15 Unconventional Ways Farrah Abraham Is Raising Her Daughter

Being a lightning rod for controversy in America can really pay off, even if it comes with nothing but dislike. Farrah Abraham was recently photographed relaxing in a yellow bikini while visiting Dubai. She was actively posing for the camera in front of Burj Al Arab, which is the costliest hotel on planet earth.

The 26-year-old controversial B-list star rose to fame on Teen Mom. Known for her fits of temper, her turbulent relationship with her mother and her "unconventional" parenting choices, Farrah is always a lightning-rod for controversy.

Farrah's current net worth is estimated to be between $3-$6 million, but where does all of this wealth come from? Well, Farrah is pretty industrious. She's always hustling to drum up cash. She earned money from her appearances on reality TV (16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom), owns her own frozen yogurt shop, does videos of the adult variety, sells adult toys and makes money from side deals, whereby companies use her name and images to grab more sales.

If you ever watched Teen Mom and noticed how badly she treated her mother, you should know that Farrah's attitude towards her mom is reportedly the end result of years of mistreatment. Her family is frequently dysfunctional. Hopefully, Farrah will break the cycle with her own daughter, Sophia.

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15 She Introduces Her New Boyfriends Too Fast

Via Eonline

Farrah has received criticism for just about everything that she does and one thing that she did that made a lot of people mad was pushing her boyfriends on her daughter Sophia too soon. The first boyfriend that Farrah pushed on her daughter was Simon. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah was way too anxious to create an "insta-family" of three.

She pushed her daughter's head into the lap of Simon during a cringe-worthy car ride. This bizarre act was part of the season finale of Teen Mom.

Farrah apparently wanted a future with Simon Saran, but they have fortunately broken up as they allegedly didn't have the same vision for their future. Simon said that he would need a couple of years before thinking about getting engaged to Farrah and then marrying her. He didn't seem as stoked about bonding with Farrah's daughter as he should be.

Recently, Farrah had another man named Aden Stay. He's an actor and he's a single dad of two girls. Farrah seemed very excited about this relationship and wanted to blend the two families into one new and happy family, but it wasn't meant to be.

According to a new gossip report from E Online, the couple are already kaput. Aden said that the relationship was nothing more than a couple of dates, even though Farrah gushed about him in the press and made the relationship sound more serious than it ever was. Farrah said her daughter called Simon, Garfield, because of his ginger hair color. Let's hope Sophia didn't get too attached!

14 She Needs Too Much “Me Time”


Is Farrah Abraham narcissistic? Did her rough childhood push her into a personality disorder? According to Farrah's own Mom, Farrah may have some mental health issues, which include narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Farrah's mom, Debra Danielson, who was arrested after an altercation with Farrah, doesn't seem too stable and may be railroading her daughter just to get press and all of the perks that come with it.

In any case, Farrah needs her "me time", even when it comes to life with her very young daughter. According to the Daily Mail, when Farrah was 22, she said that time away from her 4-year-old daughter is a good thing. Farrah also remarked that she can't have her daughter around when doing her job. This is understandable, but she also sees this time away as "healthy".

Is Farrah mentally ill or just a bit selfish? According to Psychology Today, people who are narcissists need "excessive admiration" and have "a sense of entitlement". Does this sound like Farrah?

People with borderline personality disorder are prone to self-injury. In 2012, according to The Hollywood Gossip, Farrah did admit to wanting to end it all because of the pressures of raising a child alone. Her daughter was two at the time.

We shouldn't stigmatize mental illness or mock people who have it. Some of us are lucky enough to live life with grateful and joyful spirits. Others are prone to acting out and having dark thoughts which interfere with their ability to enjoy life. Farrah has gotten therapy and, hopefully, it has helped her.

13 She Chose An "Interesting" Career Path

Via: YouTube

You probably already know that Farrah Abraham went for a shocking career in the adult industry. In the modern age, a lot of celebs have recorded very racy videos and made money from them. Farrah did it, too.

When she took this career pathway, she practically broke the Internet. Detractors had a lot to say about Farrah and her life choices and how her life choices are impacting her little girl.

Farrah is defiant about it all. She think people are hypocritical to judge her, as most people have sensual lives and there's no shame in it. According to Variety, Farrah got canned from Teen Mom because of her adult videos. She felt that the producers of Teen Mom were shaming her for her conduct and said that she felt ridiculed by them. I think Farrah should be more concerned about the fact that these videos are out there and her daughter will probably see them one day or be told about them.

Anyway, what's done is done. You can't unring the bell.

