15 Ways Parents Can Harm Their Baby


Knowingly or unknowingly, tired and sleep deprived parents may do certain things with a baby that could be harmful for her. Certain actions of parents leave a lasting impact on the mind and body of the child. These effects might not be visible early on, but at a later stage it might start showing up gradually.

Nearly all parents would never think of doing anything that would intentionally harm the baby, but it just happens when they lose their temper, are distracted or even being playful, that they do something unthinking, only to regret it later. Parents need to be highly sensitive when taking care of a baby, especially when the child is less than two-years old.>

All new parents are confused and not very confident of their parenting skills. They depend on the advice given by grandparents, relatives, friends, books and the internet . While all the advice is heard, they need to think it out more than twice before following it or even better consult the pediatrician.

When a baby comes into the life of a couple, it overhauls their lifestyle and they both need to make sure that nothing affects the peace of the household. Most parents want to be super moms or super dads and they sometimes take more than they can manage on their plate. This not only affects them, but also the baby.

When the parents realize that their baby is crying all the time and they are unable to keep her from crying, it is about time to seek support from family and friends. After all, nothing is more important than the baby’s well being.

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15Shaking The Baby

Shaken Baby Syndrome is something that most people are aware of. Shaking the baby is equivalent to putting his or her life in danger. It could prove to be fatal as well. Parents may shake the baby in anger and frustration, but they need to be alert enough to understand that it is dangerous.

Even minor shaking is harmful and may lead to brain injury or it may cause damage to blood vessels in the eyes.

Shaking the baby destroys cells in the brain and disrupts the oxygen supply to the brain. Sometimes the injuries might not be noticeable immediately, but over time the child develops health and behavior problems. If the parent is unable to provide care to a baby alone, then there is nothing wrong in seeking help from other family members.

Parents who are prone to getting angry and abusing the baby by violent shaking should seek medical or psychiatric help so that the baby does not suffer.

14Putting Pressure On The Baby’s Head

It is good to know for new parents that the skull formation is incomplete on the head of a newborn. There are two small gaps in the skull where the brain isn’t protected. So the possibility of injuring the brain is higher when it is not sealed completely. Parents should not put any pressure or pat an infant firmly on the head.

They need to be gentle until the skull is complete and takes its shape.

The soft spots at the top of the head are called fontanelles and the spot on the back of the head is called the posterior fontanelle. The baby’s soft head bones change shape and allow for a certain amount of compression for coming through the birth canal. The soft spot at the top of the head closes completely after 12 to 18 months.

Until then, the parents should be careful and should not let anyone pat on the baby on the head.

13Leaving Them Alone

When the baby is awake and in a playful mood, the parent needs to be very alert and watchful. Even if the baby is at arm’s length, the parent should not turn their back to the baby. Crawling babies need even more attentiveness as they can be very quick when they are up to something.

It is of course difficult for a parent to watch the baby every second of every day and night. Even going to pee may be a tough job sometimes. That is why it is said that the first couple years are physically very tiring for parents.

Also, parents should not force babies or toddlers to be alone in room as punishment. This kind of punishment leaves a scar in their memory and they become insecure and fearful. Even as adults, if we are in a new and unknown city we feel lonely and insecure.

Only when the baby is being put down for the night should they be left alone, and even then a parent needs to be vigilant. This is only so the child can learn self-comfort and go to sleep on their own.

12Swinging The Baby By Their Arms Or Legs

It is quite common to find parents swinging their toddlers by their arms. Swinging the baby may seem fun to the parents and child, but it can cause harm. The baby usually laughs when swinging, but this is way too risky thing to make them laugh. Swinging the baby by his or her arms or legs can dislocate the joints and injure the baby.

This can happen without a parent knowing it and the only clue will be a baby who is unconsolable. X-rays will have to be taken to show the reason for the tears.

In addition, never try to pick up or catch hold of the baby from the arms. Always place hands below the baby's armpits to pick them up. Arms of the baby are not strong enough to take the weight of the baby’s body, so it may cause serious injury. Utmost care should be taken to treat the baby cautiously as we treat any grown up. They should never be considered as objects of amusement.

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15 Ways Parents Can Harm Their Baby