How Mom Will Change After The Baby Comes Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Ladies who are pregnant need to know that their zodiac signs are going to affect the way that they change as women after they give birth. An Aries woman might become more selfless once her baby is born, while a Capricorn woman might spend less time on business. Every sign has a different main focus that will be impacted by childbirth. Change is inevitable and this is why learning to embrace the shift is worth doing after becoming a mom.

How we respond to change isn't just about our Sun Signs, but these are definitely one big piece of the puzzle. Anyone who is into astrology (and babies) will benefit from checking out this list. It's the key to understanding how each zodiac sign responds to becoming a mother!

To make things more topical and fun, I'm going to talk about twelve celebrity mommies and how they fit the patterns of their Sun Signs. Each famous mom will represent one zodiac sign. Ladies who appear on this list include Zooey Deschanel, Megan Fox, Blake Lively and Mila Kunis. Zooey's a Capricorn, Megan's a Taurus, Blake's a Virgo and Mila is a Leo. If you read the list entry for your sign, you'll soon find out which celeb "yummy mommy" shares a Sun Sign with you.

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15 Which Signs Are Known For Being Great Moms?


Cancer probably takes the cake. This is the sign of the nurturer. Cancer ladies are born to be mothers. Pisces ladies, who love to take care of others, are also women who often dream of being mommies.

The Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) are the most intense and emotional, so they may crave the bonds of motherhood the most.

However, women vary a lot and there's no way to generalize. There are moms of every sign who are living out their dreams by becoming parents.

In the modern world, women don't need to be moms unless they want to be. Women have choices. It's great that things are this way. Women can decide what's right for them. Some women prefer not to have kids, for whatever reason, and they are making smart choices, based on their own personalities and circumstances.

14 Aries Ladies Will Be Less Selfish

Daily Mirror

According to Astrology.com, Aries women are independent, fiery and domineering. Since they have a brash style, they tend to grab what they want. Aries is first up on the zodiac wheel and this means that they're the babies of the zodiac. After an Aries lady has a baby, she has to put herself second a lot of the time.

This may be uncomfortable for the Aries woman, but it's also the key to maturing.

Everyone is selfish now and then. Aries has a tendency to be a bit more selfish than most. Many Aries women are great divas because they are not afraid to shine and to pamper themselves. Mariah Carey is a great example, as is Lady Gaga, even though she isn't a mom yet. As the epitome of glam and strength, these are women will never feel guilty about having an entourage.

Mariah's been around forever, stunning crowds with her vast vocal range and perfect pitch. She's become a legend because she can really sing and because of her cute, girly style. Notice that Mariah tends to dress very young? That's an Aries thing. These big babies never grow up completely. They always have a touch of childlike spirit.

According to the Daily Mail website, Mariah has two kids with her ex, Nick Cannon. The kids are named Moroccan (a boy) and Monroe (a girl). Mariah recently let the public know that she's bipolar and I thought this was extremely brave, very symbolic of her sign.

13 Taurus Women Will Be Less Greedy

Daily Mail

Taurus women know that money is one of the building blocks of a secure, stable and happy life. Some Taurus women are too wrapped up in accumulating money. It's because Taurus is a sign obsessed with security. Earning cash or getting cash some other way is about keeping the wolf from the door, so to speak.

When a Taurus lady has a baby, she's going to let go of some of her greed for money, and by extension, the beautiful luxury items and foods that it can buy.

Babies cost a bundle, so most Taurus mommies will need to sacrifice saving cash or going on shopping sprees in order to give their children what they need. It's good for Taurus to let go of greed, as this greed is really a type of fear.

According to Zodiacfire.com, Taurus craves security and structure. If you're a Taurus who's a new mom, you should try to embrace a little chaos for a while. You're not going to be able to structure everything. Plan ahead to ensure that you have enough cash to make ends meet when your baby is very young. Then, get away from materialism by focusing on love instead.

Megan Fox is a Taurus lady who lives an admirably low-key life with her three boys, Noah, Journey and Bodhi. She doesn't seem consumed by the desire to make the Hollywood scene and she's often "papped" wearing casual clothes.

She is down to earth and has her priorities in order. If she's a typical Taurus, she put away a lot of cash before she started having children. According to the Celebritynetworth.com website, Megan is worth eight million bucks.

12 Gemini Women Won't Be As Shallow

Gemini women are like butterflies who flit from blossom to blossom. They love to explore life in an intellectual way. They are social and interesting people with quick minds and great communication skills. The flip side of the Gemini personality is a touch of shallowness. Gemini may act out emotions instead of actually feeling them.

When a baby comes along, a Gemini mother is going to access a deep well of pure emotion that may be new to her.

She's going to do a deep dive into love. A Gemini lady will typically be less shallow after giving birth. She'll still want her chit-chat and trivia, but will also want to nurture her emotional bond with her baby.

Angelina Jolie used to make the Hollywood scene. She enjoyed shocking society and partying. According to the Shape.com website, she experimented with "every" illegal substance and was basically a wild child. Now, she's become calm and centered by parenthood. Parenthood seemed to change her completely, and she is now devoted to her many kids.

