15 Ways Moms Have Trapped Him With A Baby

Women will do crazy stunts when they feel like the relationships might be at risk.

People do strange things in the name of love. Some people do things that they wouldn’t normally dream of doing – like flying halfway around the world to meet someone they met online. Some people even agree to marry a complete stranger for the mere chance of love.

So when people are already in love, they do even crazier things to try and hold on to that love like changing their circle of friends, their hair, or fashion sense to please their partner. Crazier yet, some people resort to stalking their partner’s every move and tracking their location and snooping through emails and text messages. Paranoid much?

But none of that compares to the crazy stunts individuals have done when s/he feels like the relationships might be at risk: the things people do to trap a person in a relationship. Blackmail, guilt, and bribery are just three ways that reluctant individuals are coerced to stay in doomed relationships. One news story comes to mind about a man who made his wife feel guilty for leaving him because he couldn’t cook or clean; she felt so bad that she kept returning to him over and over again. He may not have trapped her physically, but he certainly trapped her mentally. Unfortunately, many men have also been trapped by a positive pregnancy test. Here are 15 ways moms have trapped him with a baby.

15The “Hole” Truth

Condoms were one of the first forms of birth control used by lovers. But before you think that guys ran into the drugstore back in the 1600’s for some rubbers, think again. Condoms back then were – are you ready? – made out of sheep or pig intestines. Hopefully cleaned intestines at least! Those non-vegan condoms were more than likely not as comfortable or effective as condoms today.

However, condoms generally are not effective when someone is crazy enough to poke holes in the condoms, and that is exactly what this mom did to trap her man. Her plan may have worked this time, but I suspect they have many more relationship issues if she felt the need to “trap” her man. Can you imagine what other lies and deceits go on? Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want a relationship build on a foundation of deceit.

14Such A Faker

If I were an evil girlfriend and wanted to trap my boyfriend with a baby, I definitely wouldn’t want to get caught and accused of such an evil plot. Clearly, this girl thought ahead too. It’s not enough to just ditch your pills and get pregnant. No, it must appear like an accident.

Hence, this girl continued to take her “birth control pills” so that when she did turn up pregnant, her boyfriend couldn’t blame her. She just was one of the .03% of people who the pill didn’t work. Or maybe her cold medications cancelled out her birth control pills. Regardless, as long as it appeared that she kept taking her pills, then she couldn’t be at fault.

Although again, I can’t imagine that this relationship is any better than the first one. Can’t build a good relationship out of deceit, people!

13Daddy Drama

The dating game can be quite dramatic. Even when all the socially acceptable rules of dating are followed, things can still get messy because – let’s face it - humans and our emotions are messy. So if dating one person can be an emotional roller coaster, dating two (or more) people at one time can be a recipe for disaster.

This next mom trapped her man that may or may not actually be the father of her child. After dating two guys simultaneously, she was a little surprised to find out that she was expecting. Rather than do the decent thing and confess to both guys and get paternity tests done, she told the richer beau that he was the dad. Seems like a crappy move, right? He might be the dad, or he might not be! The real dad may never know he has a child in the world. Sort of makes you wonder how many guys have kids they don’t know about…

12Shot Through The Heart

We all probably know at least one person who has gotten knocked up while using some form of birth control. The first one that comes to mind is the exploded condom. The second one is the pill. Women can get pregnant while on the pill if they take certain medications that affect the efficiency of the pill or if they forget to take a dose or two. Especially among the more forgetful women, getting the birth control injection might be a better choice. It’s one injection four times each year. Seems simple enough.

This mom trapped her man by claiming to take advantage of the ease of the Depo injection. With no need for condoms and no need to fake daily pills, she achieved her goal of pregnancy by lying that she had the shot. With a 99% effective rate, I wonder if the guy ever suspected her?

11Sterile, Schmerile

Learning that you are infertile can be a blow to the heart, especially if having kids was on your bucket list. Although some forms of infertility can be treated with medication or surgery, not all cases of infertility can be reversed. However, for someone looking for some fun or a one night stand, hearing that your partner is infertile is no big deal. In fact, that might even take some pressure off.

However, lying about fertility seems like a bad move karmically. Sure you could pull the whole “wow, what a miracle” card, but I feel like this is a lot harder to recover from. I feel like this lady has set herself up for a lifetime of “But how do I know you’re telling the truth this time?” I think we can all agree that it’s best to never lie about fertility. Or you know, lie in general.

10Travel Denied

There’s some things in life that truly are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Some of those things are better done before settling down and starting a family. Traveling and studying abroad is definitely one of those things. Not that kids can’t or don’t travel, but a true study abroad experience is limited with little ones in tow.

When one boyfriend told his girlfriend that he was going to study abroad for two years and earn his MBA in a foreign country, she freaked the freak out. Instead of having a frank discussion on why his leaving might be hard or scary, her freak out consisted of ditching her birth control pills and getting pregnant in an effort to get him to stay. I can’t imagine the future life and job possibilities that this guy had to let go of, but one thing is for sure, I bet he resents his girlfriend’s tricky timing.

9Baby Mama VS Wife

We’ve all seen enough soap operas and TV series where the married man repeatedly promises the girlfriend that he is going to leave his wife. And lo and behold, the man never leaves the wife; instead he just strings along the girlfriend milking her for all she’s worth.

This girl trapped her married man, however, with a pregnancy. When he kept promising to leave his wife (but never did), the mistress found a way to win him over: with a pregnancy. Sure he was trapped and forever linked to his mistress, but this is still a bad plan. If he’s that lousy of a guy to cheat on his wife, who says that he’s going to be a great (or even present) father? File this under “things I should have thought of before I trapped a loser.”

