15 Ways Nausea Defines Pregnancy And Makes Women Nuts

From business in the bedroom to getting going at the gym, when a woman feels what’s commonly called “morning sickness,” it can seem to affect pretty much every aspect of her life.

Now, to be honest -- and not to piss off those unlucky ladies who are really suffering from nausea during pregnancy -- I had something like a few days of queasiness during both of my pregnancies. It was nothing too memorable, really. Mainly I had aversions to things that I used to really love. It got a lot harder at some points to make myself sit down and eat a salad. My instincts, for whatever reason, just told me, “Nope.”

But some women, hopefully not you, dear reader, are at the other end of the extreme. It’s not just confined to the morning time. No, siree. And it’s not just during the first trimester as the hormones start to escalate. That’s right, for some poor lasses, that feeling of needing to vomit persists throughout almost the entire pregnancy.

But take heart, because based on what I’ve heard, it’s a common scenario to experience it early on (to varying degrees…) and then have it let up as the pregnancy progresses.

Until it does, though, it can really drive women crazy, especially in these 15 ways.

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15 Problems With Pills


Your pregnancy books and your doctor probably tell you to be sure to take your prenatal vitamins. When I started seriously entertaining the notion of wanting to become pregnant at some point (that point still being unknown), I went ahead and started taking prenatals, myself. See, I read that they can only help your body to do the important work ahead. Plus, if you become pregnant without knowing it, you’re all set!

The point is, they’re thought to be pretty important, both to provide important substances to the growing baby inside and to protect mom’s system as she shares her nutrients and stores with baby-to-be.

The problem is nausea is often the worst early on in pregnancy, and it can be really irritating to a sensitive stomach to take those bad boys. So frustrating.

14 Back-To-Back Bathrooms


Your activities can be somewhat limited when your life has to revolve around an unpredictable schedule of running in and out of the bathroom because you feel so suddenly, awfully queasy.

You may want to be out celebrating, enjoying time with just you and your partner, maybe clinging a little to your old carefree life out having fun with friends… but you need to be home, close to the bathroom, waiting for the next wave to hit.

Having to hang at home close to the porcelain throne may start to drive some poor pregnant women a bit mad.

Like I said, at least this too shall pass. When it will pass can be really somewhat of a question mark… and, well, I guess that might drive you a little crazy, too.

13 Can’t Go On


You wake up, re-realize with excitement that you’re in an incredibly exciting time of your life called pregnancy, and find yourself smiling. It’s a beautiful thing!

The problem is, if you’re in a phase of morning sickness, you may then decide that, you know what? I don’t really want to get out of bed at all. It’s for sure enough to drive a pregnant gal mad, especially one that usually has plenty of energy and pep in her step.

Just getting up in the morning can be a real and true challenge for those with morning sickness, especially if it’s pretty bad. Then there’s actually getting through the morning and the rest of the day, which probably involves working, cooking, cleaning, trying to exercise, and perhaps having somewhat of a social life.

It can be a lot to face.

12 Crackers As Crutch


During my first pregnancy -- three years ago -- I snacked on a certain type of crackers at my desk to ward off nausea in the early days. The other day I went grocery shopping and reached for a box of a similar kind, and then paused. I simply wasn’t ready yet, and I think I may always have that sickly association.

Just like when you’re hungover or have a stomach bug, crackers can be your best friend. They can be all you can keep down, all that you can face the thought of, in fact.

You may find yourself (like me) carrying them with you to bed so that they’ll be right there by your side the moment you wake up, so you can at least make it to an upright position without barfing. Yeah, it can get pretty old pretty fast.

11 Chemicals Between Us


Does anyone else have that thing where if you’re attracted to someone, everything from their breath to their stinky armpits smells really, really good? What a great reminder that we are just mammals, after all.

The problem is that for some unlucky gals (and their poor guys…) the smell that was once quite intoxicating can turn to really rather repulsive.

While bedtime used to be a time of closeness and cuddles, it can turn to a time when a pregnant lady’s partner is banished from the bedroom.

A pregnant gal may also request that her husband abstain from eating certain foods -- or drinking certain hoppy beverages. Even if he brushes, flosses, and swishes thoroughly, she can still probably smell what he had for lunch on his breath.

Don’t take it personally, guys. It’s just one of those things.

10 Between The Sheets


If you’ve spent the day running to the bathroom to throw up on and off, can barely rise from a lying-down position without feeling sick, and feel tired as hell because of it, it can make it hard to feel sexy.

During a time when you want to be celebrating your love in myriad social, personal, and physical ways, and probably shouting it from the rooftops (well, at least from the Internet), instead you find that you have no interest at all in being intimate -- at least not right now.

You may also be trying to convince yourself and your spouse that not that much will really change -- that being pregnant and having a baby will only be a source of joy and celebration, and by no means an interruption to your normal, lovin’ routine. Facing the facts that some things will and have changed can be a bummer.

9 Little Bitta This, Little Bitta That


It can take a while for young adults to figure out how to eat properly. Sure, they start teaching you about that food pyramid from the time you enter school, but putting it into practice can be something people need to experiment with for a while and be reminded of from time to time during their ongoing quest to live a healthy, balanced life.

And when you’re pregnant and finding yourself unable to eat some of the things you used to because they make you feel like you’re gonna throw up, let’s just say it can be challenging to get all the nutrition your body really needs.

