15She Introduces Her New Boyfriends Too Fast

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She pushed her daughter's head into the lap of Simon during a cringe-worthy car ride. This bizarre act was part of the season finale of Teen Mom.

Farrah has received criticism for just about everything that she does and one thing that she did that made a lot of people mad was pushing her boyfriends on her daughter Sophia too soon. The first boyfriend that Farrah pushed on her daughter was Simon. According to the Hollywood Gossip,

Farrah was way too anxious to create an "insta-family" of three.

Farrah apparently wanted a future with Simon Saran, but they have fortunately broken up as they allegedly didn't have the same vision for their future. Simon said that he would need a couple of years before thinking about getting engaged to Farrah and then marrying her. He didn't seem as stoked about bonding with Farrah's daughter as he should be.

Recently, Farrah had another man named Aden Stay. He's an actor and he's a single dad of two girls. Farrah seemed very excited about this relationship and wanted to blend the two families into one new and happy family, but it wasn't meant to be.

According to a new gossip report from E Online, the couple are already kaput. Aden said that the relationship was nothing more than a couple of dates, even though Farrah gushed about him in the press and made the relationship sound more serious than it ever was. Farrah said her daughter called Simon, Garfield, because of his ginger hair color. Let's hope Sophia didn't get too attached!

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