Farrah started her new career as an adult actress in 2013. She also sued the producers of Teen Mom for firing her without just cause in March of 2018, but dropped the lawsuit after her lawyer settled with the producers of the show.

Can an adult actress be a loving mom? Sure. However, those videos are going to cast a long shadow all through Sophia's life. I mean, Kim K has a video out there and she doesn't get the same hate for being a "bad mom", but there's really no difference. An adult video is an adult video. Kim's kids by Kanye West are going to have to deal with the same stress and shame over Mom's video when they are older.

12 She Has Sophia Interact With Fans

Via Toopanda

This list isn't designed to be a hatefest on Farrah. While she often seemed like a very difficult person on Teen Mom, I haven't walked a mile in her shoes. As I get older, I find that not judging people too much is a smart strategy.

If you don't know what's someone's been through and how a person's character was formed, you're probably not equipped to throw shade at that person.

But Farrah sets herself up for judgment by involving her young daughter in her public life as a celebrity. It might be better to sequester Sophia from all of the fans and publicity.

Apparently, Farrah makes her daughter interact with fans. What types of fans are these? Are they fans of Farrah's grown-up videos and/or Teen Mom? According to CafeMom, Farrah has said that she makes Sophia interact with fans even when her daughter doesn't feel like doing so. Farrah thinks that Sophia will develop empathy by meeting with fans. She wants Sophia to be mindful of her mom's fame and her own. She anticipates Sophia having an "amazing" career.

I'm not sure it's super-healthy for Sophia to be meeting fans. It seems a bit much. Sophia is nine years old now and Farrah made the comments about her daughter meeting fans when Sophia was six.

11 She Puts Makeup On Her Very Young Daughter

Via Intouchweekly

Sometimes, Sophia plays with makeup on her own and this is typical little girl behavior. However, Farrah is known for putting makeup on her daughter now and then and a lot of people have criticized her for doing that. I don't think children should wear makeup or dye their hair but I realize I'm very old-fashioned. I understand that I'm not modern in my approach to parenthood.

According to Us Magazine, Farrah allows her little girl to wear makeup to school. In fact, she even had an intense argument with Sophia's principal when her daughter was seven in an effort for her daughter to be allowed to go to school with make-up on her face.

Farrah says kids as young as five or six play with cosmetics and doesn't understand why she was called into the principal's office about her daughter's makeup.

According to her, the school's principal should wipe off her own makeup if she doesn't want her students to wear makeup, too.

Wow, that must have been some meeting in the principal's office. The principal probably needed to take some Advil after that.

The modeling pics of her daughter that Farrah posted on her Instagram also landed her in some hot water. In the photographs, Sophia wore a two-piece bathing suit with a gingham print and wore lip gloss and a lot of eye shadow. Not too surprisingly, the photos disturbed a lot of people.

I think it might be better to let the little girl find herself as a person, rather than pushing her into this life of glam superficiality, but that is just my opinion.

10 She Tried To Wax Sophia's Eyebrows

Via All4women

According to the Daily Mail, Farrah Abraham admitted to waxing the eyebrows as her 4-year old daughter while Sophia was sleeping. Weird! While at a taping of the talk show hosted by Bethenny Frankel, Farrah confessed to this strangeness.

She said she tried to wax her kid's eyebrows because she believed Sophia would be more attractive when they were waxed.

A member of the audience freaked out after hearing this story. She said that Farrah is "out of her mind".

Why is Farrah so focused on how her daughter looks? It's a bit bizarre. I feel she'll project all of this superficiality onto her child and make Sophia feel insecure. Children shouldn't be worrying about these things. It's hard enough to be a kid without worrying about your eyebrows when you are only four. Sophia should be playing with toys, making friends and getting fresh air.

When confronted with the opinion that she's crazy to wax a 4-year old's eyebrows, Farrah got defiant, as usual. She said that many of her fans applaud her parenting decision and wished that their own mothers would have helped them cope with unibrow issues when they were little.

I think if the child had complained about her eyebrows or said that other kids were picking on her because of her eyebrows, waxing might make sense, but there's no evidence that her daughter had an issue with her own eyebrows.

9 She Encourages Future Plasticity For Her Daughter

Via: Daily Mail

Why is Farrah Abraham so image-conscious? Is it narcissism (a big ego) or insecurity (low-self-esteem) which pushes her to devote so much of her life to how she looks and how her daughter looks?

According to the Daily Mail, Farrah has had some cosmetic procedures. Farrah has said that she'd support her daughter if she wanted plastic surgery, too. Farrah has owned up to lip injections, a nose job and a chin implant, which she says she had removed because it was "too much".

