And amongst all the work they have done, they still managed to raise four beautiful children, three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz; and a daughter Harper. While the couple always seemed put together and perfect, in a way they also seem very down to Earth and normal - at least as normal as celebrities can be.

So here they are: 15 vintage photos of Posh and Becks from back when they were dating and 10 more recent photos that prove they are vampires who have not aged a bit. Just kidding, they are not vampires, but they do look incredible!

25 Victoria And David Both Wore Black For Their Engagement Photos

The couple got engaged only a year after meeting, and the photos of Victoria showing off her engagement ring are iconic. Again, both of them color coordinated in black outfits and both of them were visibly excited and happy. Not much has changed right, they still always seem to be thrilled to be around each other, even after twenty years of marriage! Can we take a moment to appreciate the fashion zeitgeist of that time, with David's nonchalant hair falling on his face, and Victoria's dark lip liner absolutely not matching her lipstick? Ah, the late '90s were truly something, weren't they?

24 And Even When They're Not Trying They Kind Of Match

When David and Victoria don't have perfectly coordinated outfits, they still somehow manage to pull off looks that just work well together. Here are a young David and Victoria taking a stroll around the city looking incredibly cool as always. She's looking all posh in a gray blazer and black shades, while David looks rocker chic with kind of messy hair and a black leather jacket. These two have not only found each other on a soulmate level, they also definitely found each other in a fashion sense. Both have a unique and strong personal style, and together they just compliment each other perfectly!

23 And Yes, They Love Black, But They Can Also Match In White

Back in the days, Posh and Becks were known for their sleek, almost Matrix-like outfits that were mainly black with a lot of leather, but every now and then they'd surprise everyone with an all-white look. And of course if one of them wore white, so did the other. So here they are wearing white sleeveless tops and pants. At this point, even their hairstyles sort of matched, as Victoria had a short, pixie cut. One thing that we have to point out is that these two seem to have barely aged, honestly, don't they pretty much look exactly the same today?

22 Here They Are Walking Their Dogs In London 

One thing that people maybe wouldn't have guessed about this couple is that Victoria and Beckham are real dog lovers. In the picture above you can see them walking their dogs Snoopy and Puff on a cold winter morning in London, back in 1997. Yup, Posh and Becks committed to having dogs pretty early on, but luckily everything worked out well for them. Can we also just point out how the two are being so adorable and holding hands, even though they are walking dogs? Seriously, the two always seemed to be such a picture-perfect couple, and still, are.

21 And Here They Are At A Party

Victoria and David always knew how to dress up for a party and they always wowed everyone. Here they were sort of matching again in all black, and their accessories are so late 90's! Just look at David rocking that hat! Victoria was definitely one of the few celebs who made short hair trendy again, and while many people can't really pull that kind of hair off, she definitely can! Throughout the years Victoria and David gave us a variety of different looks and a bunch of hairstyles, and somehow they managed to look incredibly good with all of them!

20 Look At That Late '90s/Early 2000s Fashion

Okay, now let's take a look at Victoria and David not matching for a party! They still look absolutely fab, of course. David, who's (are we surprised) wearing a sleek black outfit, decided to spice things up with the one accessory everyone wore in the late '90s and early 2000s: a colorful head bandana. And as ridiculous as the look might seem today, David still managed to look incredibly stylish rocking it! Victoria, on the other hand, wore another classic item from that era: a glittery halter neck top - something all of us had in our closets at some point!

19 They Were Even Fashionable At The Airport

Looking fab at the airport isn't an easy job at all. But Posh and Becks have always been good at it, and here they are back in 1998 serving us looks like the iconic couple they have since become. Victoria is looking super cool in her all-black attire (with the matching shades), while David is slightly more relaxed in jeans, a purple top, and a huge Louis Vuitton bag. They are definitely not trying to look amazing, they just naturally do. It's one of those couples that have been fashion icons since day one, and they always will be!

18 Rocking That Steve Jobs Turtleneck Look

Okay, we had to include another pic from their engagement announcement, just because that moment was so epic that just one photo wouldn't be enough. Here they are posing in matching black turtlenecks and this would probably look a little over the top and ridiculous on anyone else, but on Posh and Becks it just somehow works. Also, why are celebrity engagement photos not a big thing anymore? All celebs should do them, can we please bring that trend back?

17 David And Victoria Always Had A Thing For The Partner Look

David Beckham and Victoria (at that time) Adams have started dating back in 1997 after she attended a game of the English football club Manchester United, whom David was playing for at the time. Needless to say, media and fans everywhere went crazy at the thought of Posh Spice and the world's hottest football player dating. But David and Victoria never disappointed, and meanwhile they served us with some amazing partner looks, which sort of became their signature couple thing to do. Here they are both full on black leather looks, which was not only bold but somehow also totally cute!

16 One Thing Is Clear, They Always Look Happy

Matching looks or not, Victoria and David are one of those couples who just seem like they're always in a good place. And while we're sure they deal with problems just like every other happy couple does, they somehow seem to have managed to solve every issue they had and come out stronger and even happier. We thought many Hollywood couples would last forever (yup, we're looking at you Angie and Brad), but Posh and Becks seem to perhaps be the rare one that does!

15 Here's A Photo Of David, Victoria And A Huge Pair Of Pants

But enough with the cheesiness here's another kind of matching look from the two, that will give us all major nostalgia vibes. Honestly, this pic pretty much sums up what fashion looked like back then, and David's baggy pants are the major eye-catcher here. While the two didn't opt for the same color this time, they did both matches a tank top with pants, and each rocked a monochromatic look. The one thing that for sure screams "we're a couple" is the matching shades!

