15 Ways Celeb Babies Have A Better Life Than You

Babies already have a pretty sweet life: napping all day, only waking to play and eat, and every time a baby cries somebody jumps up to make things right. Now imagine adding celebrity status onto that, and that sweet life gets a major upgrade. Celebrity babies have things regular folks only see on TV and in their dreams. Baby celebrities live in the poshest of houses and the best neighborhoods. Celebrity babies travel around in the newest, coolest vehicles. Celebrity babies grace the red carpets and some even get to be in major Hollywood movies. It’s hard to imagine such luxury from such a young age.

However, there are some tough consequences of being the child or baby of a famous person. The paparazzi can be unrelenting, talking about the kid’s parents, and in some cases, the paparazzi hammers the kids themselves. There are no secrets when you live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, problems between the parents, issues with the bank accounts, no matter what is going on, it is only a matter of time before the world finds out about it.

Celebrity babies also have to deal with their parents’ fans, and sometimes their parents are gone for long periods of time shooting movies or TV shows. It is not always about the glitz and glamour. While all babies have similar lives, in that they sleep, eat, cry and poop, celebrity babies’ lives can also be tremendously different than the average babe. Here are 15 Ways Celebrities' Babies' Lives Are Different Than Your Baby's!

15 They Get "Work" Done

No, we are not talking about lip injections or any sort of implants, for goodness sake! But there are several rumors of tiny tots getting their appearances changed in ways usually reserved for adults. Take for instance, North West Kardashian, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, reportedly had her eyebrows waxed when she was just 6 months old. Although her mom, Kim, denies all these rumors, she did post pictures of her daughter with groomed “looking” brows a couple of hours after leaving an eyebrow specialist.

Farrah Abraham, from Teen Mom, admitted to waxing her three-year-old daughter’s eyebrows when she was sleeping. She justified this shocking action by saying that a lot of girls wished their mothers would have helped them out. Believe it or not, waxing kids eyebrows, and at what age it's appropriate or not appropriate is a pretty hot topic on the internet. Try searching it.

14 They Shut It Down

Ever heard of the saying “Go Big, or Go Home?” Well, these celebrity babies are going big. The average person may think its extravagant to rent a ballroom or a venue to throw a birthday bash. Most people only throw these huge parties for birthdays like hitting 40, 50, or 60. This is not the case for celebrity babies. Their parents have the cash to shut down entire theme parks. Beyoncé and Jay Z, the mega star parents of Blue Ivy, shut down an entire bird sanctuary to celebrate the tots second birthday.

The jungle Island Bird Sanctuary located inside the Miami Zoo, closed its doors to the “regular folk” in honor of Blue Ivy’s Birthday celebration. Amazingly, this is not a new or rare trend, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian shut down DISNEYLAND, yep, the whole park, for North West’s second birthday and there are a slew of other celebrity parents who celebrate their children in this over the top manner too.

13 They Grace The Red Carpet

Celebrities’ babies have all sorts of fun things they get to do (whether they understand what is going on or not). Walking or crawling down the red carpet is another one of those things that most people only dream about but celebrities do it all the time, and most of them love to show off their cute little babies. Some of these babies are so used to all the drama of this lifestyle that the flashing cameras and screaming fans do not bother them at all.

The paparazzi is one thing celebrity babies have to get use to rather early on. Before they are born, people are snapping a thousand pictures of the mom’s belly (sometimes even before the mom may have even announced the pregnancy). To the average joe this could feel overwhelming and intrusive, but some of these celebrities’ kids and babies think of it as a normal aspect of life.

12 They Have Backstage Access

Celebrity babies do not need a huge plastic badge to get backstage passes. They do not have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for all access privileges. When mom or dad is the star of the show, they get to be where everyone else only dreams of being. The internet just about blew up when Gisele Bundchen posted a photo of her nursing her sweet baby while getting her hair, makeup, and nails done before an appearance. People were shocked at such a normal experience (the breastfeeding) taking place in such a crazy situation.

Vivian, the daughter of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, probably thinks it’s totally normal for several people to tend to her mother as she finishes up her “supper”. Normalcy is in the eye of the beholder. What may seem outrageous and almost alien to one person, could be the day to day lifestyle for another. It just depends.

