15 Ways Moms Let Their Freak Flag Fly During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wild time for a lot of women. It means things like hormonal changes, food urges, and tighter clothing as the months advance. It also means lots of excitement and happy tears as Mom-to-be prepares for one of the most amazing journeys she will ever embark upon - motherhood. It's a little on the crazy side, too. It’s not every day that someone LITERALLY takes over your body space and affects your emotions for better or worse. Most Moms have a great experience, but some will inevitably have morning sickness or day sickness, pimples, heartburn, and muscle soreness. Still, it's all worth it to hold that bundle of joy at the end of it all, right?

But what about the Moms who have no good experiences with the physical side of pregnancy, and have that long nine month wait to meet their baby? Well, let’s just say that to keep themselves busy and things interesting, they may just let their weirder side out in pregnancy. One, it distracts from some of the least enjoyable aspects of motherhood prep, and two, well, it’s just fun to let it all hang loose, especially if she was one of those “proper” women prior to conception who never had a metaphorical hair out of place. How do Moms let their crazy side out in pregnancy? There are actually more ways than we know. And it's quite amazing. Here are 15 ways Moms let their freak fly during pregnancy:

15 Talking To People With No Social Filter

This would be the Moms who don’t censor their language anymore when talking to family or friends. If she was a woman who never swore, she may now pepper her conversation with some choice words, shall we say. If she was a woman who was afraid to say what she thought on the political landscape so as not to offend, she may let it all hang loose. Or her feminist side may come full out. This is precisely what she is, after-shock value, and not feeling silenced or feeling that she needs to keep the peace.

This is how some Moms-to-be handle the strange hormones and feelings they are having about future motherhood. Some of them feel it's their last hurrah before baby changes everything, so they might as well go a little crazy and have fun. She figures that while all her life she put others first, now, ready or not, she’s going to make her mark before she has another little person to put ahead of the game.

14 Eating Gross Things Or More Junk Food

Pickles with chocolate sprinkles or a bag of Doritos and cream cheese for lunch? Yuck or yum? Depending on the woman, she may be having crazy cravings for food that otherwise sounds gross or is plain old junk food. In moderation this is fine, otherwise this could become a problem so she needs to be careful what she is consuming for her own and her baby’s health.

Then there are the women who develop something called Pica where they crave dirt or other non-food substances. This is a condition that required medical help as it is not safe. Finally, she may just eat big portions of food and take the “eating for two” thing to a whole new level. This happens with a lot of women. As long as she is at a normal weight for her stage of pregnancy when she goes for her prenatal visits, there should be no problem.

13 Wearing Things That Show Off Her Body 

Now this is a contentious issue with older generations of Moms who wore loose fitting maternity clothes. Many are a little scandalized when they witness a future Mom in tighter form fitting clothes, or ones that showcase her girls quite prominently. It’s silly when we think about it, but that part of the anatomy has become so sexualized that a lot of people feel it is scandalous to have it on display. This is a tad archaic and outdated, but the opinion is unfortunately shared by many.

A woman may kind of get a kick then, shoving it in these individuals’ faces to prove her point that the pregnant body is a beautiful body indeed. The most important thing for a future Mom to understand is that she can have her ideas and not be afraid to express them, but not everyone will cheer her on this path.

12 Giving In To Lust Urges With Her Partner

Ahem. Yes. This is something a lot of future Moms don’t talk about. While some lose their sex drive and urges, others, well, they are revving to go honey and not afraid to show it to their partners and the world! Not to get too graphic, but there is lots going on in the uterine region, and sometimes that extra pressure there, well, it builds up in, shall we say, a positive way. Some Dads-to-be enjoy this wild side of their lady coming out, while others are more on the nervous side. They may be thinking, what if intercourse hurts her or the baby? What if it causes some other problem?

So, this may not end up being a win/win situation for some couples. Still, if she is into it, there won’t be much stopping her from trying to get hot and heavy. Generally in the first trimester there are not a lot of urges, but the second and third sometimes bring with it this interesting dilemma if she is into romance and he is not.