Plastic surgery may be empowering. It may also be a cry for help. It can be good or bad, depending on the mental state of the patient. Plastic surgeons interview patients before deciding whether or not they are good candidates for cosmetic procedures. These plastic surgeons are looking for red flags which might indicate that people are seeking out plastic surgery for the wrong reasons, or have expectations which just aren't realistic.

It seems like Farrah has a vision for what her daughter's life will be. She seems to anticipate her daughter being in a glamour career and getting cosmetic procedures. It's like she thinks Sophia will turn out exactly like her. But maybe she won't.

8 She Gave Her Daughter 600 Bucks For Losing A Tooth

Via Mamamia

Farrah played Tooth Fairy by leaving six hundred bucks for her daughter when Sophia lost a tooth. That's a big chunk of change. I remember getting a dollar or something and being excited. It was more about the magic of the Tooth Fairy appearing during the night, while I slept.

Farrah has more money to throw around than most people. Should she be judged for leaving a little kid this much money? According to Huffington Post, Sophia's little friends might feel bad because the Tooth Fairy doesn't leave them as much cash as Sophia got for her tooth!

Six hundred dollars for a tooth is weird.

If all of us who are parents had our every move scrutinized, people would inevitably find fault with some of our parenting decisions. For example, they might criticize me for buying my son too many of the things that he collects, such as miniature race cars, or give me a hard time for spending too much money on concert tickets for him.

Everyone stumbles as a parent sometimes. Most parents do spoil their children now and then and I'm guilty of that as well. My next vacation happens in a couple of months and it will be all about my kid and taking him to see his favorite band in a far-away city. If someone criticized me for indulging him this way, I'd just brush it off. It's our family and other people can parent as they see fit. We will have fun and that's what's important to me.

The problem with Farrah is that she has no filter and tells everyone everything. If they disapprove, she goes on the defensive. She subconsciously or consciously sets up a war between herself and the public. It may be a conscious choice to overshare, because the publicity (good and bad) that she gets helps to fuel her business empire.

7 She Took Sophia To Visit Her Dad Too Early

Via Cafemom

I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a child to her father's grave. The problem is that the reality TV cameras were rolling when Farrah took Sophia to the grave of her late father, Derek Underwood, who perished in an auto accident during 2008. According to E Online, Sophia was taken to the cemetery on the occasion of her late father's birthday.

Having never met her father, Sophia needs to learn about him through her mom and other family members. Farrah talked about how devastated she was after receiving news about the death of Derek. She said that he was her first love and "only true love".

Some moments should probably be private. Reality TV is about entertaining people. When you provide a trip to a grave as fodder for the viewing audience, in order to entertain them, you are perhaps crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed. True grief is typically very quiet. It's not public. Then again, even Madonna was  criticized for visiting the grave of her mother with a camera crew in tow while filming Truth or Dare.

Most of us have lost loved ones and honoring these people at their graves is a private and personal experience.

6 She Called Her 6-Year-Old Selfish

Via Daily Mail

It is wrong to call a child selfish when she's six? Um, yeah, it is. However, you have to take account the fact that Farrah was basically a child herself when she had Sophia. Remember, the show was called, Teen Mom. Remember how mature you were as a teen? I feel that Teen Mom exploits young women in tough situations. Yes, they get paid for appearing on the show, but still...

Farrah is obviously a troubled person and the producers of the show use that to get ratings. Sophia has been forced into child stardom and hasn't had any choice. The producers need to take responsibility for pushing the children of their Teen Moms into the spotlight.

According to She Knows, Farrah handled her daughter's misbehavior, which triggered the comments, the wrong way. Sophia had been acting out by tossing trash inside of the home, striking her mother and sticking out her tongue at others. Sophia responded to this stuff by calling her little girl selfish.

It's possible that Farrah didn't really get the right type of nurturing when she was little and that this lack of nurturing makes it hard for her to feel her daughter's feelings and respond appropriately when stressful situations with her child arise.

I feel that when a mom calls a six-year old selfish, she's projecting. What do you think?

5 She Also Called Her Immature

Via Radar Online

When Sophia was called out as selfish by her Mom, Farrah also let Sophia know that she was immature. That's sad and ironic. The little girl was six. She's not supposed to have maturity at that age, is she?

Again, I feel these comments are a form of psychological projection as many would argue that Farrah is the immature one. According to She Knows, Farrah was having a bad day when she insulted her child as she had been acting out. Was Farrah just tired or stressed out?

A lot of of factors contribute to parents having meltdowns. Most parents would not be dissing their little kids while the cameras are rolling. The fact that Farrah does let the world see her make these dubious parenting decisions is what's disturbing.