11 They Have Famous Friends

The average person might be shocked if Tina Fey stopped by for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Some people might even faint if Brad Pitt showed up for dinner. But for celebrities’ babies, this is all just regular day to day life. When mommy is a super star, she probably has a couple of super star friends. Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who reportedly became extremely close while filming the incredibly popular teen flick Cruel Intentions, now have children (Tennessee and Rocky) who consider themselves to be best friends.

The two little boys hang out often and the moms even carpool! Lisa Osbourne, married to Jack Osbourne, of the crazy Osbourne crew including Ozzy, Kelly, and Sharon; is good friends with Hillary Duff and their two kids Luca and Pearl are also best friends. So, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Famous parents equals famous friends.

10 They Rock Designer Duds....

One glance around the average closet in the average home and people would quickly realize that most people do not own more than one to two outfits with designer tags. So, it makes it incredibly hard to imagine a 2 or 3-year-old with a closet full of designer duds, right? What about those stylish babies rocking the hottest names from the second they leave the hospital? It is truly mind boggling. The Richest named Harper Beckman, the daughter of the trendy world famous fashion icon Victoria Beckham and unbelievably handsome soccer player David Beckham, as the most stylish celebrity child.

She beat out Blue Ivy Carter, Mason Disick, and North West to name a few. Harper is known for her love of Marc Jacobs and Chloe. This may seem ridiculous to the average person, but when the celebrity parents are too hot to trot, what else would one expect of the baby?

9 And The Have Unbelievably Expensive Baby Gear

Baby gear is already a super expensive cost to add on to life with baby. There are the newest and most advanced can seats, top of the line jogging strollers, and baby swings that look as if they came from another planet. There are the things most parents scrape together enough change to purchase or find themselves lucky enough to receive as baby shower gifts. But for celebrities’ babies, these celebrities could not imagine giving their babies anything less than the best of the best, and sometimes they don’t even blink at the price tags.

Some folks drop about 15 to 20 dollars for a layette set (the clothes the baby sometimes leaves the hospital in), but Amanda Peet spent 125 dollars on a layette set from Ralph Lauren. Maybe that does not sound too alarming, but for an outfit the baby will probably fit for a week or so, which will also be covered in spit-up (among other things), it’s a bit pricey. What about spending up to 270 dollars on a baby blanket set from Robbie Adrian like Christina Aguilera?

8 They Are First Class World Travelers

Ever wanted to travel the world? See all the sights and wonders of the world? What about taking a trip like that in first class? Now imagine doing it as a baby or a toddler. Celebrities' babies get a chance to take the most outrageous trips, and some of them go before they can decipher the end of their very own nose. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have traveled all over the world with their children, and they have been doing it since the kids were infants.

If a person hangs around LAX for long enough, they are sure to see a celebrity or two taking flight with a baby in tow. The difference between traveling as a celebrity baby and the average baby is simple: the entourage. The nannies, personal assistants, and people who take care of every little thing. One other thing the average joe is missing: the private jet.

7 They Get Beauty Treatments

Some new moms do not get out of the house for long enough to take part in their usual weekly or biweekly manicure and pedicure, honestly some new moms barely have time to shower. However, celebrity moms tend to keep up with their appearance (because sadly, if they do not the tabloids can become increasingly unkind). So, when those super stars do go out for their regular beauty treatments don’t be surprised if you see a tiny mini-me joining in on the fun.

The cool thing about star status (and star bank accounts) is that if you cannot go out, the nail technician, aesthetician (facial specialist), massage therapist and the likes can come to you. Some celebrities do not even leave the house to indulge in the most luxurious beauty treatments. Jennifer Garner was spotted alongside her super cute daughter one Valentine’s day getting a deluxe manicure and pedicure fit for royalty.

6 They Get Movie Roles

All work and no play for some celebrity kids, right? Wrong, they probably play just as much as any non-celebrity kid. The difference is the opportunity these celebrity babies have to star alongside their parents on the big screen. Vivienne, the beautiful daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt snagged a cool role alongside her mom a couple of years ago; Vivienne played the younger version of Aurora, the older version was played by Ellie Fanning.