According to the Daily Mail, her ex-hubby Brad Pitt is now rumored to be dating Neri Oxman, a super-brainy and gorgeous professor, who works at MIT. Let's hope that Angie is truly over Brad. No matter what, it's safe to say that Angelina will put her children first, just as she always has.

11 Which Signs Don’t Want To Be Moms?

Via: Shutterstock

The signs that crave freedom may be less interested. Sagittarius is one example. Aquarius is another. Signs that thrive on exploring and having adventures may feel that motherhood is going to clip their wings and hold them back.

Also, it's not just about astrology. Sometimes, Moms have big careers that make it harder to be moms. For example, a CEO is going to have a lot of responsibilities and work very long hours. A woman who is a CEO may decide that leaning into her career is smarter than trying to juggle career and motherhood, and being less than perfect at both jobs.

Another issue is childhood trauma. Some women have it and some don't. Our childhood experiences, including how we were parented ourselves, tend to play a big role in how we feel about becoming mothers.

10 Cancer Ladies Won't Be As Emotionally Needy

The Cancer woman was once the little girl who clutched a doll for dear life and took the doll everywhere. The doll was her "baby". When she has a real baby, she's living the dream. These ladies love to take care of others, so having babies fulfills them on a very profound level. While there will be Cancer women who choose not to have kids, most Cancer ladies have been planning to become mothers since they were children. It's just part of their natures to be maternal creatures.

When a Cancer lady has a baby, she's going to be less needy with others. Often, these women turn partners, family members, friends and pets into "babies" until they get their hands on real babies!

It's kind of cute the way that Cancers pamper others. When a Cancer woman has a baby, she may let go of the neediness which leads her to baby everyone around her. She'll focus most of her love and attention on her infant. While she may get cranky sometimes, she'll probably be very happy during the first months with her baby boy or girl. She'll feel emotionally whole.

Cancer ladies like Pamela Anderson are devoted parents. Pamela recently fiercely defended her son after he and his father, Tommy Lee, got into a social media war. Tommy said that his son, Brandon, attacked him physically. According to InTouchWeekly.com, Tommy posted a pic of his bloody lip on his Twitter account. Brandon was reportedly angry because Tommy was dissing his mother in interviews. Things have cooled down a bit, but Brandon is clearly devoted to his Mom, too. Brandon is probably so loyal because his mother was there for him day in and day out.

9 Leo Women Won't Need The Spotlight As Much

Daily Mail

Leo ladies like to shine. They come alive when the spotlight shines down on them. This is why you'll find so many Leo women in Hollywood, including Mila Kunis, Halle Berry and Madonna (who tried and failed to be a successful actress, after succeeding wildly in the music business).

After Leo ladies give birth, they'll relinquish the spotlight for a while. They'll let their little ones enjoy the attention instead. Leo ladies have an intoxicating combination of character traits.

They are strong, yet playful. They are glamorous, yet surprisingly great at certain practical tasks, such as fixing things. Leo "queens" can do it all.

Ashton Kutcher, who is married to Mila Kunis, says that she makes motherhood look easy, even though it isn't. According to ScaryMommy.com, she is with her kids every day, taking care of them without nannies. Leos are proud, so they really lean into parenting. They are willing to forego some attention and glamour in order to be great mommies.

Mila doesn't want to leave her kids a ton of money or spoil them. She wants them to have normal upbringings and her Aquarius hubby agrees with her parenting philosophy.

8 Virgo Women Will Be Less Concerned With Perfection


Virgo ladies like Blake Lively are into perfection. They are typically very organized. They work hard to make their lives run smoothly and they believe that "God is in the details". Virgos are generally wonderful housekeepers. They love cleanliness and they embrace a clean design aesthetic. These capable women certainly have a lot of strengths.

When babies come along, Virgo women may feel tested at times. It's difficult to keep things running like clockwork when babies are around. Babies create chaos.

So, Virgo women must learn to live in a less ordered way when they become mommies. They must let go of perfection, at least, for a while.

According to the Dailymail.co.uk, Blake goes through the ups and downs of being a mom, just like every other mother. She doesn't pretend it's all so perfect. Nonetheless, she wants more kids. Blake says that she feels most confident when she's creating meals or taking care of home decor. She compares the process of living with a baby to living with a substance-dependent person, because babies have so many moods and erratic actions.

7 Libra Women Won't Obsess Over Their Love Lives As Much

Hello Magazine

Libras live for romance. They are constantly seeking out their perfect partners. Some Libras keep looking for ideal partners even when they already have partners! This flirty sign will definitely move on if something isn't right. Libra, Kim Kardashian, was married before Kanye and she didn't hesitate to fly the coop when her marriage failed to live up to her romantic expectations.

According to Glamourmagazine.co.uk, she annulled her marriage to Kris Humphries after only seventy-two days! Now, she has three children with Kanye and she seems to have settled down for real.

Libra women gain balance when they have babies, although their romantic partners are always extremely important to them. When a Libra become a mom, she can't spend so much time worrying about date nights and how to keep the romance alive.

She has to parent and that's hard work.

