14Leave The Chores To Dad And Focus On Bonding

Cuddling Baby
pictured: Molly SIms

Don't stress over the dishes or laundry. Your hubby is there to help you, and if that means he takes on some of the chores so that you can heal and bond with your new bundle of joy, then that's what needs to happen.

He'll want to bond too, but most

men will be understanding of what you're going through, both emotionally and physically. Sometimes the shock of what you've just accomplished will take a couple of days to sink in. If you find yourself crying and wanting nothing more than to just hold your baby, then that's exactly what you should do, Mama!Youru family is there to help you around the house, not gawk and take your sweet baby kisses away, leaving you to Cinderella your way around the house.

Brooklyn Decker
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