15 Ways Baby Boys Are Totally Different Than Girls (And 5 Ways They're Exactly The Same)

Pink versus blue. Dolls versus trucks. It is inevitable that there are differences between the two genders at a very young age. From walking to talking, there are many differences that parents will face. With all of the human brain's complexity, its development plays a big role in the skills boys and girls learn when they are babies and toddlers.

Although the brain is not completely understood and research is still being conducted, there are many studies that link the brain to why there are differences between boys and girls. Along with walking and talking, there are differences between the ability to solve problems and the development of fine motor skills.

Hence, it is important not to compare the two genders when learning new skills as they will definitely be learned at different stages of their lives. In saying this, many studies are just a guide as there are exceptions to the rules. In some instances, boys may occasionally be advanced in skills that usually occur earlier in girls. Below are 15 ways boys are totally different than girls along with 5 ways that suggest they are exactly the same. Parents may be surprised by some of these findings and studies, and some may be common knowledge.

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20 Girls Talk The Talk


There is no denying that females love talking. As a female, we all love to have a good chat and now we know why! Studies have shown that girls usually start talking before boys. Beginning to get verbal one month before boys, nothing really changes later on in life as studies have shown that females love to talk more. If your little boy is not verbal at an early age, do not fear, it is one skill that takes them longer to develop. This does not mean they will have language issues when they grow up, they just simply prefer to learn other skills before talking.

19 Girls Are Potty Trained Before Boys


Toilet training happens at all different stages, however, it usually takes place during the toddler years. This can be a challenging task and difficult for parents due to their lifestyle and work commitments. However, it can also be a struggle depending on the gender of your child. Studies have shown that the average girl is toilet trained at 33 months, whereas the average boy is 37 months. Although this is just a guide and averages thanks to studies conducted, you should begin toilet training when you and your child are ready. It is important to remember in some cases boys may begin toilet training earlier but do not be concerned if they don’t.

18 Boys Are Great Problem Solvers


Although it is proven that many girls talk first and develop their motor skills quicker, boys are known to solve problems earlier. Boys understand the idea of distance, space, and size much quicker than girls, which make them ahead in this area. With their love of building blocks and stacking toys, you can see why they love these types of activities. Besides building blocks, block shapes that allow babies to place the blocks in the correct shapes is a great problem-solving toy that is extremely educational for any toddler. You will be impressed with how quickly your little boy will be able to place the correct block in the correct shape.

17 Boys Are More Active


When you see little boys with so much energy, enjoying the outdoors, jumping off things and just running around not getting tired, you may wonder where they get their energy from. As a mum with a little boy, I certainly see these characteristics in my son and there is definitely a reason behind it. It is inevitable and clear to see that boys are more active than many girls. They love burning energy and being stimulated physically. Boys just have an extra boost that many girls do not have. Taking their active DNA to another level, you simply cannot control this aspect of a little boy. Getting them into sports early will help defuse some of this energy and allow them to have a good night sleep, allowing them to recharge for the next day to come.

16 Fine Motor Skills Develop Faster In Girls


Jumping, running and balancing may be awarded to the boys, however, the 'fine motor skills’ award goes to the girls. Research has shown that fine motor skills including holding a pencil and writing are activities that girls seem to grasp earlier and quicker than boys. With boys needing more stimulation and are typically bored quicker, activities that involve fine motor skills are not as enticing. This is why we see more girls enjoying arts, craft, and coloring in for a longer amount of time than boys. This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy coloring in books for little boys, however, keep in mind they may not enjoy this for a long period of time.

15 Learning In A Different Order


With many parents comparing their children to other’s, it is important that we stop doing this, especially when we compare boys to girls. A mother may be concerned knowing that another child is talking or walking earlier, however, it is important to understand that your child may be doing other things that another child may not be doing yet. Boys and girls learn at different stages and learn in a different order. Taking this into consideration, it is important to focus on the development of your child and not compare their development to others, especially the opposite gender. This will make the milestone stages more exciting. If you are concerned, it is always best to consult your local doctor or maternal health nurse.

14 Girls Love to Be More Verbal


Not only has it been proven that many girls start talking first, but they also love to be more verbal and have far more conversation than boys. Using their words and being verbal is how girls love to communicate, whereas many boys would rather use actions. Girls love using their words and it doesn’t change when they grow up, as studies have shown that women speak about 20,000 words a day. According to the Daily Mail Uk, "Scientists have found the key to explaining why women are the more talkative. A study just published suggests that higher levels of the protein are found in the female brain. US researchers found that those with more Foxp2, known as the ‘language protein’, in their brains were the chattier."

13 Boys Are More Impulsive In The Early Years


The impulsive behavior that boys have is linked to when the baby boys were in the womb. According to bounty.com, studies have shown that boys receive a surge of testosterone between 6 and 24 weeks. Thanks to this surge in testosterone, this hormone makes boys more impulsive in their early years. Thanks to the brain also growing quicker in boys compared to girls, this is linked to movement and coordination which we see more in males in the earlier years. These are just some of the differences we see thanks to the amazing growth babies go through in the womb. These are just some of the distinct factors that play a big role in the diversity in boys and girls from a young age.

12 Female Brain Grows Slower


There are many differences between girls and boys which start from the moment of conception. As your little bundle of joy grows in the womb, there are several differences that take place. Along with the cerebellum part of the brain growing quicker in boys along with a surge in testosterone, girls tend to be different which gives theme different qualities when they are born. With the female brain growing a little slower than boys, their senses begin to develop giving them an advantage in this department. Hearing and vision develop more sensitively compared to boys allowing many girls to have better skills in the earlier years of life.