Sorry to say, but meat and vegetables are not uncommon things to have aversions to. And while those water crackers and that piece of dry toasted white bread may settle your stomach, they don’t exactly pack a nutritional punch.

8 H2-Oh, No!


The body produces more blood, retaining more fluid during pregnancy than it otherwise would. Water helps the body’s systems function well, meaning the person stays healthy and able to function and flourish.

It’s even more important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, and yet if you’re throwing up all the time, you’re losing fluids -- and fast.

And whether you are actually losing your lunch (and possibly breakfast, dinner, and snacks, as well…), drinking water can become much more daunting than it used to be. Slow sips may be about all that you can manage when you’re feeling at your worst. And if you forget and take a few big swigs, you may immediately pay for it.

The struggle to stay hydrated is real, especially if your morning sickness really lingers.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

7 Body Movin’


It’s hard for some normal, non-pregnant people to get themselves to work out every day. Many people work 40 hours a week and have families to look after and countless errands to do. It takes a real commitment -- a real decision to prioritize an active lifestyle.

Add in nausea / morning sickness, and it sure doesn’t get any easier. The good news is for many women, nausea only lasts for a spell, maybe a few weeks or months fairly early on in pregnancy. They may have to adjust their diets and routines during that time, but then they can make the decision to get going again as soon as they start to feel better.

In the meantime, though, it can drive you nuts to be trying to gain weight at a slow, healthy rate but not really have the energy or ability to work out.

6 Variety Is The Spice Of Life


I take nutrition pretty seriously. I don’t mean that I consider any foods completely off-limits, but I do make it a priority to eat a well-balanced diet, including some protein most days, dairy (calcium!) every day, plenty of dark leafy greens, and so on.

That’s why it was frustrating to suddenly be completely repulsed -- to the point that I would almost gag -- at the thought of eating a salad.

If you’ve got a case of queasiness at any point during your pregnancy, it can drive you crazy to know in your head what you should be eating to get the vitamins and nutrients your body and baby need but to not be able to force yourself to go ahead and do it. And you really shouldn’t try to force yourself, or you’ll wind up ruining that healthy food for yourself forever.

5 Of Poundage


If morning sickness is particularly severe, continuing into the second trimester or beyond, women may struggle to gain the recommended amount of weight during their pregnancy.

It’s often the other way around, with women struggling to gain only the recommended amount and to not gain too quickly.

But if you’re so nauseous that you have a hard time eating -- and then have a hard time keeping down what you are able to eat -- how are you supposed to gain enough? If it gets to this point, a doctor will likely be able to recommend medication to help you get through it. Ensuring that the fetus gets proper nutrition to grow and develop normally is concern number one.

And no one wants mom’s poor bod to suffer for it, either.

What a bummer to already be feeling awful and then to worry that baby isn’t getting what’s needed, as well.

4 Slow That Roll

If you can’t exactly face a plate of dark leafy greens and a piece of lean meat for many (or any!) meals anymore because you feel so nauseous all the time, it can be easy to fill those meals in with more caloric and less nutritious foods. The frustrating thing is that can then lead you to gain weight too quickly.

Sugars, carbohydrates, fruit juices, and the like tend to be nice and easy on the ole tum. The problem is, they’re easy to consume a lot of quickly and you may wind up having too many calories, and not quite the calories that your pregnant body really needs.

Hopefully, the nausea subsides and a gal’s able to get back on track with a healthier routine… because excessive weight gain can totally define a pregnancy and affect how labor and delivery go down, as well.

3 B Is For Bleh


You want to be able to celebrate the beautiful changes your body is going through when you’re pregnant, right? You want to feel lovely, glowing, and radiant!

But if you feel like you’re going to barf most of the time, it can be pretty hard to feel like you’re looking cute.

It already takes some adjustment. Your body is changing in size and shape. Your skin may look and feel different. Your hormones are already giving you an emotional run for your money, in some cases.

And if you have a lasting case of morning sickness, it certainly makes it that much harder to just feel a sense of wellness -- to just enjoy the journey and celebrate each step along the way.

If you dreamed of a picture perfect pregnancy, persistent nausea can really drag you down.

2 Professional Prego


Let’s consider also for a minute that many women are still working during much of their pregnancies. And it’s not simple to get work done, sit through meetings, or consult with clients if you feel like you are rather imminently going to hurl.

In fact, you may find yourself missing some or even may days of work along the way. There’s no point going if you’re going to have to spend your whole day in the bathroom, and for many employers, that simply won’t fly.

You knew you’d take some time off once the baby came. Maybe you’re considering leaving your job, switching your job, or changing your hours once you become a mom. But you probably didn’t bank on having to call it quits or miss so much time at work just yet!

1 A Little Romance


“Go out to dinner while you still can!” “Spend time with just the two of you before it’s too late!” Do these or similar phrases sound familiar to your pregnant-lady ears?

And does it frustrate you just a little that you sure had wished that you could go out on a dinner date or two but that you feel so sick that you have absolutely no time and very little interest?

And it’s true. Once you have a little bundle making you a party of three, dining out won’t be what it used to. Certain restaurants may not exactly be appropriate venues for very young children, and certain parents just won’t find it relaxing or anything like a treat to eat out while also trying to soothe, feed, and entertain a squirmy baby.

Here’s hoping that nausea lets up soon.

Sources: Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, YouTube.com

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