15 Ways Parents Create A Spoiled AF Kid

Parents sometimes spoil their kids without even realizing it. Kids pick up habits from their parents and it’s a learned behavior, something that they see or notice on a regular basis. If a child is spoiled, it usually has something to do with what the parents have done, or maybe even the grandparents. Grandparents are typically known to spoil their grandkids. It sounds so clichéd but it tends to be true. Kids who are the only child also tend to be spoiled because parents tend to give them what they want more often. They are more lenient with the rules and don’t always follow through with punishments when the child misbehaves. The child may have a habit of being more manipulative and sneaky towards their parents to get what they want.

Kids can get beyond spoiled based on their upbringing as well. If they come from a higher class family, they tend to be more privileged and expect bigger and better things. Some parents spoil their kids and give them everything they could ever want and desire, but then one day when they can’t, for whatever reason, give their child that new toy or bike they want, they will throw the biggest temper tantrum of their life because they don’t know, or like, the word 'no'. That would be enough to drive any parent crazy, right? There are always habits of spoiled kids, so here are 15 of them.

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15 Frequent Temper Tantrums

Kids are kids, and they get cranky a lot, but there is a difference between a kid being normally cranky, and a kid throwing a temper tantrum. Temper tantrums are sudden onsets and the kid can start yelling, screaming, and crying. They get hysterical because they couldn’t get their way, or they couldn’t get something they wanted. Kids throw temper tantrums all the time, but more frequently when they are spoiled AF.

Temper tantrums are a behavioral habit kids use to get their way. When the kid is basically spoiled they know they will get their way. The child may continue with this behavioral issue when they want something because they know it works.

14 Lacking Manners

When children are spoiled AF they tend to have a lack of manners and rarely use the words 'please' and 'thank you'. Those two words are very important and are courteous in life, and we use them multiple times a day when we are talking to people. When we ask someone to do something for us we use the words please and thank you and they are something that is expected.

If kids get into the bad habit of having a lack of appropriate manners, that can, and will, affect them later in life. Employers expect their employees to be courteous and use the words please and thank you in the workplace, so spoiled kids who grow up without manners could be frowned upon in many circumstances including when they enter the workforce.

13 Demands Things And Expects More

Spoiled kids constantly want more and they always expect more. They have the habit of thinking that it's their right to have everything they want, and when they don’t get what they want they get extremely mad and upset. When the latest gaming system comes out, they expect their parents to get it for them since their parents got them every other gaming system that had just come out. On top of that, they expect more. They expect their parents to get them games too, and the additions that come with the system.

Now, let’s say the parents can’t get the system this time. This child gets very, very mad and throws a temper tantrum over this. This child is beyond spoiled and needs to learn to value things better in life.

12 Tries To Control Parents

Spoiled kids tend to try to manipulate and control their parents to get their way. Their parents may not even be aware of the manipulation and continue to give in to their kids every wants and desires. In these cases, the kids tend to be more in charge than their parents. This goes to show that these kids are really spoiled AF.

Kid’s shouldn’t be the one in control of anything. They should be the ones listening to their parents. If the kid starts out with this habit it’s best to try to break the cycle now so that they will not take this habit with them into adulthood. Manipulation and control issues in adulthood could cause problems in relations, work, family life, and every other aspect of life.

11 Doesn’t Like To Share

When kids get new toys they like to play with them and sometimes they don’t like to share them. That can be normal to a certain level. When a kid gets greedy and doesn’t like to share anything, that’s when a problem can arise. A kid that’s spoiled AF will hoard their stuff and not want anyone to touch or play with anything. This is very common in kids that do not have any brothers or sisters. Since they have never had anyone around that would want to go after their stuff and play with it. They don’t know what it feels like to have to share stuff.

Spoiled kids that also don’t like to share come from high-class families where they can be taught that they are better than someone else. They might feel this way because of their family status. They might feel their stuff is better than someone else’s; therefore, they do not have to share anything. Being brought up like this can hold you back from great things and experiences in life.

10 Expects Bribes To Complete Tasks

Chores are a normal part of childhood and growing up. Almost every kid gets assigned a list of chores, anything from doing the dishes to taking out the trash. If a kid requires a bribe to do the chores or anything else in general, then this kid is spoiled AF. Parents should not have to bribe their kids to do anything. A lot of spoiled kids will try to get their parents to give them things to complete certain tasks.

Some spoiled kids don’t even have to get bribes just for chores; they can get it for simple things too. If they have their parents wrapped around their finger they can try to get their parents to give them money, toys, junk food, etc. to even just go to a relative’s house that they don’t particularly like. Now, that is a spoiled AF kid!

9 Doesn’t Like To Follow Rules

Rules are set for varying reasons. Sometimes they are set to keep the kids safe, or to make things run smoothly, and sometimes even just to make things easier for the parent. Kids are supposed to follow the rules, that’s just how it is. There are rules everywhere, from work to restaurants and stores. Laws are rules too, and everyone has to follow them. However, kids that are spoiled AF think that they are above that and don’t follow anything at home, at least.

