15 Ways Dream Changed The Kardashians

Ever notice how similar Dream and North look? Now that Dream is getting bigger, the Kardashian genes are really starting to show. In fact, Dream Renée Kardashian and North West are already rumored to be BFFs and it's clear that their social media presence will be as heavy as their famous moms.

Dream and North West are cousins, and they're also the next generation of Kardashians. An article posted on the Life & Style Mag website revealed that Dream, who is Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's daughter, loves hanging out with Kim and Kanye's oldest child. Even Kim and Kanye's son, Saint, enjoys snuggling with his one-year-old cousin, Dream!

Today, we want to share lots of facts about this innocent child, whose parents were once at war. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had their bad times after their breakup. There were scandals and poor conduct, and there were repercussions. Dream is a vulnerable child, so it's good news that the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna war seems to have stopped...for now. It was definitely a heated battle that went on for a long time.

Dream has a lot to look forward to in the future. She's a part of the wealthy and famous Kardashian family, so she'll never have a completely normal life, but she will likely have the best of everything.

She'll probably end up acting in Hollywood, or modeling, or something like that. Maybe she'll surprise us by becoming a rocket scientist or a surgeon. It might be nice if she broke the "selfies and reality TV" mold.

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15 The Public Already Knows Her

via Daily Mail

Dream got famous because of the Kardashians. Even though fans were disgusted when Rob trashed Blac Chyna right after Dream was born, everyone is nonetheless rooting for Dream.

So, why was there this huge battle between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian? Well, the whole saga was outlined in a Rollingstone.com story. Let me give you a quick summary. In summer of 2017, Rob Kardashian's Instagram account was suspended because he had posted inappropriate material which featured Blac Chyna. It was the type of material that is meant to be private. Along with the material, he added some mean and not-so-nice captions.

Kardashian seems to have started his run of bad conduct because he felt that Blac Chyna had been unfaithful to him and he even had a video to prove it. He claimed that he had bought her a quarter million dollars worth of jewelry before she rubbed her infidelity in his face by sending him video proof of an affair.

Rob went nuts and started posting a bunch of stuff that no one should have ever been able to see, going way too far. When Dream was around 7 months of age, Rob became active on Instagram again and sounded almost as bitter as he was when he started posting private things online. He said he hoped Dream would read about the whole feud between him and Blac Chyna later in her life.

Don't worry, Rob - she will, and that's too bad.

14 She’ll Have Access To The Kardashian Perks

Via People

Dream is part-Kardashian and that means she will forever have entry into the luxurious Kardashian world. Chyna’s other child may or may not be accepted by the Kardashian clan, but little Dream has been welcomed with open arms.

According to E Online,

everyone in the "K" family dotes on Dream. Kris and Khloe are especially enamored of the tot.

Dream turned one year old just before posing with the Kardashian-Jenner family. The shot was used for the family Christmas card, which was released in pieces in an advent calendar-style. Dream appeared in the seventeenth piece.

In the Christmas shot, Dream was flanked by her grandmother and aunt. Everyone dressed casually in faded jeans and white shirts, while Kris sported a denim jacket.

Funnily enough, Rob wasn't in the Christmas picture, even though this is a family that generally sticks together. However, tensions sometimes crop up between family members. For example, Caitlyn Jenner is rumored to be in a feud with Khloe, based on a recent report from the OK! magazine.

Caitlyn snubbed Khloe, who recently had a baby girl named True, when she left a warmhearted Mother's Day post on Instagram. She mentioned all the Kardashian ladies, except for Khloe. Ouch! Khloe isn't Caitlyn's child, so maybe they were never as close as they might have been.

13 People Never Talk About Her Brother - Because He's Not A Kardashian

Via Capital XTRA

Dream's older brother is named King Cairo and his Dad is Kylie Jenner's ex, Tyga. While Tyga is famous, he's not nearly as known as the Kardashians as he's a hip-hop musical artist. After things didn't work out between Blac Chyna and Tyga, she moved on to a doomed romance with Rob Kardashian.

King Cairo seems to be adored by both parents, but there is an issue. An April 2018 report from the YourTango says that Tyga and Rob Kardashian are joining forces to fight Blac Chyna for the custody of their children.

