15 Ways Kids Tricked Their Parents

Kids can be so clever sometimes, so clever that they manage to pull one over on mom and pops! Recent viral pranksters have mostly been parents trying to see just how gullible or easily terrified their kids are, I suppose we could call this parental vengeance for all the tantrums they deal with on a daily basis.

Parents have raced into rooms with scary masks on and camera in tow, just so they can catch their kid’s reactions. Parents have also done the, “I ate all your Halloween candy” prank, which is really just mean. I would cry if someone ate my entire emergency sugar stash, I swear I would!

Turns out, parents can fool them once, but don’t dare try it again because these kids are ready to prank back! We all know that our kids will be far more advanced with technology at some point and many of them will be able to prank us with tech devices, some of them already do!

That’s the scary thing about the future, as we as parents become outdated, our kids become more knowledgeable than us! Eventually, we’re going to need them to teach us! So be careful when pranking those toddlers. Parents don't want their traumatized toddlers to grow up into resentful teenagers.

Because when we’re 80 and need to punch in a password just to use a toaster, we can pretty much have faith that those kids of ours will be there to mess with us and turn the toaster into a fire alarm. Here are 15 times that kids pranked their parents, prepare to laugh!

15 Fake Text

Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder started an epidemic! Don't believe me? Just look at the evidence! With a single tweet he began this viral trend of texting your parents a very vague reference to buying drugs! The idea is to let your parents think that you mistakenly sent the text to mommy and daddy instead of your dealer, and you know what?

Parents fell for it! They fell for it hard! Some parents were confused by the “Got 2 grams for $40” reference, proving that it’s far too easy to prank parents who are behind with the times. Some of the parents and a freaking heart attack and threatened to come pick them up from College and bring them to rehab!

I’m sure the kids on the other end of these texts were dying of laughter while their parents were dying a little inside! A terrible prank, but you can’t help but giggle at some of the responses from parents.

14 Professional Pranksters

Poor dad, jokes on him, well, to be fair, most jokes are on dad! Dad is just always the perfect target for slapstick comedy, don't know why, but dads always overreact in the most perfect way! Watch as his two daughters craftily prank him over and over again! Apparently it’s their hobby! In the first prank one of the girls hides upstairs while dad does some lawn care outside.

So what’s their plan? Soak him of course! What kid can resist pranking their parents with an impromptu shower? His daughter pours an entire jug of water all over him from the second floor! The second prank involves the shower; we all know what can happen when someone flushes the toilet while the shower is running. Dad obviously freaks out from the hot and then very cold water.

He was just trying to enjoy a nice shower, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be!

13 Fake Blood

This is enough to make any parent queasy! Well it looks like dads in on this prank as he’s the one filming the entire thing! So dad helps to apply the fake blood to his sons face and then heads over to the living room to film whatever will happen next. They staged it so his son would knock on the door, entering the house all bloody as if he had injured himself while playing outside.

Haven’t these two ever heard about the boy who cried wolf? Seriously not cool! Mom opens the door in a panic when she spies his face from the window. The kid does a very good acting job, even touching his face as if the blood was a surprise to him. He whimpers as his mom asks what happened, he motions towards the trampoline, suggesting he fell off face first!

His mom tries not to show her panic as she quickly takes him to the bathroom to rinse the blood and examine the damage, but as the water rinses it away, she realizes it’s not real!

12 Daughter's Prank Backfires!

This hilarious daughter got a taste of her own medicine. She made the mistake of thinking her dad had never used the internet, because she certainly wasn't the first to try this prank after the adorable married couple went viral on YouTube with this same prank.

I'm sure you all know the bottle prank by now, the idea behind it is to pretend you're doing a magic trick that allows a quarter to enter a water bottle and when your victim goes to check to see if the magic trick has been completed successfully, you squeeze the bottle and fill their face with water instead of wowing them with magic!

This daughter tried, but failed epically, as dad was up to date with his Facebook news feed. Dad did play along right up until the end of the prank like a good sport, but he wasn’t about to let his daughter get the best of him, she got doused instead! Ha!

11 Poor Dad Is Mortified

There are just some words dads never wants to hear come out of their daughter’s mouth, talk of her period is definitely top of the list! This poor dad was probably cursing his wife’s absence at the time. There isn't a dad out there who wants to deal with monthly visitor talk, let alone his daughter’s first one!