8Liar Liar Pants On Fire

What is one way to get what you want? Lie until it comes true. Duh.

This mom wanted to trap her boyfriend with a baby, but they were using condoms and he would sort of notice (okay, he would definitely notice) if the condom suddenly went missing. (Although she could’ve poked holes in it like the first man trapper on this list.) In lieu of poking holes, this lady just faked her pregnancy. Once the boyfriend thought she was pregnant, they ditched the condoms (because she was “pregnant”). After that, it only took a few tries before she really did end up pregnant.

I wonder how she handled the due date discrepancy? Did the guy think she was just pregnant for 44+ weeks? Or did he just not notice or care? See, those are just the little details that really make all of man trapping plots seem weak.

7College Sweethearts?

There’s something so refreshing about college sweethearts. High school sweethearts can get lost in the puppy love, and it’s hard to stay in love with someone while you’re both growing up. But college relationships are better; they are more mature, you know where you’re headed in life (even if you aren’t there yet), and there’s no illegal drinking.

So it makes sense that this next crazy lady wants to hold on to her college beau, but he had other plans. He hinted around at breaking up after graduation so she purposely got pregnant to trap him. Probably not the best way to start off your post-college years.

I’m curious though, why would she want to stay with someone who was clearly ready to move on? Don’t you want to be with someone who wants you and loves you in return? I want to ask her why even bother? If he was ready to bolt, having a kid isn’t going to make him love her.

6IUD Fail

Just like the college lovers from above, this next mom knew her boyfriend was planning on breaking up with her in the near future. She couldn’t bear the thought of living without him so she made a secret appointment at her gyno to have her IUD removed. She never told her boyfriend it was removed. Again, with all the deceit!

She planned on getting pregnant before he would break up with her. Again, I ask: why do these crazy people want to be with people who clearly don’t want to be with them? It doesn’t make sense. Sure, it hurts and sucks to be dumped, but I’d rather be dumped than live in a sham of a relationship. I digress.

Anyway, she got pregnant and apparently got what she wanted: a ring on her finger and a baby in her belly. I wonder if he’s really happy or just feels trapped.

5View From Above

The withdrawal method (aka pulling out) is the free and easiest form of birth control, but it is definitely not the most effective. The effective rate of 78% is only for guys who are extremely in control of their bodies and don’t want until the last possible second to pull out. Even then, those soldiers have been known to make it to their destination.
It’s easy to think that only the man can control the withdrawal method, but this chick found a way to commandeer it. What was supposed to be a one time thing turned into a lifetime of commitment. He planned on pulling out, but she was on top. When it was time for Elvis to exit the building, she took control and forced herself on him even more. Wham Bam – pregnant. There’s no way she could deny this move; I’m pretty sure he’s going to live the rest of his life knowing exactly how she trapped him.

4Cheating Lying Combo

When a guy cheats and gets another woman pregnant, there’s no hiding the evidence: a growing belly on another woman. When a girl cheats, it’s not always so obvious. Sure, she might be pregnant, but you can’t tell from looking at a woman if her pregnancy was caused by an affair or a legit relationship.

The next mom on the list was cheating on her boyfriend when she got pregnant from her side boy. Rather than leave her boyfriend and create a family with her baby daddy, she never told her boyfriend about her affair. When she told him that she was expecting, he had every reason to assume it was is. Not only was this man trapped by a lie, he was forced to raise someone else’s baby unknowingly. Cheating is wrong; lying is wrong. Cheating and lying is the worst combo to be. I hope that baby takes after her fake dad and not her real mom.

3Kids Aren’t In The Life Plan

Anyone who has seen How I Met Your Mother knows that the debate over having kids or not having kids can be a big deal breaker in a relationships. It’s just not something you can compromise on; you either both want them or you don’t. It’s way too big of a life changer to just accept whatever your partner wants (or doesn’t want).

And in this real life scenario, it’s the opposite of the Ted and Robin debacle. He really didn’t want kids and she really did. They were about to break up over it, when she lied and said she’d rather be with him then have kids. She promised she would just double up on BC: use condoms and birth control pills. Well, she sabotaged the condoms and took placebo pills and would you guess it? She was pregnant! Of course, it looked like a total accident being on two birth control methods so he couldn’t blame her. Now he just has to live a life he didn’t want. At all.

2Broken Promises

Guys promise a lot of things when they are first dating a girl. They want to give the world to their new girlfriends, but after time, those promises can end up forgotten or broken.

This particular girl wasn’t about to let her boyfriend forget his promise. Before they had first done IT, he promised he’d be there no matter what – even if she got pregnant on accident. Flash forward a few years and the guy was neither ready to propose nor consciously try for kids.

Remembering his old promise, she had her IUD removed and took matters into her own hands. In the end she had her kid and a wedding. But newsflash: she confessed anonymously online that she regrets her decision to have a kid and get married. I’m not surprised at all. Nothing good is every done with shady motives.

1Teenage Nightmare

Teenage love is intense; it’s sort of like an all-consuming force that controls the individual and takes away their free will. You know what else is intense? Learning that your older boyfriend is about to head off to college and you still have two years of high school left.

This teen mom couldn’t handle the fact that her boyfriend was leaving her town so she trapped her guy with the oldest trick in the book: she took off her clothes. Of course, with a baby on the way, he wouldn’t be able to head off to college, now would he? Nope, more than likely, he attended a community college and got a job to take care of his baby.

This boyfriend wasn’t even breaking up; he was just going to college! Now he’s the one who had to alter his dreams because of selfish teen love.

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