While things have been calm between Blac Chyna and Rob until recently, something happened that may have provoked him to contact Tyga and discuss getting together to gain custody of their children. Apparently, the two exes of Blac Chyna are concerned that Blac Chyna isn't up to the task of parenting King Cairo and Dream.

The incident that supposedly united the two men was a video of Blac Chyna getting into an altercation with a bystander at a Six Flags amusement park. In the video, Blac Chyna can clearly be seen going into full mama bear mode by picking up a stroller and throwing it when the bystander reportedly tried to touch Dream.

12 #PoorDream Is Trending

Via E Online

This baby got her own hashtag #poordream when her parents were getting tacky online. Rob was actually far tackier. He did some bad things online, which are not defensible. The world sympathized with this baby and her future plight. Rob showed a lot of emotional instability and immaturity. Clearly, this baby's Mom and Dad had become enemies.

An innocent baby doesn't know what's going on around her but may feel the negative energy in the atmosphere. She may hear raised voices that make her anxious or see angry of tearful faces. Also, babies get older soon enough and start to understand the actions and emotions of adults.

If there's a new custody battle (Tyga and Rob versus Blac Chyna), then Dream, who is now one, will probably see some more frowning faces and hear more angry words.

Hopefully, Blac Chyna and Rob shield their daughter from their problems as much as possible.

A TMZ report says that Blac Chyna is more than ready to go to battle against Rob for custody after the amusement park incident. Chyna's attorney is named Walter Mosley and he has made it crystal clear that any attempts to change the existing custody arrangement will be fiercely contested.

11 Rob Wants More Time With Dream

Via YouTube

If Rob's alleged plan to gain custody comes to pass, Dream may become even closer to the Kardashians. Blac Chyna has already "lawyered up", but it's safe to say that Rob has some legal firepower, too. It's a shame Rob and Blac Chyna are going to war again. Things were ok between them for quite a while, but unfortunately, there is too much bad blood between this former couple. Anything bad that happens is enough to set one or both of them off and start the war again.

Dads do deserve time with their kids. However, Rob's prior actions online may stand in the way when it comes to a new custody battle. His actions did not paint him in a positive light. While he may have changed, the courts are likely to look at the big picture when deciding who is best equipped to care for Dream.

Rob does seem to love his daughter very much. His verified Twitter account, @robkardashian, is loaded with pics of his cute toddler. I was curious about how Rob makes money, so I did a little research. According to the In Touch Weekly, Rob helps support his little girl with his reported net worth of ten million bucks!

I have to say, I thought he'd have less money than that. He has a lot of business ventures, including one with Scott Disick, and also got paid for his appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

10 Tyga May Want To Raise Dream

Via Hollywood Life

Tyga is devoted to his son and used to hang out with Dream, as well as King Cairo. This meant an extra male role model for Dream. Does Tyga want to raise Dream?

He might. According to a Hollywood Life article from 2017,

Tyga is interested in getting back together with his ex, Blac Chyna. He apparently is more than willing to parent Dream if Blac Chyna wants him to,

but I don't think Tyga's plan worked out. Blac Chyna has another boyfriend now, so she decided to keep moving on, rather than going back to her ex.

Tyga has spent time with Dream. That's a fact. He did go to an amusement park with Blac Chyna and Dream in 2017. It was Six Flags, but this wasn't the visit where Blac Chyna threw the stroller. It was a previous and calmer visit.

Blac Chyna may seem to be painted in a bad light here. To balance things, you should know that she's a successful businesswoman. She started out as a model and dancer and then went on to open her own false eyelash business. When she danced, her name was Cream. Today, she's Blac Chyna and she's the owner of Lashed Salon, located in Encino, California.

9 Dream's Zodiac Can Be Causing Some Problems

Via Cosmopolitan

Dream was born on the 10th of November 2016, according to the Famous Birthdays, making her a Scorpio. This intense and possessive Sun Sign is known for its allure, as well as its tendency to be controlling. Scorpios absolutely love power and they spend their lives trying to grab as much of it as they can.

Interestingly, born on November 5th, 1955, Kris Jenner is also a Scorpio, and she has certainly accumulated power. She's the momager who never stops promoting her children and growing the family empire. Will Dream follow in her driven footsteps?

For his part, Rob is a Pisces. He's a water sign, like Dream, so they are compatible. Blac Chyna is a Taurus. This is a sign that generally gets along well with Pisces, but Blac Chyna and Rob seem to be the exception as they quite often do not get along.