14 Here They Are Sitting In Throne Chairs

Via: vogue.com

We're slowly starting to think that often Victoria and David match not because they try to, but because their fashion sense is so similar. Like, we can imagine them getting up in the morning, each going to their huge closet to get dressed, and somehow coming out looking like they planned and coordinated it. Either way, here are the two, for some reason sitting in throne chairs while wearing very laid back and casual outfits. And of course, matching hats!

13 David Was Always The Biggest Spice Girls Fan

When it came to supporting each others success, David and Victoria were amazing! David was always cheering on the Spice Girls, attending concerts and supporting them, while Victoria made sure to be at every match of David's she could. One thing with celebrity couples is that the less famous one always tends to feel jealous and neglected, but with Posh and Becks that was never the case. They both had their times when they were more popular than the other, but they couldn't care less!

12 Here They Are In A 1998 Vogue Edition

Besides paparazzi and red carpet pics, we also decided to include one photo of the two from a magazine shoot. This was a photograph taken by Juergen Teller for the UK Vogue in Mach 1999. At this point, the couple already had major celebrity status, and magazines were throwing themselves at them for interviews and photo shoots. To be fair not much has changed, everyone still wants to know what these two are up to! And side note, how cool is this photo? Such spontaneous vibes, we're loving it!

11 And Here They Are At Their Wedding In 1999

Okay, obviously this list wouldn't work without a photo from their jaw-dropping wedding! And, oh my God, how stunning did the two look? The couple got married on 4 July 1999, and 20 years later, they are still going strong! Their son Brooklyn, who was exactly three months old, was the ring bearer, and the ceremony was held in Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. At the time, it was a very extravagant and lavish wedding, and it was estimated to have cost £500,000!

10 Fast Forward About 20 Years And They Still Look Just As Good

How on earth is this even possible? How have they almost not aged at all! Sure, they look a little older and wiser, but not 20 years older! It's crazy how good they still look! Can you believe that they are both in their forties? And that they have four kids? For a couple in the eye of the public they sure managed to raise their kids and maintain a happy family and healthy relationship, and frankly, that takes a lot of skill!

9 Here They Are At An Important 2018 Event

Okay, let's not focus on the event - nobody probably cared about anymore anyway, once Posh and Becks showed up, let's focus on how classy and sophisticated their outfits are. David wore a Dior Homme charcoal grey morning suit designed by Kim Jones. Victoria, on the other hand, wore a navy midi dress with split sleeves from her spring/summer 2019 collection! Both of them decided to auction off their outfits and give the profits to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

8 And They're Still Trendsetters At Paris Fashion Week

While they don't do intense parent looks like they used to anymore, this power couple still finds a way to match and coordinate. In the photo above they were attending the 2018 Paris Fashion Week, and they both sort of casual business looks and matching long coats. While their styles changed over the years, they always stayed on top of the latest trends and definitely influenced the fashion game! We can't wait to see what they'll wear to this years Paris Fashion Week!

7 Which Means They Also Had To Attend The 2018 British Fashion Awards

Obviously, the two attend tons of fashion events every year, especially with Victoria becoming a successful designer. Here they are at the 2018 British Fashion Awards, where you can tell that they grew older in the sense that they both found their style and looks they tend to stick to. Don't get us wrong, they both still like to experiment with fashion, but somehow lately everything they wear has that signature Victoria and David stamp on it! We definitely approve.

6 And Their Street Looks Are Just As Strong

Remember their street looks from the '90s. The cool shades and baggy pants? Well, let's just say their street fashion (which was already good back then) has definitely come a long way. Now they know how to mix and match styles flawlessly, and they clearly don't feel that pressure of coordinating anymore. David looks comfy, warm and stylish in his winter look, while Victoria with her black shades looks like the true boss lady she is. No one would dare to mess around with her!

5 Seriously, They Only Became Cooler - If That's Even Possible

While the couple does often give off perfection vibes with their classy and polished looks, at the end of the day they are still parents, and parents often spend their days running around doing errands. So here they are in a more chill edition, sporting messy hair, sunglasses, and a beanie. Even when they're not trying at all, these two still manage to look amazing, and that's something that has always been the case. They aren't fashion icons for no reason.

4 Needless To Say The Whole Family Is Always First Row At Fashion Shows

You know you made it when not only you but your whole family sits next to editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour during a fashion show. Yup, that's right, it's not just Victoria and David who got first row seats, it's also all four of their kids. Can we also just note how their only daughter Harper got the best seat in daddy David's lap? The six are definitely one of the cutest families in Hollywood, and we bet Anna would agree!

3 The Whole Family Is Pretty Much Goals

Via: bbend.net

Okay, let's just take a moment to acknowledge how adorable the sons in the family are. They definitely took after both of their pretty parents, and they are all going to grow up and become studs just like their dad. Hell, the oldest one, Brooklyn - who is turning 20 this year - already is! We love David and Victoria, but we can't wait to see what their kids will grow up to do! With parents like that, all the doors are open!

2 Cutest Family Ever, Right?

The '90s weren't the age of social media yet, but nowadays social media is part of everyday life. So we couldn't conclude this list without a personal photo the couple posted on one of their profiles. The family, which we already established looks beautiful, loves hanging out with each other, and even though we don't know much about their four kids, we can tell that David and Victoria have done a great job at raising them. Let's hope to more social media posts this year!

1 And Here They Are All Having Fun

Via: people.com

We decided to wrap the list up with another family pic! We already had one photo from the British Vogue on our list, but this one from the October 2018 issue we absolutely had to include! The whole family is looking fab and having fun on a field of grass with some water guns, and yes, there is a dog involved! David and Victoria have come a long way from their days as the "it" couple of the late '90s, and we can't wait to what more they'll give us!

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