11 Trying Different Activities

Some women will, in keeping with the last hurrah statement of freedom before kids, decide on doing something she has not done in years - maybe ice skating, that last couples' vacation before the little one arrives, or an intense workout schedule. Now, this is all fine as long as she has the doctor’s or health care practitioner’s OK and that the pregnancy is low risk, of course. It’s important that she feels as comfortable as possible in her body, and keeping physically fit is great as long as there are no dangers to her or baby.

It’s funny for some close family and friends to witness, however. This is especially strange if she has always led a rather routine life. But some women who view this as their last chance to “live like an adult” before baby comes, may take their preferred activity to the next level. It's what will help them transition best to the next stage of life - motherhood.

10 Driving People Crazy With Temperature Changes 

Temperature changes are another thing that wreak havoc on the pregnant woman and those around her. It may make her feel a little crazy at times and freak her out. One minute she's cold. One minute she's hot. Those around her (especially at work), may lose patience if she is complaining, but she may be ready to slap them with, “Are you carrying another human being in your body? Didn’t think so." So forgive her if she yells a little or complains about all the layers she has to wear, even in the summer, due to air conditioning or not enough air conditioning depending on where her body temperature falls on the pendulum of hot or cold.

At home, she may sometimes drive her partner crazy with heat flashes, throwing off her covers or pulling her partner’s covers off of him, and then yelling or tears may come forth. Not easy for anyone including her.

9 Yelling At People Who Try And Touch Her Belly

It's a very normal, though weird thing that people like to touch pregnant women’s bellies. Still, it has happened many times in the past and continues to happen even now. It's also normal that most women don't like it. Some are a little annoyed but tolerate it. Others, well, not so much. They may take out an eye if someone goes near their belly. It's still the woman’s private space even though it's being temporarily rented out by a budding human being to be.

It’s normal that when people forget this in their excitement, and she already has some raging hormonal stuff going on. So things can be said or done that may never happen or be heard again when her resident stomach is hers once again. She may say or do strange things, and people that know her could be a little offended. But hey, letting her freakier side out is what is helping her survive people.

8 Arguing And More Yelling

There are the women who cry more when pregnant, happy and sad tears, and then there are the ones that will rip a person’s head off when they get angry about life. And yes, if hormones are raging for the worse, anything could upset the future Mom - cutting her off on the road, buying that last bag of spinach at the grocery store (she needs her greens darn it!) or her partner forgetting to pick up that item at the pharmacy she mentioned several times.

She may also be more in an argumentative mood in general since she will feel her energy waning and rising, so life feels more unpredictable. Most of us are happier when we have predictability in our schedules and lives, and especially over our bodies. Women lose this temporarily, so control over her words and temper may be something she ends up experimenting with if only to regain some of her own power.

7 Having Open Dialogues With Her Baby In Utero

She may start having conversations with baby in utero, either chastising him or her for making her unwell, or saying beautiful words of love and affection, and kind of narrating what she is doing throughout her day. Yes, she is a little crazy for doing this, but hey, this is her view of motherhood, so let her have some fun. This can also be therapeutic if at first, the baby news was a shock or not a pleasant thing to learn. Having these conversations with baby helps her feel she is slowly getting a handle on what's coming.

Some Moms will also put speakers on their belly to expose future baby to classical music, which is said to help with brain development and intelligence. If it helps Mom relax, that's all that matters. Singing to baby has the same effect. She is doing some pretty weird stuff to help herself adjust to this massive lifestyle change and letting odd things come out is actually good preparation for learning to think outside the box.

6 Becoming OCD Clean

Yep. Then there are the Moms who go from average housekeepers to super clean nuts as their nesting instinct goes into overdrive. These women will freak out over dust, dirt, and any other household offences that irritate nasal and other passages as well as areas in the house. There is so much fear mongering happening with all the information she has access to from articles, TV, the internet, etc. that her nesting instinct could become protection overhaul.