Taurus people like Blac Chyna are very stubborn and they tend to be locked into their points of view. Change is hard for them. Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio, so Blac Chyna and her daughter may just be very different people. They'll balance each other out, but annoy each other sometimes. Scorpios want power and Taurus are more about having money and luxury items and security.

8 Will Kris Be A Better Grandma Than Tokyo?

Radar Online

I'm not here to pit grandmothers against each other, but Kris and Blac Chyna's Mom, Tokyo Toni, have actually faced off in the past.

According to Hollywood Life,

Tokyo Toni made a nutty phone call to Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, in February 2018.

The call went to voicemail because Kris didn't bother to answer, but it was apparently a bizarre attempt to repair the two grandmas bad relationship. It probably didn't help at all as Toyko Toni suggested that the two of them sit down for some drinks, a little something extra, and participate in an explicit "walk" together.

It's safe to say that Tokyo Toni may be a bit erratic. According to Hollywood Life, she's angry with her daughter for failing to give her cold, hard cash. She figures Blac Chyna has got a lot of dough and should be helping out her mom. Tokyo Toni blasted Blac Chyna on Twitter, without actually naming her daughter. She implied that most rich children would give their mothers enough money to live well.

Sounds like family dysfunction to me as Tokyo Toni definitely has some issues. I doubt Kris Jenner spends much time worrying about her, but Blac Chyna may have conflicted feelings about her dramatic and outspoken mother. Who can blame her? Maybe Kris will spend more quality time with Dream because Blac Chyna and her Mom have major issues.

7 What Baby #3 Would Mean

Via The Blast

Although I'm not as convinced, there are rumors that Blac Chyna is expecting a baby by YBN Almighty Jay, who is 18. She apparently met this guy on Christian Mingle and he's a rapper.

According to Capital Extra,

Blac Chyna is not (as widely reported) pregnant with baby number three.

A source said that she's not pregnant, but is interested in having more children at some point in the future.

A lot of people already think that she's expecting her next baby, but they may be wrong.

Blac Chyna hasn't officially commented on the pregnancy rumors yet, via her social media accounts or by speaking to reporters. Maybe she's enjoying all of the controversy and curiosity. It's probably good for business.

Reality TV stars like Blac Chyna waylay their fame into a range of business opportunities. In a sense, any publicity that they get (positive or negative) helps them to build their brands and make money.

So, the free publicity from the pregnancy rumors may be something that Blac Chyna appreciates. It's not possible to hide a pregnancy for long. Everyone will know for sure, one way or the other, within a few months.

Lots of expecting Moms keep their pregnancies a secret during the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is higher.

6 Dream Is Rob's Mini-Me

Via People

Dream definitely resembles her Dad. I checked out a gallery of Dream Kardashian photos at People and I can see so much of Rob in her. She is a true Kardashian. She also has more than a passing resemblance to Kim and Kanye's daughter, North West.

I personally find that most baby girls tend to look like their Dads. I was curious if there is some scientific reason for this, so I headed over Scientific American to look for answers. Turns out that I'm not really on the right track. According to a psychologist, Robert French, babies of either gender tend to look like both parents. It's more of a fifty-fifty split. Kids are combinations of mom and dad in terms of their features, coloring and body types.

Anyway, Dream is just one year old. Over time, it'll be apparent if she strongly favors Rob instead of Blac Chyna. Right now, she seems to have Rob's face, pretty much.

If she does continue to be Rob's "mini-me", that's kind of cute. He is quite taken with his little girl and probably sees a lot of himself in her every time that he looks at her. That likely helps him to bond with her.

5 She’s Already Styled Like A Kardashian

Via Hollywood Life

Blac Chyna turned her daughter’s hair pink and got some shade for doing it. The pink hair was extensions, so she didn't actually dye her child's hair. I personally think that children's hair shouldn't be dyed when they are very little. It's often damaging to the hair and it's just not necessary. Plus, kids that little aren't really mature enough to make decisions about how they want to look, beyond pointing at light-up sneakers that they want to wear, or something like that.

According to E Online,

Blac Chyna put up a pic of her daughter with pink extensions. They were reportedly the clip-in type of extensions, but once the picture was shared online, she started getting some heat.

While a lot of people did defend Blac Chyna, the shade was strong and this is probably why she took down the picture.