Mom definitely put her up to this cruel but hilarious prank, you can see her make an appearance here and there, barely able to keep herself from laughing. Their daughter is a definite pro, she had the fake blood prepped and everything!

There’s so much misery in his voice as he screams “Jo” and “emergency” hoping that he won’t have to be the one to deal with this situation, but his wife has magically disappeared so it’s dad to the rescue, much to his dismay! His daughter is egged on by mom to ask him for tampons, but eventually they come clean and dad’s not as impressed as they are with themselves.

10 Honk Honk

I guess early 90's pranks never go out of style, because this kid brought it back in order to prank his dad in one of the most rage inducing ways ever! Just a warning, this dad isn't afraid to use his potty mouth when he road rages, okay you've been warned, proceed.

This dad has already gone viral in the past, affectionately known as “Angry Dad” and there’s no need to explain why after you watch the video. Since he just so happens to have a dad that you can upset ever so easily, his son decides that he would be the perfect target for all his pranks.

For this prank, they have a meeting in the city and places a “honk if you’re horny” sign on the car so that dad will get aggravated when people keep honking at him! Dad seems to think people are judging his driving ability and he is spiraling into a rage! He’s not amused when he gets out of the car to find the sign on his bumper and has some more choice words for his son! Yikes!

9 Filtered Photo Freaks Mom Out

Image may contain: 1 person, text

This mom has clearly never used a filter, which is really a shame, because they can be quite fun! It’s also fair to surmise that Rebecca’s mom has probably never heard of Snapchat. I'm not sure her daughter intended to prank her mother, but it happened all the same and her daughter couldn't resist taking advantage of her mother's cluelessness.

Her daughter was using a filter that made her head and face look all wonky, a fun carnival mirror effect you can produce on your phone, which makes for some fun photos with friends, but when Rebecca sent her mom the snap, hoping just to give her a laugh, her mom assumes something’s wrong with her!

Rebecca’s mother began to ask what was wrong with her face; saying that it looked a bit swollen and even started suggesting that Rebecca go to the hospital to have it checked out, that it could even be an allergic reaction! Rebecca went along with it all until she couldn’t contain it any longer, even asking her mom how she could possibly believe her head was square! Worried moms can surpass logic sometimes!

8 Mom's April Fool's Joke Backfires!

First of all, this is a terrible idea for a prank, who in their right mind would pretend that there’s a shooting at their work and tell their daughter that they were “hiding” for their own safety? One mom by the name Angela Timmons thought it would be an amazing April Fools prank that her daughter would fall for, which she did, but it didn’t end up being all that funny.

Her daughter took the texts very seriously and when her mom stopped answering her texts, she worried! Being far from home she decided to call the police to investigate. This daughter was hoping to save her mom's life, but when the police arrived to the scene of the crime, it was clear that everyone was safe and no shootings had occurred.

The police were not at all impressed with the prank and ended up arresting and charging Timmons! If you're going to prank you better prank well! This mom didn't pick the best way to prank her daughter; in fact she really set herself up for failure.

7 Surprise Attack, Mom Throws The Cat!

Sometimes the simplest pranks work best! All this daughter had to do was make a very loud noise and her mom nearly hit the ceiling in terror! As they were resting watching some television, mom wasn’t expecting what her daughter would do next, no one ever expects random acts like this one.

Mom is really into her show and her daughter’s pretending to be asleep, but instead she has the camera rolling and decides to let out a really loud scream! Her mom jumps off of the couch, launching herself into the air and the family cat out of her arms! Thankfully cat’s always land on their feet, or at least I hope it did!

It's always the innocent ones that suffer most at the hand of a prankster! After mom recovers from her initial heart attack, she goes to check on her daughter, obviously thinking she may have hurt herself or had a nightmare, but when mom finds her filming the whole thing and laughing uncontrollably, she’s not at all impressed as you can see.

6 Wake Up Daddy

This dad should really know better! Falling asleep while the kids are wide awake is never a good idea. Kids always come up with interesting ways to prank the sleeping, they might stack strange items on you or draw on you or cover you in goop. Kids are far too creative and while you sleep they can smell your weakness, they know you’re vulnerable!