The spoiled kid gets away with it too, because their parent is too lenient to the point that they see nothing wrong with their child not following the rules. The parent maybe doesn't believe in punishment, therefore the spoiled AF kid does whatever they want.

8 Interrupts People And Conversations

Kids like to talk, and that's normal. But parents teach their kids at a young age that it is not okay to interrupted people when they are busy, or when they are in the middle of a conversation. They are taught that when a person is doing certain things, that they need the quiet time to be able to focus on what they are doing. They are also taught not to interrupt people’s conversations because it is considered very rude.

Kids that are spoiled AF could care less though. They got into the habit of interrupting everything and everyone because they want the attention. They crave the attention, and when it is not focused on them they become agitated. Spoiled AF kids will never be happy unless they have everyone’s undivided attention.

7 Are Really Rude To Others

Everyone has bad days where they are a little nasty and maybe even rude, and that includes kids. But when a kid is rude to people all the time and has a bad attitude, they are most likely spoiled AF. They always get what they want, so why should they have to be nice. It gets hard when you try to take this kid out to a restaurant, because they are just so rude to the waiter, along with anyone else that happens to cross their path.

Kids that are spoiled don’t know the meaning of being nice, and they are even rude to their parents. Their parents put up with it, or tolerate it, for whatever reason. Rude kids tend to be more solitary and don’t play with well with other children. Parents have to try to stop the rudeness before it even begins.

6 Punishments Have No Effect

Kids get in trouble, a lot. Things happen. Maybe they decided to put gum in their sister’s hair, or maybe they draw on the wall. There are so many things that children can get into and that may require punishment. Maybe the kid has to stand in the corner, or they are required to do chores, or they are grounded, or their gaming system gets taken away. Whatever the reason, punishment is a necessary part of life. Without it, we might not know right from wrong.

A spoiled kid might not react to a punishment, or a parent may not follow through with a punishment because of guilt, which adds to the child being spoiled.

5 Doesn’t Get Along With Other Kids

Spoiled AF kids won’t always get along with other kids because they may feel that they are better than other kids. Especially if they come from a higher economical class family. A spoiled AF kid may also be an only child that has never really had a chance to socialize with other kids much, and their parents always attended to their every need since they were the only child.

If a spoiled kid goes to a party or gathering, they may withdraw from everyone else and go to a corner of the room where it’s empty so he can be alone. A spoiled kid might also get aggressive towards other kid and they might actually physically hurt them.

4 Have To Beg Them To Do Anything

Nobody likes to beg for anything, so why should a parent have to beg their kid to do stuff? This is how one knows that their kid is spoiled AF. If a parent goes grocery shopping and needs help bringing in grocery bags, then the kid should automatically help, right? A parent shouldn’t have to beg their kid to help, but if they do that is a sign that, that kid is a little spoiled. The same goes if one would have to ask their kid to clean their room.

Begging a child is a big sign that the child is one of those over-privileged, spoiled AF kids that do not want to do anything that isn't of interest to them. Those types of kids can turn out to be lazy, which is a bad thing as they get older.

3 Wants Instant Gratification

Kids sometimes want things right away. They will see a new toy on TV that they just have to have; unfortunately for them, most parents won’t go out just purchase that new toy. A spoiled AF kid who has their parents wrapped around their finger are more likely to have their parent run out and get that new toy because they need instant gratification.

A spoiled AF kid needs what he needs in the here and now or else they are miserable. Normally it is the parent's fault because they gave their kid whatever they needed in that moment , without second guessing it. So when the time comes that parents can’t give their kids what they want at that very moment, be prepared for a massive temper tantrum.

2 Refuses To Help Or Doesn’t Even Offer

A sign of a spoiled AF kid is that they are lazy, very lazy actually when it comes to helping their parents. If a parent asks their kids to help them with something, like say cleaning the living room, and the kid refuses and the parent doesn’t say much of anything, that is abetting the laziness and letting them be spoiled.

Parents shouldn’t have to ask for help with certain things. Their kids should be willing to just do it. After all, parents are the one that gave them life. A spoiled AF kid has the habit of not wanting to do a thing or help with certain things; especially housework.

1 Doesn’t Like Being Told No

B0P5FE Toddler having a temper tantrum and screaming at her mother. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

No one likes hearing the word no, but not everyone takes it so horribly. A spoiled kid will take the word no as devastating news. One would think that some terrible catastrophe had happened. When parents are always telling their kids yes, that one little time they tell their kids no it’s like the end of the world. This, you can truly blame on the parents because the parent was the one who continuously said yes to their child.

A spoiled kid does not like to be told no under any circumstances, and like we said, we can thank their parents for that. This is a learned behavior based on their environment.

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