15 Ways Chrissy Teigen Compares Her 2nd Pregancy To Her 1st

There is a reason why so many moms love Chrissy Teigen - the supermodel says it like it is, and also lives it like the rest of us. Chrissy could easily be one of our mom-to-be friends. She says and does what the rest of us are thinking and doing. In other words, she is just a regular gal about to have her second baby.

Chrissy is already mom to adorable Luna, who is about to be a big sister. Chrissy and her husband, singer/songwriter John Legend, will be welcoming a baby boy at some point this year. Lucky for us, Chrissy loves social media, so we get to hear all about her pregnancy this time around, and how different it has been since she was pregnant with Luna.

Our favorite almost-mom-of-two had a pretty good pregnancy with Luna. She has shared how much she loves being pregnant, and that she loves it even more than not being pregnant. But it is very different the second time around, just how it is for many women. No two pregnancies are the same, after all! In good ways and bad, Chrissy has compared those pregnancies, which has left us laughing out loud and totally relating.

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15 Bye Bye Filters

We all know how huge a fan Chrissy is of social media. She loves to post her thoughts and images of herself. With this pregnancy, Chrissy wants to keep it real. She wants her fans and followers to see her just as her hubby sees her right when they wake up.

That is why Chrissy has decided to not use filters when posting her pictures. Why pretend, she thinks? There is no need for filters. First of all, Chrissy is beautiful no matter what, right?! That girl never needs a filter, ever! And we love how she has said so long to image filters, it just makes us think that she is more awesome and more real, than ever. We can’t wait to follow her through the rest of her second pregnancy.

14 She Has Discovered That Being Bossy Pays Off

Chrissy is genuinely a nice girl. With her first pregnancy, she did not have too many demands. That’s nice, but now, during her second pregnancy, she is realizing that being nice does not always pay off! The pregnant supermodel and it-girl is finally realizing that it is okay to be a little bit bossy!

Chrissy has said that this time around she is somewhat bossy, and really why shouldn’t she be?! Hey, she is already a mom of one, and with chasing Luna around and going through her pregnancy, she is allowed to be bossy! We are not exactly sure how she is being more bossy, but we bet she could get her husband, John Legend, to do anything and everything she wanted him to do!

13 Craving Sour Stuff

We all have food cravings during our pregnancies, so it is refreshing to hear a celebrity talk about their food cravings. Chrissy has no shame when it comes to what goes on during her pregnancies, and she may be even more open with her current pregnancy. She has talked about her cravings, and how silly they can be.

Growing her second child, Chrissy says that she has a weird craving that didn’t occur when she was pregnant with her daughter - all she wants is sour candies! You don’t really hear about pregnant women craving this, which makes us smile to hear Chrissy claim that she just cannot get enough of the sour stuff. Now, who wants to send her some sour patch kids?! Okay, great, now we want some sour candy!

12 Her Baby Boy Is Sucking The Life From Her

One of the reasons that Chrissy Teigen is so popular is that she says all the things the rest of us are thinking! She has a fantastic sense of humor and loves to be silly, and that is what so many people just love about her. So, needless to say, when it comes to her pregnancy, she will definitely be silly!

Chrissy has been very vocal on Twitter about how this pregnancy is not all fun and games, like her first. She is struggling in more ways than one, but of course, still looks incredible! She has said that her baby boy is literally sucking the life from her. We can relate to that! Anyone who has been pregnant knows that even in a perfect pregnancy, you have those moments where you feel like the baby has totally taken over.

11 All She Feels Is Sick, Sick, Sick

One of the ways her baby boy is sucking the life from her is by making her feel so awfully sick. We all know that no two pregnancies are the same. She may have felt fairly good while she was pregnant the first time around, but this time, Chrissy is not feeling too great at all.

Chrissy said on Twitter that her little soon-to-be bundle of joy is “taking my health, making me sick”. We can guess this refers to two things - Chrissy has had bad morning sickness (or maybe all-day sickness like so many of us get) and she may just be getting ill in general. Hence, her saying that her sweet boy is "taking her health"! Well, she will take good care of herself, and it will all be over soon.

10 This Time Around, She’s Really Showcasing Her Belly

Chrissy Teigen is a supermodel. No matter how bad she thinks she looks, that is really impossible because she always will look amazing! One thing with this pregnancy is that she has really embraced her belly more. Chrissy could put a garbage bag over her belly and still look like the supermodel that she is, are we right or what?!

We all know that with the second pregnancy you often show earlier than you did with your first. Initially, Chrissy kind of freaked out about noticing her belly growing much sooner than she did when she was pregnant with Luna. But once she got over that, she started to show that belly off! She is often seen wearing glamorous maternity outfits with her belly out front, for all to see. Chrissy definitely proudly rocks that pregnant belly look!

9 She Eats, She Gets More Hungry

So many of us can relate to this one. Chrissy says that with her current pregnancy, she is constantly hungry. Maybe she did not feel that way so much with her first pregnancy - or she just forgot about it, but this time around, she wants to eat just about everything in sight.

Growing babies do that to you, that is for sure. Chrissy says she eats, and all it does is make her more hungry. It is like the food is going straight to her baby boy and she gets none of that nourishment whatsoever! It is true, that sometimes with pregnancy, you feel hungry nonstop, no matter how much food, healthy or not, that you consume. We all understand that feeling. So, Chrissy, go ahead, eat whatever you want, whenever you want!