It's as though Farrah has trouble telling right from wrong sometimes.

Parents can do stupid things and still love their children. Most parents have said bad things to their kids, although they are more likely to do so when their children are rebellious teens than when their children are very young.

Farrah isn't a typical person and she's not a typical Mom, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't love her own child.

4 She Let Sophia Join Snapchat

Via YouTube

I think this is a pretty bad decision. While subject a little girl to an online world which is filled with stalkers and other types of dirtbags and creeps? Sure, there are great people online, but they are some real jerks, too. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Sophia joined Snapchat when she was only seven years old and her mother allowed it to happen. She may have even instigated it.

Naturally, people on the web had a lot to say about the little girl going on Snapchat so young. Most were appalled. Many detractors perceive Farrah as troubled and feel that she's pushing her little girl into modeling too young. According to Snapchat's Terms of Use Agreement, Sophia is actually too young for the service. It's for those aged thirteen or older.

Apparently, Snapchat shut down the little girl's account when she started asking people to text her via the service. Thank God.

I read comments about this online and many people think that Farrah is exploiting her child in order to get attention in the media. This seems like fair criticism sometimes. A seven-year-old should not be receiving texts from Snapchat users. Who knows what they'd type to the little girl. It's actually kind of scary.

3 She Brags About Dubious Business Achievements

Via Pinterest

Entrepreneurship is great and commendable, but some of the "product" that Farrah Abraham is selling is decidedly lowbrow. Toys of the adult variety are one example. Of course, it's not morally wrong to sell them. It's just that Farrah has a little girl. Most moms in your neighborhood are probably not drumming up cash selling these types of items! Nor are they promoting certain kinds of videos online.

Farrah is smart enough to know that she's going to get trashed for her career choices because she's the mother of a young girl. She does what she wants anyway. I think Farrah actually enjoys arguing with others, even when they are anonymous "keyboard warriors". It may be true that Farrah is always looking for a fight. The other side of the argument is that she's a feminist who feels empowered by expressing her sensuality and encouraging other women to do the same. Both points of view could be argued successfully.

Basically, Sophia's going to have the Hollywoodesque, Las Vegas-type life whether she wants it or not. Farrah Abraham is in the public eye because that's exactly where she wants to be. There's no reason to think that she's going to suddenly fade into the background. She is who she is.

According to E Online, her toys were based on her own anatomy. That is pretty "out there".

2 She Posed With Her Daughter For A Tea Promo

Via People Magazine

Farrah would be well-advised to leave her daughter out of her commercial activities, but what are the odds of that happening? Slim to nil.

Farrah was hawking a diet tea online and posed for a pic with Sophia, who appeared to be drinking the product. I'm sure there was some other drink in Sophia's cup, but it looked bad. She's just a little girl and she's helping Mommy and she may even have fun while she does it, but that doesn't make it right.

Farrah sets herself up for so much online hate with this stuff.

I don't think Farrah Abraham is dumb. I think she's clever and opportunistic. She knows that being the big villain is very profitable, so she plays it up. She shocks people regularly and then gets comments and page views which help her to build her personal brand.

I feel that most things she does with her daughter, which are posted on social media, are very calculated. It's not a case of Farrah messing up; it's Farrah going for maximum media exposure, time after time. This is not noble and it's probably pretty had for her daughter, but it does pay the bills.

I'm not sure there are a lot of examples of kids benefiting from being thrust into the limelight when they are very little. I think it makes healthy psychological development harder.

According to People, Farrah has denied giving her daughter the diet tea as a drink.

1 She Got A DUI

Via YouTube

Lots of people get DUIs. Does it make them bad parents? How you judge a DUI person is really dependent on a lot of factors, such as your own upbringing and values. People who drive drunk put other lives at risk. It's a selfish thing to do. That doesn't mean that every person who's been busted for driving under the influence is a complete write-off as a human being. Life is a lot more complicated than that. Many people change for the better after getting DUI convictions.

According to US Magazine, Farrah copped a plea after being arrested on DUI charges in Nebraska in 2013. She was 22 at the time. She told Dr. Phil that she wasn't driving while she was arrested, and that she was actually parked. The conditions of her plea bargain agreement were staying alcohol-free for 6 months and having an ignition interlock device installed in her car, which would necessitate a breath test. If she failed the breath test for alcohol, the car wouldn't start. This punishment sounds fair to me.

Farrah Abraham is a wild child. While she smiles a lot for the cameras, I wonder sometimes if she's happy or not lately. She's such an aggressive and angry woman. Some of her choices are baffling, but they are her choices.

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