15Natural Teething Gels

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One of these products are natural teething gels. My oldest has been through teething, so trust me, I understand how difficult it is to see our children hurting and want to find them something, anything that will take their pain


But, you need to be very careful if you choose to use natural teething gels since their major natural ingredient is Night Shade, otherwise known as Bella Donna. In fact, it’s probably best to use other natural methods instead.

Last September the FDA issued a warning against using natural teething gels and tablets because they were looking into the connections between the deaths of 10 infants, over 400 reports of seizures, fevers and vomiting, and teething gels. The cases in question all happened within the past six years.

Instead of using these gels, simply use a clean finger and press on their gums, let them chew on a cold washcloth, allow them to chomp on a teething toy, or give them safe pain medication.

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