8 Time To Be Real Lazy

Chrissy has said many times that she really enjoys being pregnant, and actually prefers it. She says with this pregnancy, she is happier, maybe because she has taken it more easy than she might have done with her first one. Well, actually, she used the word lazy. Chrissy Teigen has admitted that she is lazy! We love it. Pregnancy does indeed suck the life from us, just like Chrissy has said happens to her! Therefore, being lazy is a right in pregnancy, wouldn’t you agree? We are so happy that Chrissy has admitted that being lazy during this pregnancy is what makes her happy. We are the same way, even when not pregnant. Chrissy deserves to be lazy with her second pregnancy, especially when she is not chasing Luna around.

7 What Meds Can I Take?!!

Chrissy is having some rough moments during her second pregnancy. She is experiencing things that she did not experience while she was pregnant with her first child. Worse things, in fact. She still really enjoys being pregnant, but it has definitely been a bit of a tough road, at least so far.

On Twitter, Chrissy reached out for help from her fans. She wrote: “I love being pregnant. I like it more than not being pregnant. But the headaches, my god the headaches. Someone...please help. Don’t say water. Or Tylenol. Or iron. Or magnesium. I need witchcraft.” At least Chrissy can joke around still, even though she feels like crap! Chrissy was getting some wickedly bad headaches and nothing made her feel better. We hope she feels better now, though!

6 There Better Be A Bathroom In Sight

We rely on Chrissy Teigen to make us laugh. And now with the fact that she is pregnant with her second kid, we rely on her to be funny and all so real and relatable. And she is delivering, for sure! We love her stories about her pregnancy woes that she shares on social media.

Chrissy is like any of us who are pregnant, the need to pee is all consuming! With her second pregnancy, Chrissy is running to that bathroom more than ever. Only now, she is paranoid about there actually being toilets in the bathrooms she goes into! She had an interesting experience recently, to say the least. She really, really had to go. That baby boy was pressing on her bladder. She runs into her own bathroom, saying that she already started to pee, and her toilet was missing! It was just gone! We would love to know the story behind this missing toilet!

5 Drinks As Much Water As The Ocean, Still Thirsty

It is important to drink lots of water when you are pregnant. Chrissy knows this. Chrissy does this. Yet, it is not enough! Chrissy jokes about drinking gallons of water, yet being dry. This is yet another thing that she blames on her baby to be! She cannot seem to cut a break with her second pregnancy.

With this pregnancy, far different from her first, Chrissy says that her baby is basically taking everything. No matter what she consumes, it goes straight through her and right to that baby boy. This includes water. No amount of water quenches Chrissy’s thirst. She is always feeling dry and parched. We understand Chrissy, we really do! Pretty soon that baby will be born and you will get to treat yourself to a real, adult-only drink, if you catch my drift!

4 Living Her Dreams Of Being Cruella

It is not safe for the unborn baby to dye your hair while you are pregnancy. Chrissy is totally aware of this, and is actually reveling in it! Chrissy has some hair that is changing to a color which most women would shriek at, especially if it was happening in their 30s and even more while they were pregnant and couldn’t do anything about it!

Not Chrissy, though. With her second pregnancy and a toddler that she has to chase around, Chrissy’s hair is starting to turn grey. No big deal. Now, she gets to live out a secret dream of hers! She recently posted this on Twitter: “I have a skunk-like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it. My Cruella dreams are coming true!” Good for her!

3 Wonders Why She Decided To Create Another Monster 

If you didn’t know Chrissy Teigen’s personality, a recent statement on Twitter may make you scratch your head. After writing about how her baby-boy-to-be is taking everything from her, the water she drinks, the food she eats, basically her whole life, she went on to say: Why do we create these monsters they want us dead”. Okay, a little extreme or maybe just Chrissy being a pregnant woman at the end of her rope?

Chrissy is clearly just being sarcastic. It is her way of trying to remove herself from the stress of being pregnant this time around, when it is not all butterflies and rainbows. Her pregnancy is tough, and just like any pregnant women with a rough pregnancy, she wonders why we do this is ourselves?! Our kids don’t (and won’t) appreciate it!

2 Happier This Time Around

On a lighter note, Chrissy has said that with this pregnancy, despite everything essentially going wrong, she is actually happier. She was happy while pregnant with Luna, of course. In fact, Chrissy really truly enjoys being pregnant, and has said many times that she would prefer to be pregnant versus not pregnant!

But, with her second pregnancy, she is able to make some changes, she knows what to expect, and overall, she is happier. She gets to be herself and just relax. Or as she says, she gets to be lazy and bossy! Good for her. To go through hell with your pregnancy and still be quite happy is quite an accomplishment. We are thrilled for the soon-to-be-parents-of-two, Chrissy and John! That will be one happy little family.

1 Boys Love Their Mamas!

Chrissy chose to be implanted with a female embryo with her first pregnancy and had a daughter, Luna. For her second pregnancy, she has said she said that the embryo left was male, and now Chrissy is pregnant with a baby boy, due later this year. And she could not be more happy to be having a little boy!

Chrissy said that Luna loves her daddy, and is definitely a daddy’s girl, so she is looking forward to having a little mama’s boy! She said that she has heard about how much little boys love their mommies, so that is definitely a perk of what to look forward to during her rough pregnancy with her soon-to-be mama’s boy! And, funny Chrissy has already said that she probably won’t like any of his girlfriends. We hear ya, mama!

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