15 Ways Gay Parents Face Discrimination

Albeit the existing laws regarding the human rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people, there are many palpable conditions that prove the inadequate treatment of the LGBT community. Now, their choice to become parents has added a stir to the already stirring hot pot of homosexuality and its place in society. So, here are 15 true-life issues LGBT parents have to face.

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15 Being Denied Services in Private Businesses

For instance, a gay woman who was reported to have been refused service at a dollar store is one example of discrimination that gays and trans face when it comes to acquiring public services.

This being said, imagine what it would’ve been like if the person who was denied service did actually have a child with her. That would mean the child would be denied service as well, thus depriving them both access to the store.

14 Males' Parental Capabilities are Questioned

As parents, it has been stereotyped that between dads and moms, the latter is better in caring. Men are labeled as the main provider while women are in charge of the households, including the kids. In the case of gay men being parents, there would be doubts as to whether the couple would be capable of caring for a child the way women do.

Despite this typecast, there are researchers that think otherwise about gay parenting, like that of Abbie Goldberg. She believes gay parents are even more committed to their families than average heterosexual parents.

13 Christianity Condemns Same-Sex Family

Religion powerfully teaches sexual ethics which considers it an abomination for being other than a heterosexual human being. This being said, gay or trans parents have to deal with the discrimination from several religious sects in the community.

For instance, a same-sex family decides to go to church because the couple wants their child to be socially identified. In turn, the minister condemns homosexuality right in the pulpit while the church goers give the family quite a stare. Not only does this cause the parents to be socially inept, but the child as well.

12 Homosexual Are Sometimes Not Allowed Entry

In America, there are still quite a few places where homosexuals are subtly ousted. For instance, a gay couple dined at a restaurant in Texas despite a bigoted, anti-homosexual policy posted on the way in. The couple were told by the owner to never return again since they don’t like fags, which is an insulting term used against homosexuals.

Would it have been a same-sex family who dined in such public place, it would have been a mortifying experience for the child as well. Obviously, no parents would want this situation for their children.

11 Economic Instability

Being a homosexual parent can be economically challenging, since plenty of companies still consider being gay a grounds for getting fired. In some cases, LGBT people suffer harassment and discrimination inside the workplace.

On account of the evident economic injustice that non-heterosexual people face, being parents at the same time may jeopardize the financial security of their children as well.

10 The Entire Family Faces Social Ridicule

Picture this: Johnny was adopted and raised by two gay men who loved and cared for him for seven happy years ever since he was a baby. At school for Show and Tell, he proudly declared his love for his parents and called them his “heroes.” His classmates never talked to him after that day. One of his closest friends couldn’t help but tell him, “Our parents told us not to talk to you ever. They said we might get the gay fever, too.”

Such situations happen in real life in many families with gay parents. The homophobic retort of society can gravely affect a child who’s under the parental care of LGBTs, robbing the young of their social relationships, especially with their peers fearing their company.

Simply, the homophobic stereotype has broken the hearts of many gay parents as they see their children experience such rejection which is actually caused by their parents' sexual orientation.

9 Sometimes, Children Develop Detachment From Gay Parents

Gay parents can experience rejection from their own child due to peer pressure. Although the negative feeling towards the parents might have been influenced by societal views and not deliberately meant by the child, this can be devastating to the parents.

In a society that teaches heterosexism, in which it is right to have partners of the opposite sex with straight gender orientations, one’s opinion can really be manipulated, like Johnny’s, regardless of his own opinion about such matters.

It’s sad enough that society won’t let gays be happy. But to see it forcing children to reject their own parents is astounding on an entirely different level.

8 LGBT are More Likely to Become Depressed Parents

Being part of the LGBT group means one is more likely to experience depression three times more than a heterosexual. This is due to the pressure mounted on them by the society we know. As a consequence of their fear of being discriminated or worse, hurt violently, many of them keep their selves as far as humanly possible from society.

Now, imagine non-heterosexual parents wallowing in depression whilst caring for their child. To grow up inside a home of depressed parents can be unhealthy and emotionally damaging to the child as well. This is another stab used by society to make sure gays do not become parents, not realizing society itself is at fault here.

7 Parental Education Not Easily Available for Gays

Everyone wants to be the best parents to their children. Although there are several programs and services within society that specialize in parental education, gay and trans parents do not easily acquire services from them.

This may be due to the fact that parental education also includes lessons about the male and female role within the family. Also, the same issues with people hating, misunderstanding or simply discriminating against them for choosing to become parents may be a barrier for the LGBT to join such programs and services.

6 Homosexuals are Deprived of Sex Education

Even with the widespread regulations of same-sex marriage in the US, the LGBT society is said to be still deprived of the right to sexual information. The burden of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy are the consequences that many homosexual people face due to lack of information which can deliberately affect their preparation for having their own families.

However, few organizations, such as the Planned Parenthood Federation of American and the Human Rights Campaign, advocate the inclusion of LGBT sex education in the program of academic studies.

5 Correlating Gay Men With Molestation

According to the grapevine, gay men are more likely to pose sexual danger to children. However, there is not enough evidence to support this notion of homosexual people being inclined to pedophile or molestation.

But just the same, the allegory of homosexual people being involved with child abuse has made it harder for same-sex couples (especially men) to establish a good parental image to society.

4 Viewing Homosexuals as Mentally Unfit

Even though the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality in the list of mental disorders way back in 1973, the stereotype of homosexuality being a mental disorder still lingers within the society today.

Haters often use quotes from places like the Journal of the American Medical Association, where it says that same-sex couples have a higher rate of psychiatric disorders. Existing data such as these can give an impression to the public that children will not be secured in a home under the care of homosexual parents. This gives same-sex couples another reason to be questioned about their parental capabilities.

3 Crimes Against Homosexuals Are Not Protected by Hate Crime Law

Remnants of the “Lavender scare” may seem to have stayed behind and have now a new name while siding against the law of homophobic hate crime. There has been an alarming statistic about anti-LGBT hate crimes today, particularly the 13% increase in transgender women experiencing hate-motivated violence in 2014 as reported by Buzzfeed.

This is bad news for homosexual couples, who may probably fear for the security of their children while in their care or even simply inside their households.

2 Finding a Child+Gay Friendly Neighborhood Is Virtually Impossible

It’s very difficult to find a home in a place that’s good for a child that’s growing up. And being gay, you gotta keep in mind that you have to be in a place which is gay friendly. Finding houses under these two conditions separately is a task unto itself, but when combined together? It’s next to impossible!

Not to mention how a majority of landlords or agents refuse to give gay couples homes. Despite the fact that anti-discrimination laws are present in several states, they are not strongly enforced. As a result, a violation of such laws is very similar to making a traffic violation which, as we all know, is not something serious.

1 Gay Parents Can Be Legally Discriminated Against

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act aimed at stopping bosses (with 15+ employees) from discriminating on the basis of their gender or sexual preferences. However, contrary to its name, it has certain clauses that make discrimination legally acceptable. Exemptions include religious organizations and non-profit membership-only clubs (except labor unions). That's why in an act of outrage, several prominent gay organizations pulled their support from the ENDA act.

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