What a silly tempest in a teapot. Clip-in extensions are pretty harmless, aren't they? I'm assuming they are easy to remove without hurting a child. Maybe I'm wrong. Blac Chyna was probably just playing dress-up with her little girl to have some fun. These extensions are barrettes that have fake or real hair attached. Maybe they might pull the hair a bit or irritate the scalp, but they probably don't when they are clipped in properly. At least, I hope not.

4 Mom & Dad Were Getting Along Better


Apparently, Rob and Chyna did make peace for their daughter’s sake, before the unfortunate Six Flags incident, where Blac Chyna threw a stroller at someone who tried to touch her daughter, Dream. Now, the peace is gone...

Before Six Flags, these two were fairly cordial, which is pretty astounding in light of the drama they've been through in the past. Blac Chyna leveled some disturbing accusations at Rob and Rob did the "revenge" thing on social media, by posting pics and text that were private.

According to TMZ, the bystander provoked Blac Chyna at Six Flags by calling her a "hood rat". What's interesting is that Blac Chyna was going to do a deal with a stroller company called Mommie, but the company got cold feet because of the Six Flags incident. Since Blac Chyna used a stroller in a threatening way, she's not really the spokesmodel of any stroller company's dreams.

Will Rob and Blac Chyna patch things up, or continue to war with each other because of Six Flags? I'm not sure, we'll have to wait and see if there is actually a second custody battle. During the first custody battle, both were allowed time with their daughter.

3 Blac Chyna Doesn’t Want Kris Around

Via: People

The latest gossip is that Blac Chyna is trying to keep Kris away from her little girl. According to Life and Style, Blac Chyna is not Kris' biggest fan!

Apparently, there is a feud between the family and the turbulent split that Rob and Blac Chyna went through has left some permanent scars. Blac Chyna reportedly wants to get back with Rob and is sending him racy pics. This is actually very hard to believe after he leaked her sensual photos in the past.

The word is that Rob is interested in reuniting with the false eyelash entrepreneur.

Another juicy tidbit is that Blac Chyna is working on Rob to get his help with keeping Dream away from the Kardashian momager.

Reportedly, Blac Chyna's main issue is that she doesn't get any respect from the momager and her family. This may well be true. However, Kris does seem very taken with Dream. If the report is true, Kris is probably very upset that Blac Chyna is trying to block her access to her adorable grandchild.

What a total mess. So much has happened. What will the outcome be? Will Dream find her place in the Kardashian family or be sealed off from them?

2 Her Dad Is Changing His Appearance

Via Pinterest

Dream's dad teased the web that he doesn’t look the same anymore. What has he changed? His weight tends to go up and down, so maybe he's on a special diet or something. He hasn't revealed anything yet. He's letting the world know that he's going through some sort of physical transformation.

According to Refinery29, Rob posted on Instagram about his upcoming makeover. He's claiming that he's getting results without any surgical assistance and strongly hinting that he's put a new emphasis on physical fitness.

If Rob is taking steps to become fitter, good for him. Exercising and eating right will help him to remain emotionally stable, especially since he has wobbled in the past in that regard. He should never have gone after the mother of his child online for any reason. That kind of online lashing out is never going to end well.

Hopefully, he's lived and learned. However, with Rob's alleged new fight for custody, it's possible that he's gearing up for a whole new war with his ex. I guess he'll look more fit while he's fighting.

1 She’ll Be The Middle Child

Via YouTube

If mommy is pregnant with an 18 year old guy’s baby, Dream will be the middle child. Middle children tend to be peacemakers and that's not a bad thing. They often get lost in the shuffle though. The oldest child is the leader, the youngest child is generally the wild child who gets tons of attention, and the middle child is in between in terms of temperament.

According to Heavy.com,

Dream is now splitting time between Blac Chyna and Rob. That seems like a fair agreement. It may change.

If it does, it may put more pressure on the innocent little girl. A new baby brother or sister may change the family dynamic a lot as well.

We all want Dream to be happy. She's just a toddler. Her parents have had big problems which were way too public. When she's able to read and surf the Web on her own, she'll discover everything and it'll make her feel bad. She needs tons of parental love and affection from her mother and father. She also needs to be close to mom and dad's families. If she gets enough love, she's build self-esteem which allows her to handle any problems that crop up in the future.

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