14Your Deepest Thoughts

Think positively! Now more than ever positive thinking is essential for you and your baby's development. Growing babies know their mother's thoughts. Plain and simple. They may not think them themselves but they feel the effects of their mother's thoughts, be they positive or not.  So if you are thinking

things like 'I don't want this baby.' they will know and it could affect how they address others and you for the rest of their lives. They could have attachment issues or issues with trust and feelings of abandonment.

So take some time to think positively about your baby. Let them know how loved and wanted they are. It’s important that your baby is brought up by love. It is normal to allow your thoughts to wander, however, and it can be a drag knowing that for nine whole months even your thoughts are not your own. But relax, it's temporary, and the gift of motherhood is forever.

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