These kids start by putting a pillow over daddy’s head, which looks ridiculous and the kids can’t stop laughing. The kids are trying desperately to wake up dad, but he’s out cold. Eventually after removing the pillow and most likely jumping all over him, dad is finally awake, but it’s not the most fun way to wake up.

Dad looks groggy, clearly startled awake by the children, but that’s what you get when you try to have a nap and then kids don’t nap anymore. Sorry dad, better luck next time!

5 Fake Buzz

You never mess with a woman's hair! This mom freaks out like nobody’s business thinking that her son had actually buzzed part of her hair off. As if the screams she lets out aren’t evidence enough, she genuinely believes that her son had snuck up behind her and buzzed hair right off of her scalp! What cruel kid would do that?

The app is quite convincing with it’s realistic buzz cutting sound, and I will be the first to admit that I had some fun with this on my iPhone when I first discovered it as well, it’s hard to resist the urge to prank when iPhones seem to be making it even easier!

If you haven't heard of this prank, it's even easier to fall for it, because why else would a buzz cutter sound be coming from anything other than a buzz cutter? This poor unsuspecting mom never knew what hit her, but it sure didn’t stop her from telling her son off!

4 Dad Jokes For All!

Everyone loves a good dad joke, although they may not like to openly admit it. What’s a dad joke you ask? It’s a painfully dry joke reserved for dads who have to refrain from using all the dirty jokes they used in their College years, you know, because they have kids now, so “knock knock” jokes it is! This woman’s son decided to adopt one of those old dad jokes and prank his mom with it.

Her son goes off to find her in order to inform her that she has a “leek in her sink,” with extra emphasis on the “leek.” Mom looks confused as she searches under the sink for the “leak” but finds no water spilling out from anywhere, all the pipes are completely dry! Mom begins to get frustrated when her son continues to insist there’s a “leek!”

But what mom managed to miss was the giant “leek” sitting in the sink, her son pulls the vegetable out of the sink to show her, which she takes and smacks him with it, not at all impressed with his dad joke.

3 Son Joins Army, Not!

Okay this is a mean one. There isn't a mother out there who wouldn't be terrified to hear that their son had signed up for the army. There's so much bad in the world and heading into it face first is too much for mommas to handle! It's like any other job where they put their lives at stake on a daily basis!

Be it a cop, firefighter, or soldier, there will never be a night where mom sleeps soundly again. This son decides that this is an awesome April Fool’s prank to play on his mom, but it doesn’t involve any laughter on her end.

When her son tells her that he’s dropping out of school to join the army, she tries to remain calm after hearing the news, but soon breaks down as the fear of what could happen to him consumes her. Thankfully he didn’t let the prank go on too long, he confesses that it was all an April Fools joke and the relief in his moms voice is priceless.

2 Autocorrect Prank


Autocorrect can be so annoying! It becomes especially annoying when your kid has learned to program your phone to replace a common word you text into a not so common and kind of un-motherly word like “acid.”

Mackenzie had grown tired of her mother constantly texting her to bring down her dirty laundry, in fact her mother texted this so frequently that Mackenzie decided to have a little fun with it. Unbeknownst to her mother, Mackenzie had configured an autocorrect shortcut in her mom’s iPhone that would always change “dirty clothes” to “acid” and that’s when things got really funny!

The exchange was so hilarious that Mackenzie decided to tweet it out, and the internet ate it up! Mom starts the text conversation by accidentally asking “Do you have any acid?” and I’m sure Mackenzie could barely contain her laughter from there, but it gets so much better! Mom keeps trying to correct the word, but simply keeps texting “acid” over and over again, not understand that that little “X” could cancel the suggestion and save her the grief.

1 Son Spends A Decade Scaring Mom

Now this kid is hardcore! He’s certainly committed to his pranks, I can respect that, but I’m not sure his mom would feel the same way after the decade of torment she’s had to endure. Scaring mom is so much fun and apparently very easy!

I can safely say that the rest of the world is sure enjoying this hilarious montage of her being freaked out by her son, over and over again, you’d think she would have learned by now that her son is a serial prankster!

Her son manages to scare her with a rubber chicken, screaming “hey!” as she enters the home, an impromptu harmonica jam sesh, jumping out at her when she wasn’t expecting it, the singing, the bagpipes, and just plain screaming for no reason! You have to give it to this guy, he doesn’t give up and he doesn’t lack the creativity. It seems the prank talent is strong with this one!

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