Some celebrities even cast their own children to star in their movies. But this is definitely not a new phenomenon. Celebrities are known for keeping their children in the family business, so to speak. Just think about Miley Cyrus, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus; Keifer Sutherland, the son of Donald Sutherland; any of the children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett; and everyone knows Liv Tyler is the daughter of Steven Tyler. These are just a few of the many celebrity families that pass the baton.

5 They Have "MTV" Cribs (Literally)

Since celebrity babies live with their celebrity parents, the houses are obviously as top of the line as most of the other things in their lives. Some children grow up lucky enough to have their own rooms. Mom and dad paint it the perfect color, pick the perfect bed, arrange the perfect furniture, and buy adorable stuffed animals. Well, move over average babies, these celebrity babies have their own suites, their own floors, and their own staff.

These celebrity babies are definitely living the life of luxury at home. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon put in a gold chandelier for their twins, Monroe and Moroccan. Neil Patrick Harris’ twins have a fireplace in their room. Tiffany Theisen used vintage fabric scraps to help decorate her baby’s nursery. These are just the baby nurseries that have been published, it’s hard to imagine what some more “private” minded celebrities might have set up for their tots.

4 They Roll With It...

Buying a stroller is one of the toughest decisions a parent can make. If mom is a jogger she will need to figure out what kind of terrains the stroller can handle, whether or not the tires are good, and how well the stroller steers. If the parents have twins, or more than one younger child, they will have to go down the route of choosing the perfect double stroller, which has its own set of questions and challenges.

The difference between the average baby’s stroller and the celebrities’ baby’s stroller is that the price may not matter so much. When the price is not one of the things a parent has to think about then the choices begin to open up. Jennifer Garner has been spotted cruising around with Seraphina in a stroller that cost right around 700 dollars. Amanda Peet’s baby’s stroller is estimated to be closer to 900 dollars!

3 They "Nanny" It

Being the child of a celebrity or super star means that mom or dad, or even in some cases, both parents will have to be away from home from time to time. Most kids are familiar with babysitters, and some even have nannies to help out at home; but celebrities depend on a system of caregivers to ensure their child is receiving the adequate care they need. Some of these celebrities’ babies think of their nannies like second mothers because they are so close to them and they have been there since their birth.

While it's good these children have a strong support system, it’s also very tough when there are issues between the parents and the staff. Some women might think twice about having a beautiful young nanny in the home 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. More often than not these nannies stay out of the news, and that’s a good thing.

2 Their Parents Start Businesses Just For Their Sake

It is one thing for parents to go to work each day to make a living to support and care for their children. But when parents create companies all about their kids, it becomes a whole different ballgame. Jessica Alba the co-founder of Honest Diaper, an eco-friendly diaper and baby product empire now worth an estimated BILLION dollars, started this project because when she became a mom, she wanted to help other moms. She wanted to give all children a better, healthier start.

Jessica Alba has also started selling children’s clothing among other baby related ventures. She is definitely not the first nor the only celebrity mom who became baby business minded once she had a child. Camila Alves, the beautiful wife of Mathew McConaughey, recently started a baby food line. Camila and Agatha Chindu launched Tasty Spoonfuls, an organic baby food line that is on sale at Target.

1 Their Celebrity Parents Are Just Mom And Dad To Them

Here’s the final say, at the end of the day, celebrity babies do have a lot of extra glitz and glamour, but they are still just innocent babies. Their moms and dads may be the hottest thing moving, but to them mom and dad are just ordinary people. Celebrity babies still cry, have disgusting diapers, throw embarrassing tantrums, and make their parents the happiest people on earth. So, what if Monroe and Moroccan get serenaded by Mariah Carey as they fall asleep each night? Or David Beckham teaches his brood some mind-blowing soccer trips. Or Sarah Jessica Parker takes her twins show shopping. Good for them. There are some pretty awesome regular parents teaching their pretty awesome regular kids some pretty awesome stuff, too. Truth be told, one could reason that the celebrity parents might sometimes wish their lives were a little more “regular”, maybe they wish for a normal afternoon at the park- sans the fans and paparazzi…

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