15Which Signs Are Known For Being Great Moms?


Cancer probably takes the cake. This is the sign of the nurturer. Cancer ladies are born to be mothers. Pisces ladies, who love to take care of others, are also women who often dream of being mommies.

The Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) are the most intense and emotional, so they

may crave the bonds of motherhood the most.

However, women vary a lot and there's no way to generalize. There are moms of every sign who are living out their dreams by becoming parents.

In the modern world, women don't need to be moms unless they want to be. Women have choices. It's great that things are this way. Women can decide what's right for them. Some women prefer not to have kids, for whatever reason, and they are making smart choices, based on their own personalities and circumstances.

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