Family and friends have to be prepared for a little crazy neat freak side to come out until she feels confident that she is organized and that she will be a great mother. A lot of women put so much pressure on themselves for perfection, especially if this is baby number 1, that individuals close to her have to give her space to be a little freaky and get that stress out of her system before letting go of too many expectations.

5 Becoming Super Giddy

Everything becomes funny. Someone tripping on something on the floor. Someone getting into an altercation over lemons at the store. A scene in a movie that's funny, but she can’t stop laughing after twenty minutes. This is a good thing in that it means her sense of humor is there, but if she can’t stop laughing, well it’s those pesky hormones that are sometimes difficult to reign in. Now, as long as she is not laughing over something that is obviously not funny, let her freaky and strange sense of humor come out and rock the house.

She will feel better. She will make others laugh around her. And that feel goodness will translate down to baby now and in the future if she keeps up that sense of joy. If she is with other future Moms-to-be and they're laughing, letting her wild side out can help strengthen her friendships with them as well as her inner resolve.

4 Crying Over Little Things

Becoming emotional if the last of the strawberry jam is gone or her partner forgot to buy her favorite cookies? Yep. Getting overly emotional, a little crazy, and sobbing is part of the hormonal package for a lot of women who let it all hang out and get those feelings out from under the surface. It looks like she's a little crazy and out of control, but no, she's choosing to release the hormones this way.

She has some power left and wants to use it to let the world know that she's still in charge even if this future baby is wreaking a tad bit of havoc before he or she makes a debut in the world. It can be a cleansing experience to cry. Most women agree with this and there is something so satisfying about a long, drawn odd sob fest. She could see it now. The academy award for best dramatic performance goes to…

3 Not Letting Her Partner Out Of Her Sight

This one seems strange, but attachment or a kind of unnatural worry about a loved one’s safety sometimes occurs as well. The woman may be feeling vulnerable and a little bit out of control in her body and environment, so she attaches quite a lot of importance to her partner being there with her every step of the way. She knows if something happens, her partner is there to catch her. This could make her a little on the volatile or scared side if he leaves the house, so a desire to go and be everywhere with him will sometimes develop as a result of this.

Sounds strange, she knows it, but it’s part of the control freak side she has developed to cope with the things she can control instead of what she can’t. It makes perfect sense to her, and she will think onlookers are strange for thinking she is weird on insisting her partner account for his every move to her.

2 Feeling Out Of Control With Memory

Pregnancy brain may sound offensive, but is actually a true thing. It’s those dang hormonal changes in the body that affect her brain and how it processes information. Her body is doing so much to make and house this other human being that it's normal that other everyday tasks could be forgotten in the meantime. She may despair and freak out a little over this at first. It's a little jarring, but eventually she can learn to use this to her advantage and make funny comments like, “Don’t tell me to do the groceries. I’ll forget half the list by the time I get to the store.”

But all jokes aside, her memory will work a little different and she may find herself losing her temper more at herself and others as previously common things slip in and out. She could learn to laugh about it, as it will be temporary, and definitely start writing everything down on paper or in her phone.

1 Feeling Unattractive And Take Weight Comments Personally

And God help the individual who talks about a future Mom’s pregnancy weight. Tread carefully, as she will not have a sense of humor about her body at this time - most likely. The best thing to do is tell her she looks great and leave it at that. Women who are feeling extra self-conscious may mix in yelling, screaming, and crying at the unfortunate individual who makes an inappropriate weight or size comment. This individual will get the brunt of her rage and anger that she managed to hold back from others who made the same comments, and it will not be pretty if she has the stage.

This is a sensitive time for most women and she needs support and calm people around her. If she is not lucky enough to get that, well, she may go in the other direction completely and enjoy being a little bit maniacal about how she looks and feels. She may give big lectures to people and go around making some uncensored comments herself. So beware people.

Thus the 15 ways that women let their freak fly. Some of it in quite an unorthodox way. People around her need to give her space. She is in the process of living with big changes that will affect her and her loved ones from then on. So let her get her emotions out. It's healthy, liberating, and she and all those around her will be better off for it.

Sources: Pregnancy, Parents

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