It's good for a Libra woman to put less of a premium on a romantic partner due to becoming a mommy. It helps the Libra lady to balance the scales. Kim does seem a lot more mature after having kids. It was touching how she defended her man against Taylor Swift. She displayed great loyalty. Also, she's a very present parent as she is with her kids a lot.

6 Scorpio Women Will Let Go Of Their Playfulness For Power

E! Online

Scorpio ladies like to be in control. They want power because power gives them control over people and situations. When Scorpio women, like mega-beauty WWE diva, Brie Bella, become mothers, they create strong and fulfilling bonds with their babies, which take away some of their drive to gain power.

They find a different kind of power in being close to their babies and protecting them.

Brie Bella is married to a cute WWE superstar named Bryan Daniel. He wrestles under the stage name, Daniel Bryan. The couple seems very stable and happy. They love nature and they love their little baby girl, who was given the adorable and unique name, Birdie. Although their little girl is so much like her Dad, there is bound to be some of Brie in there.

Brie runs a business selling clothing. According to her official Instagram account, she's very close to her twin, Nicki Bella, who recently called off her engagement to another WWE superstar, John Cena.

When Scorpio women don't place so much importance on ruling the world, because they are so content to be with their babies, they tend to blossom. However, they never let go of their need for power completely. Brie is still active in both business and showbiz.

5 Sagittarius Ladies Will Stop Being Nomads...Temporarily


Sagittarius ladies, like pop diva, Christina Aguilera and Suits actress, Sarah Rafferty, love to travel and explore.

When babies come, they typically shift the focus to home base for a while. They may dream of tropical locales and adventure, but they're able to put their nomad habits on the back burner until their babies are a little older.

Sagittarius women do love freedom. They need to expand their definition of freedom when they have children, and most have no trouble making the transition.

According to People.com, Christina is quite happy these days. She has a fiance, Matthew Rutler, as well as two children. Her son is ten years old and his name is Max Liron. Her daughter is three and she's called, Summer Rain. Christina isn't out there at parties and on the red carpet as much now that she's a Mom. She's still in show business, but she's more low-key.

4 Capricorn Women Will Work A Bit Less


Cap ladies will have to be less businesslike after childbirth, because babies need more than basic care – they need affection and playtime. Caps will blossom as they let go of their mania for management and just..live..with their little ones.

Zooey Deschanel is a Capricorn who is always busy with a ton of projects, from music to New Girl to films and beyond. These days, Zooey is embracing motherhood. She's still working, but not as much.

It's good for Capricorn women to scale back on business a bit when they have babies. Capricorns forget to play and babies help them to unwind and live a more playful, joyful lifestyle.

Zooey named her daughter, Elsie Otter, which is pretty cute. The quirky New Girl star chose a quirky name for her little girl. According to Etonline.com, she went with this unique name because otters are just so adorably playful.

Zooey is currently expecting her second baby with her second husband, Jacob Pechenik.

3 Aquarius Ladies Will Put Freedom On The Back Burner


Aquarius ladies will let go of their need for freedom once they become mothers, because they are needed at home. They’ll still expand their mind with books, podcasts, conversation and music. But they may not get out there so much, doing group stuff, because they want to be with their babies. Shakira is one celeb Aquarius mommy who seems very devoted to her son, Sasha, whose Dad is Gerard Piqué (info about Shakira's son comes from the Hellomagazine.com website).

The "Hips Don't Lie" pop diva is more than willing to put most of her energy into giving her son a great life. Aquarius women are the most idealistic ladies around.

They do want to create loving environments for their children and ensure that they grow up with the right values.

When babies are a little older, Aquarius moms will be ready to explore the world again and use their inventive genius to make a mark.

2 Pisces Women Will Become More Mature & Responsible


Pisces ladies won’t be as vague or confused after childbirth. They’ll lock into a more responsible and ordered way of life, because they desperately want to do what’s best for their kids. They may still be dreamy, but they’ll be less dreamy.

Drew Barrymore is a Pisces lady who has gone through so many changes.

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means that Pisces is definitely able to handle change, even if they don't want to change.

According to EOnline, Drew found the divorce year, 2016, to be very rough. However, like a typical Piscean, her heart remains open to the future. Drew's Instagram shows some adorable parenting efforts, such as special school lunches that Drew makes for her very cute daughters. She is making every effort to do things right.

1 Are Some Signs "Bad Moms"?


No, but certain signs, such as Capricorn and Virgo, may struggle to express themselves emotionally with their children. Any sign can be a wonderful mother. Some zodiac signs do tend to be a little colder in terms of how they show emotion. Libras are very balanced and intellectual. They may need to work on showing a bit more passion for motherhood.

All signs have their pros and cons. Any sign can be a good or bad mom. It's good to understand the pitfalls and benefits of each sign and then work on yourself.

Even the most nurturing signs, such as Cancer and Pisces, may be too emotional at times. Achieving balance is the key to being a great Mom. This is why learning about astrology is so helpful. For example, if you know you're an Aries and that you tend to put yourself first, because you're a natural leader and somewhat bossy, you can try to cultivate the traits of your opposite sign, Libra, which is gentler and more diplomatic.

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