13Acknowledge That You're Not Going To Want Help The First Week

Brooklyn Decker
Pictured: Brooklyn Decker

You know the problem with the last segment? So many of us don't want any help that first week! Our hormones are completely out of whack, and whether we're trying to prove it to ourselves or others, we want to handle everything on our own. Maybe we scroll through Facebook

too much, or we've seen too many romantic movies where the new mom has it all together and balances her new role as a mommy with doing all of the housework without even batting an eyelash. Whatever the reason, we want to be supermom, especially right after giving birth.

Pretty much what I'm saying is, whatever you want, you get. Now don't go being too much of a lunatic now. But if you want your in-laws to stay away for a week or two, then that's what you need. You're not alone at all. Most of us struggle with accepting help during the first week or two.

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