11 Boys Love Action Even In The Womb


All research on the topic indicates that boys are more active, so don’t be surprised if your little boy is full of beans. From a young age, they may wriggle more and simply be more active, needing more stimulation. These attributes start long before they are born, as research has shown that boys in the womb are more active too. Whether it is from the testosterone boost they get, they definitely love to make an active statement compared to girls. When they are born, be prepared for the jumping, playing sport and simply running around. In saying this, some little girls love to get active and have lots of energy to burn.

10 Girls Are More Socially Aware


With boys and girls responding differently to human speech at a very young age, studies have shown that girls are more socially aware. Girls are more likely to respond to faces and voices of their surroundings more than boys would. This is due to the certain genes that females have and the differences in the development of their brains. Thanks to their vision and hearing developing more sensitively compared to boys, this may also be another reason why they are more socially aware of their surroundings. This does not mean that boys do not have these skills, they may just attain these skills a little later than girls.

9 Cortex Develops Quicker In Girls


According to thoughtco.com, the cortex is ‘responsible for thinking, perceiving, producing and understanding language’. While in the womb, this develops sooner in a girl compared to boys. Research has shown that the left half of the cortex also develops earlier in girls. With most information processed in this part of the brain, which is also known to control thinking, we can now see, thanks to scientific evidence, why a baby girl’s intellect usually develops sooner than boys. Earlier development of the left side also helps them develop their language skills earlier. Thanks to scientific studies it has allowed us to see why girls usually speak early and have a different way of thinking at a young age.

8 Boys: Greater Spatial Awareness


Boys have a keen eye when it comes to solving problems which involve space, size, and distance. Developing these skills at a very young age, they seem to be more in touch with their spatial awareness compared to girls. According to sciencedaily.com, ‘developmental psychologists at Pitzer College and UCLA have discovered that this type of spatial skill is present in infancy and can be found in boys as young as 5 months old.’ With psychologists testing 20 boys and 20 girls at 5 months old, it was clear to see that boys could conduct the task better. With this giving boys an advantage in this area, it is evident to see that girls have advantages in other developmental areas including communication.

7 Boys Have A Bigger Brain


This was definitely an interesting fact I learned. With a girl’s brain 10% to 15% smaller than boy’s, this is a fact that is not commonly known. Not only are the sizes different, but there is also a difference in how the left and right side of the brain speak to each other. Certain brain cells also develop differently between boys and girls which in turn show us why boys and girls have different strengths and develop skills in different orders. With males and females having different brain sizes and with the cells also developing at a different rate, this helps us understand the differences between boys and girls when they are babies.

6 Boys Have Lesser Eye Contact Than Girls


Girls are more likely to establish eye contact earlier and maintain this compared to boys. With girls attracted to individual faces, they are also more skilled at reading emotional expressions. According to parenting.com, studies conducted have shown boys take longer to notice the difference when someone is distressed or excited. Psychologists at the University of Cambridge in England have also found that ‘boys prefer to watch mechanical motion over human motion. When they gave 12-month-old boys the choice of looking at people talking or windshield wipers moving, you can guess which the tots picked.’ With such a simple study, psychologists have found so many differences between the two genders.

5 Same: Boys And Girls Prefer The Same Toys


A study conducted by a Neuroscientist at Rosalind University of Medicine and Science has found significant evidence to show that both genders prefer the same toys. With several tests conducted on male and female babies to understand the difference, Neuroscientist Lisa Eliot has found that children before the age of three do not realize gender-specific toys. Eliot found that ‘When 6-12 month old boys and girls are shown dolls and trucks both genders prefer dolls.’ So when deciding what toys to give your toddler, it may be an idea to let them choose their toys instead of being attracted to gender-specific items.

4 Same: A Baby’s Brain Is Flexible


Although a baby’s brain is programmed in a certain way whilst in the womb, this does not mean we cannot train them when they are born. Certain areas can be trained and certain activities should be encouraged no matter if they are a boy or girl. Don’t be afraid to let a boy play with dolls even though there is a stigma that this is a toy for girls. Let girls be adventurous and play with legos allowing her to construct buildings. Many activities should be gender neutral as it is important to teach a young mind all the different necessities of life and growing up. A boy and girl’s brain needs to be developed to its maximum.

3 Same: Challenges To Raising Both Genders


No matter if you are raising a boy or girl, there will always be challenges. Girls may not be as adventurous and do not want to push the boundaries physically, however they may be a challenge in many other ways. From being opinionated and having more attitude, each gender and each child will have different challenges that will make parenthood an interesting experience. With male and female’s brain wired differently, approaches that a parent or carer may take may be different. Although different in so many ways, they are definitely the same in so many ways especially in this department. It is inevitable that challenges will be faced from the moment a child is born until they are an adult.

2 Same: Learning The Same But Different


Even though boys and girls learn things in different orders, they all go through the same experiences just at different times in their lives. One may learn something at six months, whereas another child may learn the same thing several months later. When babies and toddlers come across new things, it is important to take the time to help them learn the importance of what they see, hear, smell or touch. It is important to remember that children will learn things at different times in their life but will learn that skill just as quickly as another child did at an earlier or later stage.

1 Same: They All Need Love, Care And Attention


These attributes will definitely impact their development and learning as they grow. No matter what age, every boy and girl need love, care and attention and this should not be deprived. It is also important to remember that every child learns things differently, so one baby girl may begin talking before another baby girl at the same age. Giving children the affection they need is just as important as teaching them how to walk and talk, and should not be underestimated. With the wonderful gift of life, children grow so quickly, hence, it is important to enjoy every single minute and give them these special attributes that all babies need no matter if they are a boy or girl.

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